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President Rupiah Banda elected Deputy Chairperson of SADC

Headlines President Rupiah Banda elected Deputy Chairperson of SADC

President Rupiah Banda
President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda has been elected Deputy Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ of Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

President Banda, who was elected in his absentia, and his Mozambican counterpart, Armando Guebuza, who was also elected as the chairperson of the Organ, will run the affairs of the organ for the next one year.

This was announced last night in a communiqué during the closure of the 29th ordinary session of the SADC heads of state and government at the African Union (AU) village in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The summit also congratulated President Banda and his South African and Malawian counterparts, Jacob Zuma and Bingu wa Mutharika respectively for winning the elections in their respective countries.

In his speech during the official opening of the summit, on September 7, 2009 (Monday) Mr. Banda, said given the given the prevailing peace and political stability underpinned by good governance and the right economic policy environment, SADC could perform to its full potential.

Mr. Banda, who is also outgoing member of the SADC troika, noted that a lot had been achieved in the region since the body was established as the Southern African Coordinating Committee (SADCC) in the early 1980s.

The 29th ordinary SADC summit also renewed the appointment of Dr. Thomaz Salamao as Executive Secretary and Joao Chaholo as his Deputy for Regional integration.

Earlier during the opening session, Dr. Salamao reported that the region had been negatively affected by the global economic crisis and that the new SADC headquarters had been completed and secretariat staff had since moved to the new building in Botswana.

The summit also noted the speech by outgoing SADC chairperson, President Jacob Zuma, who highlighted several positive developments in the socioeconomic and political areas of the region during his country’s tenure of office.

In his report, Mr. Zuma pointed out the challenges facing the region, including the impact of the climate change, global financial and economic crisis, and urged member states to continue the joint efforts in addressing the issues.

On the political front, Mr. Zuma urged SADC member states to collectively tackle the challenges in Lesotho, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

The summit also received a report from outgoing chairperson of the organ of Politics, Defence and Security, His Majesty King Mswati III of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

The report stated that the region was peaceful and stable.

However, King Mswati’s report observed that there were some security and political challenges in a few parts of the region, especially the Kingdom of Lesotho, Madagascar and Zimbabwe, which he said were being effectively addressed.

In the same vain, the summit noted the progress made in the implementation of the Global Political Agreement and called on the international community to remove all sanctions on Zimbabwe.

On Madagascar, the summit noted the progress made in an effort to restore constitutional order in that country, and commended former Mozambican President, Joachim Chissano, who is facilitating the reinstitution of democratic leadership in that country for the progress made so far.

The Heads of State and Government, also expressed concern at the attempts to undermine the agreements signed in Maputo by Malagasy political movements on August 9, 2009, and reiterated their decision on the suspension of Madagascar from SADC until the restoration of constitutional order in that country.

However, the summit also reiterated its support to the current political dialogue in Madagascar, and urged all political stakeholders in that country to fully implement the Maputo agreements.

The SADC ordinary summit also supported Malawi’s candidature to be the next African Union, AU, chairperson.

The SADC leaders also noted the report of former Botswana President, Sir Ketumire Masire, and commended him for his efforts in the post electoral political dialogue in Lesotho, and urged all the Basotho stakeholders to the dialogue to continue engaging in the process.

The summit noted the consolidation and political stability in the region, with particular emphasis on the free and fair manner in which the peoples of Angola, Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa and Zambia exercised their franchise during the elections last year and this year in the presidential, parliamentary, provincial and local government.

The summit also appreciated that Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia were now set to hold their elections during the last quarter of this year and wished them well during and after the polls.

The progress report made towards the achievement of the 50 per cent representation of women in political and decision making positions at all levels in line with the 2005 decision was also considered by SADC members who further urged those countries still to hold elections to ensure the gender parity goal, and congratulated Malawi for appointing a female vice president after elections in May this year.

The Heads of State and Government also noted progress made in the implementation of the SADC Free Trade Area (FTA) and in the preparations for the negotiations of SADC Customs Union, and urged the Ministerial Task Force on Regional Economic Integration to ensure that outstanding issues are effectively addressed.

The Task Force on Regional Economic Integration will meet in a Strategic Forum before the end of this year to further examine the regional economic integration agenda.

The prevailing food security situation in the region was also reviewed and it was reported that the SADC region estimated cereal surpluses in Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa, although access to food and malnutrition at household level remains a challenge.

The summit approved and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on regional cooperation and integration among the COMESA, East African Community (EAU) and SADC.

The Agreement and amendment of the Treaty of the SADC Deputy Executive Secretaries was also approved and signed together with the Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security, Cooperation and consequential amendments to the Treaty.

The declaration of Regional Cooperation in Competition and Consumer Laws and Policies, and the Amendment of the Protocol on Development of Tourism in the SADC region was also approved and signed.

President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the new chairperson for SADC and is deputized by his Namibian counterpart, Hifikepunye Pohamba.



  1. Good for our President and Zed as a whole. We are chair for Great lakes region also Congrats RB. 2. FELLOW BLOGGERS, PLEASE GUIDE ME ON A VERY SERIOUS NOTE. IS IT LOGICALLY PRUDENT FOR ME TO PAY ZAMTEL BILLS WHEN THE COMPANY IS BEING SOLD BY RB?

  2. I have once though that SADC was a relevant body. But going by its recent appointments, its clear that SADC has no direction. It is a toothless organ with no direction. it was of this reason the people like RB are appointed to head it. RB is a reject at home. He has failed at home. How can a failure be intrusted with more responsibility? SADC had no stance on Mugabe’s caused problems to Zimbabwe to mention but a few. Shame on SADC.

  3. Obviously u know those electing him were silently bribed into the issue of giving them u tu ma mines, tu zamtel, tu zanaco na U.T.H yonse ili is on the line.na company ya tu jili jili yonse ba la goleka.

  4. South Africas low cost Airline 1Time Airline will be lauching its first flight between Livingstone and Joberg on the 24th November 2009, with the lowest fares from R897. For more infor or booking visit 1time dot co dot za

  5. Just how effective are these organisation? Somebody should educate us on what exactly they have archieved so far (especially Zambia)

  6. his means nothing. There are few presidents in SADC therefore each one is assured of a position. Its nothing to write home about.

  7. He has campaigned for this position – invited heads of state to local ceremonies. Kanitundila Banda is quite clever – killing 2 birds with one stone

  8. # 1, PRESIDENTIAL PAGING’s Son, please remove that picture. Every time I read your comments i get scared. That picture is uglier than Bwezani RB…..

  9. Yes #7 Deja Vu is right every president at SADC is assured of a position. That’s why the term of office runs for a year.

  10. It is easy to destroy, but very difficult to repair. SADC should take the Zimbabwean object lesson seriously. Our country’s present condition gives many and sundry a terrible sense of deja vu.

  11. I wish the term of office for the Zambian presidency also runs for one year. That way Rupiah banda would have been history and Sata would have concluded (and failed) his 90-day theory of developing Zambia. With a term of one year, you can entrust a country to anybody knowing they will be kicked out before they realize it…

  12. U know SADC is a small region, so there was little or no options for the position of deputy. RB was elected just to fill in the position, otherwise normally serious elections at Regional level do not consider so much those who are absent. Takwali abantu bakusala.

  13. For those who have forgoten. Idi Amin was elected OAU Chairman inspite of his many hadicaps such as killing intellectuals and opponents /low or no education. No African President has ever been vetoed at any of our groupings such as ECOWAS, SADC etc

  14. #2 and #22, You have both hit the nail on the head. SADC, AU, ..etc ..are white elephants and only meant for African leaders to wine and dine while their citizens suffer in poverty. Rupiah is a reject and a stumbling block back home and fits well in these rubbish organisations.

  15. Congrats RB and Zambia. Though this probably some rotating position so it is not related to calibre. As for all you cynics and sceptics Your hatred or disssaproval should not cloud your thoughts and make you imagine bribery . As Africans even when we dissaprove of our leaders lets not criticise everything associated with them. The way some of you perceive our leaders is just like the western world make their citizens that all Africans and Asians are useless, but they always wiiling to overlook their own imperfections e.g. George Bush, Belusconi and Sakozy. Come on people get out of that negative cynical approach and start seeing what we all should be doing for the better of the nation. Tha fact of the matter is we may never have the specific leaders we want..

  16. And I must add that while I dislike MMD and the politics of this country, we compare favourably with most most of the rest of the region and Africa as a whole

  17. To the uniniated SADC has been negotiating the Madagascar crisis and took a bold step of expelling them after the illegal transfer of power. They were also the ones who negotiated the settlement in Zimbabwe. They are also launching customs union. So please bloggers

  18. Come on..there no real elections in such. If the next SADC meeting will be held in Zambia. the President of Zambia had to be nominated and elected to be Vice HAIR.Kwamana..It is not like the posts are hugely contetsed…Imagine even Idi Amin was Chair of OAU–Embarrasing

  19. Positivist pa Zed I concur with your thoughts. Whilst I am aware of the problems facing our country, sometimes the way people talk here you would think Zambia is like Afghanistan or Somalia.

  20. # Who decides that RB is a reject at home? I for one do not agree with you and I know that there are many other sensible people who think like me.

  21. # 2 Who decides that RB is a reject at home? I for one do not agree with you and I know that there are many other sensible people who think like me.

  22. # 36 meant, ‘there are other sensiless people’. Any other but him would perform better as Deputy. HE HAS LAMENTABLY FAILED TO RULE THE COUNTRY PERIOD.

  23. Tikambeko nafe; Zambians live in Somali-like conditions stop focussing on a few streets in Lusaka and then thinking the country is alright. It is rotting by the day and your govt is doing nothing

  24. Just let him perform period. He is a worrier.Thanks Our President do not answer to such talk,Go on Rule and Rule,us are learning sumthing.

  25. People, he is not the deputy of sadc but of the organ or is it committee in layman’s english, on politics, defence and security cooperation. That must be different surely. Anyway, he is riding on LPM’s merits hehehehe

  26. Imwe banthu, let him be… After all, these days he has stopped dozzing and ukushipula at meetings…. elo basalapuka nomba….

  27. Congraturations His Excellency Ruphia Bwezani Banda. We are very happy for the acheivement sir. We are seeing the fruits of your good leadership and we wish you all the success in whatever temptations. GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED, INTELLIGENT PRESIDENT

  28. Congratulations His Excellency Ruphia Bwezani Banda. We are very happy for the achievement sir. We are seeing the fruits of your good leadership and we wish you all the success in whatever temptations. GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED, INTELLIGENT PRESIDENT

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