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RB- addresses Zambians in New York

Headlines RB- addresses Zambians in New York


President Rupiah Banda says land management and the distribution of land by Zambians living in the diaspora is one of the biggest challenges government is currently facing.

Addressing scores of Zambians living in New York last evening, President Banda said Zambian citizens should acquire land and develop them.

He said government was devising ways of easing the process of acquiring land, especially by Zambians living abroad.

He said he has since advised the Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane and the Minister of Lands Peter Daka to find ways of making the process of acquiring land uncumbersome.

President Banda said land was very valuable hence Zambians, regardless of where they live, should acquire pieces of land for agriculture and other investment.

He urged Zambians living abroad who wish to apply for land to specify where they would want to acquire land.

And President Banda has asked Zambians in the diaspora to consider investing in their country and return home after their various adventures and other activities.

He said he has opened an office at State House which receives specific requests and concerns of the many Zambians in the diaspora.

The President said Zambians should remain patriotic regardless of what they were doing in foreign countries because they would in future return to their country of origin.

He said South Korea was today an economically successful country because its citizens that once lived in the diaspora were patriotic enough to invest back home in terms of education, technology and skill.

“South Korea is now a developed country because Koreans that were living here in America, in the Silicon Valley on the west coast decided to go back home and apply the knowledge they had in their country. So you can do the same,” he said.

President Banda reminded Zambians in America and other foreign countries to return home and apply their knowledge and invest their moneys back in their country.

“I am very confident that our country will develop if we remain united and manage our resources together in a very good manner,” he said.

He reiterated that the Zambian economy was now doing well because of the sound economic policies and good governance implemented by the late President Mwanawasa in the last eight years.

He said although Zambia was affected by the ongoing global economic crisis, the country managed to keep companies and industries running.

Mr. Banda said only Luanshya Mine was closed for a short period of time but has since been reopened, with 1500 people getting back their jobs.

He said the copper prices that had dwindled by about 70 per cent have since started going high again, an indicator that would make it regain its economic stamina.

President Banda said government was diversifying the economy to reduce dependency on copper alone.

He said to this effect, government was encouraging direct foreign investment to help improve the economy of the country.

Earlier at the same function, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kabinga Pande urged Zambians living abroad to continue behaving in a manner that is acceptable to the country they live in.

Mr. Pande said Zambians have been known to be law abiding citizens even in foreign countries.

President Banda is in New York to attend the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), which officially opens on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009.

On the sidelines of the main General Assembly, President Banda will hold bilateral meetings with selected heads of state and government.

President Banda will on Wednesday be among hundreds of high level delegates at the UN Secretariat for the general debate in which heads of state and government will address the General Assembly.

The President will deliver Zambia’s national statement to the assembly on Thursday 24th September during the continued high-level general debate, which ends on 30th September.

President Banda is also expected to meet US President Barak Obama who will meet heads of state and government from the sub-Saharan African region to discuss the relationship between this region and the United States of America.

Other items on the agenda for President Banda in New York are meeting Zambians leaving in the United States of America (USA), American business community and attending meetings by the Africa Travel Association and the Clinton HIV/AIDS Foundation.

Mr. Banda will during the meeting with the American business community, showcase Zambia’s investment potential in many economic sectors in order to lure foreign investors to do business in the country.

He said he has since advised the Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane and the Minister of Lands Peter Daka to find ways of making the process of acquiring land uncumbersome. President Banda said land was very valuable hence Zambians, regardless of where they live, should acquire pieces of land for agriculture and other investment.

President Rupiah Banda is accompanied by First Lady Thandiwe Banda, Minister of Commerce, Felix Mutati, Foreign Affair Minister Kabinga Pande, Tourism minister, Catherine Namugala, Minister of Health Kapembwa Simbao, Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Tens Kapoma, Special Assistant to the President for Economic and Development Affairs, Dr. Richard Chembe, his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Dickson Jere.

Other key issues that would be discussed during the 64th General Assembly will be the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), world financial and economic crises and its impact on development, disarmament, UN reforms, including Security Council reform and revitalisation of the General Assembly.

It will also review the peace building commission and the Human Rights Council as well as consider issues relating to system wide coherence, sustainable development and HIV/AIDS.

The theme of the General Assembly is “Effective responses to global crises, strengthening multilateralism and dialogue among civilisations for international peace, security and development”.

The General Assembly, which was established in 1945 under the UN Charter, is a chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the UN and is a unique forum for multilateral discussions of full spectrum of international issues.



  1. I am only here to make money so I can came and do something back in Zed and so are so many zambians , RB is a real pick. next time may a baboon poo on him

  2. the acquisition of land should be equal and fair for all Zambians regardless of where you are, live or who you are. lets not disadvantage anyone.

  3. What a load of bull cr&p! Anybody who has been to Zambia knows that it is easier to aquire land if you are a foreigner than if you are a Zambian. All council or Ministry of Lands land has been allocated to Political cronies, and the fact that it is all now in private hands means most Zambians have been outpriced form the market. How can small 1/2 acre plots be going for over US$100,000? Thats ridiculous and scandalous to say the least. One of the reasons Zambians who leave Zambia do not return is to escape the &*%$£ that is prevailing in our political system, so please do not follow us RB, we aren’t interested. Save your lies for gaullible party cadres and the likes of Mulongoti! We live in global village and will invest where condusive.

  4. everything in zed is controlled by corrupion,just like RB is been controlled by chaps who regged the elections.we need a new breed of people.

  5. For once he has said something worth reading about, i thought for once it was one of those drivels he’s always spouting at airports…..now please make this same process easy tapapata,imwe bamene ba Situmbeko pilizi na ba Daka osati kalijo,the presido has spoken

  6. Hahahahahaah………..This is a big joke,these yokels will give land in Samfya or Mutenguleni,they have allocated prime land to themselves and their relatives.Even the so called Chalala the roads that are being graded are those where these yokels live

  7. In Zambia now – people doubt you when you start building or buy a plot because only foreigner are deemed fit,what the hell is going on kanshi /h-

  8. #6 where did you get the figure of $100k for half acre plots? is it from those international property developers online like Knight franks ?

  9. But why is that we people in Zambia do not have easy access to land. The president should in the same vein ensure that we who are home easily access land without much ado. After all we are the ones who faithfully vote.

  10. I hope the office at State House has a website we can access.

    I wish the president had said something about dual citizenship.

    It’s easier for a Zambian to buy land in Zambia if you go there yourself or engage relatives or friends to help you run the process. I do not think land is a big issue on the minds of those in the diaspora.

    As for investing back home, Zambians are already doing the best they can. People must understand that most of Zambians in teh diaspora are in regular employment, therefore they do not have that much spare money. They are only leading normal lives – school children, mortgages, utility bills etc. So for a lot, going back will be at retirement. Hey none of us want to end up in retirement homes. Life for the aged is far better in Zambia, if you have money.

  11. We have a caring father His Excellency Ruphia Bwezani Banda. You always show your good leadership his excellency. Please guide our brothers and sisters in that country. We like you sir and enjoy your stay in New York. We shall Welcome you with our open hands your excellency

  12. You Zambians in New York, was Land the main issue you discussed with big nose RB??? Tell us more please. we want to know the Lies he told you about zambia.

  13. Rupiah must do better than that if he wants us to invest back. He must have a direct line where we can reach him and tell him whats up….

  14. RB we the blogers follow you where ever you go and what ever you do to our nation we are up date;; tell us about zamtel tell us about mwanga tell us about mabenga tell us about 27bilion tell us about dora and also tell us about chiluba ;; surely mr President our hearts burn with anger with the way you are leading our nation and our people

  15. Good afternoon
    Well, if it’s land issues he’s talking about, the man has got my full attention this time and I hope he is serious because I’m fed up of living in Europe. I can’t wait to return home and settle on a big, big farm near Lusaka where I can grow my own food, live a natural life and enjoy the goodness that Africa has to offer until I’m laid to rest.

  16. does RB even know in the first place why so many zambians leave Zambia? many hav the money to invest in zed but with pathetic land policies and hey wired beuratic procedures of aquiring land, who does he think can wait while opportunities are lying idol in other countries, it high time our leaders got real and stop cheating, corruption is killing our country”leaders, stop being selfish and greedy” we give u responsibilities, do wat u are calld to do. may GOd ”deliver you”‘

  17. The man has no common sense and says things like he is talking to small children. Why create a special desk when investment opportunities can be availed to all zambians? Wachabe chabe fye mudala uyu. Useless crap and he should not think we can be hoodwinked by a name of desk. Does he even know what diaspora means and why people have lft their country to go and work abroad? What a useless, shameless mudala wabufi sana. Sata, send another monkey to piss on him again. Kanitundila administration – no clue.

  18. #18 Okocha

    Spot on. I hope we have New Yorkers on this blog. May be they have just woken up in the States and we shall hear from them. It will be a shame if we dont have New Yorkers on LT blogs.

  19. our leader are diminishing our patriotism”wen ur children are always eating from ur neighbour just know there is somthin wrong with ur home” if u have food and cant give it to ur children and always want to hav everything to urself wat do expect? USA mdala, were sharing takes place.

  20. creating a special desk? my foot another way of wasting resources its like these guys are always devising nu trick af swallowing” corruption” we have eyes ba RB tulemona wats happening we aint stupid

  21. 22, i hope you are actually getting your share of the American dream. Home is so called for a reason. Compared to their childhood background, most of our parents are/were pretty successful financially and materially – they still liked going back to the village to see their relatives. Wether USA is better or not i cannot say as we have varying barometers.

  22. Why has it become so difficult to acquire land in Zambia. our mother land it is really a pipedream we would like to invest back home, but there are so many bottlenecks this delays any development in any given country;; now we are used in these countries where corruption is not entertained see how it becomes so difficult to get land in Zambia

  23. It seems President RB believes that living in the diaspora makes us ignorant about what is happening back home. I am talking about the corruption he is directly involved in with his children. His colusion with Titus Mpundu ‘Chiluba’. Can his words in New York be encouraging???

  24. Guys how did u manage to go to the usa and uk.i wouldnt mind sweeping the streets or washing dishes,my point is i wouldnt mind going low so long am there. pliz help?

  25. I have observed that some people here just suffer from what I would call PCS (Permanent Complaint Syndrom). They seem to forget that RB did not impose himself but they are the same ones who elected him, so they all knew what to expect. Not only did you elected him once, but you will probably go for an other 5 years of RB… You voted for him once, shame on you, you vote for him twice, shame on us.

  26. This is just childish talk, as long as you have money you can easily acquire land in Zambia whether Zambian or foreign.

  27. #31 be careful what you wish for, been in Oz 3 yrs and frankly would rather be home. Don’t get me wrong have a great job, drive a work car, pay great but honestly if only I could get the money I get here in Zambia I would be on the first Qantas flight home. Even the money I earned doing odd jobs as a student would have been enough to send me home and never look back. I miss home and true as they say somethings gotta give, MISS HOME BIG TIME

  28. I love my country ZAMBIA and will always love it. Old man RB is right for a change by saying you need to start thinking of coming back home. My challenge to you in the diaspora is this- if you love something so much, would you let it die or fight to save it and make it better. I came back from the diaspora and im living a fantastic life back home in Zed because i told myself “I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and im proud to say with an emphantic “YES”. Those of you saying all these nasty things about Zambia and call yourself Zambians do not love your country enough – no wonder some of you are living as illegal immigrants and prostitutes all in the name of “diaspora”. Coming to the topic at hand, just a few weeks ago, Kitwe city council made land acquision so easy that i bought two plots…

  29. Iwe Chi-Rupiah, while you are busy addressing Zambians in New York, Chiluba is busy taking over government in Zambia. Be careful, you *****!

  30. #31 THINK TANK the West is not the bed of roses that you think it is. They acquire their wealth by working tirelessly hard and have treacherous ways of dealing with humanity to satisfy their material needs. However, if you still insist on getting there, I would advise you to get good grades in whatever you’re doing. If you’re really good, you can easily obtain a place for master’s or doctor’s degrees in some of the best Universities and Colleges in USA or Europe.

  31. Land is not an issue. The biggest issue is leadership, he would have been better off telling Zambians to go back and become leaders this way people are not left to choose people who know nothing about development.

  32. Think tank, 31 you really made me laugh. if you went to a country and they still sweep streets with brooms then you are better off pa Z to be honest. but dont give up try walking northwards, some chaps have just been returned at Calais in france this morning………after walking from Afghanistan, if you like.

  33. # 31 You must be very backwards to think that we in the UK or USA sweep streets,machines here do that,dishes are also washed by machines.Where you are in Zambia you are so low! Continue doing a white collar job in Zambia whilst suffering.We in the diaspora don’t have to worry about basics such as clothes,food,shelter etc.

  34. Exactly #40 Speechless… RB is trying to imply that people from outside (diaspora) should come back and fund the uselessness. For example tourism. The many many rich Zambians living in Zambia don’t want to invest in that, because they know it’s hard work and the profit margins are not stable and not very large. Does he think we are too dull to realise that, so we should just bring our money to get chewed by administration and taxation? Menawhile Chinese get free land because they are “investors”…

  35. Get some ideas from golden goose, 38, he is now buying plots kwati nimbalala aleshita. For people in diaspora, i think land is important but its still not everything. Continue paying your mortgages dont be distracted wasting money to buy land which you wont develop….

  36. #31 Think Tank
    You want to know how people manage to go abroad. Well.

    Some go for studies and end up staying there, or go back.

    Some developed countries like USA, UK, Australia invite highly skilled people to emigrate there to fill up the skill gap. These countries are always developing but their people are having fewer children, so naturally they need workers to run the economies. They are also living longer so health services have expanded, hence the need for more nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, social workers etc. If you are married to such professionals, you may end up in the USA, UK etc on account of your spouse (Now dont divorce your current wife/husband for…). Business people and the rich also emigrate to these countries. Have something to offer, in short.

  37. If RB wants to develop the country he must start of by reducing govt waste, reducing numbers of Ministers and Deputy Ministers, shutting down wasteful embassies and appointing people in diaspora as Consuls, reducing taxes in Z, establishing proper medical facilities. Things of this nature will demonstrate seriousness and then maybe one can consider sending hard earned dollars to Z. As far as things are, the lack of accountable govt is a huge motivator for people to migrate and not go back. Patriotism doesn’t put food on the table.

  38. #45 contd

    As for sweeping the roads, well, I am sure what others have said is enough. It may be difficult for you to enter UK so you can do those humble hobs because they have tightened rules. Only unskilled people from Europe can come in. In EU, they have the policy of free human movement, so a Polish, or French or Spanish can go work anywhere in Europe. If you entered via other means eg as a student or spouse, then you could still do such jobs and indeed any job you can find. But to enter, my friend equip yourself with better skills.

    Just stay in Zambia and better your lot.

    Try politics. LOL.

  39. All normal countries have a certain proportion of their citizens in diaspora (for UK the figure is aroungd 20%), calling for investment from these citizens is good but its a no brainer to start pressuring them to go back, where do you get the next investment if they return?

  40. Think Tank. Just find a fat ugly muzungu in the west ands treat her like she is a princess she will marry you and give you papers. Second option is come on a visitors visa and overstay but the danger is you will be caught and deported and end up bitter like GOLDEN GOOSE. Or you can marry one of the many zambians out there with papers who are lonely then get fast tracked citizenship. Whatever you do don’t come here without a plan because you will be spat out ruthlessly and add to the ever growing number of disgruntled deportee’s sent back because of their own false notions. peza vima paper noti kunkala monga ma ili

  41. Its always good to have a certain proportion of a country’s citizenry in the diaspora – all countries in theworld have their share including the highly developed countries like the USA and some of their citizens have come to settle in countris like Zambia. my only request to Zambians living in the diaspora is “dont insult your country and those in it as this will certainly come and bite you in the @##% one day”. Just remember to love your country enough and all good things will come from there….REMEMBER THAT

  42. Its true diasporas should invest back home, but GRZ should pave smooth way for them too. there are so many things that are not right. in Zed. And guys Home is Home time will come when you will understand this statement

  43. Yeah, this issue if land allocation to those in the diaspora could be a good idea. But ofcourse one would ask why preference should be given to someone living abroad who may never come back. Anyway to put it context, the background to this is some Zambians living abroad complained that they can not invest back home because they do not have land. And really the truth is that there is a lack of land in the major urban areas. Thats why it costs so much, its that easy – market economy and nothing to do with preference for foreigners, its just that they have deeper pockets…Actually he was quoted talking about how Zambians living abroad are failing to invest in south Luangwa because of barriers being put in by the white lodge owners there , he actaully said “nanga ni zawo nyama”

  44. I suppose the alot of Zedians in diaspora would like to invest home… but GRZ only respect white/indian/china-man…it is sad and in the process some zedians have become disgruntled.

  45. Vasco da Banda, you are in NY? This president can travel. I agree with all the folks saying we don’t need an old character in plot 1. Wa pa leisure sumo.

  46. This is very interesting. If getting land is difficult for the people in Zed because of this cadrerismpartisan and corruption how easy will it be for the people in the diaspora?

  47. President Rupiah O’Banda is in the USA. Next will be Caracas and then Havanna for 3 days. Thereafter he goes to pick the plane (‘Presidential Jet’) which he left at nobody knows the location. May be in Italy and then back in Zambia Lusaka and proceed to Kasama to campaign for Burton Mugala. Our President has all it takes to travelling. OMG!!! TB Joshua has stopped the prophet of some planes failing to take off and kalashingi. IN ALL YOU TRAVELLS MAY GOD PROTECT YOU SO THAT YOU JUST LOSE ELECTIONS IN 2011. 1more year remaining

  48. am not into this land issue so all i can say is wish our very own zambian bred President a safe trip back home. The country is missing him already! we are expecting a positive outcome from him. as for the critics and thoz with questions, ask him yourself!

    One Zambia One Nation!

  49. Land is certainly hard to access because it is in short supply, as the economy is growing you have more projects leading to higher demand and higher prices, this is the case all over the world, except where the economy is constricting or where you have had a genocide. as for Corruption, there is big time corruption, and really I do not see a solution in sight. The government policy is land should be given more or less free as per our socialist orientation as imposed under KK’s rule( and this works for the under priveledged) but the market is willing to pay the price. So in between is where the poorly paid and demotivated Council and Ministry of Lands officials cash in. The question I would post to you bloggers is how would you propose that land allocation is done

  50. The totals of his international travel will soon equal KK who ruled for 27years. I don’t care what he is going to do there, he is just a big joke no time to think strategically about how he is going to steer this ship called Zambia in the right direction.

  51. But kelly what figures are you using? do you realise this is his first trip outside Africa since he assumed presidency.? And are you able to give me information on how much his predecessors ot other African presidents travel?

  52. Lie number 1 in this story: Addressing SCORES of Zambians living in New York… Really? You mean staff of the Zambian mission to the UN and their wives and children and the president’s own entourage constitute “SCORES” to your reporters LT? It’s like looking at a pile of Sh*t and saying you smell roses!!

  53. How can any sensible person believe people int he diaspora will get any better attention in the allocation of land when the MMD government cant handle even the simplest of tasks of replacing, yes, replacing old passports with new ones? Why should those in the diaspora be treated any differently from Zambians at home, any way? Zambians, at home and abroad, should have the same access to land regardless of where they may be presently living. Period.

  54. The idea is brilliant, but the process of getting [buying] this land will be so bureaucratic that will it will be easier to spot a penius of a rooster than to own such an estate in Zed!

  55. There is a ka Mardoff Style scheme doing the rounds in Zambia. It involves a company called the Power Club from Italy. Please do not fall for this. If you have already fallen for it, well sucks for you

  56. So who would be in-charge of implementation and how accessible is he going to be to us in the diaspora?, the problem is politicians think we are all made from the same cloth as ci SENIOR CITIZEN with marshmellow brains. No Mr Bwezani some of us reason you’re not saying the truth, you’re a liar it shouldn’t be politics everyday pleaseeee !

  57. #33 Think Tank
    Why you want to go to western countries where they make John marry Joseph and let Mary get married to Rosemary. Am saying they do not know biology because even dogs and pigs know biology.

  58. Strange in the meeting was the absence of same hyperboles by bloggers with their blog name tags to show case their cyber rhetoric. Anyway, RB will be hosting another session with Zambians, can we have some bloggers spew their usual rubbish?

  59. Why you want to go to western country where they make John marry Joseph and let Mary get married to Rosemary.Am saying they do not know biology because even dogs know biology.

  60. # 70 and 73. I like your points. At this moment in time just exactly where I am sitted somewhere in Zambia. I have nothing to add or subtract you guys have said the right thing.

  61. RB reminds me of my Boss. by the way its a she. She only ask the HQ for her pay rise. If you do the same. She gets so unsecure and direct all sort of flights to reduce to a bootligger. Yah what a life. May the good Lord vindicate us from thy Vasco da Banda.

  62. RB always has a very childish touch to his speech. He likes talking like he is addressing kids, telling them ” i will buy you sweets tommorow ayii” and the kid agrees the lie. Please you USA guys tell him to behave in a mature maner. Let him speak like a president ala!!!!!!!!

  63. ” He said South Korea was today an economically successful country because its citizens that once lived in the diaspora were patriotic enough to invest back home in terms of education, technology and skill. ”

    They also have a nationalistic government, that insists on Korean ownership of the economy. The government should lead by example, and put Zambian citizens at the center of national development, not foreign corporations.

  64. I think that this is a sign that the President has Zambia’s interest at heart. I suppose that the majority of Zambians in the diaspora do not vote, so if he was self interested, he would want to please the ‘kabovas’ just like Chiluba did (Tuntemba desk at State house) and Sata is doing. You may loathe the man, but give him a chance and prove him at his word. I will take up the challenge and see whether without any corrupting influence, I will have land by September 2010! I will report back to all of you then.

  65. I was not there when this meeting was taking place. I had something important to do. I have better FACES to see and better Englisg to hear than that of Banda.

  66. I was not there when this meeting was taking place. I had something important to do. I have better FACES to see and better voices to listen to than that of Banda.

  67. but #60 why do rich Zambians not invest in South Luangwa? there’s no barrier except capital (which they have) and hard work (mmmm….) What kind of barriers is he talking about?

  68. 89.
    Mushota says:
    September 22, 2009 at 6:19 pmIs there a website online where you can see the value of properties in zambia? ie houses and plots etc?

    Iwe dullard-mushoto actually there is no such website, so you know what you can do? You can start one up yourself!

  69. Headline should read as “Shrek – address Zambians in New York”. LT – Please define “scores of Zambians”. Banda says he is very confident that our country will develop…blah blah blah! Our country will not develop with those buffoons in charge. The easiest way to get land back home is to become a party cadre. Just look at the way land was illegally allocated in Ibex Hill near Agriflora. People with legal title to these plots lost them to these ILLEGAL allocations. Just google earth Lusaka and you will see that it is surrounded by ILLEGAL settlements….what part of ILLEGAL does GRZ not understand? Who wants to invest in a country when their investment cannot be protected? Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me!!

  70. #89 I thought all websites were online. Anyways they are there but the issue is do u know how to use the internet. Just google real estate in Zambia and something will pop up. Now stop embarrasing yourself and use yr head. Silly girl.

  71. This is really encouraging and we must take advantage of what RB is proposing. We need to change direction as Zambians. Okay now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities available. Let us move forward and hold H.E to his word. There are some of us who do not wish to end our lives in nursing homes abroad. First things first, there are numerous associations that have been created abroad so let the leaders take roll call of those interested. You know must of us are educated enough to go run the govt. We need to be swerious and not just play a waiting game- It does not happen like magic. Can we as Zambians fdind common ground instead of criticism? I know we can. We have engineers, doctors, lawyers etc all abroad so let us all make a pledge to take this great nation back. Am I alone?

  72. All I hear is blah, blah, blah…. Its hard enough for me a Zambian to get land why make Zambians in the diaspora feel like there is hope?

  73. #89 Mushota you can check the South African company selling our land to us www dot homenetzambia dot com, or the British one www dot knightfrank dot com slash zambia. As you will see a house in Lusaka will cost you something like half a million US dollars

  74. God keep on Blessing our leaders. They are very intelligent and very good leaders. I like MMD like chocolate. MMD is good. I like RB and his Ministers. God keep on showering blessings on our intelligent leaders

  75. Pravda ~## 101 and 102. I agree lets not just attack but try to take advantage of such initiatives. If i was in the states, I would quickly get a list of Zambian applicants and pass it on to the Embassy then start pushing. Nothing comes easy as you all have leant out there.Richard head at # 99 people are getting land in Zambia , it is not easy just as it is almost impossible out in places in America but it is happening..So get up , get off your self defeatist self and fight your battle. Get up soldier—and be a winner. In your entire life time Zambia might not have the kind of leadership you aspire the country to have. But believe it will have leaders and the challenge is to make the best of yourself from what you have

  76. I add make your self a hero, , And get to achieve your dreams- do dont sit on your laurels and sry fowl. Get up and go for it

  77. #101 Pravda, you are not alone. There are those of us fighting slowly within Z to acquire a 2nd or 3rd piece of land and dreaming of a better Zambia. For example if you want farms prime areas include Lusaka West, Shimabala (around Kafue), chisamba etc but like someone observed market forces are big factor. Residential plots in Lusaka (that is even worse). However, if you tried farmland in the outskirts of CB towns, Kapiri, Kabwe, Chongwe etc the prices are very fair. After all, if you are a productive farmer potential market is a crucial consideration. Kanakantapa area, less than 1.5 hrs from Lusaka, there are beautiful pieces of land which are affordable. Doing things by correspondence expect some inevitable overhead costs.

  78. This is all lies. It is much much easier for a foreigner to acquire land in Zambia than for a Zambian to do so. Go to Livingstone and you will understand what I am saying. All the land along the Zambezi river has been allocated to foreigners. This is a security risk because the Zambezi river is the boundary between Zambia and another country. There is a lot of both corruption and inferiority complex in Zambia.

  79. Am confused are these all Zambians or those Zambians whom are still citizens per Zambia’s constitution. Can I first be granted dual citizenship?!?!?!!! It only makes sense. Zambians in the diaspora can help develop this our country if we were all treated the same (those of us still in Zambia and thse of us in the diaspora). I say it starts with dual/multiple citizenship. Zambia can only benefit from such a mandate. It is this disregard for Zambians in the diaspora that makes it difficult to “invest ” in our own country because we are treated as foreigners. We need to empower ourselves and it and it’s starts with the government serving the interests of it’s people!!!!

    I sure hope I can acquire land seemlessly…

  80. well, well, well, What can i say? I expected RB to talk about practical issues affecting our country. Everyone by now knows that land allocation in Zambia at the moment is managed by 5 interested parties. 1. THE COUNCIL,2. MIN. OF LANDS, 3. THE COUNCILORS, 4. TRADITIONAL RULERS AND 5. MMD CADRES. By creating a desk at the state hse I take it that STATE HSE is now allocating land and this adds to the list of parties to 6. Yes Koreans went back to their country becoz Politicians there really politicized in the right direction by putting in place certain conditions that favored any Korean in and outside.

  81. Imwe banthu this land issue is none starter. i applied for a small scale holding lats year as a Zambian living in diaspora upto now i am still phoning the lands commissioner at Min of Lands who is always out of the office or mettings. This is lip service Bwezani didnt have anything to tell the Zambians in USA. Pity he has wet dreams and doesnt walk the talk.

  82. Dont blame RB…he is training to be a tour guide……….his talk is cheap and only makes sense to plumbers like george kunda

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