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PAZA should be ashamed-Mulongoti

Headlines PAZA should be ashamed-Mulongoti

Works and Supply Minister, Mike Mulongoti
Works and Supply Minister, Mike Mulongoti

MORE people have condemned the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) for receiving money from the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspapers, saying the association had compromised itself at the expense of providing impartial leadership to institutions it represents.

MMD spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said that the PAZA leadership should be ashamed to be receiving money from one media institution. Mr Mulongoti said there was no justification for them to receive money from the Press Freedom Committee of the Post, an organisation linked to The Post Newspapers because even if they claimed to be a non-governmental organisation, there was no way they could receive money from anywhere.

He said the MMD would wait for a comprehensive statement from PAZA because there was no way leaders could be receiving money from selected media institutions.

He also challenged the PAZA leadership to call for the annual general meeting because it was illegal and against their constitution for them to be in office for about four years without elections. Forum for Leadership Search (FLS) has advised PAZA not to be compromised by The Post at the expense of providing impartial leadership to the institutions it represents.

PAZA vice-president Amos Chanda said those alleging that the PAZA leadership was receiving money should provide evidence for the police to move in. Mr Chanda said PAZA had only signed a memorandum of understanding with the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspapers based on mutual co-operation on media and freedom of expression.

FLS executive director Edwin Lifwekelo said in a statement yesterday that allegations by the Committee of Citizens that some media institutions were on The Post Newspaper pay-roll had a chilling effect on the integrity of media institutions and investigations should be instituted.

“The forum prays that the allegations that PAZA leadership were on The Post Newspaper payroll are not true because they have a serious bearing on the integrity of the PAZA leadership and other media institutions,” he said. Mr Lifwekelo urged the PAZA leadership to renew its mandate if it was true they did not have legitimacy from their membership as alleged by Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire.

He said it was only fair that the PAZA membership gave the leadership an opportunity to renew its mandate.
He said the FLS appreciated the dialogue between the Government and media institutions and hoped that all stakeholders treated the issue with urgency.

He said an enforceable definition of what constitutes legitimate news publication be applied as it would place values that would stress the importance of public service, impartial reporting and balance of opinion.

The forum also condemned the unproductive attacks on Vice-President George Kunda because they did not add value to the spirit of dialogue in Zambia since he was being unfairly targeted for political expediency.

PAZA vice-president Amos Chanda said those alleging that the PAZA leadership was receiving money should provide evidence for the police to move in. Mr Chanda said PAZA had only signed a memorandum of understanding with the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspapers based on mutual co-operation on media and freedom of expression.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. What does PAZA do anyway? It is one of the many useless talking shops and one-man organisations that dot the country and Lusaka in particular. Obviously the biggest beneficiary is Amos Chanda the so called PAZA vice-president who is always in the Post newspaper.

  2. PAZA is doing a commendable job and i personally dont see anything wrong in what they have done. Mulongoti should be the last human being to use the word ‘ashamed’. He is the one who should be ashamed of the way he has misbehaved as a political leader. Always contradicting himself and what his collegues in MMD NEC are saying. This is why Katele has told him to back off Mpombo!! Just keep quiet baba.

  3. #3 Ba Moze, shani muka’amba,,,i think PAZA has compromized its principles and standing as a an indepenedent organization,it means that any decision made will be based on what the post believes in,,you cant bite the hand that feeds you Simples!!!

  4. #3, i have had the honour to attend quite a number of open discussions on various social and political issues organised by PAZA in conjunction with the Press Freedom Committee of the Post. It is through such gatherings that one can understand and appreciate the true importance and meaning of press freedom. Mind you, these functions have taken place country wide and have given an opportunity to various stakeholders to air their views freely without intimidation. Am sure you know what am talking about. You probably have attended such a forum before.

  5. Smoothcriminal, shani mani? I get your point, but am trying to understand from what angle you are refering to the ‘bite’, mwana. Its like saying , “teti mpoke loan ku Stanchart pantu my inlaw works there”. As long as things are kept at a proffessional level, i see nothing wrong.

  6. Ba Moze, I have not attended any such fora but am happy for you, in that you at least appreciate what PAZA has done for you. As for its members, PAZA has done absolutely nothing for them save for the numerous press statements. PAZA needs to put in place capacity building programmes for our journalists whose profession is on the brink.

  7. The POST’s silence on this issue is deafening. I guest if they speak the contradictions will be plain for all to see and I bet they are now busy concocting a lying statement in their lying chambers. That is the problem with telling lies. You spend so much time trying to make sure you don’t contradict your partners in crime. This is simple and plain corruption. POST workers are known to go without salaries for months and why should they donate K10m to PAZA. If MMD did that ..you know the rest. Pity those whose hearts have these words emblem on the tablets of their hearts “IN THE POST WE TRUST”. All I can say is Good luck . You need it, mates.

  8. Ba Deja Vu if we are to know people by their utterances then I would be horrified to know what kind of person you are to issue such degrading insults on a public forum like this one. Ever heard of an English word called TOLERANCE?

  9. Ba Moze
    mudala,its more like if this media regulation was to go through,either mmd/govnt pushed or self regulatory,PAZA will be influenced by decisions coming from the post and if you see most of the top positions are held by post personel,dont get me wrong i follow and read the post religiously,but PAZA should be an independent body with no inclination from any member so as not to have undue influence on the association,money in itself will have a big influence to any decision made by PAZA in relation to the post

  10. Smoothcriminal
    When you say PAZA should be an independent body with no inclination from any member”, i find that a bit difficult because already, the people holding these ‘top posts’ like you put it are members themselves. I want to believe that at the time this MoU was being signed, it must have been approved by the Board (members of different organisations). You mean to tell me the Post could have influenced the entire Board? The Board, i want to believe, is made up of intelligent men and women who can distinguish right from wrong.

  11. #8 Chiti Na Nkole
    Well, if its true that PAZA has done ‘Absolutely Nothing’ for its members, then thats very unfortunate. Or were you just referring to the capacity building part? I agree with you however, that a lot needs to be done for those journalists on the ‘brink’!

  12. A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) is a document describing a bilateral or multilateral agreement between parties. It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action. It is often used in cases where parties either do not imply a legal commitment or in situations where the parties cannot create a legally enforceable agreement. It is a more formal alternative to a gentlemen’s agreement.

    In some cases, depending on the exact wording, MoUs can have the binding power of a contract; as a matter of law, contracts do not need to be labeled as such to be legally binding. Whether or not a document constitutes a binding contract depends only on the presence or absence of well-defined legal elements in the text proper of the documents

  13. #8 I dont think you should be blame PAZA. The MMD government is respnsible for the incompetence of most journalists, especially those working in public media becoz government dictates what should go in those papers and that is why people dont buy them. How will PAZA capacity building programs help improve professionalism of journalists in government media when whatever they write is censored by the MMD? Mulongoti is a liar. The truth is that MMD wants a way of controlling PAZA and are now hunting for weaknesses. How many bogus organizations does the MMD government fund? Why should government complain now when PAZA and Post MoU was signed in 2006? Why should the MMD be concerned about where PAZA getting money from the Post? We dont question the MMD when they donate money to bogus NGOs.

  14. A line has not be drawn to clearly show us where the posts support starts and stops,if i may quote one of the lines in the memorandum,it say; and i quote;However, such financial support shall not influence or compromise either organisation’s autonomy and independence.” if the people holding positions in PAZA are from the post and are indeed the ones funding this same organization, who is going to put in checks and balances to see to it that there is no influence from the organization that is pumping in money into PAZA

  15. So then Smoothcriminal, given that quote, has there ever been a time when that has been abrogated? I dont think so. I beg to be corrected. An organisation (especially a proffessional one) must have the checks and balances you are refering too. Chifire and Lufwekelo are just trying to stir public upheaval against the Post, and for people like Mulongoti, this is an opportunity..manna from Heaven!

  16. This story gives us a clear indication as to who was behind that guy who generally comments on anything he doesn’t understand, that guy called Gregory Chifire.

  17. #10 Chiti na Nkole: Sorry my friend.It is only that people like Mulongoti and Co. do things as if we are all dull and dont think and cant see through them. Sorry again and thanx for your concern. I guess I went over board.

  18. Ba Moze muka’amba,its really difficult to check yourself, this is a situation where the post finds itself in,it can,they can have checks and balances but its rather tricky for them to be in check all the time,they might bend some rules here and there just to fullfil their agenda,,,talking about those losers chifire and lufwekelo, i dont even know why they are even given an opportunity to open their pie holes,we all know how they operate,they take advantage of any opportunity to make money from any govent,we saw such kind during chilubas era,they spring up from the woodworks to feed their families

  19. Mulongoti, If you, your president and your government are not ashamed of your evil deeds why should PAZA be ashamed collecting money from the post? after all the organisation needs money!!!! ch1wamina galu!!!

  20. #2, we need more of your views. You are a wise person who can see, judge and speak accordingly. #15 you have ALL your 5 senses and brains working properly. I hereby certify you mentally fit. But for #9, this is 2010, please start using your brain so that it can develop.

  21. Now finally Mulongoti, if there is any man with a formular to teach this man when to open his mouth, I will pay them ALL I have. The man does not know when to talk. He has never spoken any sense before. Let him tell us where PAZA must get the money. If it comes from GRZ then PAZA will be compromised. TRUE!. If it comes from the donnor comunity, again they will say donnors want to rules our media. The greatest eneny of MMD is MMD itself. Who is MMD to demand a statement from PAZA on why they endered this MoU? This is what must be shame to Mulongoti. Mulongoti ulikapuba. Its nice that you are leaving the GRZ come 2011

  22. Sense #21 Mama G, Smooth criminal comments appreciated and all other bloggers. Now where do we draw the line in Zambia from sponsoring organisations. This will certainly discourage able sponsors as our mindset is that you are biased or corrupt when you are able to give. Yes compromise is a risk but how many sponsors are available in Zambia looking at our financial strength. Yes there NGO’s to apply to for international funding but meanwhile the institutions need to operate and have everyday costs were every penny received is utterly needed.

    PAZA should be proffesionals who can receive money from any registered organisationsin Zambia but operate without favour and no compromise on the autonomy. Lest we forget that Organisation are biult on a set of Mission, Goal and Objective.

  23. When your wife chases your relatives from your house just know that there is something she does which she doesnt want you to know- with your relatives around it would be difficult to hide this mischief. It is this same reason MMD do not like the POST because they have a lot to hide from the Zambians. If they had nothing to hide they would just brush the reports by the Post as rantings of mad men. So they want to chase the post and do what ever they want.

  24. There is a very thin line between NGOs and Political parties. The other day it was the oppostion being challenged to prove that Robbie Chizyuka, Namwala MP. is on govt payroll.
    Today: “PAZA vice-president Amos Chanda said those alleging that the PAZA leadership was receiving money should provide evidence for the police to move in. Mr Chanda said PAZA had only signed a memorandum of understanding with the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspapers based on mutual co-operation on media and freedom of expression.”
    #19 Dejavu! Big up to you for swallowing your pride and appologising for your earlier statement! The Bembas say “Mwikala patalala mwine apatalika.” It costs nothing to retract and sorry! I only hope and pray that other bloggers will emulate you when overboard!

  25. This does’nt sound a better deal. There is need for the truth to be known. Someone somewhere is not telling the truth.

  26. I thought there are cooperations/company dues in membership categories to such organisations – the EIZ for engineers is one such case. These fees, may be K10m, would make it less suspicious than the ‘MOUs’ as is the case currently. Just a thought.

  27. PAZA has been put in that state by PACT thugs who are at the moment ejaculating lies into The post newspaper who in turn have spread the virus and pump it into PAZA, These thugs ever demand coverage from The post,lol…we won’t let you take kulima tower to state house!

  28. #9. MMD Chiefbootlicker I doubt the Post have kept quiet about this! You are just not well read. #16 Smooth criminal; by your logic how are we going to make sure that people pumping money in organisations like MMD, UPND and PF are not going to have influence on these organisations! Countrymen honestly what exactly is between those two ears!

  29. Each organization has its won source of money to run the day to day activities. If the government is not giving anything to PAZZA, should be ashamed instead of attacking the Post. It’s S.T.U.P.E.D. for any reasonable person to attack a family that you do not support. If PAZZA was not getting money from the post, where does the government expect PAZZA to get money from? The Post has not only supported PAZZA but even the Barose Royal Establishment got computers from the Post. A lot of schools and Hospitals have been supported by the Post. Is the government going to stop the Post from helping Schools, Hospitals and other NGOs? Our government has no brains. They argue without points. They criticize without reasoning. Mulongoti you are S.T.U.P.E.D. and gross Fo.o.lish.

  30. PAZA should explain they received a monthly grant of K10million for 4 years from The Post! PAZA should explain why their mandate that expired in 2006 has not been renewed! who do these chaps speak for no mandate and then their is a paid piper.

  31. #35, You need to slow down. Its evident your mind is faster than your fingers! Just what exactly are you trying to say, so that we can assist one another?

  32. gregory Cifire at it again we know he was employed by MMD to give them wrong information to the part. mulongoti dont just buck anyhow as if you havent been to school mwenso?. Here comes 2011 pang,ono pang,ono. Kaundende Kaundende Chizunda apapile mbambe yeng,a

  33. Imwe mwebantu, there is nothing to be ashamed about. PAZA was in the past supported by NORAD and the funding agreement came to an end. To be honest, PAZA cannot survive on mere subscriptions from its less than 300 state media members (ZNBC staff are not members, only the late Alicks Syabwengo was). The other corporate members are Times and Daily Mail. Amos Chanda Ng’oma, Andrew Sakala and other executive members are well meaning and I doubt if they are in it for personal benefit. George Kunda is a desperate man using desperate people to hound everyone standing in his way of earning K35 million a month as VP and another ridiculous amount as Justice Minister. People should start questioning bena Fifire, bena Lifwekeke and those jobless former UNZASU leaders.

  34. # 33 Chileshe ,.. There is nothing wrong with smoothcriminals logic on this issue . in fact i see it to be well placed… Interesting exchange he’s had here with Ba Moze regarding the MOU between the post and PAZA which raises a lot of questions how PAZA is funded….. # 38 Kwandangala has clarified that for us.
    You see, it all depends on how you see what PAZA ‘s main role is , or what it should be.
    The MOU shows that there is a financial benefit to PAZA from the same paper it also supposed to be regulating. There is clearly a conflict of interest here. Those are the facts.
    Whether the board members are of such high integrity so as not to compromise the independence of PAZA with such an arrangement , or are not , is irrelevant.

  35. good debate. this is an issue and post have yet to respond. still thinking about what lie to concoct. this why amos lost his job at the ministry of justice and also now he is no longer employed even by daily mail so if anyone has a motive for seeking they 10 million per month from the post it is amos. its a shame because amos is a good guy but it is obvious chifire and lifwekelo are onto something here and paza executive must be careful in their response because these were the same people threatening to demonstrate against kunda??? who drove them into such a useless mission?

  36. #40. rodgers chongwe, amos did not “lose” his job at the mail. he went on voluntary separation for which he was paid his terminal benefits. he is now studying law at unza in the fourth year if i’m not mistaken. but even the daily mail and times of zambia as corporate members are supposed to pay annual subscriptions to paza, but whether they do or not is a different matter. the two papers are supposed to pay subscriptions for its staff who are paza members as part of conditions of service. as long as paza accounts for the money, it can receive funding from anybody. in the case of the pfc, it is even good that there is an MoU in place making it difficult for anybody to “chew” the money. george kunda is just raising song and dance on this issue for nothing.

  37. What is the defference with giving money to the young gerneration party during canpaign time? Was it not only from MMD? why didn`t other parties also give money to other opposition parties.

  38. One intersting thing here is that just a few days ago some blogers were saying that the Post employees go without getting their pay. Now how can the same Post manage to pay K10m to any body? By the way there was a report on Chengelo 18hrs news where PAZ have denied the allegation. I missed the bigger part of the news item so if there is some one out there who managed to get the full story please up date us all.

  39. The Problem is Mulongoti has built up a bad reputation together with shikulu Shikapwasha such that what ever they say u take it with a full cup of salt.

    It is another rant from him, if it is true and got the money from MMD (which is generous with sympahisers) would he even complain????

    Africa the rea Africa. Wrong people in Govt., pa Zambia & na people playing soccer pa Zed are wrong ones, the right ones are not even aware I suppose.

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