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Homosexuality: Should it be criminalised

Headlines Homosexuality: Should it be criminalised

By Charles Ngoma

The case of the gay couple that have decided to co-habit publicly in Malawi is interesting. Homosexuality in Malawi is a criminal offence and so it is in Zambia. Amnesty International publishes a world map where they colour red any country in which there are human rights abuses. Zambia is in red, not because of political prisoners but because it criminalises homosexuality.

Many developed countries no longer consider homosexuality as a criminal offence but consider this as a human rights issue. Africans tend to be conservative and traditional on this matter and many of the readers will find the practice ‘offensive’ and ‘barbaric.’ On top of this, Zambia, has declared itself a ‘christian nation.’ There is no doubt that once this issue is brought up, there will be many who will come up with an arms length of Biblical quotations in support of the ban against the practice.

Let me make it clear from the outset that I have no doubt in my mind that homosexuality is un-natural. Indeed I go further to say that its practice is morally wrong. But, what I question is whether it constitutes a criminal offence. There are at least three main questions that should be considered before an act or practice is made illegal.

First: Is it an offence to persons?
Second: Is it destructive to property?
Third: Is it an offence to the State, i.e. does it interfere with governance?

I may be mistaken, but nearly every good law must fall into one or more of theses categories. There are many things that are morally repugnant but they are not criminal offences because they fall outside these principles. Adultery is morally wrong and illegal and rightly so, because ‘another’ person is offended. So are slander, abortion and murder. Libel is an offence against a person by attacking his character. Theft is illegal too because it concerns property and persons. Treason is offence against the State. There are some illegal practices that one would not classify as immoral. For example, drink-driving and over-speeding, but there is a potential to harm another person.

So, coming back to homosexuality, can it be classified as a criminal offence? The practice is arguably immoral but should the taxpayer’s money be spent on taking these people to court and incarcerating them in prison for something that they have no natural power to overcome on their own and is between mutually consenting adults? Wouldn’t resources be better spent to understand why people come to have this alternative sexual outlook? Homosexual practice is a moral issue that one has to answer to in their heart and before their Maker.

I do not think that the State should get involved in this. It may not be long before Zambia is in the world news again with another ‘comedy of errors’ trial, just like Malawi. In actual fact, it may be that the law enforcers in Zambia are casting a blind eye to this ‘breaking of the law’ going by the Vice President Rt. Hon. G. Kunda S.C.’s statement to the House of Parliament. Homosexual practice is rife in Zambia. Issues of sexual health are not adequately tackled if we hide our heads in the sand and pretend that this does not happen. There may be a case to revisit this archaic colonial law and expunge it from our statutes.


  1. I agree 101% with the author. I personally do not accept homosexuality as being natural but do respect the rights of too consenting adult to do with there bodies what they please so long they do so with out infringing on the moral sensibilities of others. That means for instance that they practice there sexuality in privacy and out of sight for instance of minors who may not be in a position to make moral judgments themselves. The issue of homosexuality falls in the same category of all other contentious issues around sexual morality like pornography, prostitution and do I dare say, abortion rights.Should the state really try to police these issues by criminalizing them or are they not better left to the moral judgment of the individual citizens?

  2. Homosexuality is inhuman, unbiblical and unwanted in Africa, so why all this debate about it? Once we begin tolerating such acts in the name of “Human Rights”, they will soon bring along the whole catalogue of moral decadents (child molestation, incest etc) that we will soon fail to control.

  3. If we dont criminalise it, it will be widespread and then the country will be vulnerable to things happening in Haiti.Blessed is the country whose God is the LORD(jehovah).

    Something doesnt always have to harm or offend or etc to be criminal, it is such thinking(writers), that bring a curse i.e. i dont insult, i dont drink/too much, i dont sleep around, i dont do this, i dont do that…. ohhh, you will judged. Its not what you dont do that matters in christianity, but its what you do. and that following what God has wriiten and commanded. The greatest SIN is living as though God does not exist. Kaili i dont harm, slander, steal ohhhhohh. Careful. Dont pollute our mind with such thought.
    We pull down every stronghold, anything that tries to exalt itself above the knowledge of God, we ta

  4. We take captive of every THOUGHT(including the authors). to make it obedient to christ.
    if infringing is the basis, i am, very offened when i see this.
    Lets allow bestiality then. lets allow pornograrhy(consenting adults), lets allow all manner of filth, but lets remember, we shall be judged. woe to him thru whom temptation comes. i for one dont want to be the one.
    Mwenya, i pray for your salvation

  5. if it hurts nobody then incest shud be legalised(consenting adults), mwana Mwenya, repent from your thoughts. this is all EVIL. Chankalipa saana

  6. Can you really legislate morality. I think it is a person issue. To be a HOMO or not is up to a person and even the consequences are personal. Personally I hate HOMOs, but I guess they have rights to do their thing and God will judge them. Criminalising the whole thing is really not right. You can’t legislate morality..it is a personal issue. BEER/Alcohol/Tujilijili, Cigarettes, Womanising, prostitution, polygamy, marrying under aged girls like our president, lusting after other women all these things are moral issues and you can’t legislate them and it wont make sense to criminalise them. ON the law basis I must agree with the author. Sin has to be dealth with in a personal way and not be legislation.

  7. Persona, Thanks for your prayers but I fear you judge me too harshly and miss my point. For the record I do not support homosexuality. The point I’m making is that you can not control the morality of individuals by legislation. Just as declaring Zambia a Christian and enshrining it in the constitution has not made a holier place than it was before the declaration. Just as within Christianity for example there are churches who feel any consumption of alcohol is intolerable and if they had their way they would want it to be enforced as so in the constitution. I would like to believe that you would agree with me that would be extreme and you would not support that position. In the same way the law should draw the line on what it can control and leave moral judgment for man and his God

  8. I wonder what percentage of Zambia’s population would find pleasure in having sex with someone of their own gender. If as I suspect this is a negligible number and since the fact lies in the realm of morality why would we need to exert so much energy and resources on it when we have so many other issues to sort out in our great country. In any case I find the idea of incarcerating homosexuals intriguing……put them away for many years in a place where there are only people of one sex…..!!

  9. Homosex..uality is digusting, uncouth, immoral and a very serious case of mental disability. Such mentally deranged individuals should not be let loose on society because they could negatively influence young children. If anything most annoying thing about these homo… things is their behaviour. They love to target young boys-teenagers because the young tend to be more susceptible, weaker, and sex..ually & emotionally underdeveloped!!!!! This IS CRIMINAL!!!. I dont care what Human Rights nonsense do in Europe America’s etc, BUT in Zambia We are protecting future generations and protecting the human race and we will either incarcerate you or keep you in Chinama Mental Hospital. We cannot let such loose on society.. Even a dog knows not to shag another.. we cant be less than ainals.

  10. charles ngoma (the author) homosexuality is un-natural and evil…For one to be gay, he/she must be sick in the head and between the legs,,surely how do have an erection for another man or how do feel butterflies in your body for another woman?….gays must have NO place in zambia, am sure we have alot of ng’agas who can cleanse and cure them of this conditions…

    But you might just supprised Sata (if made president) can legalise gays in zambia, word on the streets has it that he(sata) likes “doing” man also

  11. What nonsense.. Foolish instensitive article from writer.. Malawi did the right thing.. SODOMY, HOMOs.e.x.uality, Prostitution, Incest, Defilement and in certain cases Abortion, have no place in Zed. We should actually strengthen our laws to ensure we have sufficient deterrent.. Utter nonsense. We have enough problems as it is with Zambia’s UNDERPOPULATION, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria , Maternal health and under five issues, immunisations, Polio, chicken pox etc already to start adding mentally deranged creatures to the list, and their impact of Mental health of our infants.. Strengthen the laws in Zambia. Make them non-bailable, longer jail term, 15+ years min with hard labour etc..

  12. Ndevu na Ndevu imiefu ne imiefu, We are created as Man and Woman and everything suits its like a key and lock system, you cant have key and key with a man and woman everything goes in just perfect. For the reasons I have mentioned guys must stay as far away as possible they can do what ever they want but not near me coz am very intorerant on this matter

  13. Actully one of zambia’s well known citizen tried at one time to support SODOMA he did not last long in Zambia he had to run away his name is Afred something If i can Remember.

    # 10 Uliwalubuli you like noise you just asked for it just wait for the comments that will follow you

  14. Charles Ngoma should not waste our time on this foolish and evil practice. Homosexuals should be locked up for life. Does it matter if Zambia is mentioned for its stand on the issue. We need to teach the whole world of homosexuals and its supporters like Charles Ngoma to repent. Just because your relative or friend is a homosexual does not mean that we should relax our laws. Well done Malawi and don’t bow down to world pressure

  15. its un human and this is were mr sata should come in and adress such demonic homo individals involved and not insulting people of the east as animals.

  16. Zedians are ignorant about homosexuality as there are about many important things…eg.
    In Zed when cats starts loudly vocalize (calling) during ‘Oestrus’ when the female cats are in (heat cycle) or rather puberty.

    99% Zedians think that its witches (INDOSHI) who are out there to get them… Zedians are so scared of cats calling in the night that they will go to the extent of suspecting innocent neghbours as potential witches since they do not understand the meaning of the cat noises in breeding season!!

    Homosexuality is NOT IMMORAL the ignorance of the masses who does not understand the meaning of it IS.
    Get your facts right about human life before you start judging people…
    In Haiti many thought the world was coming to an end when the earthQ struck!!!
    Jus was Natural…

  17. not a chance in zambia, infact the punish for such shud be imprisonment in a jail for women, let the ***s stay together with women and you will see how fast they gona repent. its that simple.

  18. These animals should not be allowed to bring a curse on our country.The government should everything possible to bar such kin of stupidity in the name of homosexuality. Remember!!! Sodom and Gomora were practicing homosexuality at the time they were destroyed.

  19. … when it was just natural disaster,, caused by the moving of the earths plates,
    False prophets are also making tons of money by asking ignorant ‘believers’ to give to the church (G*d) where HE did not sow! Atleast there are few of us like me who are not completly blind like mafontini ya mu colonial

  20. Sodom & Gomorrah story is utter rubbish!
    Go to the REAL THING where grandfathers are marrying young women.. enough to be their own grandchildren legally

  21. SODOMA not in Zambia those of you who think its normal am afraid you are in the wrong Boat, and those of you who are always trying to bring Sata on this matter you are out of your minds

  22. Is Haiti destoryed because of immorality that the rest of ya’ll does not practice or just that sh’t happens, next time it could be you?
    Get real.
    Where was HE when they where taken there as slaves?

  23. Why do we in Africa claim to have moral high ground as it relates to issue of gays and lesbians. Lets be honest with ourselves, what is the one thing that continues to kill millions of our loved ones year in and year out. Its the scourge and we all know the root cause and to stand here and condem a people so minuscule is but hypocritical. Lets address the real issue and let those who desire alternative lifestyles to that.

  24. Imwe ba Ngoma do not promote sodomy in Zambia. If you are not happy with Zambia, go to the West. Do not pollute us.

    In the name of freedom do not destroy Zambia. We should have freedom to do right things and not wrong things. SODOMITES are so obsessed that they try to impose things on the “normal” people.

    If you are not careful, a few unprincipled lawyers will sneak in and change the law criminalising anyone who challenges sodomites. This has already happened in the west.

  25. Indeed Zed is full of brainwashed minds

    Cat calling in heat = INDOSHI
    Natural DIsaster = G0DS PUNISHMENT
    Real Africa = Poverty stricken nation
    Suga Daddys = INVESTORS
    KANITUNDILA B = presido

  26. You, the defenders of homos, how many of you have been teaching your children to be homos? Will you be proud to do it.

    Ok, suppose a homo decided to teach/coach your child to be a homo, would you be excited?


    These people(homos) need help – they are corrupt!!!

  27. In the west they say dont knock it untill you try it. I can bet my last dollar the majority of you dudes posting negatives about being gay would actually enjoy some rectal probing, maybe with a cucumber etc. You see you are entertaining the thoughts, wondering. Dont worry it is human nature to be inqusitive.
    You might change your mind, Zambian men.

  28. The fact that SODOMA NAGOMORA IS PREZENT IN ZAMBIA more especialy in prisons does not mean it’s norma and that it should be encouraged, we must find ways to totaly eliminat it. accepting abnormality is not solving the problem. Imagine you son comes and says he is having sex with his boyfriend what would you feel, think and what kind of reaction would you have?

  29. Homos have always been in zambia and always will exist whether you like it or not! I recently met this 9 years old boy in zambia and i already noticed signs that he will prefer men partners to women when he grows up. Now thats what i call normal… what do you call two Zambian men in walking hand in hand at Manda hill in military uniforms.. when i looked at their hands they quickly let go of eachothers hands.., Now thats what i call homos deprived of their human rights, by heterosexuals in a country where the majority is under educated and brainwashed by a book brought in by foreigners

  30. You chaps who are insulting God in the name of despising those of us condenming sodomy should be very careful lest you are stricken dead immediately. Living in the west doesn’t mean tht u entertain all the crap they do. Just go on with your lives and avoid putting the name of God into disrepute

  31. Leon – If you are a homo in America or UK keep it there. PERIOD.

    Do not insult our intelligence and most important our WISDOM.

  32. Back to sender……………Ponyax……… YOUR God must be sleeping, if not try sending him to Haiti where they’d need him most right now.. edited Where is HE when people need him the most? There surely is no Mlulundu fyonse ni bosa chabe!!!

  33. Bwana RASTA BASTA you are already corrupt. You also need help. That is why wherever you go, you are looking for your fellow homos.

  34. Ooops………… there’s no Mulungu

    only beef tek or delele

    spring chickens or kapenta

    aids or ciggarette smoking
    rich or poor

    black or while
    homo or straight

    suck or fcuk

  35. Just because you do no believe does not negate the existence of God. First and foremost you – UNHOLY SCRAP need God. If you died today, even now where would you spend eternity? Do you consider yourself to be a good person? How do you define good?

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We need the saviour.

  36. # 35 your back side is the one which is corrupt! I do not have a problem with homo’s, and never will be infact i go to gay parades like Christoper Street day (CSD) in London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Telaviv, Frankfurt CapeTown…etc everyyear to have a blast, its better than Christmas or Nyamasoya..

  37. #38 You are a sinner. You need to be freed from your bondage. I knew that you are one of the corrupt fellows either in UK or America. DO NOT EXPORT YOUR SINS TO AFRICA. KEEP YOUR CORRUPTION RIGHT THERE.

    You will not succeed to corrupt Zambia. Shame on you.

  38. Homosexuality should be criminalised at all cost and all those useless chaps engaging in it should be locked up and the keys thrown away. All you chaps who have been brainwashed and think it is okey should be ashamed of yourselves. According to the bible it is a SIN (read 1 corinthians 6:9,10). I regret the fact that we are even wasting time discussing it on this site. Whatever religion you belong to (Islam, Christianity,Buddhism etc) the act is a sin. In fact in Islam you will be stoned to death if at all you mention it. All of you chaps trying to justify it as a matter of human rights must be ashamed.

    I am very annoyed and I regret visiting this site today. I rest my case for now.


    You are excused because you are 100% CORRUPT.

    I wish God can teach you a good lesson for deliberately insulting Him.

  40. #39 I’m your worst nightmare, ask your freaking gay christ why he put me into your miserable sad life? If not to teach you the meaning of life! You ignorant waste of space! Even monkeys have more guts than you cuz they too have homo’s among them just like so many living things like plants and insects.


    You are excused because you are 100% CORRUPT.

    I wish God can teach you a good lesson for deliberately insulting Him.

  42. # 34, may the All Mighty God have mercy on you cause u surely do not know what u are doing. Take time to learn from nature since u claim not to have anything to do with believing in God. From all the animals under the sun, which ones copulate male with male or female with female?

  43. # 42THE WAGES OF IGNORANCE IS BLACK LIKE YOUR BUTTHOLE… even you will die one day maybe ealier than the rest of us.. and if i died today i will not die ignorant like you scrap waiting for a non existant THING….

  44. flag
    Sad says:
    January 16, 2010 at 4:22 pm


    You are excused because you are 100% CORRUPT and A SLAVE TO SIN..

    I wish God can teach you a good lesson for deliberately insulting Him.

  45. just look ar Haiti??? Where’s your freaking God?

    Blessed are those who are like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. What happened to Kamuzu Banda´s Hungry Lions?.
    To me Homozexuality is insanity not even wild animals are gay.Ve you ever heard of a gay Zebra? why should a human being be.It is disgusting to even imagine how these guys do it.I know 1 guy he was straight he later quit Pus.sy and now he is screwed.they have even adopted a boy…how do they explain their relationship to their poor child.It is terrifying to have a man as your mother., Lets be realistic in our dealings rest animals will become more civilized than us or perhaps they are already are….

  47. All those supporting H.O.M.O.S.E.X.U.A.L.I.T.Y whose you have been born if your daddies were HOMOS. Please if you dont believe in God just dont insult him. I beseach you.


    You are excused because you are 100% CORRUPT and A SLAVE TO SIN..

    I wish God can teach you a good lesson for deliberately insulting Him.

  49. #34/48 Holy and Free Thinker, may the Good Lord forgive and bless you, who the hell do you think created this earth.Your George and Tony Blair?.Who knows maybe God did not put anyone in Haiti..they just found them selves there…it is a little confusing even for Jesus to know where everyone is staying now.besides earthquake are so quick that its almost impossible to react.Just know that God is their and in His own Wisdom he allows these things to happen. but dont say what you say.it is blasphemy…in old days the ground would have swallowed you dead.

  50. All this noise about homesexuality and rights can be understood if one looked at the basis of modern view on homosexuality. The sexual neuroses being pushed as normal are based on the work carried out by fraudster zoologist Kinsey. It is well documented that Kinsey was a homosexual, pedophile and groupie whose studies/research was based on flawed assumptions and methods. In the wake of media attention of he kinsey report, you got “Playboy” and the start of Gay liberation movements. All one has to do is follow the money trail. Kinsey was sponsored by the Rockefeller foundation. The aim was to lay the groundwork for attacking the nuclear family. This is an attack on nuclear family and all it stands for. Homosexuality is a psychological disorder which is now normal thru political lobbying.

  51. #36 Holy Crap
    I feel sorry for you man.Just when the so called intellectuals and Most scientists are changing their wrong views and coming to their senses regarding the existence of GOD,there you are repeating their mistakes.At least for them they were able to do extensive research and concluded that whatever they see in the universe must have been created by an intelligent superhuman being.Now for you who just washes plates in some restaurants wherever you are,I don’t know if you’ll ever come to your senses.I hope and pray that you will.
    Do not trust and follow what people are doing in the west.You gotta realise that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one (Satan) and he is determined to use people of influence (politician,artists,hollywood stars etc) to mislead u & I.

  52. # 54 Ba Gorobah mwebeniko uyu Holy crap..Elo he is even lucky liya Lesa ali akale mwati nganamuleka…kabili nga ni harddick yakwe yachambilila uku crusher b4 he himself crushed to eternal death…

  53. ……sometimes I like the ways Muslims defend their Allah and Muhammad you cant say that shi.t about Muhammad and see the next day, with all the virgins waiting for martyrs

  54. Were there homosexuals or lesbians in our original traditional societies? Do our elders tell of such stories? Why is it that only Africans of today are the ones having this tendency after they hear from whites that it possible?? It is like you get addicted to watching pornography, and then tommorrow you say you have a natural tendency to pornography, so you want to have your ‘human rights’. Nonsense! To hell with self-created homosexuals! They have no place in zambia. Human rights, human rights, nefya bupuba!!!!!!

  55. LT would do well to trace this disgusting individual with the British flag masquerading in different IDs and block him from spewing his contaminated thoughts all over the thread – ye shall know them by their comments.

    One bad apple shall spoil the whole bunch. Everything that God created, the devil will always try to destroy by bringing the opposite; this is why Christ said he is a thief and a murderer from the beginning.

    God created Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve! Zambians should resist the dirty and evil ways with which the devil has “captured” the western world. Once he gets the heart, he is not satisfied – he will go for the body and soul. He has already corrupted many hearts with the love of money and now he is going for the body. Resist him and will flee from you!

  56. #48 You are the people who are embarrassing us as human beings. Animals can be said to be behaving better than you. You are the chaps who come out in the open and say you are gay whilst in secret you are abusing small girls. The reasons why some bad things befall us are:
    1. the world lies in the power of Satan who wants us to join him so that we get destroyed together with him. Remember that he has been judged already whilst we have time to turn around and be saved.
    2. we are imperfect and do make decisions that at times land us in problems
    3.time & unforeseen occurrence befall us all (ever heard of wrong time wrong place theory!)

    However time will come when all the wicked people(including homos) will be removed for good.

  57. Nkani Yamu Kachasu and others using Gods name in vein, how righteous are you really to judge others? Isn’t judging another human being sin? Some of you come in here talking nonsense as if you know how God feels about hom ***lity. Please give us a verse that talks about homo***uls, and give me one that says be the judge of another person. Iwill tell you one thing though, if Jesus was here he would definitely hang with the homo***ls and he’d end up being crucified by people like you. Some of you are just insecure with your S***lity.

  58. Hey Du negga aus Stuttgart halt deine fresse!!!! To the rest of you brainwashed hypocrites Your G/god did not make me, I am part of the evolution!!! He does not feed me nor satistfy my needs… I am what I am. End of stroy or you and hang!! Together with your imaginary friend

  59. #60 Are you really a Cabbage or you’re just pretending to be one?

    Open your Bible and read Romans 1:26-27. Then go back to the Old Testament and see what God did with Sodom and Gomorrah. This is not a laughing matter! God hates sin and sodomy is sin! He will destroy sinners unless they repent from their sins. Yes we are all sinners and we all fall short in our various weaknesses but that should not make us start promoting sinful ways!

    We have to differenciate between the virus and the carrier…if you don’t destroy the virus by removing it from the body carrying it, the body shall soon be destroyed by this virus. The same applies to sodomy…if we do not make haste and erase the thoughts as soon as they appear, the disease shall soon spread accross our continent.

  60. **********************error******************** end of story bakaponya … or go and hang with together with your imaginary friend!!!

  61. For whom ever above that has insulted each and every Zambian as ignorant here is word for you from one that is true to the Land and to our God. We have been invaded by people before that stole our brothers and sisters in the name of H. Omo.s.e.xual brutality, know this this time we shall fight this to the very end. For my land and my people I shall take up the banner of God and shout out loud, give up my life even to defend our God given land from enemies within and without.

  62. Ponyax the funny thing here is that homo**uality is common in animals, please do your research before you spew your hatred. I hope your kids will be natural born hom**’s will see if you’ll neglect your own blood. If you know that you are straight why would you be bothered by what hom**’s do?

  63. I think currently our journalists would view criminalising as muzzling the press. homosexuality should be viewed as asin because it is, but it should NOT be criminalised. leave it to peoples ‘choice’. yakumbuyo bakamba!

  64. #55 Nkani ya mu Kachasu twalamweba umwaice. By the time we’ll be done with him, he’ll be an ex-atheist.These are chaps who are being brainwashed everyday by people with evil ideas in the west. Sadly for them they are too dull to even question the ideas that they are being given by these evil people. They are chaps who spend all their time trying to be like some of these stars who are champion these calls for G.A.Y rights. If their stars openly state that they are g.a.y, they too the next day will state the same. Useless chaps indeed!

  65. Here is a point take what ever fo.0lish brainwashed western civilisation inferiority complex minds you have and keep them their. How people does a man not see the beauty in a cookie and go for a banana? All that B,ooty and you choose a man. Look at the poles they are opposite. A woman has a promise under the skirt for spiritual nuturing reasons keys go with locks. Hot and cold.

  66. #62 I’m not here to trade insults. I’m here to trade wisdom. I’m sure you have better things to do than resorting to blasphemy after running out of arguments… I would advise you chose a different forum where your thoughts might find acceptance.

  67. Open up your minds… start by learning and teaching the truth about the myth of the calling cats at night and the witches on your roof tops #65 why would anyone be so dumb to let others invade their land and minds???

  68. #63 Nine Chale spot on man! in addition to the scripture you gave him,let him also read (1 Corinthian 6:9,10).That is if he has the bible. There the bible lists men who lie (as in fornicating) with other men as being among those who will not inherit the Kingdom of the heavens. So God has clearly given us his view on this matter. People just choose to ignore him. #62 Free Thinker, today you may have food on your table & think that you do not need GOD in your life. However, circumstances do change my friend. If a thing that happened in Haiti this week happened to you, can still say what you are saying today? Pliz don’t get me wrong on this issue. I’m not saying that people of Haiti deserved what happened to them. Let us not take for granted the things we have at now. CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE…

  69. I like the way charles has balanced the writing of this article.It is indeed natural to look at this act to be unnatural(homosexuality) Through out history man has been known to always prefer to take an easy way out of things and i mean rushing to find an excuse to everything, no wonder it is not surprising that a lot of bloggers have gone to all lengths to defend heterosexuality and the defence tactics are diverse :from biblical,quranical and “convictionical” to insults.Much as we disagree(me inclusive) with this act i believe there must some level of torelance i personally know someone who is in this line but i dont judge this person according to his sexual orientation, i judge him according to his intellectual abilities coz i believe whatever he does is his bussiness.Thats tolerance.

  70. Thanks LT for deleting comment #41. I wish you could do the same to other comments similar to #41. I would advise you to even go further and start blocking comments from such individuals as their sanity is questionable. We need people who are mature and able to reason in a sober manner. We do not want insult traders. It is times like these when I miss bloggers like Monalisasyndrome,Not these childish chaps we have now like Free Thinker! They are just embarrasing us Africans wherever they are. God have mercy on them.

  71. The majority of blogers agree with the author that sodomy is immoral. But why should it be criminal? Hundreds of Zambians live in and breathe sin everyday. There are the cowardly, fornicators, gossips, whoremongers, slanderers, liers, cheats, abortionists, evil tempereds, lustful thinkers, greedy, lovers of pleasure, covetous, haters of God, selfish, sabbath breakers, dishonouring parents, haters etc. Let him who has not sinned, cast the 1st stone. Jesus loves & died for all men.

  72. Forgive me my brethren today if I sound of key this topic annoys my whole self. Let you guys Finnish so as I can repent about being anger shown. Prayers sent to later.

  73. Nine Chale for someone who calls other people dumb you are really brain dead. My advice to you is that you should be carefull when you read the bible, dont read into everything that the bible says and whats worse off is that you should not take everything in the bible literally. Ba Gorabah read the same verse you gave me in the king James version. I want you to show me where it says homo***lity, that word was never used in the king James version. Someone as ignorant as you translated the word effeminate to homo***lity. I wish we could read the bible in its original version, which is the Hebrew version. most of these versions were written and translated by men like you. Do you know that the same Bible says its okay to own slaves?

  74. Nine Chale
    Those vices you mention such as incest, paedophilia, bestiality etc already happen in Zambia. They are criminalised and rightly so because they are offences against persons (or an animal) who cannot legally consent. Incest is a public health issue, therefore the State must prevent it. But, sodomy between adults who consent is a moral issue. If we were all to be incarcerated for moral sins against God, there would be mo one free because ALL have sinned. You see the sin of others as being bigger than yours. That is wearing a mask. We all need to be saved from sin but Imprisonment doesn’t do that.

  75. #76 I agree with . I as a christian dont support same s e x relationships.But I don’t go out of my way to condemn someone who feels otherwise.Chimo Ni Chimo.I could be secretly comitting adultery or forget to keep the sabbath holy(which ever day works for you) and both are sins.Yes we should speak up when someone is in the wrong but not go out of our way to condemn others commiting certain sins.Also, biologically, we need to reproduce for survival of our species, thats also why it seems unatural.When it comes to the law, it would help for someone who knows law alot more than I do to help us categorise where that practice would fit into law breaking. But as someone mentioned earlier, since Zambia was declared a christian nation, I would like to think thats what most of our laws are based…

  76. There is no morality in Zambia period so don’t nobody go around profiling homosexuality.
    Zambia has poligamy, infidelity, child molestation, corruption just to name a few, prosecute Simon Miti, Chiluba and RB before starting on homosexuals.

  77. #79 Cabbage & #80 SAINT My spiritual convictions and standpoint regarding this issue are too steadfast to be rnoved. I have no problem with how people choose to live their lives but I have a problem with them trying to make me believe that what’s good for them is good for everyone.
    Let’s be open and honest with ourselves; what good will homos.xuality bring to our African society? Already, we have adapted our lives to almost 100% in all technological, political, social and circular areas. Is this what you call upworld mobility? Is there any area in our lives that we are going to rule overr ourselves? Or must we always swallow what others have chewed, spewed and put on our plates?

  78. All homosexuals should be sent to pomy land, where they can do what they want. I’m sure gordan brown will be wellcoming.

  79. Here is where I stand on the issue. I am not gay myself, but I am socially (not economically) libertarian. Therefore…

    1) Criminality

    Not everything that is ‘immoral’ (a relative term) is punishable by a jail sentence. Drinking too much would be immoral, however we don’t lock up people simply for being drunk. Keywords: consenting adults.

    2) Naturalness

    There is homosexuality in nature. Google:

    gay penguins frankfurt

    3) Constitutional Protection

    Believe it or not, but in Malawi and in Uganda homosexuality may be protected by the constitution, making any criminalisation in the penal code irrelevant. In Uganda, it is protected under Chapter 4, Article 21, clause 1 and clause 2 of the 1995 Constitution, which guarantees freedom from discrimination.

  80. # 83 Nine Chale Homos.xuality has existed for ages, if it was mentioned in the bible then it is not a “western thing”. There are probably a lot more gays in Zambia than you know of, but the thing is that they are looked down upon so most people won’t come out in the open. I, for one, feel it should be okay for them to do what they want in private, but to arrest someone because they have a different preference than yours is just primitive. There are gay people who claim that they were born that way and they cannot change who they are, now can you imagine getting arrested just because you exist? This is the same type of thinking that led to segregation and people being hung on nooses.

  81. on what basis will it be criminalised? if we use the bible then it means the sins we make should be criminalised. as humans we are caught in a dilema, to follow the bible or to follow the law of the land which is made up of rights and freedoms.homosexuality is sinful as much as telling a lie.there is no answer to this riddle. we have trapped ourselves. we said we are a civilised nation and we gave ourselves rights. in doing so we allowed the right to be anything we want. why should a civilised people by quick to judge and supress the same rights we brag about

  82. I thank God for the God fearing people on this blog who will fight for our nation and will not allow this abomination in our land.The battle against this abomination is not against flesh and blood eph 6:10, it’s a spiritual battle and it needs to be fought more in the spiritual real as it is condemned in the physical world.The victims of this abomination are wounded either from sexual,emotional abuse or lacked a father or mother figure when they were growing up or simply have just inherited an iniquity and lack self identity.We need to pray for them with compassion as we pray for their healing and deliverance. Jesus loves them but he does not condone this abomination neither should God fearing people.We need to pray against the conditions in our country that may produce this abomination.

  83. Some people should give up their right to blackship. Spinless men that Want to go the way of the Dodo bird. If you are gay apply for the western nations for you and your significant other infact let them places the males alone and the females alone and see if they shall reproduce. It’s high time black people stopped carbon copying any and all matter of evil and vile behaviours that outer nations have. Our fore fathers and fore mothers fought that we could think independently; live in majesty not to become little sissy lost fruity people. Zambia had too many issues to add this kind of confusion.

  84. This is not just a question of criminalisation or discrimination. If it were “only” this, there would be little to worry about. The problem goes deeper – it is this emergent trend towards embracing everything that is “western” or “modern” that is harmful to our African cultural heritage and identity.

    In a post-colonial era when Africans are supposed to be working together in a spirit of togetherness to rebuild their broken continent and pursue the vision for a better future, here we are debating on non-developmental issues. The so-called “liberty” and “struggle for Human Rights” perpetuated here is not the one that our forefathers fought for. Africa does not require morally degenerated citizens that adhere to western lifestyles. The trap is always hidden. Open your eyes and…

  85. That’s why we need to stand against and not tolerate child defilement, divorce, adultery, fornication, dom estic violence, abusive families in our country because such are breeding conditions for children who are born or have to go through these conditions. May the love of God flow from God fearing people to the wounded in our country. The battle is a spiritual one as much as God fearing people need to say no to abominations and uncleaness in the physical.

  86. i take it the biggest sin of all is intercourse. we choose to ignore all sins yet we are critical because intercorse is involved.

  87. Compassion please pray because this topic has me mad more angry than territorial hippo. Zambia is the place I want to send my children for their primary and secondary education so as the avoid strange unnatural behavior of all sorts. To some above, do you know that male slaves were sodomised, stripped of their heritage and given european names. That’s almost pulling your soul away without remorse, if Africa falls think about the poor people in Jamaica and other places that look at their ancestral home as a means of having something to call heritage, what happens to them when the last thread of humaity in this world is forced to be come men wearing pink. Skirts. Gross looking men in skirts this is a Zambia I do not Want thus I come against in prayer and action. Chi constitution should be

  88. # 94 zambia is not as perfect as you think. im sad for you as you think zambia is this perfect world without homos , rapists etc. the best you can do is instill morals in your kids.

  89. Cemented with marriage only between a man and a woman above the ages of 21. Some Modern day black people are a let down mwe, my great grand father fought in north Africa so as we are not sent to concentration camps by hitler; then his family fought for our independence. Today the same people that sold you a bed through a pigeon hole tell you to be like a female dog as a man and you ask what breed? Unchain yourselves we are independent as financially broke as we are.

  90. #95 we are not saying that it’s a perfect place but WE REFUSE to allow others to make it a place THEY want it to be! I have spent enough energy and time fighting the spirit of deception on this thread. As I depart, I wish you all a peaceful dialogue. My prayers are with all the spiritual warriors…the battle shall be won!

  91. Zambian I know Zambia is not perfect, but adding other vices shall open up a floodgate of foolishness like Africa has never seen. People shall marry cows, ba tombolilo, even the shomeka in their bathrooms. Inkoko shikachula, you know how Africans take ten steps more with everything.


  93. out of this unfortunate situation, we do have pipo who are naturally atracted to pipo of the same gender, what do we do with such pipo? do we jail them? its not thier fault so what do we do? if you are born with one arm do we jail you because you dont conform with the standards of an average human being?

  94. 94 Mwanawakwitu,

    ” what happens to them when the last thread of humaity in this world is forced to be come men wearing pink. Skirts. ”


    It is not my thing, however, neither does it harm me. What I do think is much more dangerous is when these things are pushed underground and out of sight of any kind of authority. And let’s not forget, there is no police force that can look into the hearts and minds of men and women. I would say private behaviour between consenting adults is no business of the state. And if it would stop certain ministers from loudly condemning certain behaviour *in public*…

    There are issues of discrimination and equality before the law involved – which effects everyone.

  95. Thanks for words mr. Nine Chale I sign off here and go to pray, for the prayer of a righteous man availeth much. So I shall repent first and pray with other spiritual warriors. For we shall overcome triumphantly, in Jesus’s name.

  96. Can someone here mention how Homos have affected their lives? The only way one gets affected is when they become too nosy in other people’s lives. Whatever you do in the privacy of your bedroom is your business. If you same marriage is between man and woman, and it was ordained by God, how about banning divorce? There is no divorce in the bible? There are several things that we need to be debating about, but this one is not necessary. Some people have used spiritual words to combat this practice but have failed to use it to fight other vises. Be reminded that homosexuality is even older than the bible, fighting it using the bible might not work. Try other means as probably those other means might be the solution to it. Honestly, it does not affect my pocket book, and I don’t care.

  97. What next on the menu of govt interference? Soon you will be debating that one cannot marry an ugly woman as ulubuto might be affected. Next will be no inter marriages. There are some homos who are very productive and contribute more than some of us to the growth of our nation. My concern here is are these homos doing it on the streets in the open? If not, how does this affect anyone?

  98. The banning of homosexuality in one or another might affect every other rights we as a nation enjoy. Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, as the cardinal freedom were all these come from is Freedom of Choice. So, before we start amendments of such freedoms, let us first look at the effects. I have been married for quite some time and my house borders a female gay couple. Of all the neighbors, they display to be the nicest couple in the neighborhood. They have adopted a kid and they have done the best to raise this kid. Any effects on my marriage? NOOOOO. So, why should I start interfering in their relationships? What wrong have they done to me? Probably the best thing to do is ignore what others are doing, probably ban polygamy.

  99. The bible admonishes us not to go beyond what is written in it. What is written is that marriage should be between man & woman period. Anything beyond that is from the wicked one Satan the Devil and his Demons. In times past,a topic like this was not even up for discussion. Nowadays we hear of g.a.y.s being ordained as priests. What a shame! Anyway I’m not surprised bcoz the bible did prophesy about these things.Right now the world is in injury time; anytime soon it will come to its end.
    At the moment we are witnessing standards falling in terms of morality & entertainment.Like Isaiah said, people now are calling a BITTER thing SWEET and a SWEET thing BITTER. I’ll end there as I’ve a Bible to read.I’m really saddened by this whole issue and some bloggers.They’ve really shown their…

  100. african men are good at hiding that they are homos. Like everywhereelse on my planet Zzed has its homos and lesbos aight!!!

  101. in Zed babies are bought from hospitals, that’s what chidren are taught, no wonder there is so much cases of HIV infections, people are not being told the truth. Homos exists in Z maybe not as open as in other countries but they sure have there hideouts all over the country…

  102. You Know , with or without the Bible coming into play here H.O.M.O.S.E.X.U.A.L.I.T.Y is just very wrong. This is something we should never ever tolerate in Zambia. Even in the western world This is one thing that has brought alot of divisions and people wont show that they dont like this because they respect the law. Otherwise i have spoken to alot of people who are against this whole thing.

  103. In Zed some tribes tell their young adults that if they get near a girl or young woman they will get burns on their … most men from those tribes only finds out that its utter nonsense to belive such things when they are well into their adulthood. These guys never get enough of it and end up chasing goats, chickens, ducks, women and children. I’d rather be a homo in a rainbow coloured thong!

  104. Throughout the history of the world man has brutalised another on the basis of misread scriptures. The law came thru Moses but grace & truth came thru Jesus Christ. Go & learn what this means, I desire mercy & not sacrifice. Polygamy is not Christian but Africans practice it. May the Lord light a candle in our minds.

  105. homos£xuality is also practiced by Lizards, bedbugs, polecats, lions, giraffes, elephants, spotted hyenas dragonflies,sheep and many more other just research the web and you will learn about what your ancestors didn’t know…

  106. #49 Nkani yamukacasu, go to Lilongwe Times you are on the wrong site, this here is a zambian site not for kamuzu banda’s like you

  107. # 119…Maybe you didn’t get my point…I was wondering if the Kumuzu Banda Lions are still there so that those two Homozexuals can be offered for lunch.however, even the Lions will be reluctant to have a g.ay person for a meal.2morow is church osa nichmwisa…Thankx to eevryone who has made positive contributions to this steamy subject by condemning Homozexuality.

  108. Ba LT, whether they colour Zambia red or blue or brown , homosexuality should not be entertained in Zambia. We may be poor , but atleast lets keep our morals lntact. God did not make Adam and Steve only Adam and Eve.

  109. Indeed this homosexuality- a hallmark of immoral Babylon will bring the wrath of the Most High. We are accepting wrongs and the evil one’s nonsense in the name of modern thinking. But when our Creator, who says man shall be with woman comes, it will be like a lightning and thunderbolt, for all of you ppl who think our Creator is a myth. Jah fire well destroy you all. Brimstone and fire of the Mighty Conquering Lion of Judah- Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. I going to blaze one to meditate on His good and perfect works which includes I. Let the supporters of this evil stay- “dem gone”.

  110. And a word of caution to these borderline “thinkers” (Mr. K and others) who dare compare the logic or behavior animals to supreme beings such as I, who are created in the image of the Creator, and in whom Jah live. Animals will do animal behavior but it does not mean I n I can excusably do the same. But Jah will have the last word. I rest.

  111. Every Christian worthy his salt should not wait to rebuke sin. Zambia is a christian nation, we therefore uphold the Christian values. Yes, not everyone living in Zambia today is a Christian but if one choose to make Zambia as his home country, he should abide by the norms of society.

    Homo fimo fimo is criminal and in God`s eyes equivalent to treason where punishment is death penalty. That is why God killed people in Sodom and Gomorrah. If homo-samething is accepted in the west, let it remain there. We do not want God`s judgment on our land.

  112. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

  113. Ma rubbish aya! Cage them all and let them go missing without a trace of their whereabouts. Then Zed will be clean.

  114. Senegal’s president says he will offer free land and “repatriation” to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

    President Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal.

    “The president is offering voluntary repatriation to any Haitian that wants to return to their origin,” said Mr Wade’s spokesman, Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye.

    Tuesday’s earthquake killed tens of thousands and left many more homeless. BBC NEWS

  115. This is already a criminal case in zambia under un natural offences in the penal code cap 87 of the laws of zambia.You may not find the offence homesexuality but sodomy is the offence here.Any person who gains carnal knowlegde(sex) against the” order of nature” meaning there should be always the normal sex not from the anus or other organ other than the penis and the vergina.Two men cant perfom sex coz they are not opposite sex un less they do it against the order of nature. If madical examinations are done and it shows the two had carnal knowledge of each other aginst order of nature,the the police will arrest them for sodomy.The only problem is that there must be an official complaint to consititute invetigations or warrant an arrest.If they go public then police will arrest.

  116. Just looking at all these posts , people have been passionate on this conrtoversial issue today… What a revelation !…… ..I just sincerely hope that the many references to the bible today are not a direct result of the declaration of Zambia as a christian nation
    First of all i’d like to say that i , personally don’t despise homos.e.xu.a.l men or l.es.b.ian women. Each to their own. And i also happen to be fortunate enough to be able to appreciate on how this crisis of gender identity comes about.
    Should it be criminalised ?…Well that depends on the prevailing culture of the country in question. I use the word prevailing because even cultural values do change over time. For the cultural sensitivities of Zambia at present , ofcourse it should remain a criminal offence…

  117. …(cont)….It is just not acceptable in our society . That does not mean that it doesn’t exist in Zambia . It surely does exist.., so should we be liberal about it or condemn it for the perceived evil that it is ?
    ….. A lot of people here are using christian theology to point out the evils of homos.e.xuali.ty ….. I’ve been very surprised at the almost fanatical adherence to the use of the bible as the ultimate authority on this subject or on any subject for that matter.
    Spiritual warriors… Nine Chale , Ba Gorobah and Mwanawakwitu , if you were truly spiritual , you would not be quoting the bible in judgement of someone, because is it not the same bible that says do not judge ? Do you see the contradiction here.? …..(cont)……

  118. this man has divorced himself from his intellect ,he is fast moving towards a mental break down therefore i am even surprised this paper accepts discussion over such a disgraceful story,My advice to our brother is ,go see a doctor ,try Chinama before you go anywhere else homos must be hanged

  119. …132 (cont)…..And a message to the christian brothers and sisters…, please try to refrain from scaring people with the wrath of God and dire warnings from the bible , just like the missionaries( from the west) came to Africa with their bible and scared the s.h.i.t out of our forefathers with the wrath of god and dire warnings which up to this day is now so entrenched in the poor africans’ psyche making him even more poorer and unquestioningly obedient…!…..
    ….Guys you are intelligent..,please wake up……this is 2010 …,God does not kill.., God cannot destroy what he has created.., God does not have an Ego….therefore cannot demand respect or worship…please mwe bantu
    Credits to.. Cabbage ,Kalos2020 , The SAINT, MrK & Gelo wapa zed…….Good posts.

  120. It be refreshing if, for a change, people on this blog would stop pushing the bible down our throats. Homo*** is not my cup of tea but it does not affect anyone else. Only people with nothing to say use the bible. It kills sensible debate. Not everybody in this world believes in this book.

  121. It would be refreshing if, for a change, people on this blog would stop pushing the bible down our throats. Homo*** is not my cup of tea but it does not affect anyone else. Only people with nothing to say use the bible. It kills sensible debate. Not everybody in this world believes in this book.

  122. Am surprised that Zambians who have suffered greatly with others in Sub Sahara Africa from the effects HIV AIDS which was manufactured in USA & French laboritories are embrassing this evil practice of homosexuality which is contributing to the demise of many of our people. When people go against the principles of the Bible, the result is death and degradation. Now who is this person insulting God over what has happened in Haiti? God is in Haiti but He needs the Haitians who had dedicated their land to the devil to repent and turn to Him. Satan has brought more miseries on that land, but God is there to show them His love and compassion through the people he created whether they are Christians or not. Zambians, reject the evil ideas of these these homosexuals and their supporters.

  123. # 141 Rainbow. people are NEVER born Homo, they are made homo later in their lives beacuse of many reasons, one which is njala and seeking attention, if you from africa…this is very wrong and evil, people who are homo are sick in the head and between their legs, thrusting in and out of some of the sex’s bums..and depositing stuff…bums holes are meant for toliet not “enjoy”…thinks you twisted chap

    #140 bible or NO bible homo**** is evil, wrong and unnatural
    #118..you are nuts,,,you donot know what you are talking about, which science is that? how do relate excretion and sex..put your S.h.it together and i live a normal life..mutisebaya…poor and desperate africans…trading their bum holes for money and good life .shame on you!

  124. #141 The medical books depicts homos-e-x-uals have a brain disorder and say there’s no proof they were born that way.
    If you are looking for biology, genetics, or any other science to define g-a-ys, it can’t. Do not let g-a-y people lie to you with the “born this way” argument, because that is predicated on conjecture, not science.

  125. #142 you need to stop lying. AIDS in Zambia is spread by heterosexual people most of whom knowingly infect others. I personally know a man whose wife died from AIDS but decided to remarry, knowing full well he was infected. In fact we believe the woman also knew what the man’s wife died of. Unless you stop being small minded, you will die out as a race.

  126. #143 u are very ignorant jus like most of the brainwashed minds here. I know for a fact that homo’s are born like that basta! It has nothin to do with selling bumholes for $$, there are a lot of disgusting stuff that hetero’s do that are more revolting than a man loving another man, even some married women in chitenges has their women secret lovers, they got married to men just to please the society.
    I know a young boy of 8 years old in Zed who has started to show signs of trans£xuality… (charity begins at home) the mother scares him that he will be a witch when he grows up or that he will be mad.. what can a poor boy of 8 yrs do if all he thinks about is he wish he was born a girl? Send your lazy God to him to put things straight.. or just accept that we are all differ’nt

  127. #145 stop equating homo*** with pedophilia. Pedophiles are criminal who take away the innocence of children. Homos are two consenting adults who do not take away anybody else’s liberties. Christian zealots who persecute others are the ones we need to rid from amongst us!

  128. #142 your God must be crazy!!! Surely how can a loving God in His right mind not do anything to protect His children? If all that your God knows is distruction then i have been right all along by not beliveing that He exists. He just exists in brainwashed minds like yours. If i would belive in anything it better be good. Not something that is scarying people to be murdered in their masses, a Bully who wants attention all the time and most of all my money in my pocket. What a dictator? He sounds worst than Hitler who killed 6 Million Jews

  129. This discussion seems to have degenerated to people calling each other evil or ignorant. This is disappointing.

    Those calling Zambians ignorant for abhorring homosexuality should remember that even in the UK it was illegal until the 1960s. In San Fransisco, despite being a safe place for gay couples, sodomy laws were not reversed until the late 1970s. There are still many in the UK who would echo the arguments being put here. So the countries are not so many miles apart.

    I used to believe that homosexuality was “wierd”, not normal and to be avoided. However, I am grateful to a friend for telling me I was wrong. After several years of thought I believe I have grown in now accepting homosexuality as normal, right for people who have those feelings and an offense to no-one who gay…

  130. no mercy..jail the chaps..we don’t need this disgusting thing to happen here !!why shud it be a human rights case now?the Bible is the mirror…

  131. … g.a.y. people should be worried about offending. If you can show no love and understanding, just as a human being, to people who are who they are, and can only see them as evil, why should they respect your views? Unless you can show the harm in what they do, they should not and do not respect you.

  132. Nine Chale you must be ashamed of yourself for your intolerance, ignorance and hypocricy. Your are a shameless liar and hater. If indeed gayness does promote all those vices that you’ve mentioned why then do you live in an immoral society like Germany, you hypocrite. Come back to your moral upright Zambia and leave that immoral and morally bankrupt country of Germany that allows same sex relationships between consenting adults. Be honest how has homosexuality personally affected you in Germany? Has it rubbed off on you! Bigot! Let us concentrate on real development issues of Zambia and not dwell on what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. Should we also legislate against Oral XXX? Mind you not everyone shares your st;up;id christian faith….I thought it was foreign!

  133. Charles Ngoma, I can just advise you to study a little beat of social science because you sound to be very ignorant. Don’t think Western culture is superior as it has a lot of no sense. I would like to advise you to go for psychosocial counseling. If you think homosexuality is not an offense then tell us from which Zambia you come from and from which constitution you are reading from? Your mind seems to be rotten and it’s a mistake that you hail from Chipata may be you hail from Hail. Even dogs know which one is the sex partner. But if you Mr. Ngoma you think a man can have sex with a fellow Man, or a woman can have sex with a fellow woman, then even the Dog is wiser that you. You are the same people who have sex with dogs. Please spare Zambian culture and go to hail.

  134. Manuel #154 you are a criminal of freedom of speech. You will never solve Zambian problems by tolerating homo.s.e.x.uality. You don’t have to be so strong with your opinion as though you have the truth. If you are a homo.s.e.x.u.a.l not every one share the same views with you and you are advised to leave them alone. The main aim of bringing such issues on the blog is to discourse them and not to think that your views are better that others. If you don’t belong to a religion, you have all the rights of respecting others who belong to one. If you have personal psychological problems, don’t burn out on fellow bloggers. Remember that your vulgar language will always haunt you.

  135. Only queer individuals and fa.g.g.ots like #154 Manual can defend or have 0.000000000001% tolerance for this criminal behaviour. For #154 and others that think like you.. Dont come to Zambia because we shall chop off those things between your legs and burn them.. You can stay where you are or live in several other places on earth that think like you. Avoid Zed.

  136. The problem with this s.e.x politics is that people use it to crash and exclude others from participating in political matter. If you look at history. Hitler accused army offices of being gay and crashed them. Mugabe accused banana of being gay and crashed him. Museveni is doing it now! And we are oiling the hate machine ourselves. Development matters should be on top of the agenda. How is this government going to deliver education, shelter, health and other important services for which they promised to deliver? But no, we must witchhunt the gays first! Good luck in the hunt.

  137. When I said gays are worse than dogs and p-i-g-s, I really meant it because p-i-g-s and dogs do not do unnatural things.

  138. When I said g-a-y-s are worse than dogs and p-i-g-s, I really meant it because p-i-g-s and dogs do not do unnatural things.

  139. #149. H-o-m-o-s-e-xuality is a SIN period!
    Not only that but it is unnatural
    The same as sex with an animal is unnatural!

  140. We have prayed and we have been rewarded. Acts of Sodomy are a crime in our National constitution, the majority of people believe and know this. For the women that are emotion and like gay men because you think they are sensitive and understand you feelings get overyourselves, a man is supposed to be wisely assertive not a sissy. You are from a blessed continent that has suffered misrule that’s all, our ancestors knew God way before 17th century colonialist covert missionaries even arrived. How do you listen to people that don’t even want to put you on the pedestal of beauty on their catwalks? A man and woman exist, a woman is physiologically wired to be the direct companion of a man; it’s heavenly and it’s also science. That cannot be denied. So let’s end this debate here with my…

  141. Saying our Zambian and African princesses and Queens we love you, though at times we don’t say, nor do we buy flowers or chocolates as African men we wholely love you; no superficial shows of affection. Do not buy into western emotionality, seek God and wisely choose your husbands. For you lost guys go to a good Christian church and have the pastor, I repeat the pastor pray for, and counsel you; for they shall keep your secret as appointed clothed men of God. Don’t tell me about it for that’s too shocking a revelation to keep for a congregational Christian. Remember where you are from and the beauty of the true parts of our culture. Use that African common sense that we are naturally blessed with but withers with trading of materialism and a facade of technology. Rememebr we started…

  142. Civilisation and how therefore can someone term us uncivilised? My prayers with so many other shall continue to be sent for our beloved Zambia for the glory of God.

  143. 125 Zion Train,

    ” who dare compare the logic or behavior animals to supreme beings such as I, ”

    I was not. Someone stated that homo***uality is ‘unnatural’, and I simply demonstrated that it does occurs in nature.

    That’s all. 🙂


    penguins adopt baby chick

  144. This topic is a philosophical one. We might all be wrong by what we mean by the ‘truth’. Arriving nearer to the truth has costed some early thinkers their lives. Paradoxical questions are enormous and they include; Who wrote the bible? Is there a God? Who causes such calamities as the earthquake in Haiti? Is there satan? Is there hell? Is there heaven? What if the majority of people were initially gay? Would heterosexuality be regarded as immoral and unnatural? What are values, principles etc. We should embrace diversity and respect peoples’ choices. Being in Europe has helped me to think out of the mundane. No one can be wrong and no one can be right. If someone can prove a theory, concept or phenomenon with ‘facts’ there is always the element of reliability, validity…

  145. # 155 &156, kangachepe kalila m. Tembo… you seem deeper than just defending the rights of g.a.y people. Are you one such bumhole who is being accessed by bazungus in western world? Are you female or male?..state your case clearly

    if you your mind is so twisted that you use your bumhole for ‘enjoy” instead of using it for toilet, i know of traditional healers in zambia who can cleanse your sinful acts and cure you…:d

  146. Water at the falls will always go from top to bottom., Heat always moves from a hotter region to a colder region. Thus explain the principle of thermo dynamics.

    Why do we want to reduce ourselves to a level lower than the animals. At least a male dog will after checking the sex of a fellow dog know what to do.

    God never created thieves. He never created whores either, but he created man. its only mans evil and fleshly desires that cause him to such evil.

    When a country or continent experiences divastating natural disasters, its not always that God is judging them , but we shoudnt rule out that possibility.
    Do you know africa has so much hunger, God allows it on us because of the selfishness of Man. i will continue

  147. The Son of man came to seek & to save the lost. The religious bigots of His day called Him a drunkard& a friend of sinners. He knew no sin but He became sin so that we might be the righteous of God. He gave us HIS beauty for our ashes. We xchanged our fallen nature for His divine nature. No man takes this honour upon himself. Salvation belongs to God. We are saved not by the will of man but the power of God.

  148. I thought that for the first time in human history a’christian nation’ would understand the difference between the spiritual and the natural. And having this understanding would realise that certain offences can only be dealt with by the power of the Holy Breath of God and not our prisons. But of course I was mistaken. Zambia is a religiosity nation and not Christian!

  149. The purpose of law is to side with the helpless victim. That is where morality is taken up by law. In case of suicide, the victims are the people left behind to pick up the pieces. But in HS who is the victim that the State must protect or compensate? It is a purely moral issue that ONLY El Shaddai has the right and power to judge. It is not the business of the state. This has nothing to do with westernisation or inferiority complex. I am proud to be African but I am prouder to be a subject of Yeshua haMashiyah ben Elohim the King of kings!

  150. I do not see the sense of this article! Ho.mo.se.xuality is already a crime in Zambia. Personally I think such matters are personal matters. It becomes a crime when these people force themselves on others or they involve our children. Our current laws are adequate to manage these scenarios. The government machinery is better off concentrating on service and delivery issues other than this old problem that has always been there. Why spend valuable resources debating such issues when there are bigger problems such as HIV/AIDS. Such efforts give the illusion that your politicians are working but ultimately bring nothing to the table.:-?

  151. Although trying to help, this article is full of biases. Some people live in countries where unlike Zambia, we are less prompt to judge and where we also have freedom of religion.

  152. U chaps practicing this yakumbuyo (***) thing illegally in Zambia,we will flash u out before u turn our beloved country into hell. Dont u feel ashamed of yoselves? Soon dogs will start laughing at you as yo behavior falls below that of dogs. Man and woman are very different and their bodies designed 4 specific functions. How can a man become a woman? That hole is 4 feaces and how can u even be proud 2 be eating feaces? Reason properly u maggots !!! Take yo rubbish 2 hell not in our lovely Zambia.

  153. Zambia is no go area 4 these inhuman and nonsensical practices called gay or lesbianism. U can practice in your manner-less countries where your parents, bothers and sisters seat and watch u having shameless sex on the streets. In Zambia, sorry we have manners and we dont tolerate such rubbish. May be U were born through the male “exit holes” as yo mothers are men. Ha ha ha…….

  154. Judge not lest you too be judged. That is what your God said right? So why you feel the need to condemn people before the “Almighty” himself has had a chance to do so is beyond me. Especially if “sinners” are the types of people that Jesus spent most time with. Rather than the Pharisees who were quick to condemn and very slow to examine themselves. Shame on you. The sort of hatred that I have read coming from so called Christians is precisely the reason I find it difficult to believe in your God or your church. And you wonder why the world laughs at you.

Comments are closed.

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