MMD Kasama chairlady expelled over GBM


The MMD in Northern Province has with immediate effect expelled Kasama District Chairlady, Brillian Sefuke, for allegedly campaigning for Patriotic Front candidate in the Kasama Central by-election, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba also known as GBM.

MMD Provincial Secretary, Sebio Mukuka, confirmed the expulsion of Ms Sefuke in a statement to ZANIS in Kasama today.

Mr Mukuka said the former chairlady was found distributing PF campaign materials and foodstuffs contrary to the party regulations.
He also said Ms Sefuke issued unauthorized statements to the media without following laid down procedures.

Mr Mukuka accused Ms Sefuke of being bitter after she was not picked to contest the Kasama Central seat on the MMD ticket.
He has since warned that the MMD would not allow indiscipline to creep into the party, adding that those who would be found wanting would be flushed out.

Last week, MMD Provincial women affairs secretary, Elizabeth Goma was also expelled from the MMD for allegedly campaigning for the PF in the Kasama Central by-election which is scheduled for this Thursday.



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    ******** Ba MMD you have nothing to offer to the poor Zambians. You mean there is no one who can see your Mistakes

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    This is a good sign, the pact should now take advantage of this and get all these people to their side…

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    The panicky and finger pointing and expulsions and more discplinary measures when they lose Kasama Central bye election a few weeks before they go to lose Solwezi Central. Yaba!! Pochedza Madzulo…!!!

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    Well,i’m lost for words on this matter.How can someone devoted to her party campaign for a candidate from the opposing party?This shows that politics in zambia are nothing but trash.People involved in zambian politics are egocentric, they only want to fulfill their selfish motives.For the MMD not to choose her it means there’s something fishy about her.For instance Chiluba did not pick Sata for MMD presidential candidate because he knew the weakness of Sata’s character.Ifi ma politics fya madongodongo tatulefwaya!!!

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    ala elo lwanya nomba ku kasama ba mmd,even their own members do not have hope in themselves at a time when they are supposed to be united. Naku Solwezi central circus yalatampa because of sour grapes. UPNDPF pact, remain united, we are with you.

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    Imagine a son supporting his friend’s dad as they fight with his!! The MMD camp has lots of dirty! So come tomorrow you’ll hear that the two have joined PF kaili GBM will buy them so he can have more support before D-Day. Looks like people don’t understand politics in Zed, never in other countries would you hear of such happenings, it’s totally inconceivable.

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    Go UPND-PF pact… two can play that game…. MMD always thought they are the only ones with cash to distribute Mealimeal + stuff. I don’t agree with this but if thats the game let’s play.. Naifwe tulibandalama.. You MMD started this game.. We the Pact also have the money to make the whole town drunk up to and including the day of voting… LOL

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