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George Kunda advises HH to leave the PF-UPND pact

Headlines George Kunda advises HH to leave the PF-UPND pact

VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda says the claim by Mr Sata and Mr Hichilema that they are both presidential candidates for the 2011 elections shows that there is confusion in the PF-UPND pact.

Speaking on a Radio Phoenix programme ‘Government and You’ in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kunda has challenged the PF-UPND pact to tell Zambians who the candidate is between them. He also alleged that The Post newspaper is promoting Mr Sata while Mr Hichilema is considered a thug.

“I am just wondering why an intelligent man like HH should make an alliance with Mr Sata, whose conduct we all know is not very good. The earlier you (Mr Hichilema) come out of it the better because Mr Sata is just using you.

“If he can dismiss 22 members of Parliament without even blinking, how do you trust such a man? UPND, please leave that sinking ship because there is confusion where you are,” he said.

Mr Kunda wondered whether Mr Hichilema has given up his ambitions of being republican President.

“I am just wondering why an intelligent man like HH should make an alliance with Mr Sata, whose conduct we all know is not very good. The earlier you (Mr Hichilema) come out of it the better because Mr Sata is just using you.

“Are people of Southern Province happy? Please leave this confusion; you are a learned man,” he said.
Mr Kunda said Mr Sata expelled late UPND president Anderson Mazoka from MMD.

He said Mr Hichilema’s alliance with Mr Sata is betraying Mr Mazoka’s legacy.

He said the MMD will continue talking about the PF-UPND pact because people talk about the MMD as well.
“We have seen a weakness in the pact. Southern Province is cracked. Even chiefs in that province are saying Mr Hichilema has made a blunder. We must also gain mileage out of the mistakes of our competitors. So, even tomorrow (today), I will sharpen my tools to fight the pact. This pact is only between Mr Sata and Mr Hichilema,” he said.

Mr Kunda said Government has information that some UPND members of Parliament will not be adopted.
He alleged that Mr Sata is a die-hard dictator because his party has made it clear that some jobs will be reserved for PF members only.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Ba Kunda!! You should be ashamed of yourself for peddling lies. Yangu. A whole lot of a Vice President? Why cant you just mind your own business and put your own house in order first? Why the sleepless nights over the pact?

  2. HH is not president of Southern Province He is PRESIDENT of Zambia’s UPND. If Kunda has run out of campain tactics he should just keep the red lips tight or quit politics all together. Why is he in hurry to seperate HH for Sata. Is inciting the Tongas against the Bembas? I fail to understand what this man wants to say.

  3. This dying man has enough to worry about this dying MMD. Why is he worring about the PACT. Leave the PACT along. Sort out your messy in your MMD. My advise is start preparing for your retirement in 2011. There is no Govt Job for you. MMD is gone….6 Fit.

  4. Mr Veep learn to mind your own business. Why are so concerned about what your friends in the opposition are doing when you know you have a mandate to deliver to the pipo. I therefore find your comments rather circumtombious, to say the least.I urge you to be imbufrious instead.

  5. I found Mr. Sata’s behavior on an international media broadcasting program appalling and disgusting. How Zambians can consider such a man to be the Republican President of Zambia is shocking to me. If Mr. Sata can carry himself the way he did on the international media broadcasting program, I shutter to think how he would carry himself at international meetings like UN summits and them.

    Mr. Hichilema, this is advice you must consider taking to heart. Mr. Sata is not presidential material at all and his behavior on the Voice of America show is proof of that. China is growing at a fast pace and ignoring China would be suicidal for the Zambian economy. The whole world is running to China for investment, why must Zambia say no. China is an opportunity Zambia cannot afford to miss out on.

  6. Good advice for H.H Mudala telela makhani. When the cobra aims to sting it doesn’t miss hav you forgotten he use to call u underfive.

  7. #6 mr. Capitalist, stick to the subject at hand(i.e Kunda’s comments) and not Sata’s behavior on VOA. #8 Moderator, twalifikulila insakwe mudala ifisungu.

  8. #6 Capitalist. We know you are MMD. Can a lion advise a duiker on any matter? You are panicking. What makes you think Mr Sata will stand insteady of HH. All you want is to know the Pacts strategy. Wanko you wont know until the last minute. Your NCC is waiting to see if Sata will stand and then include the qualification clause. We know your tactics. Why worry about another party which is not even in power? We talk about MMD because its in power and eating our taxes.

  9. #11 Deja Vu

    I don’t have to worry about the pact. It is going to crumble anyway. The UPND is pro-Chinese investment whereas the PF is anti-Chinese investment. What will they agree on if they cant agree on that?

    You just keep blogging, come 2011, MMD will still be in power and will lead this nation to greater prosperity, the economic figures speak for themselves.

    I am just worried about HH and the UPND. We need a credible opposition and HH and the UPND used to be that credible opposition. No sooner had he sold his party to Sata than he became a junior noise maker like Sata.

  10. Kunda you will never change the popularity of the PF-UPND pact, people have decided we have had enough of MMD nonsense!! My advice is sort out the problems in MMD coz time is not with you.

  11. Kunda is right. How can an assumed intelligent man like HH go to bed with Sata. May be he is not that intelligent after all.

  12. You are really a POLITICAL QUACK Mr George Kunda. And you are the advisor to the President on legal matters? Im shocked.

  13. Lets face it even if HH is pro chinese and Sata is anti Chinese, The investments the Chinese have brought to Zambia are here to stay. There is no way an issue like this can cause the pact to crumble. Something will definately be worked out. Sata can be crazy, but not that crazy. The idea is to simply remind the Chinese that they need to put their house in order because there will be a new govt come 2011. the Chinese have nothing to fear. The MMD, on the other hand, have a whole lot to fear!!

  14. #13 Mr Capitalist. Wilabepa. HH was “insulting” RB even before the pact. Just go to the archives and you will see that at one time RB even cautioned HH and reminded him that he RB and Sata were tribal cousins. Your George has no tactic. Are you supporting on the issue of Bemba cannot mix with Tonga? This statement smacks of desperation. And why say creible opposition when we all know HH will be at plot 1 come 2011.

  15. Imwe webalechita advice HH to quit the pact, its like you never want him to become President because you only way he can acheive that is to let Sata stand and win the presidential elections and thewn rule for five years then hand over to the young man HH. You know too well that if HH stands alone he wont pull thro so whose side are you on…ba MMD imwe

  16. I do not like Sata and would not like to see him become president of this country because that will be the day we are doomed. However, this George Kunda’s tribal remarks stink. He said the same things in Southern Province recently to try to incite Tongas tribally to bail out of the pact. Now, in this government of Kanitundila, there is not a single Tonga cabinet minister and it has to take f.o.o.l.i.s.h.n.e.s.s of the most desperate order for Kunda to tell them there is nothing in this PACT for them. I just hope Kansundila and Kunda’s tribal antics come back to bite them in the backside. Anyway, I think even “Tribal politics” will find it disgusting to bite Kunda in the backside because you never know the disease turning his lips red that might be contagious by contact.

  17. George Kunda of all bad leaders has no right to ask anyone to resign from any position in govt or otherwise! This is the same fella that is currently telling us that the DPP can not resign even when it is clear to all what crimes the DPP has committed against Zambians. HH and Sata as we speak are not bound by any national laws on what positions to take on any matter whereas Kunda, Mchenga, Mulongoti, Shikapwasha and most of all RB are bound by our constitution to take sides with all Zambians in all issues! If anyone is to resign from any position in Zambia, it better be Kunda and his DPP! Otherwise we applaude Sata and HH for chosing to on the side of the majority in Zambia

  18. Utter tripe.. Will Zambia be the first to be governed by a Coalition Govt? look at Israel, Germany, Kenya. Who cares who’s president. Am sure interparty ratified agreements will made guiding joint-governance that may see the Statutory reintroduction of the Prime Minister role that might be responsible for Economic growth wings of Government. but PACT is intersting.

  19. The Solowezi by election defeat was a slap in the face of MMD. They are still reeling from that defeat. Hence Kundas tactics, which unfortunately, are making him look more foolish than wise. After all even Mulongoti has admitted that MMD has lost touch with the grassroots!

  20. @19 Ba Moze. Good morning(Zambian Time). This morning Given Lubinda was on Radio Phoenix where he explained that the PF was not against genuine Chinese Investment. The only reason why PF is percieved to be anti Chinese was because the PF is against the explotation of Zambians by any investor. Infact if Mr. Kapitalist was to use his memory correctly he will recall that the MMD in its campains in 1991 had hinted on getting rid of Chinese interests in this country. But did they do it? No.MMD supporters will pick on anything to destabilise any party that seems to be a threat to them.

  21. Mr Capitalist i did not know that Mr george Kunda is now the spokes person of the UPND.Everywhere he goes these days he talks of HH and UPND,in solwezi during the by election,in livingstone and now on radio Phoenix.Advise your boss to concentrate on developmental work ,and take development to the grassroots.Boasting abount ,economic figures in the media will not win the MMD elections,because most of our voters are either iliterate or semi-iliterate,talk of bread and butter issues. Geroge please you are not a memeber of the UPND neither are u the advisor to HH so spare us your rhetoric,we know these school boy tactics of divide and rule so you can’t cheat us anymore that you care about the UPND.

  22. Two Hyenas are walking along a jungle trail in single file. The rearmost Hyena wanders off the trail for a few minutes, then reappears shortly thereafter. A few moments later, the front Hyena feels what seems to be the other Hyena’s tongue, applied just below his tail. The front Hyena strongly disapproves of this action, but doesn’t want to start anything by bringing it up. Then, the front Hyena again feels the tongue, again in the same place. He decides to confront the rear Hyena, and asks him, “Did you just lick me twice in the butt?” The other Hyena replied: “Yeah, sorry about that. I just ate a lawyer called George Kunda and I was trying to get the taste out of my mouth.”

  23. “Are you supporting on the issue of Bemba cannot mix with Tonga? “

    Produce a quote where I said I support the above statement.

    HH never used to insult as much as he does now. He used to be credible but is not anymore. Weather HH will be presidential candidate for the pact or not still remains to be revealed but from Sata’s behavioral traits, that does not seem to be possible.

    FACT: Sata has never held a convention in the PF ever since inception.
    FACT: Sata openly said in 2008 that the winner of the presidential by-elections must rule for 5 years
    FACT: Sata supported Chiluba’s third term bid.
    FACT: Sata has not made public his economic policy besides the 90 day economic miracle.

    If you want to vote for Sata, that is your own decision (if you can vote that is).

  24. Deja Vu @30, its shocking just how easily the MMD forget. And yes, what Sata has been against all this time is the way the Chinese are treating our workers. You Think Sata would risk putting this country and its economy through another “Idi Amin” type of fracass? Let the MMD just start packing quietly. There is nothing they can do to reverese this political process. Am Sure Kunda must have started taking Propofil (?) by now to induce sleep at night.

  25. By the way, George Kunda is “Mushotaling”, look at how wrinkly his jackets are becoming? He was a few months ago caught on camara in a coughing fit and it was not a healthy site to look at! Maybe they are sooner than later going to send him to India too for specialist treatment because I hear Mahatma Gandhi remedy of “body processed’ water has curable powers for the disease afflicting the likes of Kunda. Though I doubt this will work because this man’s sickness has already gotten to his head and it will be a waste of tax payers’ money to send him to Calcutta!

  26. The pact is here to stay for the next 15 years with or without Sata and HH. Its only that MMD think HH is the weakest point to destroy the Pact. I dont think satire from Kunda will suffice.

  27. It is pure lack of morals that makes George Kunda talk as he does! Kunda can not talk about betrayal when he has so much blood on his hands for going against what his partner LPM stood for! Kunda owes what he is now in politics today to LPM. He should be the one to have learnt a lesson from Andy’s principled political life and applied these principles in his position! What is George trying to tell us? That Andy was robbed of victory? What if HH consulted the people of Luapula and Northen province on the pact? Is George telling us that he only has to consult the people of Mchinga abt the decisions he makes in his office? How wiil George distance himself from the nepotism, tribalism and regionalism being promoted by RB? Is MMD going to adopt all its MPs including Mpombo/ Magande?

  28. Capitalist @33, what exactly is your point, baba? Try this:

    FACT: RB cannot address a meeting without reading a paper.
    FACT:RB openly said he would step down in 2011.
    FACT:RB has never given us any numerical economic indicators/figures more than once in a speech (i can back that one up) off the cuff
    FACT: RB cannot tell you the name of his PS in the Min of Labour off cuff. He would need to consult!

    We will take our chances with the pact. Better them than Kanitundila.

  29. Ba Moze

    My point is that Sata has dictatorial traits and cannot be trusted with a democratic nation. Sata does not have a realistic feasible economic plan because there has been no poor nation that has transformed its economy in 90 days and I challenge anyone to name at least 1.

    During the 2008 elections when Sata was showing signs of winning, the Kwacha experienced a one day drop from approximately K3500 to approximately K5000. If that is not a red flag to show people that investors have no confidence at all in Sata then I wonder what is. When the MMD won the elections, the Kwacha regained strength but later dropped due to the global financial crisis.

  30. Whats annoying about this article is that the red lipped viper says he will continue talking about the PACT because everyone else talks about MMD,news flash kunda,mmd is the rulling party and whatever decisions you muppets make affects all zambians,the PACT’s decisions affect their members….hey CAPITALIST,can you just quote some of the insults HH has been peddling,since you say HH never used to insult so much,apparently RB has insulted more and this i can quote for you

  31. Projected GDP growth of 6.3% in 2009, dropping inflation, dropping interest rates, reserves of close to $1.8 billion dollars, MoU’s with South Africa and Malaysia in the millions exceeding close to $400 million with MoU’s in education, real estate, etc. Saved mining jobs with the re-opening of LCM. All amidst the Global financial crisis and all in President Rupiah Banda’s administration. The figures speak for themselves.

  32. Mr Capitalist @33. I thing you are deliberately failing to recall the facts. 1) During the Dora Siliya and Mobile hospitals fiascos HH insinuated that RB had a cut from these deals. This was long before the Pact was mooted. 2) When campaining for an MMD councilor, Georgie asked a rally in Southern province if it was right for a Tonga to auction the Upnd to a Bemba. 3) In this very story Georgie has aked if the people of Southern Province can be happy with HH’s manouvres. These are tribal remarks how ever you might try to deny. Georgie still thinks Umubemba no Mutonga cannot live together and wants to exploit this for political expedience. Teti utubepe, we founded the MMD and now even William Banda can lead MMD at provincial level, mwebantu imwe.

  33. Mr. Capitalist kwachadid not drop coz of sata, it drop coz of the financial crisis we had in USA as people were not spending and the banks were not lending which lead to the low amount of $ in the world circulation as that puts $ on high demand. So stop saying boo just like your fellow MMD gov. Just get ready to go come 2011 coz i have not seen a reason why HH will leave the pact and that comment the veep made just strengthen the pact. The more they will talk about it the stronger it will become.

  34. That red-lipped python should learn to mind his own business and find a solution to their dripping problems in the MMD. Poking stinky noses in other people’s business is bad manners, espcially for his calibre. I wonder if any body out there admires him as their role model, maybe except for three senseless individuals namely, BL, VT and CPL! Ba Moze, #38, you are spot on my brother! VIVA Pact!

  35. HH should heed the timely advice. Sata is still UNIP minded- Nationalisation. HH would do well to go into Pact MMD because they think alike. We Zambia should not put too much hope in this. Rumour are that MMD MPs and Minister will defect to the PACT. so we will be back to square 1. I liked HH before when he used to say his were politics of issues and not insults. Sata corrupted HH. The Pact wont work- they are driven by desire to rule. Anybody know who proposed to who in this marriage?

  36. Capitalist,,thats a lie about Sata showing signs of winning and the exchange rate going up or down,mind you there is always a time lag between any rise or fall and this rise or fall is affected by many economic players and engines,mind you exchange rates are not like the stock exchange that shifts every minute…just coz sata shows signs of winning then the exchange rate shoots up,can you show us some evidence in respect of that,thats the problem with you mmd boys,you lie so much and think everyone will buy into your naked lies

  37. Capitalist,

    Dont be so narrow minded, the fact that PF is anti-china and you say UPND is pro-china does not mean the PACT will not work. There are many more things than the stance of China that govern the outcome of an election. What makes you think it is only the China issue? Zambia is not a colony of China. Even with that in mind, in 2011 you will see all the anit-china and pro-china hold hands together and remove MMD. The elections are not about China, they are about MMD’s failures and the PACTS ability to address the problems of the masses. come on think! Ant these masses now stand at 58% as per last years election (39% PF, 19% UPND), opposed to MMD’s 40%. No wonder the panic!

  38. The formation of the Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) dominated by people from North-Western and Western province has sent the MMD full throttle in panic mode. This completes the tribalization of Zambia, you have PF for Bembas, UPND for Tongas and ramnants of what was once MMD for Nyanjas. The former two are regional while the MMD is provincial and has no chance in hell to retain power. Despite “showelela” and rowling on the ground before Litunga, the royal establishment seems hell bent to nail Bwezani at the polls. He told the Litunga his illegitimate son is half mulozi but he was apparently ignored and told this was no enough ground for him to win their vote. Watch MMD tribalize before 2011.

  39. Smoothcriminal (chronic Falsifier)

    Here is just one of HH’s insults. “Chizyuka is like a foolish man who goes to a beehive at 12:00 hours and pokes a stick into the beehive. Now the bees in that beehive get offended, they come out and sting that foolish man. Then the foolish man starts complaining, knowing too well that he had started the fight,” Hichilema said..

    The source is from the Lusaka Times’ competitor who I cannot mention (last time I tried, the comment was blocked).

    Are you now going to bring up a lie like the one you falsely accused me of writing evils on Mpombo but when asked for evidence, you failed to provide it?

  40. Capitalist

    And the red lipped snake (Kunda), why not ask Mpombo, Magande, Kavindele & Nalubabame to leave your sinking MMD? That is where there is more confusion and tension. Since 04 June 2009 when we created the pact, never has Sata said he will stand and not HH, nerver has HH said he will stand and not Sata. Kunda’s cheap shot at trying to get HH out of the pact wont work, such attempts just make our resolve stronger as we know that our people driven pact has has spelt the end of MMD

  41. It is inevitable that people in any political grouping will have divergent views! Need any one remind us that Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton were on opposite ends of the coin 12 moons ago and that they are now in a very healthy working relationship. They are in the same party even though they had different positions on foreign policy, health, war etc during the campaigns! To them what is important is that the people chose to be one side of the dabates! The PF-UPND pact can equally work whether one set is pro-china and the other is not. China is just an option and certainly not our only path to prosperity. Similarly, the MMD-ZANAMA pact can steal all markets from Zambians now but only time will tell! Its all healthy for our democracy and we will chose on which side we want the coin to…

  42. Smoothcriminal

    The currency can also drop with govt issued debt like Treasury bills. These being much more liquid can be sold off which can cause drops in the currency. What most likely happened is the govt issued debt was sold off by investors which resulted in a one day drop in the currency and later bought after the MMD won. Why did the Kwacha show signs of recovery after MMD won?

  43. “thats the problem with you mmd boys,you lie so much and think everyone will buy into your naked lies”

    You accused me of writing evils on Mpombo but when challenged to prove it, you failed to do so. The liar is you smoothcriminal (chronic falsifier).

  44. I cannot think of any worthy politician who is outside the MMD right now, who was not booted out by Mr Sata while he was general secretary, pandering to Chiluba. Mr Sata, single handedly nearly destroyed the fledgling Zambian democracy. If history is not to be repeated, Mr Sata must be buried. there are good men and women in PF and UPND but they do not need Mr Sata. If Mr Sata ever became President… I don’t know!

  45. Hahaha!!! Ba Kunda, even Mmembe scares the hell out of you… lol! You are a coward man. Any ways I was disappointed at the way u were eluding questions from the public about minimum wages and the likes. You ain’t pro poor. Man you were really pathetic….no offence.
    Weaker bloggers are now running away. What we want even from the Pact is wise governace. We ‘re sick and tired of the wolves. We need fresh ideas, new prowess, revitalized national development plans-people with a clear and solid Energy Policy not these let downs.
    Caution: The pact need to be forewarned that 2011 voting patterns will not entail voting for incompetent MPs and Councilors in the name of change. We will be scrutinizing candidates on the basis of service delivery. ie Pact president + any other Councilor & MP

  46. #49 Sebuloni Kamutanda
    Your analysis is faulty. The tribalisation you have pointed out is irrelevant to elections. The Zambian political system is more complex than you summise. Zambians vote on the basis of the popularity of the candidate and not on the political affiliation. That is one reason why certain members of parliament are not kicked out. Solwezi central is a case in point. Tetamashimba was UPND, but when he defected to MMD, he carried his electoral votes with him. It does not matter how unpopular a party is, if it can find a very popular person in a constituency and win over THAT man, it will scoop the votes! Chiefs including the Litunga, are irrelevant.

  47. Busy commenting on Mmembe, yet the man is in court. You want him to respond to you and then charge him with contempt. Kunda should just resign whilst he has that little dignity, respect and indeed health, left in him.

  48. ~64, Saint,

    Lumpa is not know at all but carried the day in Solwezi? Why? Ithe the popularity of the pact stupid!

  49. Good afternoon

    These are shrewd remarks by the Veep which reveal his fear of a strong opposition. Where in the world have you ever heard of a politician giving his adversaries sound advice? Kunda would be the first one in history.

  50. MMD is really panicking. does anyone in the world here really think he has HH’s interest at heart with his advise? It is nothing more that fear and panic that makes one say to his opponents (please part company so it can be easier on us).

  51. Does Kunda ever talk about development? That’s what we need, not witch-hunting. And abou Sata and HH, please, HH, this MMD thug is going to do you in. Mark my words.


    You are now the one witch hunting with your warning towards HH. You are no different from Kunda

  53. The Pact must have known that any incumbent government “dies hard”. They the Pact have adopted a stance of the Post where they hunt in packs of wild dogs.

  54. You people, H.H is smart, how many years , do you think SATA has , his going soon, H.H is in waiting , like King David. His popular south but watch his fame grow to the whole of Zambia because of SATA

  55. Zambia will never develop because of politics of character assination, instead of politics of issues based. Mr Kunda is a political disgrace, being a veep he is supposed to advice RB and tell people of zambia how the government is working and making policies aimed at improving the country’s economy, unlike going to a radio station and expressing your worries and fear he has about opposition party affairs. shame on you ba kunda.

  56. I can assure you that the pact can win if HH is put as their candidate…!!!! there are alot of people concerned about sata..!!! do not say sata got good results…!! people new HH can not win now hence a choice for banda…!! some where saying if not HH,,, it is RB. The same will be said if sata is put…!!! sata must be put as a vice president then,, the MMD will be quite for good,,, trust me..!!!!. SATA must humble himself not just rusjing to international jounalist and embarras us like he did 2 days ago…!!!

  57. #75 Kelvin. That’s an interesting thought.

    If Sata died soon, as you suppose, will PF strongholds and cadres wholeheartedly support HH? How is the situation right now within the PACT, do Sata’s followers embrace HH, so much that whether Sata died or not, HH will be their man?

  58. Kunda reminds me of the mind games we used to play when we were you, you go to one of the two friends and say “your friend was saying so and so”, then watch the friendship crumble, nice try Kunda!

  59. Thats a sign of cowardice,Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation his defense.Despair gives courage to a coward.Why not concentrate on your own party and strategise on the way forward after losing?

  60. Thats some panic right there!. I have seen soldiers panic at the first sight of battle, and a wounded squire pulling arrows out from his wound to fight and save his dying horse. Nobility is not a birth right but is defined by one’s action.

  61. Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation.Slow down your roll and do some research on how you will handle the defeat,…it is finished!

  62. What does Vice President George Kunda mean when he says:-
    “Are people of Southern Province happy?
    “Southern Province is cracked”.
    “Even chiefs in that province are saying Mr Hichilema has made a blunder”
    Who is talking tribalism here???????

  63. Deep in Nationalization utopia and xenophobia against FDI, Sata wants to keep eating with both hands.

    I suggest the country’s secret service should help track all PF cadres working in Chinese invested mines and all other economic sectors then systematically flash them out of those jobs for Sata to employee them at the PF secretariat.Instead, give those jobs to other Zambians who appreciate being employed”.

  64. Patriot,

    Please try and live upto your name and be patriotic. Ypu posting is I hope a joke, otherwise an impractle, recipy for anarchy and tension. No one is against genuane investments, but labour and industrial laws must be followed. This is not the case with the majority of the chinese briefcase business men. The law are not targetted an Chinese but all investors, local and forign. The chinses just seem to be able to get away with impunity. Thats waht the PF/UPND will stop!

  65. “In Politics, the worst thing is to trap members for long in a valley of uncertainty on the fundamental issue of “leadership and political power framework” in view of the challenges a political marriages of convenience create. Voters align with leadership that is clear, historically risk-adjusted, measured across a broad spectrum of criteria and with a record of holding best practices and building upon them. When these norms are missing in party politics, members become disillusioned and susceptible in the political arena” Quote BM.

  66. 98 Veteran,

    We can all see thats what the voters in Zambia are doing. starting in Kasama, then Solwezi, and all the ward local government elections in the passed few months. Thank you

  67. PACT is a marriage of convenience between two weaker self seeking losers for practical power,financial,unpatriotic and egoistical reasons.Its absolutely not for love of the nation, people or intimacy of practical public benefit. Its unholy marriage to nowhere because they fail on all benchmarks below:

    “Voters align with leadership that is clear, historically risk-adjusted, measured across a broad spectrum of criteria and with a record of holding best practices and building upon them. When these norms are missing in party politics, members become disillusioned and susceptible in the political arena” Quote BM.

  68. Issued driven Zambian voters are finding themselves without an alternative while facing a tough choice in decision 2011 between “democracy and national disintegration” Quote BM

  69. The indelible history of the two perennial losers now wasting their time in the PACT is that both are not risk-adjusted, measured across a broad spectrum of criteria and with a record of holding best practices and building upon them. They are too self centered self seeking gluttons keen to sacrifice the country and citizens at all cost. They have share history of relegating on all covenants, conventions and treaties if a window of totalitarian leadership is not surrendered to them. Their politics evolve around insults, hatred, anarchy, subversion, terrorizing dissenting voices and xenophobia against economic players. Its a marriage of convenience to nowhere but usual empty mouth diarrhea.

  70. I think Kunda is right, Sata has finally recognised that he can never win elections on his own and he is just trying to use HH. If the so called pack wins, they will fight on who runs which government ministry and department.
    And again how will they reconcile there huge differences, Sata hates Chinese investors and HH loves them. I personally think HH is the right man, Sata is not a person to trust with powers to run the country. He talks too much and not knowledgeable on most issues. How would want to do away with the Chinese investment when the who world, even the US is partnering with China. If Sata becomes president, most investors, including non Chinese will leave Zambia.

  71. OMG this Kunda is becoming BRAINLESS. How come he is poking his nose into the pact? They haven’t yet resolved their MMD troubles, fearing Mpombo who is talking more sense than the entire MMD NEC. If it was someone else they would have exterminated him but you can see the fear they have in loosing yet another seat. Shame Kunda, RB plse fire this man, he is a disgrace to the Law society and a political liability to the nation. Make a proper reshuffle b4 it’s too late. Instead of addressing the many problems Zambians are facing, the only sensible thing to him which is senseless to the nation is to talk abt the pact, tribalism etc.

  72. we all know king cobra..he has gone againest anyone from kk .chiluba levy even his own paramount chief and he never had points on VOA phone in program..please bealive me hichilema is young with few # of followers ..sata does not even know him well..after dissapointing all those leders who is hichilima ..if sata wins hichilema will be sacked the following day..HICHILEMA DONT BE NEAR THE COBRA IT WILL BIT YOU..LIKE IT DID TO KK CHILUBA LEVY AND IT HAD TO BIT THE CHIEF

  73. If George “Pelican” Kunda thinks that the Pact is going nowhere, he should be happy because it means that the MMD will sail through. But the fact that he is talking about it, the MMD is worried sh*t that a strong Pact is a threat, hence his peddling/selling the opposition political liaison. VIVA PACT, VIVA.


  75. Opposition plot laid bare


    VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has said recent accusations against constitutional office-holders are part of a scheme by the opposition and its allies to weaken Government.

    Speaking on a Radio Phoenix programme ‘Government and You’ in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kunda said Government will not allow the scheme to work because it is a recipe for anarchy in the country.
    Mr Kunda said the scheme is against the Penal Code and that it is a treasonable act.

    “Once you allow all institutions to be answerable to Mr Fred M’membe (Post Newspapers), you are finished,” he said.Ba Facebookiem mwilafilambapo ifi.

  76. You people do not blame chinese for your weak laws. These chinese are operating world wide even in Europe. Our laws are too weak and our leaders are easily bribed, and lack knowledge on how to trade as many of them are un employed. Every foreign persone is percieved as an an investor. We need people who are exposed and have traded before to represent us. Some of thse ministers have never been anywhere in life, and only start travelling when they have ministerial positions. Atleast Sata worked in the sub-way(underground trane) so he knows what it.

  77. #109 Bakalamba you are very funny indeed, mwasekesha…you have cracked me up….apparently “IT IS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL. Hahahah not “he” Ka but “It”. Very funny indeed.

  78. u dont know howold am..kk said sata is not a presidential material ..nothing to smile about..am not even

  79. I dont understand why people think Sata can be a president. Than man i not presidential material and he is very shallow minded. I am glad the people of Zambia have always not voted him into power, He has stood as a presidential candidate 3 times and lost. I hope HH will be the candidate in this pack.

  80. ##115. God bless you 2 !! For God is the all knowing, the all wise. We have had enough of the same old stories.. Change is what we craving for… REASONABLE PERSON!

  81. Mr. Kunda, your statement “I am just wondering why an intelligent man like HH should make an alliance with Mr Sata, whose conduct we all know is not very good. The earlier you (Mr Hichilema) come out of it the better because Mr Sata is just using you.

    How about you who have made an alliance with an immoral person like RB who rob cradles. Married to a woman younger than your wife while you yourself is twice younger than RB. You have lied about things that RB has done just for sake of this political relationship. You supported LPM in the Chiluba saga, today you are on the other side of the fence on the same issue. Where are your principles and moralities? As far we know, the relationship between Sata and HH is political so is yours with RB.

  82. Sata likes talking about people being power hungry, but if he is not, he must give up his desire of being republican president, and stand out as a patriot….
    Sata can’t be presisdent, we need a youngman, new blood, as some people how being in the government for a longtime…
    Hey people, Sata can’t be president..!!!

  83. If at all democracy means ” majority rule ” then I have a belief that The MMD is dead by looking at how many have spoken in defence of the pact and on behulf of Hakainde. Actually what Kunda has said, I see no defference form whatever he always say even if the following day they loose. In kasama he said the same that the pact is loosing, in Solwezi same thing. So I wonder why there even still some people holding a falling wall. Anyway it happened even durring UNIP some still did not believe that was the end of it, babilon time,Noas time,even Jesus time still more unbelievers———–.

  84. There is too much politics in Zambia and less developmental talk. When are we ever going to debate on how we should raise and spend money and what projects? We always debate on elections even 2 days after elections we are there debating how the next elections, which are 5 years away, will play out. Its like Zambians live for nothing but elections. I think its time we showed these political leaders of ours that between 2 elections, all debates must be developmental debates. Lets not entertain this rubbish of politics all the time.

  85. Actually, HH is not intelligent. Had he aligned himself with MMD that would have been very wise and he was going to be in line for Plot One. The error in judgment that he made is the last nail in the coffin of his ambition to run Zambia. One thing bloggers miss here is that Mr. Sata does not support the NCC and has expelled his MPs attending the same. HH has not. Is Mr. Sata going to recognize this Constitution? Everybody is agitating for the forthcoming elections to be held under the new Constitution. What is Mr. Sata’s position?

  86. I don’t know what has happened to this once repectable MAN. Even by looking at the pictures you can tell that theres something eating at his soul, its like his breaking inside due to all the lies that he has and continueS to cover up for the corrupt regime of BWEZANI.

  87. we all know king cobra..he has gone againest anyone from kk .chiluba levy even his own paramount chief and he never had points on VOA phone in program..please bealive me hichilema is young with few # of followers ..sata does not even know him well..after dissapointing all those leders who is hichilima ..if sata wins hichilema will be sacked the following day..HICHILEMA DONT BE NEAR THE COBRA IT WILL BIT YOU..LIKE IT DID TO KK CHILUBA LEVY AND IT HAD TO BIT THE CHIEF ..TRUE

  88. Some of us have long known that Ba Katolikaism is a counterfeit at war with christianity and human peace.They have been behind all manor of genecides around the would from the 1st world war to Rwanda not forgeting the chaos in Haiti.

    Thanks Bishop Milingo for confirming what we long known about bakatolika.

    “Milingo also claimed that he was aware that the church had in the past executed clerics that came up with intentions of marriage whilst serving as priests.

    “I know a lot about the church than those condemning me. The church twice executed those who came up with such intentions and I know where they are buried in Rome,” Milingo said.

  89. #125 Observer. The start of Christianity was always embroidered in violence and the Catholic Church has not denied it. Infact the last two Popes have apologised for all the attrocities the Church may have committed.If Mr Milingo wants to marry, let him do so without involving the Church. He i s free to for his own Church just as Luther did many years ago. It is that simple.

  90. George uli chibwa. *****! u want to divide the pact wanya chicolour you wont manage.
    just concentrate on yo finished MMD.

  91. Amano kwati kanya akafyalwa fye.Mulibakalamba lekeni ukulanda pachilonganino chesu.Imwe temwe bakalandila bachilonanino chesu.Lupiya ngawamano kwena kuti amona ati imwe ba kunda nimwe mulengele abantu akuti be mutewmwa muchalo mulandu wa bu yes bwana.Nefyo tafilingile ni yes bwana chilinga mukontole no mutwe wenu

  92. Unless teh PACT resolves the presidential candidate issue, MMD will keep using it to destabilise and distract the PACT. Even aprt from MMD, this issue has the potential to undo the PACT, as the two camps have staunch supporters who want Sata or HH to be president.

    Anyone who wants to attack teh PACT will look for points where the PACT is most vulnerable or weakest. The issue of presidential candidate is the weakest point in teh PACT. Any political advisor would advise the PACT to sort this matter soon, otherwise the PACT will not be intact enough to from govt.

    G Kunda is only playing politics. The MMD are experienced and will attack the PACT where it hurts most. Sata himself would have relished being in GK’s position, he would have scattered the PACT just on this point alone.

  93. ##127 you right! Look at the catholic church in Ireland AND WHAT IT has done to young children under its care. really bad acts indeed and most of these Catholics fathers in Zambia are from Ireland.. Worring indeed!!!!!!

  94. You i d i o t s you keep talking and speending sleepless nights about the pact, when us continue winning seats from you. Why cant we do a litmus test to see who is popular: The pact chases three MPs and MMD does the same, then we see who is going to image victorious – simple we dont need to convince each other in words but dids.
    Nalubamba has told you that it is foolish to ignore Sata because whatever you say people like him and vote for him depite your rampant attacks.

  95. George Kunda is mad. He is exibiting jungle politics. Now he is the annointed spokeman (the whole VP) is a UPND spokeman and defender. How silly willy. He should concentrate on mobilising MMD which is losing face daily than to be the unofficial spokesman for UPND. Let NyamaSoya do the right thing for once and Fire him. He is excess laggage. Now PF and UPND should not worry about rantings of sick George. A sick man is a sick man. He wants HH to leave the pact cause of the fear he habours of lossing power. Come 2011 they are going OUT fo PoWeR … Most of them into Jail.

  96. Veep id a sick man,
    in short HE IS HIV positive.am from Ndola and i have known Veep for some time now.
    I can bet my life on this.i saw him everyday on his way home in the indian sub.of Kanini.

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