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Church and State are partners – Shawa


Lusaka Province Minister, Charles Shawa has asked the Church to assist government in addressing the emerging alcohol abuse among youths in the country.

Mr Shawa says the Church can play an important role in counseling the young people on alcohol abuse to address some of the social ills that afflict society and restoring morality among young people.

He said this during the dedication church service for the Chainda Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lusaka today.

Mr Shawa has since commended the Seventh Day Adventist Church for its robust social policy that has seen the opening of Universities, Hospitals and schools among many others that have benefited the less privileged in society.

He challenged the church to double its efforts in supplementing government’s poverty intervention programmes aimed at fighting disease, poverty, illiteracy and destitution in the country.

And speaking earlier, Seventh Day Adventist Church Central Zambia Conference President, Pastor Passmore Mulambo, said his church is non-partisan and will continue working with the Zambian government in the provision of social services.

Pastor Mulambo further said the church should be in the forefront of preaching and promoting peace and unity among all political players in the country.



  1. Politicians enjoy misusing the name church! This Shawa, is he the same potbellied fellow who can’t run! Don’t say church when referring to either SDAs, UBZ, Catholics, Our demon friends or Born agains. Call them by actual names. All along you only referred to catholics as church, now why ‘BRIBE’ the good SDAs after quarrelling with your ‘church’.

  2. The govt is not a partner with the Catholic and this has been acknowledged by Bishop Banda of Eastern province and many millions of Catholics in Zambia. Catholic will never support the govt that does not adhere to justice, freedom of expression, respecting of the voiceless, oppressed and the poor by helping them to sustain their living standards. The failure by the govt to reconcil with the Catholic by retracting the statement /comments made by Shikapwasha in the parliament comparing Catholic church to Rwanda genocide. The relationship has reached the lowest point compared to any previous govt. MMD is trading on a rough and dangerous path. KK paid the price for going at the Catholic and it is the Catholic that helped MMD to win in 1991.

  3. But why are you constantly entangled in fights with the church if you truly believe in your words and respect their contributions to the political,social and economic development of the country ? For a nation to prosper all the people and institutions have to be evolved, you cannot neglect the civil society and media in a genuine pursue of economic development as they are crucial to carry out important functions and fills the gaps where the government fails.

  4. Church and Government should never be partners. Religious ideals are what cause conflicts. Differences in political ideals can be solved but not religious ideals. Zambia should never have become a “Christian State”. It was a very stupid idea!

  5. Do you mean Tuntemba churches and your state are partners?The state and tuntemba pastors like Lungu “I’ll spill the beans”,bishops like Jeston “Zambians abroad and money” are partners for sure!

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