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RB did not snub FIFA World Cup Trophy team, Shikapwasha

Headlines RB did not snub FIFA World Cup Trophy team, Shikapwasha

FIFA world cup Trophy Tour, Lusaka, Zamba
FIFA world cup Trophy Tour, Lusaka, Zamba

Government has dismissed media reports suggesting that President Rupiah Banda snubbed the FIFA team that brought the World Cup Trophy to Zambia last weekend.

Chief Government Spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha said in a statement to ZANIS in Lusakayesterday that reports that the organizers of the trophy tour were unhappy that Vice President George Kunda received the trophy on behalf of the President are also untrue.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said contrary to reports by a private newspaper, the World Cup trophy team was very pleased that the Zambian government was represented by the Vice President to receive the trophy.
“The truth, in fact is that the FIFA team that brought the World Cup want it on record that they were very pleased and thankful that the Zambian Government sent the Vice President to receive the trophy,” he said.

Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said the organizers of the tour have rated the reception organized in Zambia far higher than in most countries where it had been received at ministerial level.

“The story is a deliberate concoction, giving the impression that the organizers of the trophy tour, Coca Cola, did not allow Vice President Kunda to touch the cup, and yet this was merely a matter of procedure as explained by Coca Cola Zambia Head of Corporate Affairs, Chibamba Kanyama”, he said.

He said there was nothing unusual about what happened and wondered why the explanation by Mr. Kanyama was not satisfactory to the author of the media story, who he said wanted to make controversy out of a straight forward issue.

The November 10 edition of The Post Newspaper carried a story suggesting that President Rupiah Banda snubbed the FIFA World Cup Trophy, forcing organizers to deny the country’s highest representative, the Vice President Kunda, from removing the trophy from the glass seal at a ceremony at Intercontinental Hotel.

However, Coca Cola Head of Corporate Affairs Chibamba Kanyama explained that there was nothing sinister about the Vice President not touching the World Cup Trophy.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen Shikapwasha has expressed displeasure at the misrepresentation of facts over what President Rupiah Banda said about Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata, alleging that he called him “son of Satan”.

He said it was clear that the misrepresentation of facts was part of a campaign to create an impression that there was enmity between President Banda and Mr. Sata.

The President has since categorically refuted having said the alleged remarks attributed to him in a story in one of the tabloid newspapers.

“This misrepresentation of facts must thus be read with the fabrication that veteran politician Grey Zulu had been treated like a criminal and that he did not receive any support during the funeral of his late son, Agrippa,” he explained.

Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha said Mr. Zulu and his family categorically denied the statement, including the verbatim report.

He said the truth was that the Zulu family was very pleased with the support rendered to them by the government and President Banda in particular.

He urged the media personnel to avoid sensationalism in their reporting but to always ensure that they stick to the truth.



  1. I think its true what they say that men think of sex 90% of the time.#2 Deja Vu how did you make the connection between FIFA, RB with penises and women?

  2. LT plz give a sensible topic this is nosense. Yesterday’s topic about the mines was very good and good comments came thru.

  3. Because the trophy came to him he was not interested. If it had required RB travelling abroad to see this trophy he would have been on the quickiest flight .

  4. S t u p i d people! They should have gone to Japan then send him an invitation. The man was definitely going to be there in no time!

  5. The higher you go the more visible your INTEGRITY or LUCK of it becomes; Honesty and integrity pay off longterm,though they may involve losses and sacrifices short term,sometimes its better to act as if someone with more power than you have is watching you, and indeed God is watching!!! Where is the integrity in this man of GOD,this man has so much anger in his heart, he defends anything,even if it doesnt need any defence.He’s got an EGO the size of a golf ball, its weighing him down faster

  6. #4 , 5 Mujina- We are not going to the world Cup so what is the point of touching or seeing the WORLD CUP. Kulakalifyafye imitima

  7. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t go there either if my national team keeps embarrassing me. I believe that is what #2 was trying to articulate.

  8. #8 and #9 have said it.
    The trophy was just too near, that’s not in RB’s legacy. Amafi kunyela ukutali.
    Now that the world cup trophy’s gone, I want my leaver’s ball. 

  9. Whats all this fuss with the trouph which we are not even contesting to win. If I was RB I could have sent the Director of sport to receive it. It is not worth all the criticisms, we are heaping on the Government. We should have been discussing Zambia’s absence from South Africa 2010, and the rot in football despite the Government pumping in so much money. I think Kalusha led group must go.

  10. Shikapwasha ranting and raving wont help you or your health. If you claim that thet POST’s articles are false WHY DONT YOU SUE THEM ??? After all you guys control the judges. Whats the problem? Anyway, I for one will never believe anything that come out of your mouth or this MMD govt, regardless. This week the fuel ques are back.. last week Friday you lied that INDENI would be up and running over the weekend.. INDENI is no where near funtional a week later.. You reveren shall burn badly..

  11. Our President, Kanitundila Bwezani Banda, who fairly recently unilaterally informed the public that he was misled on the shortage of fuel in the country and the situation has been normalised, has long been a captive audience to political stoogephiles with no solutions to any of our economic or political woes except shortages, oral dysentry at endless political by elections and rallies. With this lot wielding power in the corridors of state, who needs enemies as a nation! One also wonders, Mulongoti and Kunda, why can’t they give way to others so that they can spend their remaining days with family? Maybe they are rooting for state funerals like Satamashimba did.

  12. We can all speak Nyanja and we read and understood what Banda said. Maybe Shikapwasha, being Lenje-Kaonde does not understand Chichewa at all so could not figure out Kanitundila’s remark. Maybe he should ask Meandering Godfrey to translate for him.

  13. So FIFA has ratings of the countries receiving the Troughy, what bull—Sh—t. RB would rather go to the mountains to get the trouphy, not the trouphy comming to him, he is not bothered.


  15. the politicians must have there place mwebantu.football is a sport like tennis or judo.and us who love football must be respected .so stop the cheap politics and acknowlege that fifa is for football lovers and not old tired politicians like banda .he has no say whatever .that is why kalu is still football king despite govt interfernce.if you want to be a doctor u will and are studying at a university u will attend the graduation of others ,u wont wait for yours.inspiration comes in so many ways and if the president can not inspire the youths then we are doomed

  16. Goodmorning

    What’s the essence in all this publicity of the trophy? It all strongly reminds me about the Israelites dancing around the golden calf – I also support RB for snubbing it, I must merit him for that one!

  17. No. 23 you say Kalu is still a King for a team thats not going for the final in SA They might even miss Angola 2010. Kalu sucks.

  18. its time we invest in sports/games which have put us in the limelight. chess for example. that trough is nowhere near zambia. if we argue on just the tour of the troughy, do you think we can put order in the actual game for us to win it. tuchili’kutali saana. bana zambie, katwishi?

  19. The fact that Shikapwasha iz buzy trying very hard to “clear the air” makes it even more of an issue. Often timez, it iz better to ignore rather than alwayz counter-act certain sentiments.

  20. Kalu is not bothered about his country, he only cares for himself. personal gain is what drives this man. he is not partionate about Zambian football.

  21. #13 u have made my day, sure amafi kunyela ukutali,if the trophy went to Japan or Korea RB would have been the first one to go.
    Shikapwasha should sometimes admit things.

  22. #29 Mob pychology put Kaluulusha at Football House. I was telling people its not always true that former players make better coaches or adminstrator. I was booed and accused of supporting Teddy. Now Iam vindicated.

  23. I guess FIFA was scared FTJ was in the room with his long fingers. I understand Alshabab fighters in Somalia are waiting for it! RB will join them too.

  24. People lets us check our facts, Not all countries have the President, Queen or King see or receive the World Cup Trophy when it Lands in their country. Why do we always find something bad to say about our leader. Not everything The post prints is Gospel truth please check your internet and do some research before commenting.

  25. FIfa are suprised at how zambians are fed with concorted stories which they easily buy and swallow.they have gone further to apologise to the zambian goverment because there is no iota of truth in the story at hand.zambians are a country of people who speak english but do not understand english because if they did sensational journalists who bake stories would have been wiped out from the scene.

  26. Here is one thing we should get straight, why should a head of state go receive a trophy anyway?
    I would not even receive Sepp Blatter if I was president, and if FIFA are mad, who are they anyway, just an organisation making money of grown men wearing shorts kicking and two of them while on the field, catching a ball within the legalities of the sport. Te Nswa were we all get excited because its a yearly food blessing from God.

  27. Leave RB Alone
    What value did the trophy bring to the counry, they must only take it to countries that have qualified.
    Viva Nyama Soya

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