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President Banda is still a member of UNIP-Sata

Headlines President Banda is still a member of UNIP-Sata

Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has said that as far as he is concerned. President Rupiah Banda is still a member of United National Indepencdece Party (UNIP). Mr Michael Sata said that the First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s support for President Rupiah Banda shows that he is still regarded as a UNIP member.

Mr Sata also noted that Dr. Kaunda has seen that the UNIP current president, his Son Tilenji Kaunda, is too weak to handle politics and that is why he is clinging on to Mr. Rupiah Banda.

Mr. Sata further said that Mr. Banda has never made his resignation from the UNIP public, and that as far as he was concerned, President Banda is a UNIP member.

He said that it is not surprising that the Dr Kaunda and R Banda even went to Luanshya on a Presidential assignment together saying that their friendship is political.

Mr. Sata wondered what purpose the presence of Dr Kaunda in Luanshya was going to serve.

He said that Mr. Banda has gone to the MMD to destroy the party because as far as he is concerned he is still a UNIP member.

Mr. Sata saod that the only true member of the MMD is the Acting party spokesperson Mike Mulongoti.

He said that there are a few people in the ruling party who are genuine members, adding that the MMD is headed for extinction.

[QFM News Zambia]


  1. It is true King Cobra ! We all know that he is, unless anybody tries to pretend in this vein. The birds of same faithers ( or color ) move together. Let them do what they want to do for their remaining days… We told him to stay away from KK and follow the advises from FTJ he does not want. Umuntu Ushiunfwa pa tunono teti umfwe pafingi… ( Insoselo ).

  2. Sata is really boring – I have yet to hear any meaningful, policy-wise, statement from him since the beginning of this year. It is RB this RB THAT and insults…

  3. I’m surprised again, can someone tell me what value satana’s comment has added to the socio-economic development of our Mother-Zambia? This is really really cheap politics.

  4. Thats crazy then.So which is the rullin party MMD or UNIP ‘m in the dark.In other terms this means by 2011 UNIP would have ruled 30 yrs and MMd rule ended in 2008.I smell p*ssy with this sh*t of politics of benefit.Just heard Mukonmbwe graduated with a masters in politics of benefits & urged urged all the up comin ass bootlickers to be knealing down evrtyme they see RB coz that is the only way WAKO NI WAKO policy colud work.Wait for the vernom in 2011 math******s …….gotta ass whip all the *****Bootlickers lick ma *****

  5. # 4 this is African politics, policy’s dont get parties into power. if you are waiting for policy statements from both MMD or Sata you will wait awfully long time. What gets parties into power is lies, who speaketh the biggest lie makes govt.Besides all that i think Sata is speaking the truth. RB has not resigned from UNIP and he is using KK as a tool of campaignining.Its all the truth

  6. Failed hyperboles of a sore loser confused to the core of his loins.Just because him Sata didn’t renounce his exit from Alice Lenshina’s Lumpa Sect Movement after commandoes purged her then Sata came to UNIP where as a vigilantee he coned the creed of “Kumulu nilesa pano panshi ni Kaunda” that annoyed KK, Sata is so confused on RB.Dream on because MMD is electing and endorsing RB at the convention and going all the way to Decision 2011 victory.Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika, Vernon Johnson Mwaanga, Suresh Desai, Peter Machungwa, Derick Mbita Chitala, Dr.Katele Kalumba, Walusiku Walusiku, FTJ Chiluba and many more leaders are founder members of MMD who have have seen a winning and unifying statesmanship in RB.Sata is unpredicable political crosstitute who shifts camps without…

  7. After Killing late Paul Tembo and Ronald Penza two intellectuals that founded MMD that threatened his chances for the Presidency, he went on chasing late Anderson Mazoka, Ben Mwila, Brig.Gen.Miyanda, Nawakwi, Lt.General Tembo, we remeber him fresh with his failure of pushing through his third term crusade, he went on calling Mwanawasa a foreigner cabbage in MMD not ideal for the Presidency straight from the slamber.Zambians collectively rejected Sata with his .003% margin.In 2006 ridding on Chiluba’s cases which he pledged to dropped single handedly in 48 hours while chasing all foreigners and investors, went tribal against Levy but Zambians rejected him.In 2008 newly entrant RB trounced.Now he is incumbent, Sata can kiss his fanatical hatred.2011 a landslide year for RB.Sata may…

  8. Here we go again. Didn’t we hear all this during the presidential elections in 2008? Howcome he never says anything about the economy, health, education, environment…? Was he not one of the last people to resign from UNIP? If UNIP was as bad as all that, then surely he is just as responsible as RB given that he was also part of that regime. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  9. you chaps can cry all you want, the bottom line is Sata is here. his time has come. FD,NDOBO, INE, VETERAN and the rest of you be prepared to salute the King. King cobra is heading for plot 1 and all you cry babies better buy more tissues because you have 5 years of crying

  10. MMD is in trouble…they are in a confused state, never did they imagine the PACT would stand to this end. Ofcourse UNIP has taken over MMD.Thats why RB has thrushed away Chiluba and embracing KK now. Chiluba is just crying in his bed coz he knows that with KK any thing can happen. Hehehe, hahaha the game is tougher now.

  11. Life is really sad how bootlicking has become our way of life. Poverty has really eroded the little reasoning left in most of us. SATA’s comments have alot in them. Pay attention rather than just showering insults and speculations. May the best man rule Zambia come 2011!!

  12. Ba Sata, lets push topics and discussions that will benefit mother Zambia rather than desperate utterances to earn you points into Plot 1. This is the same reason that you will lose. Banda is busy telling the nation to register as voters because he has read the game and you are still in your federal thinking. You are the same one who condemned LPM so much and today he is an angel. Trust me I would never vote for you because you dont have a heart for the nation. Change your manifesto old man.

  13. What difference does it make if RB is still a UNIP member? You’re all the same, coming back to poor folk like us under the guise of new names. Sta himself hasn’t changed one bit since he was a UNIP thug. Since then, he’s been in MMD, where his bahavior was even worse, as KK wouldn’t allow truancy – well, sometimes, unless he. himself, was involved – insulting us.

  14. #16 As you name says , stopping smoking what Sata has been smoking and get used to the FACT that Sata will never rule Zambia. Save yourself a heart attack. Is this the politics that will develop Zambia. And even if RB was UNIP how does that stopping him from articulating his economic agenda or any real issues as the people above have said. Zambians are too smarter than you think to allow this train wreck into State House. It will just never happen.

    And now you want us to debate UNIP or MMD when the country is in a hurry to develop. What kind of medicrity is this? This man has no serious issues to debate. Everybody can see that.

    Anyway, thanks for lowering the bar in politics even further.

  15. Number 22. You are so ryt nd I dont know why pipo even tolerate this old man who has no better ideas. frankly I have met pipo who are supposed to be his advisors and please the calibre of pipo is threatening. They all want him because of promised opportunities rather than what we can do for the future, we must be ready to develop this nation for our future children and we will not be the immediate beneficiaries. I salute you number 22.
    PF is headed for extinction actually its a self destructing bomb at the rate they are going with POST.

  16. Good Evening

    Whether UNIP, MMD or PF, what matters in the end is whether they can deliver. If ANY of them can manage to guarantee safety and security in the country, uphold the rule of law, retain transparency, root out corruption and sustain economic development, then Zambians wont even care which party they are.

    We need to move away from politics which are self-obsessed and point-scoring to politics which are more about achievements. One reason why politics in the West are successful is that people elect their leaders based upon their performance – not on partisan grounds or any other personality factors.

  17. this i d iot only adds filth to zambian politics.and who says the pact has gone very far when they havent even settled the hot issue of presidency yet.

  18. Ba Chale, in this case PF-PAC must rename itself as a populist Party or Movement. Political scientist will tell you the history of populists and we must not even go far, Chiluba himself who later proclaimed himself as a political engineer was a populist and landed this country into chaos. We need selfless individuals who can deliver indeed, am tired of all these folks but again if you join them now they can just mess you up. So we need GROOT (grass root) youth movements that should start occupying ranks like councillors

  19. I wonder what the late LPM was thinking, going to eastern province in the Bundus and retrieving that Hippo to be Vice president I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that ba Hippo bali tinika ba mudala ba LPM.

  20. I see all the MMD cadres are having a field day today. To be honest #25 Nine Chale has a valid point. Lets take the past performance of all the current leaders today and all who want to be leaders and examine their tract record in every public institutions and positions they have held and lets see who has delivered.

    As Governor for Lusaka, everybody called him names todate he is still the best Governor Lusaka has ever had. Health ministry: He delivered and the changes he instituted are still there for everyone to see. I challenge anybody to name an institution where Sata served and the that institution went down? Name one? For RB I wont even go there. Judge my leader based on his record. The point he wanted to deliver today is RB is a Liar. And why Should lairs rule us.

  21. Number 29. I for one is not an MMD cadre at all. Here is where your president fails.

    Facts about Michael Sata:
    Mwanawasa, as discussed in Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (president of Zambia):
    …after he suffered a stroke in April 2006. He reassured the country that he was fit for office and stood for reelection later that year, garnering 42.98 percent of the vote. His nearest competitor, Michael Sata, who received 29.37 percent of the vote, made claims of voting irregularities and contested the election. Sporadic violence ensued in areas loyal to Sata, but the result of the election…

    Sata fails to control his supporters and even in Chiluba’s days he always supported violence. His advisors even tell him that we need a war. He said Zambia and Malawi will have a friendly war. NO PEACE.

  22. # 29 well said, every one is quick to crucify Sata but without looking at what he can do.Its a question of dont do as i say but as i do. Sata is a hard worker.his concept of LUDC bus if was followed upon , Lusaka would have had a decent bus service like the metro in UK, metrobus in JHB, the man has a vision. give him a chance and then we can crucify him. lets not hate him beacause he talks alot. he is a bad talker but a good implementer

  23. Poor way of blogging!! Some of you can clearly be seen to be MMD cadres!! Balance your views! Its like you are all seated in one room with pre-written scripts to insult one Presidential candidate. Like I mentioned let the best and popular man carry the day in 2011!! There is alot of panic among some cadres in this country. Wina azalila!! Listen to the man on the streets and travel on these buses and hear how bad the situ is on the ground. These senseless views will not count come election time!!! Maybe you are even attacking a very wrong target for the [email protected]! watch this blogger!!!!

  24. Ba King Cobra, how does this talk benefit you? RB may be UNIP or hijack MMD, that is none of your business as you resigned from both of these parties. Whether RB destroys MMD or builds UNIP, your job is to serve your party and steer it to victory next year. So, please start telling us how you are going to improve our Country and what economic strategies you will employ that would help us fight poverty and make zambians a happy people again. We are sick and tired of stone age politics that have no bearing on the lives of the people being governed. Whether UNIP or MMD, RB is your president for now so just getting on with what will help you change the status quo. Winter Kabimba, please advise your old man properly or you will continue opposing for life.

  25. Number 31. Hello. The only problem is that Ba Sata achieved projects at micro level with regards to the entire nation. He is a good minister and the other problem is he is a populist. Such parties and pacts have failed even in developed worlds and I take UK and USA in this case. They failed to address issues and I see PACT failing to address these:
    -Rising land prices, result is more foreigners who have money will grow our food.
    -Inability to form an effective urban-rural coalition; there is nothing in their program that would effectively lure wage-earners in the rural community where the majority vote comes from.
    Unless you carefully study this and this is why MMD wants pipo in rural to register in numbers whilst PACT is still focused on the mines and urban areas

  26. The game is on for the renewal of a democratic mandate solidarity from border to border, every province, district of the 150 plus constituencies, ward, branch and eligible voting Zambian.I wish all patriots, leaders & good stewards of Zambia a happy and prosperous New Year! I have taken time to read through “some” Macro and micro-blog entries, It’s disheartening to see the growing disconnection, delusions and wastage of time by some bloggers. Voters are seeing little or no game changing actions on the ground yet the tabloid and blog hullabaloo are posturing as if their inaction on the ground has ended.

    SeniorCitizen2011 [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. The voter apathy is on the increase yet only one political players’ camp is responsibly mobilizing its members for the ongoing voter registration. Where others hope to get votes to change the status core is a myth of ages. Bravo to all MMD activists who have driven the political space on issues with unparallel maturity. Keep electrifying the grassroot. Resources & winning strategies are at hand for a people’s alliance against an alliance of two power hungry political rejects but merely trying their luck. Let the selfless winning MMD team stay on course with momentum on issues. Sacrifice to break off from the blogging thread and serve voters around the country on issues of social, economic and moral values than joining losers in insults.

    SeniorCitizen2011 [at] gmail [dot] com

  28. #30 What are you on tonight? My dear those are treasonable allegations you are making and if indeed they were facts, you think Levy , with the disdain and hate he had for Sata, would have spared him? I will tell what, if you are not for us you are against us. It is people like you who have been sitting on the fence that have cost us elections. Statistics show that if Lusaka and Copperbelt had record turn out, we would have removed MMD in 2008, but because of people like you who are not sure of anything just sitting on the fence and criticizing both sides depending on when it suits you are ruining the feature of our children. Make up you mind, pick your poison, join your camp and fight from there. Don’t be like food in my fridge-Not good enough to eat and not bad enough to throw away.

  29. And Mr Sata is not married to Christine. As far as I am concerned he has never made his divorce(s) or marriage(s) public! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! This man is a rib tickler!!

  30. A good leader is one who when he leaves, the institution will stand the test of time.
    1. For Mr. Sata the LCC almost collapsed after he left – someone even said it is likely he was carrying it in his pocket when he was Governor. The DAF buses disappeared from Town Center when he was removed. A good manager leaves institutions intact – no matter who succedes – case in point is LPM’s passing away, only RB is trying to undo the good.
    2. Ministry of Health is the most corrupt – and there was that idea of K500 fee which failed miserably. Nobody seems to have followed his examples
    3. Without Sata, there would be no PF, it is a one man show.
    And people call him a good leader, my foot. By the way when I criticise Sata, it does not mean I am MMD – just stating the obvious deficits I see in…

  31. No. 39 – True PF.

    Here is an article verbatim from local papers “PF president, Michael Sata spearheaded the violence in the Chawama by-election where people were injured, the UPND were also known for violence, the Mapatizya formula”.
    I would not want to utter slanderously against MS. Its well documented and appeared in local papers.

  32. # 34 mum, so you do agree that sata and the PACT will rule in 2011. i can also see the hatred for mr Sata.you are in a dilema, the person you hate will be your leader. # 40 thank you for acknoledging that sata has leadership qualities that are not easily found. He left LCC until today no one has been able to do what he did. you complain about K 500. How much do you pay today to attend UTH? How can it be that sata is PF when he has so many seats in Parliament? is he filling all of them or his party members are?

  33. #42, it is a fact that the day there will be no Sata, PF will be dead immediately – this is a track record of your ‘leadership qualities’ man. Nothing is left standing when he leaves an institution – those are the qualities I have identified in my line of thought. We do not want to experiment that on a national level. Perhaps that is why he does not trust even the banks to transfer his $27,000 – he would rather move with it in his – I almost said pocket!

  34. Number 42. I dont hate MS. His ideas and no plan is what we dont need. he is a good old man to keep us laughing all the time. See analysis by number 40. MS does not have management qualities, he left nothing no legacy no legend. Sir the man is desperate, avoid him at all costs chose a better leader with fresh ideas to lead your party unfortunately HH is proving to be worse. Greed is just on his face and MS knows that too well, check Grant Thornton and the story will tell you mountains.

  35. # 44 Mum, do you know that MMD died when LPM died, UNIP died when KK left, it is a natural trend in zambia. If MMD was alive and kicking they would have chosen one from their ranks to be a president but instead they imported someone from UNIP.You can excuse the big man he didnt know that RSA has a strict FOREX control, he thought it was the same as zambia. He made a blunder but it was his money though.

  36. Seriously speaking Zambians just rule themselves. I have no problems as long as it`s not ing`ombe ilede in state house. RB might as well continue. No Tongas in state house please.

  37. Bushe mwe bantu who do you have in mind to lead the nation ome 2011. You are saying HH is useless, Sata is Hopeless, RB is Toothless, so who do you have in mind? if someone can tell then we can end this debate. if no one can it means we have three contenstants, 2 in one camp and 1 in the other. 3 useless leaders out of 12 million people. why are the wise men in Zambia.

  38. “Sata Chawama” source is the POST, I still remember those ghastly wounds from early 2001. It was not the Daily mail or Times -then Sata was in MMD. Good nyt people, have to tuck in kids for school tomorrow.

  39. at the end of the day we all want to be empowered. i hadn’t been to South in 2 yrs after staying here since 1987 and BEE is doing for South Africans what FEE is doing for foreigners in Zambia. MMD did well in 1991 but they’ve lost the plot.It’s got nothing 2 do with RB.It’s our constitution n our policies that are messed up.Maybe just maybe if we had politicians that wanted to make a difference we’d get somewhere as a nation.

  40. We all know RB is UNIP, don’t you know that is the reason grand daddy KK is always with him nowadays. If Sata could keep quiet on some matters we might support his cause more. This is petty. We just need change.

  41. I have always stated I really liked Sata as Our Governor in Lusaka. Would prefer his tough stance and Miyanda’s moral; code together.

  42. Tracy Phiri is one of these failed ex UNZA students who can’t find jobs or something meanful in their lives who are been hired by crooks. This blogg does not permit voting but just expose people who behave like bush products. We know there is another project from the ruling party.The have hired those failed individuals by promising them posts in foreign and civil service.They will be spending hours and ours on internet as cyber propaganda machineries or writing articles on LTor ZWD as special reports. The other thing is to silence the post because it is the thorn in the butts of MMD. Times of Zam, Daily mail, ZNBC and Zam inform services are toothless to compete with the post.
    You hired loose cannons this will not help MMD, Kindly take my advice with sober minds engage with voters

  43. # 53. My status is not an issue, secondly I never went to UNZA and was not educated here. After completing my education I worked out of Zambia and decided to move and have been very successful with my career as a telecom engineer. I’m disappointed with your level of thinking for now and this is the problem the nation is having.

  44. So Micheal Lenshina Satana ,you think this will help you go to state house?When are you going to close that foul mouth of yours?Jealous finished man.
    #55 Tracy Phiri forget about that useless #53,he or she does not pay for your internet connectivity,how and when you use it ,is not his or her misrable problem.If pipo are satana Lenshina followers that is their choice of following the worst African opposition leader,they must read what the international media writes about this ***** of Lenshina.Chawama mass murderer.Congrats Tracy for your achievements UNZA is not the only UNI in this world after all, the graduates from there ,at least most programmes are so inferior to other UNI’s of the world you know that #53 .You had to do some certificate courses to get a job in the west.Don’t cheat…

  45. Now I know why Nine Chale won the best blogger award. Of all the comments posted above( from #1 to #55) it is only his comments that can be said to be objective. Nine Chale continue man. You are my hero on this site.

  46. With 6.3% GDP growth (expected to be higher this year), single digit inflation, stable currency, reserves one of highest in history of Zambia, falling poverty rates, falling interest rates, increased FDI, introduction of the overnight lending facility with wholesale interest rates expected to be introduced sometime later, the K75 billion kwacha tourism zone in Livingstone, The MFEZ in Lusaka, MFEZ in the Copperbelt, Nasanga farming block, One stop border posts, SADC and COMESA FTA to enhance trade, considering introduction of whistle blower protection, etc.

    I don’t see any viable reason to kick out the MMD. The MMD is delivering growth to the nation. They might as well continue in 2011 and if they continue with the same growth, I shall also give them my vote in 2016.

  47. #60 has just sent me to sleep.Lets put all that stuff on our tables n eat. It shows u that MMD is nothing but a load of bull.These are the things that should convince the urban electorate to vote them into power.But once again PF will win Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces.MMD will win the rural areas were all u’ve said doesn’t matter to those people.I dont support PF/UPND or MMD..But this situation should worry u,the fact that people voting 4 the MMD have no clue and the people voting for the pact(if all u say is true should) definitely have no clue either.IT should be the other way around.MMD will win in 2011 and it has nothing to do with what u blabbing about.

  48. The PF UPND Pact has totally lost direction with both leaders Michael Sata and HH more interested in slogans than policy. Even on this blog no one from their dishonest mob has outlined a single policy that will benefit the mainstream masses. How will chasing Chinese investment benefit a common man on the street? How will calling Rupiah Banda a UNIPIST help a common man struggling to have decent breakfast?

  49. The biggest problem we have is not policy but leadership. MMD, just like UNIP has a very good manifesto but lacks leaders who can implement it. I am surprised that this day and age, you can be talking about Banda and Sata. These guys belong to the Cha cha cha era. We need leaders who can articulate global economic challenges. We are done with the so called freedom fighters. We now need economic development managers.

  50. In 1991 we changed Govt because the economy had collapsed. KK had completely run out of ideas. Everybody could see. Do we have similar conditions – crisis, be they economic or political (absence of governance) on the ground right now? The fact that the opposition seems to be concentrating on insults or non issues – as the case with this story, seems to suggest that there are no obtaining conditions on the ground to favor any drastic change. What do you think people back home? Oh, for the information of Mr Sata – there are many of us who did not throw away our UNIP cards in 1991 even if we voted for MMD. We have never renewed our UNIP cards and we have never voted UNIP ever since – and by the way we never voted fo KK either (always the frog).

  51. Ba Sata please! You’re PF and you’re also UNIP and MMD. You came from these parties. Who cares whether Banda is UNIP. He was asked to come and help the MMD. Attack RB for his policies and not for which party he belongs to. For KK, leave him alone. He deserves respect and he has the right to support any political party or any rulling government. He too has the right to travel with the president. There was nothing wrong for him to go to the function in Luashya. Articulate PF policies and not personal attacks ba mudala.

  52. #61Even marketeers can see that the economy is heading in the right direction ,it’s sad that people who call themselves learned like you continue to deny the truth like the Jews concerning the promised Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ,i wonder what type of education you underwent am sure same school like Satana of insults and denials day and night.
    #55 enjoy the fruits of your hard work my brother and God bless you in all your walks of life ,Amen.
    #60 you are so precise, you write like you are the BOZ governor with simple facts but hard to understand by denialists.No wonder they are where they are.

  53. dhis guy dont make no sense tew me instead of him talking bout matters that affect the country starting from education,health, economy and so on and so forth he is there wasting not only his time but other pipos valuable time talking bout no hes still in dhis party this guy is tew weak..come on bena zambia what do ya think if ya put such a person in power dat will be disaster..I knoe african politics its all about selfishness but even tho its like dat he should hide his selfishness before he gets into power…sata my advise is try tew sale ya manifestal instead of talking watchu talking bout it dont make no sense bamudala step up ya game lay ya A game on da table ta!

  54. With 6.3% GDP growth (expected to be higher this year), single digit inflation, stable currency, reserves one of highest in history of Zambia, falling poverty rates, falling interest rates, increased FDI, introduction of the overnight lending facility with wholesale interest rates expected to be introduced sometime later, the K75 billion kwacha tourism zone in Livingstone, The MFEZ in Lusaka, MFEZ in the Copperbelt, Nasanga farming block, One stop border posts, SADC and COMESA FTA to enhance trade, considering introduction of whistle blower protection, etc. I don’t see any viable reason to kick out the MMD. The MMD is delivering growth to the nation. They might as well continue in 2011 and if they continue with the same growth, I shall also give them my vote in 2016.


    It all started with ANC which created UNIP which created MMD.

    PF and UPND were created out of tribalism.

    PF is for Bemba’s only where UPND is for Tonga’s only.

    MMD is for everybody, all 72 tribes of Zambia.

    1st President – Arthur Wina – Lozi
    2nd President – FTJ – Bemba
    3rd President – LPM – Lenje/Lamba
    4th President – RBB – Ngoni

    PF = Bemba. Bemba and only one Bemba allowed – Sata
    UPND = Tonga only – Mazoka then HH – Tonga’s only!

    MMD NEC meetings are held in a neutral language – English
    PF meetings are held in Bemba only
    UPND meeting are held n Tonga only

  56. UNIP, PF, MMD, UPND are all Zambians and anyone capable should be allowed to lead the country after all we all came from UNIP unless you were not part of the one party state

  57. Ba Sata sure is this all you can say honestly and you think you can win my vote? Zambians can we please identify leaders to lead us! Some leaders may not come out but when provoked unto good works they may rise and perform. Where is Miyanda, Prof. Chirwa and where is the CDP leadership which started so well with their manifsto ? Citizens Democratic Party announcement when is it coming. If no other fresh leader comes up, I will put my vote on RB coz he has proved to me to be a better leader with Zambian development as his many agenda. Ba Sata KK is the first republican President and so he can be invited to any govt or non gvt function. Kabimba, Lubinda, Scott and others do you advise this old man or it is his usual I know it all metallity?

  58. This is shalow. So what !!anyone can go to Luanshya. He has also travelled with FTJ. True KK seems to be surporting Banda and that is his right. He did not surport FTJ or Levy, again his democratic right . So if he is UNIP!! Then what ?

  59. Are these people ever going to talk about something more productive or keep pointing fingers. For sure new, young fresh blood is needed in Zambian politics. This is so, so old and cheap talk. Come on pact you can do better than that. Just give us something different from the ussual typical boring zambian politics. Just something live and interesting to listern to. Something diffrent please!!!!

  60. @ 71engines: WE CAME FROM THE APE SO WE MUST RETURN TO BE MONKEY? I wont be surprised if RB stands on Unip in 2011. Mind you a president in Zambia is the law and can do what ever he wants.

  61. Since the deaths of Mazoka and Mungomba, Zambia has been robbed of intelligent opposition leaders capable of formulating alternative strategies. These men were indeed the Government in waiting. Unlike Sata and HH, these gallant men had well documented plans for Zambia and no wonder Anderson Mazoka came close to winning the 2001 elections. Hardly a day passes without Given Lubinda and his bosses trumpeting insults through depraved tabloids. The Chinese government has just issued a US$40 Million interest free loan to Tazara, and obviously this cash is meant to clean up the balance sheet of the struggling company. PF leader Sata hates Chinese Investments; does he know what he is doing? Does he understand the financial implications if Tazara disintegrated?

  62. #77 becareful, is this money a loan or the price for mining copper free. These handouts will one burn your finger becareful dont fall prey to the tricks of oppressive regime. For me I will support Chinese investment if they start building industries to process 50% of copper in Zambia. That is a win -win situation. Handouts are dangerous.

  63. Excuse me and allow me to ask this mystery before the subject under this thread is discussed:

    How come all of Sata’s children are either drug addicts, prostitutes or ifiwelewele in blow-jobs life? Is it an issue of like father like son?

    How come KK has children that are medical Doctors with PHDs,Lawyers with, public Administrators and Business men? Except late Major Wezi Kaunda who was a successful and savvy economist/politician, they rest may fail in politics but are successful in Businesses.

  64. How come all of RB’s kids hold Masters degrees of MBAs and MSc like their dad while some have been in Why has Sata with all the years he spent in Lenshina Sect, UNIP, MMD and now PF politics he has failed to educate his own children.His late son Chilufya died in the father’s Rhodespark house on drugs and masturbation.And yet the man is busy marrying women like some underwear and striving to preside over over futuristic kids.

  65. If he has failed to give a future to the chain of his children from the 5 wives, how can he provide a future for our kids’s education?

    “Those brothers of mine that are being reported in the media, they have always been in business. Henry has a masters degree from… university in United States. James has a degree from a university in United States. But I am not going to be here to start discussing my family, my brothers. They are just participating in business like anybody else is doing.” Andrew Banda first born of RB.

  66. If you have people like Number 70 as presidential adviser I think this country can go to war, these are the people who are taking our country backward.

  67. #70, I know this country tolerates free expression, but i dont think thats what they meant. Remember that its ‘free expression!’, not ‘free lunacy!’.

  68. Is that all SATANIST can say, this man gat nothing to offer zambia. Lets see what he will do after losing the coming elections again this time? I wonder what pipo like about him…interesting!!!!

  69. Well, what of you Sata, you are still a Nwacusa from Mbeya in Tanganyika! Just like being born in a garage does not make one a car, you too, being born in Zambia of Tanganyikan parents does not make you mwine Zambia, not even marrying Kaseba. You are still a Nwacusa and come 2011 you will be barred from running for plot 1. Wina azalila.

    There are ten oil producing countries in Africa why can’t we buy oil directly from them and refine it at indeni? That would reduce the cost of petrol and in turn reduce the cost of living for all Zambians!.

  71. #87 Lubosi- I understand that the chemical properties of most crude oils found in Africa are not compatible with the refinery parameters at Indeni.

  72. Zambian politics again ..remember you all have been UNIP…. what makes you any different? if RB is still UNIP then I guess you’re re still MMD.I ve you forgotten how you chased everyone from MMD before you formed your PF, Mr Sata lets be realistic and objective in our politicking….talk about issue that will benefit Zambians for me wether RB is UNIP ,ANC, UPP as long he can put drugs in the hosipitals, build roads, and provide and meaningful life for Zambians…,Ili lyashi lia UNIP lipwe tumfweko fimbi…Every day its RR is fyototo fyototo

  73. My free advice to PF: Elections are around the corner we want to see objective agendas.If we dont see anything coming from you , we might as well live with what we have..It is rightly put that the Devil you know is better than the Angle you don’t know,..so far we are getting used with monkeys pissing on us,

  74. #77 Deja Vu
    The constitution of Zambia requires that a Presidential candidate be sponsored by a political party. So it would not be illegal for UNIP and MMD and any other party to sponsor RB. In actual fact the PF?UPND pact is likely to sponsor one candidate… yah! Wina azalila!

  75. this goes to mmd *****.#28,#39,#57.baninenwe tabamifundile bwino mwakulile pafinena.thau u av regards to helderly pipo.
    filufu fyenu

  76. ‘PF UPND pact to collapse’

    CHIEF Mwanachingwala of the Tonga people in Mazabuka has predicted that the Patriotic Front/United Party for National Development (PF-UPND) pact will collapse soon after it announces a presidential candidate.He said the PF-UPND pact has no future because its co-leaders are not telling the people who the presidential candidate will be in the 2011 elections.

    Chief Mwanachingwala said the formation of the PF-UPND pact has strengthened the MMD and that the ruling party will easily win the 2011 tripartite elections.He said if the PF-UPND pact does not adopt Mr Hakainde Hichilema as a presidential candidate, most of the people in Southern Province will vote for the MMD.

  77. The chief said he has known PF president Michael Sata for a long time and that the two have been friends.
    He said Mr Sata cannot be the best president for Zambia without a supervisor.

    “Mr Sata is my friend and I have always told him that he can never make a good president. He is the best man when he is being supervised. And this country is not for President Banda but for Zambians. Therefore, we must help him as he works to make the lives of many better,” the chief said.

    He described as uncustomary for traditional leaders to use language which is disrespectful, divisive and offensive against President Banda and his Government.

  78. The chief condemned some traditional leaders in Southern Province who have been attacking President Banda and his Government.

    He said traditional leaders could easily discuss pressing issues with Government without running to the press.

    He said even when the chiefs are an important factor in contemporary politics, they must engage in political debate with respect and without malice.

    Chief Mwanachingwala said traditional leaders, as custodians of traditional values, should avoid falling into the temptation of using vulgar language against political leaders because they are their subjects.

  79. He said chiefs in Zambia belong to the government of the day and, therefore, it is wrong and untraditional for them to engage in politics of insults.

    “Even if traditional leaders are an important factor in contemporary politics, we must at all times avoid engaging in political debates with ulterior motives and malice. Chiefs belong to the government of the day and it is our duty to advise political leaders because they are our subjects.

    “But for a traditional leader to abdicate his responsibilities and begin using language which is offensive against the government, it is uncustomary and it is a recipe for breeding hatred. Traditional leaders, especially those in Southern Province who have been demonising President Banda, should find the wisdom of being the custodians of…

  80. Traditional leaders, especially those in Southern Province who have been demonising President Banda, should find the wisdom of being the custodians of traditional values and stop the insults against the current Government,” Chief Mwanachingwala said.

    He said traditional leaders have unlimited access to the presidency and that if they see that something is wrong, they are always free to meet and counsel the Head of State.

    Chief Mwanachingwala said traditional leaders should be peace-makers if the country has to continue enjoying peace and harmony.

  81. He said most of the chiefs in Southern Province know their responsibilities and will not reduce themselves to cadres and sing praises for the opposition political parties which have not proved that they can be the alternative government.

    “President Banda has not committed anything wrong against these traditional leaders who are now making disparaging remarks against him as a person and as a Head of State. It is not good to cheat as a chief that President Banda has failed when there are a number of developmental programmes being implemented in your chiefdom.

  82. “I think for me the hatred is based on the fact that some chiefs have deliberately chosen to be blind to what is taking place in their areas because of political affiliation,” Chief Mwanachingwala said.

  83. in all fairnes RB has failed, the only achievment is to give his children contracts and %s on goverment deals

  84. at this time any right minded individual is advocacy for change becoz this bunch of UNIP goverment covered in MMD gown have let us down with their mobile hospitals

Comments are closed.

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