FTJ free to mingle with RB – ZADECO


Opposition Zambia Development Conference (ZADECO) National Chairman Langtone Sichone says there is nothing sinister about second republican president Dr. Frederick Chiluba interacting with President Rupiah Banda.

Mr Sichone says Dr. Chiluba is a Zambian citizen who is free to mingle with anyone regardless of status.
He says it is not right for some individuals, members of the civil society and other stakeholders to try and bar Dr. Chiluba from mixing with the Head of State.

Mr Sichone was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

He wondered why the public is quiet on first republican president Kenneth Kaunda who is freely mingling with other very important people including President Banda but just concentrated on questioning Dr. Chiluba’s friendship.

Meanwhile, Mr Sichone has urged Zambians to respect the out-come of the acquittal case of Dr. Chiluba.

Mr Sichone said the acquittal of the former head of State translates that the judiciary is independent adding that the three executive arms of government were fully exercised and utilised.



  1. Wonder who said FTJ wasn’t free to mingle. He can mingle all he wants. However, those that keep his company should be prepared for the consequences this public association. The consequences include SOME element of public scorn.

  2. Engagement is usually synonimous with endorsement. The actions of RB and chiluba show more than cordial interaction they show approval and endorsing such behaviour.

  3. There was a party called Zadeco or something like that ages ago. Excuse me for my ignorance people. I left Zambia 20 years ago. Did they take part in the last elections?

  4. I wonder why these people like talking about our beloved fomer president FTJ. I beleive they love him too just like we do. Chiluba is a free citizen and a man of action. He made a name during his 10 yrs. We are the ones telling him to advise RB because we saw that hi has no vision for the country. Let FTJ show the way to RB.

  5. The Post said it best- Chiluba is an accomplished and sophisicated T H I E F. If Chiluba had to play a part in a movie it would be in Ocean’s 12 and you already know he’d play the part of George Clooney. The only people who support him are the ones who have reaped from his criminal activities. If Chilba was my cery own brother I’d still call him a T H I E F, knowing what he did. Forget the rotten court of Jones Chinyama- our Judiciary is NOT a factor anymore in determining justice.

  6. You cant compare Opposition Zambia Development Conference (ZADECO) National Chairman Langtone Sichone to the late! He is a usurper…. thats why he is alone today!

  7. Up until very recently, wasn’t Sata mingling with Chiluba? He even wanted to free him if elected into office. Why cant we have some sort of integrity from our politicians? They are all in it for the money and themselves. They will associate with anyone including the devil if it is a means of pushing their personal agendas forward.

  8. # 8 people like you amuse me. What has your “beloved” former president done for Zambia, apart from loot her treasury, by buying useless pairs of shoes and suits. Sure, he did a lot for the country, like destroy Zambia Airways, sell our companies to dubious “investors.” Now, sadly RB is being led into a ditch by Titus Mpundu, or whatever his name is. It’s time for some of you to get your blinders off. Did Kafupi leave Zambia a better country? Absolutely not, and the record speaks for itself.

  9. Who the heck is ZADECO? I thought it was flushed down the drain way back! Anyway, Langtone you’re entitled to your Stu***pid opinion, after all everyone has a right to be stu**pid, it’s just that some people take it too far and are labelled as such! HAhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Nothing wrong with FTJ associating with anybody, only it shouldn’t be done to prove anything to anyone. High time we moved on and accorded the prezidency the honour it dezerves.

  11. #13 in Bemba they say : Umwana wa ndoshi tatasha. Only if you are blind not to see what the wonders FTJ did… Democracy, Free market, open the eyes to all the zambians to see clear like other SADEC Contries etc… all these started with Chiluba, I dont want to make a polemic out of it… Think twice before you say anything. We cherish what FTJ did for us no matter what.

  12. #16 you are right, we keep writing without talking about serious things. Satan associated withChiluba, he even attended court cases, one time he was almost charged with contempt for disturbing court session with his mobile phone. Chiwamila Galu. Lets give adice to our government so that things may improve other wise we will continue blogging without the country developing. RB is setting up a bureau for you guys in the Diaspora please take advantage.

  13. #16 ignorance is bliss. I am a child of God for your information, so please don’t even tread that line. It is not my problem if you are in denial of the facts, but I will pray that one day you open your eyes to reality. Poverty levels in Zambia have been off the charts for the last decade or so. Copper prices are rising, but guess what there is no windfall tax, so Zambia is at mininal getting nothing. Does this not remind you of Chiluba’s policies? Let me guess, you think those policies were prudent? Wrong!!! Shady “investors” are exploiting Zambians with their scams, and you are going to tell me that all is well? Get real!!!

  14. Excuse me, but wasn’t Dean Mungomba killed by Chiluba? And this is how they choose to remember their colleague? Dean died as a result of the torture he went through at the hand of Chiluba. I remember the extremely vivid pictures after Capt Solo’s coup. We should investigate the torture that took place at that time because people died because they were arrested on trumped up charges

  15. Let RB work and let us support the old man. Why do we like being petty all the time and make big things out of non-issues like FTJ interacting with RB? Give us a break!!!

  16. #20 kapekape, I agree with you. Even with so much criticism RB has kept the Zambian economy afloat. The global economic crunch was real, imagine how much worse it could have been for us without the proper stewardship of the RB administration. This leads me to believe that if only half the criticism of RB was support he could have achieved much more. But we like shooting at everything, including our own feet.


  18. Mr Sichone, sorry all positions in MMD are taken. All embassies are also over filled. There’s literary no space in the MMD empire even at state house too. That’s partly why monkeys were evicted and repartriated to a refugee camp – Mundawanga. So no favours mwana. Try some street vending.Cairo road is offering spaces for new venders. Good luck.

  19. Dr. Kunda is a respectable man who can mingle with anyone. He is not like Chiluba who wants free freedom after what has done to the poor ZEDian

  20. No. 9 Chinsali Inc says: and I completely agree with Chinsali Inc. who says if ‘Chiluba had to play a part in a movie it would be in Ocean 12!’ However, the Without Bernie it would be tough to do but the director says ‘If they did a Ocean 14, it should in some way be in memory of Bernie Mac. He was a great actor and comedian! ’ Who else than Chilu Mac (aka Fredi Chiluba) could do it? The stature, accent, koladuchi complexion and shoes wold be well worth to be brought into the movie! My only advice would be to fit him with a cigar (obviously) Cuban as his taste suggests!

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