MMD national chairman, Michael Mabenga has advised former Vice-President Enoch Kavindele to stop commenting on issues related to the ruling party because he ceased to be a member of the MMD a long time ago.

Mr Mabenga said Mr Kavindele is not the right person to issue retrogressive statements on the MMD because he is not a member of the ruling party.

“Mr Kavindele ceased to be a member in 2006 when he stood against the MMD and lost to the current Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Daniel Kalenga.

So, he is one of those people who are on the streets without a party and want to identify themselves with the ruling party when they are not,” he said.

Mr Mabenga was reacting to Mr Kavindele’s statement that the MMD will find it difficult to win the Solwezi Central parliamentary by-elections.

This was when Mr Kavindele featured on Radio Phoenix’s ‘Face the media’ programme last Thursday.
Mr Mabenga said Mr Kavindele is forcing himself onto the ruling party.

He said Mr Kavindele has not renewed his membership card for many years and that he does not attend any party functions.

“Ask Mr Kavindele, when did he renew his membership card for him to claim that he is a member of the ruling MMD? As far as I know, he does not belong to the MMD,” Mr Mabenga said.

He accused Mr Kavindele of being one of the people promoting confusion in the ruling party.

Mr Mabenga urged members of the public not to listen to Mr Kavindele because all his attacks on the MMD are baseless.

He said the MMD has done enough ground work and will win the Solwezi parliamentary by- election.

“He is saying bad things about the MMD because he is not part of us (ruling party),” Mr Mabenga said.

But Mr Kavindele said he is still a member of the MMD.
“If I am not a member, why did the party allow me to challenge President Banda 11 months ago during the elections of the MMD presidential candidate?” he asked.

Mr Kavindele said some MMD members are scared of him standing at the convention as party president.

“I know very well that they are scared of me challenging President Banda when the party calls for a convention because I will scoop the seat,” he said.
[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. Drama goes as usual. Any opposing view is against the powers that be. Worker up you corrupt chap Mabenga. Your corrupt issues are still fresh in our brains. Are you looking for more constituency funds to mis appropriate?


  2. Kavendish is Bitter, his deals did not gow well with the government of the day. But he shouldnt worry he should patietly wait and do what he does best just ship at an appropriate time.

    However MMD should also let the man stand so he can scoop the presidential seat. It would be a record for Zambia’s election as both presidential candates would be at par, in that one they are vetrans on the poliical scene, have similar education qualifications, thus the election will be free and fair.


  3. Valid arguement, yes Kavindele was one of the losers at MMD presidential nominations together with Magande and Sondahi. Again Mabenga mixes truth with lies. He is a damn good chairman!


  4. Mabenga will cease to be MMD member 12th Jan 2012. Reason? MMD will be out of power so he willshift to the new rulers and continue with his confusion.


  5. Hon. Mbenga thinks he owns MMD. This is not the time to becalling each names. Going by reports coming from Solwezi MMD needs to do alot if its to go through in 2011. There is no time to pretend. Things are just bad.


  6. I think the MMD is a party of people wedded to lies, if Mr Kavindele AS mABENGA CLAIMS ceased to be an MMD member in 2006, how then could he have managed to run for party president 9 months ago? I also recall Mulongoti claiming it was him who introduced Mbombo to the MMD in 2001 when Mpombo was already an MMD MP already by then. The next we shall hear from Shikapwasha is that it was actually him who introduced Aka and Chitala to the MMD, I would put such a ridiculous claim beyong “two chickens” Rev. Satapwasha!



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