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Cameroon Show Zambia The Art of Winning

Sports Cameroon Show Zambia The Art of Winning

Zambia National Team - Source BSkyB
Zambia National Team - Source BSkyB

Zambia’s chances of a first Africa Cup quarterfinal place since 1996 dimmed after they crushed to Cameroon on Sunday in Lubango who yet again taught their opponents what it means to have a winning mentality.

It was typical Zambia display of early passion before needlessly capitulating thrown in with poor tactical changes by  Herve Renard.

Jacob Mulenga put Zambia ahead in the 8th minutes as the team dominated Cameroon in the opening 45 minutes of the game.

However, injury playmaker Rainford Kalaba and the departure of Felix Katongo who was replaced by Isaac Chansa in the second half failed to give Zambia any dynamism.

Kennedy Mweene too was a culprit in Zambia’s defeat when he suffered a bout of the Nayim a la David Seaman when he failed to deal with a Geremi thumped ball in the 68th minute.

Stopilla Sunzu found out what a cunning Samuel Eto’o could do when the inter-Milan striker made it 2-1 in the 71st minute.

Christopher Katongo who had been blowing hot and cold throughout the match stole some undeserved glory when he converted a penalty won by Mulenga after an ugly challenge from Cameroon goalkeeper Idriss Kameni in the 82nd minute.

Mahamadou Idrissou headed in the winner on 85 minutes to cap an impressive display by him after coming on in the second half.

Zambia switch camp to Benguela today where they will face  Group D leaders Gabon on Thursday in a simultaneous kickoff with that of Cameroon and Tunisia in Lubango.

Meanwhile Gabon drew 0-0 against Tunisia to remain top on 4 points while Cameroon are number 2 with 3 points, Tunisia are 3rd on 2 points and Zambia bottom on 1 point.

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  1. Lack of experience by chipolopolo, cant afford to make silly mistakes like that to indomitable cameroon.

  2. What cost us the game was the way subs were made. We defended the 1-0 for 45mins and in my opinion, no player deserved to be subsituted. I hope the coach was not interfered with by you know who. Cameroun subsituted because they needed a goal. We started leaking after removing Kalaba and became worse with the removal of Joseph and Felix. I dont understand what these players did to be removed.

  3. I meant we are finished!!!!!!!!!!!
    # 1 I agree with u ukulusa runs in our blood hence this cannot be shocking news. [-([-(

  4. Kennedy Mwenne ni pubafu sana,you do not make such mistakes.chansa brought bad luck,he will never start any game.next game plz consider Kalililo Kakonje chris katongo on the bench.YABA….kwati twalituka akakote ..amashamo yatukonkafye if they do not win the last game tukabaponona fyatile fyabo..

  5. I do take into account what happened but whatever the case, Chipolopolo is still my team and I am confident in their potential. I do not subscribe to the notion of negativity even before the team plays. There where people who where predicting Camerooon (20 Zambia (0) even before the game was played. How does a team win if the people they are representing have no confidence in them. It is disgusting.

    Zambians must be proud of their team whatever happens and should encourage them as well as support them. They did their best. I reject the saying, “to avoid disappointment, lower your expectations”. I will still have high expectations for my team even if they win, lose or tie. So GO ZAMBIA , GO CHIPOLOPOLO

  6. **==
    Please. Do not just condemn Zambia. Yes we are always losing but I see some positive signs in the attitude though we still lose concentration during the game. Cameroun is now nothing but experience. Everyone is now madala in Cameroun. They are goiung nowhere in the tournament. Z will bounce back and meet Egypt in the quarter finals.

    Chamanga is scoring against Gabon.

  7. Morning Bloggers I am just trying to recover from the loss. Does anyone here think we can beat gabon even fye 1 – 0? anyone?

  8. Most of those chibuku boys dont deserve to play in the national team.Why should Chamanga with his Chinese football be given more play at the expense of good & sharp strikers like Singuluma & C. Mulenga.The central defence needs a more experienced player which the newly converted Sunzu can’t cope. This team needs a complete overhaul. Start by firing the hand-picked coach Renard. This man has messed us up big time. The Administration is a total failure. They must all go. Only then, can our football improve.

  9. Mweene, Mweene, Mweene, bushe Mweene mwaume nangula mwanakashi?? Anyway these guys loose the match before they play it so its no surprise.

  10. The latest from Angola is that the whole team has agreed to voluntarily separation (retrenchment). I hope the coaching staff will follow suite

  11. We still have a chance of qualifying. 1 – 0 win is enough to put us thru to next round. Our coach should try to give chance some other guys also to play in the final group match against Gabon. Go Zambia, Go Zambia, Quarter finals here we come.

  12. The problem i think is that Ba Zambia Ba mwenso. When they see E’to and company…ma mwe! Ati, “chikali chi E’to Boyi”. They have no self belief. To add salt to injury, Renard aletupontela mu todays paper! Renard must be told that just as much as we appreciate that in soccer there is also losing, it is the manner in which we keep losing that upsets us, ala. He should never ever say what he has said to the Zambian people again. After all, Nim’mpiya shesu alelya mambala.:-w

  13. Pipo… Mweene cost us the game! But the truth is all the goals apart from the Idrissou goal were as a result of mistakes by defenders and goal-keepers. Zambia were not outrawed by Cameroun but our goalie’s loss of concentration piled pressure on all the other guys. Cameroun also made a lot of comical errors and Eto’o has aknowledged that the match was difficult for them too. By the way no team has qualified yet till the last matches on Thursday so we still have a chance. Do not be pessimistic the team is playing well. Go Zambia Go!

  14. In Zambia we have very huge potential which needs to be harnessed properly. All the games that Zambia play, we are never completely outdone, the issue is poor finishing. This fact is not as a result of the players nor the coach, it about the government. There is misplacement of priorities, we do not have the infrastructure to support soccer then at the end we expect to win. impossible. We need to put our house in order then we shall get the result. I was hurt by the result to say the least but forever behind the copper bullets, come rain come sunshine. Those who denounce chipolopolo just pretend unless you are not patriotic to mother Z.

  15. We played some of the continent’s best teams at the tournament – Tunisia & Cameroun including Nigeria in the preparatory games. In all the matches, Zambia was a better side but lacked that extra effort, that “killer” punch to finish off the opponent. We’ve the potential like most bloggers have observed. What we now need is a good coach who can harness the potential, a coach who can identify skill/talent in a player or possibly convert a defender into a deadly striker.
    We only have one national team & the onus is on us to clean up the mess. Kick out the non performers. For how long are we going to continue receiving such poor results.

  16. #13. Capitalist. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, cries like a duck it is a duck. No need to full yourself with high expectations. Ba Zambia Makula. we are all Zambians and we love the country and our soccer that is why we are blogging. But the fact remains our team is useless until they prove as otherwise.

  17. No. 23 Do not forget that it is Billy Mwanza and Nketani that made silly mistakes against the same Camerounians in the last Africa Cup and we were pulverized by 5-1. You pipo forget easily. Tana was in the CHAN team in Ivory Coast and what did he do against Tanzania or the DRC. We just need to score more then there is less pressure on the defenders. Chipolopolo was defending well till the Mweene chap conceded that comedy of a goal and put pressure on his friends including us fans watching on telly. We can still beat Gabon coz it’s possible but why are you worried when you pipo did not even believe in this team anyway? Go Zambia Go!

  18. #29. Nonsense. infrastruture won’t win you games. How do you blame conceding goals like the first one on not having state of the art facilities. Be real we don’t have the talent. just look at the leagues where our plyers play. China? Angola. You can build Wembly in Zambia that is not the solution. Ground roots youth soccer is our solution under 11, 13 17 . With out Zccm this is what we are. We should build hospitals then waste money on this useless team

  19. What happened yesturday is a true representation of the greater Zambian society in need of a complete social overhaul.
    Ssome would want to argue that there is no link, well look around the country and see who the youth look up to…sad isnt it?
    Talent alone is not enough to WIN, it must be nurtured by soccer academys from around the age of 12 onwards however we have previous soccer stars like kalu to thank for giving us one…i wish.

    In comparison to other countries that do well on the continent, we have nothing to show for an organised soccer body that can bring change to this decade long of draught for a WIN. send those FAZ technical staff to overseas exchange programs and all they do is dose of the workshops and spend countless time on shopping sprees.:)>-

  20. 29, Mimi, The problem of poor defending is more of an eyesore to Zed than that of poor finishing. The fact is, we have scored first in the last two games, but failed to maintain the leads to sweet victory due to poor defending.

  21. I have been mourning :((:(( since Great Galu and his P.E teacher took over our national team. I will not comment or tear our boys down. These are the boys Patrick Phiri worked with and during that time and all the international football medals they have in their Cabinet, trivial as they may be-COSAFA CESAFA, are from Patrick Phiri’s era. With this Great Galu and his P E teacher., our boys have not won a single medal, nothing, nothing, even for COSAFA or CESAFA and you expect to win a big one now!!!. Awe mwe, I say much after the tournament. We have good boys and the future is great. I believe in our boys. They are doing the best way the know how. Remember the P.E teacher’s target is to get to second round, for all that money he is paid.

  22. No. 33 Mbuzi. I will excuse you for using that language since I have understood your problem. You do not understand what infrustracture means. All those things you are talking about youth soccer have gone down because there is no infrustructure support. If we do not have the talent, what makes you think the under 11s, 14s will get the talent from/ and without infrustructure where will they be identified from. So was ZCCM providing the talent or it was infrustrature and resources. You must be shallow minded.

  23. Playing some of the finest football on the continent iz not enough. Just like nice and neat handwriting cannot make one pass an exam.



  25. Gentlemen (, don’t be so critical of our team. Much as it is painful to lose, we must look at the big picture. I believe most of you bloggers are upset hence your misdirection of your vitriolic anger. As is with EVERY LEVEL OF MANAGEMENT in this country( tourist managers, absentee managers, internet-management-style-managers), it is expecting too much when there’s no leadership to steer the team. What do you expect when we have sub-contracted the running of the beautiful game to mercenaries? For as long as the current FAZ executive is in charge, we forget about going anywhere in terms of football. Don’t blame the palyers, BLAME THE MANAGERS. PERIOD!

  26. :((:((:(( , ,:o:o:o bad news! Nomba better:-?:-?:-?. One day Zambeziland shall :-\”:-\”:-\”:-\” with joy, :d:d:d. Let us not lose hope just yet :d/:d/:d/

  27. We scored first, failed to hold on to the lead. They equalised and took the initiative. The Zambia National team perenially suffers from inability to hold on to a lead countless times. examples are plenty. So we are again inching closer to the “next time we shall win syndrome”. We failed the world cup journey, we are failing gallantly in Angola, we have been failing to go past the 1st round in this tournament since 1998. Our coach says he is realistic, his goal was to qualify us to Angola & get to 2nd round only not to qualift for the WorldCup. He once said the world will laugh at us for thinking we can go to WorldCup!!!! Kalu also tipped Nigeria to lift the cup in Angola not Zambia. Angola bane put up stadiums 4 new ones in record time. Us awe kwena nothing to show for.

  28. :((:((:((:((:((:(( i didnt like Pongas analysis of the Zambian game. To me he sounded half baked to make it worse he could not pronounce the Zambian names like Katongo and Mulenga.

  29. #38. mimi. ifisushi like you – keep fooling yourselves that having good stadiums will improve soocer. If infrastructure and rescources was the answer South Africa would win all tournaments . Wake up .

  30. Disappointing as it is, let us not lose hope just yet because there is still a mathematical possibility that we can qualify. All we need is to thump Gabon with a vengeance, Diramba’s relatives!

  31. I rily dont know what happened to Mweene,Cameroun had lost all hope of winninig that game but he gave it back to them.Anyway # 15 am quite confident that Zambia will beat Gabon on Thursday.

  32. Alot of factors.Poor organisation FAZ,poor coaching,ill mentally prepared players.Coach needed to have player to player tactical analysis of opposition teams should have known Geremis Njittas style of play had he watched his videos,he didnt do that.He should not have been allowed to whack those balls into the 18 area,he is known for free kicks and balls like that.Eto is devastating in the 18 area as well should have know better.The team is good just lacking the winning mentallity,concertration and serious organisation and coaching.We can still beat Gabon as Cameroon loses to Tunisia still a glimmer of hope.We can still win the cup iam i dreaming?.

  33. we beat Gabon. and shame on all you shameless zambians. be proud of our team. lets go zambia lets go

  34. I thought I’d be eating Lion offals for breakfast today. Nevertheless, apart from the few mistakes from the Zambian side, it was a good display. Just not good enough!

  35. People please stop all this blaming of nani ulya or chatila.It me.I should not have watched this game cos every time i do they loose.I think i am bad luck.

  36. I agree with some bloggers above that the attitude of the team has changed. We just made a few silly mistakes that could have been avoided and never took full opprtuinity of chances. Having said this we still have a chance and thats a win over Gabon. Good luck guys!

  37. Bali teya bwino abaiche, except for that mistake by Mweene. Secondly, they started second half badly by trying to defend a one goal and that cost us the game big time. The best way to defend is to attack. Its not over until its over, come thursday, the results will be interesting.

  38. No. 49.
    sorry I do not deal with such as your level. Why did you choose such foul language?? Anyway its all you probably know and understand.

  39. Fellow soccer fans! Did you honestly not expect Eto not to score in 90 minutes against Zambia. Is he not the same guy that has perenially caused problems for world no 1s like Casilas, Ferdinand, Van der Sar among many! Zambia scored a fluke in the first place! The coach did not make any tactical changes in the 70 minutes that Zambia had the lead! There is Clifford Mulenga, Given Singuluma and Even Mbesuma on the Zambian bench! Galu should have swallowed his pride and let Sinkala marshal our midfield! In a game like that the best defence is always to attack! Next time we should leave out all the 40 something old players like Chris Katongo! The are not Rodger Miller! Howelse do you explain the difference in energy when compred to Gigs, Canavalho, Van Der Sar etc.

  40. Boiz take it personal and hammer Gabon. Nothing short of victory will redeem us; put the 1point from a possible 6 behind you, and march for your children, wivez/girlfriendz, motherz/fatherz, sisterz/brotherz, friendz and of course mother Zambia!

  41. Hi famous bloggers, happy digital 2010. On the game, Shame, i really had hope that Zambia would put a smile on our faces and defeat the giants, and thats the spirit they started the game with. In the second half, the coach must have told the team to just defend thier goal, and thats what they did, unfortunately, they weren’t even good at it, they were too scared to approach their opponents, i wonder what defence tactics the coach teaches them really. Everytime cameroon got the ball, they started running towards thier keeper instead of running towards the ball, to distract the player….??? And everytime the ball went towards the cameroon goal past, there was nobody, coz everyone was busy shielding Mr Mweene. I think they kind of tried, but just not good enuf…:x

  42. Miss Daisy @ #67, hi there!:d/
    Be careful mama. Bloggers are hurting here. They dont want to hear, ‘they kind of tried’! Nabafulwa chine chine!:o

  43. :-?..yes the lions showed us the art of winning but we failed to show them the art of defending .maybe the tactics could have paid off if only we attacked as we defend .kicking the ball up front everytime only helped cameroon to constantly build up attacks until the defence finally succumbed to the pressure .any team could not survive that endless surge to the goalmouth . no wonder mweene was first to crack . in a nut shell , they played well …hope the can learn something from that game about the art of winning and that is….constant pressure… and try to win against gabon .:-w

  44. The boys did their best otherwise we could have been hammered 6-1. What played in favour in the indomitable Lions is experience. Despite being down even when we equalized they remained focused. I like the way the lions approach to game they allow you to score at least. The technical bench made silly of themselves by make subsitutions and trying to defend 1-0 lead.It was an exiciting game five goals were scored and as a fan I enjoyed my self, no pressure. The diesese that is affecting our National Team is lack of goal poachers. Othwewise we are supposed to be preparing to prepare receiving the boys at the airport and later disband the technicl bench. There is need to maintain the same team though with slight changes. Sunzu is a liability to the team let him find something else to do.

  45. If zambia needs to qualify, we need to beat Gabon 3-0 regardless of the result from the other match, uuuhhhhh pipo lets be honest, with such mistakes:-?, any way ba landa ati anything can happen.

  46. Is sunzu better than Tana?Chamanga,katongo needed to be substd.But am not worried because We are beating Gabon even one(1) nil Go Zambia Go,Quarter Finals here we come

  47. The guys were defending a 1-0 in the 2 nd half…..why??? Its like thats what the coach told them. Any way I stop here…..the rest lundenipo!!!!!!

  48. I dont know anymore.. The lack of confidence and self belief is heart breaking… The ambition, power and strength of mind and purpose when putting on the Mighty Zambia shirt is all gone… I think Zambia has a wider confidence problem created by weak leadership… Even many bloggers here have no confidence and belief in their genes as Zambians evidenced by their misguided beliefs that Zambians cant run ZAMTEL etc.. I wish our players had half the force, agression, pride and self belief SATA&HH have… sorry bloggers. football = politics

  49. That thumping noise you heard was Herve Renard chasing Kennedy Mweene down the Benguela hotel hallway with a French steak knife! =))

    I think I need a lot of jokes to put me in the mood to watch the next game…a lot of jokes!!:-j

  50. I really don’t understand some bloggers, how can one use abusive language to another just because of his views about infrastructure. #61, Mimi, I am with you just continue blogging and ignore the insults, we are supposed to be in a democracy.

  51. What do we learn from the game yesterday? Bullets are tuff but Old Lions are TUFFER!

    I think calculating the chances of China supplanting the west as an economic superpower by the end of 2020 is more accurate than predicting the results of the next game between Zambia and Gabon.:-?~X(

  52. I hate these gravators, they suck. They are just making LT look more kindergaten-like. We lost a good dead match, and all I see are these st_upid gravators!!!
    Miss Daisy, if you are reading this, I had a nice time with Pe, he came to see me.

  53. :-j :-j:-j I know its really painful to lose,and as for me I was raedy for these results.However We should also give our boys a big hand coz they manage to put the so called indomitable lions on pressure.Cameroon is not going anywhere very soon they will join us.Go Zambia Go.:-j:-j:-j:-j

  54. No Need to stay sober when we play Gabpn. I will drink to simmer down the pain after the game.

    terrible ! I hope Gabon will bring a new Wind!! Nine Chale more Jokes to make my day please.

  55. No Need to stay sober when we play Gabon. I will drink to simmer down the pain after the game.

    terrible ! I hope Gabon will bring a new Wind!! Nine Chale more Jokes to make my day please.

  56. Hey Jamaco…I wish I could stay longer but I have to hit the road now (Spätschicht!)! More jokes when I return bro.<:-p


  58. I think yesterday I shed tears for the boys I mean Eto was poking fun at Sunzu and Sunzu fell for it he began to take huge swings when a little caution and sly approach wouldhave done the minute Eto started talking to him he should have realised Eto was worried….I must say I could see Kalaba limping but I dont know why Musonda had to go he had the beating of his man most of the time and used his small frame to make the striker look like a bafoon…and hats off to Jacob if only Felix could learn to feed off him he would get more goals maybe its time to play Clifford Mulenga as a pair with Jacob….we have a big problem against Gabon, Cousin is a handful and I hope we can contain him but let us atttack Gabon they are ripe for the taking….

  59. l once played soccer as a defender, you need to defend while attackers are scoring too. But Zambia its deferent we dont have strickers who can score, we need strikers who can be marked by two or more defenders per striker. otherwise without scoring we are out.

  60. 71, we still have a chance, if we can only beat Gabon by a lone goal we are through to the quater finals. The reason is that we have scored more goals that them and the the Head to Head system of qualifying So do not lose hope.

  61. I wonder why Sunzu is being used at the expense of Hichani…why is Cliford Mulenga not playing? Renard Chee Color cant also read the game…Chris Katongo is finnished and must not even start..

  62. :xFilachitika guys, afterall we went ku Africa cup na one win and one draw, what do you expect. Go Zambia enjoy your game we are with you. Elo ba Renard balemoneka kwati ba ku Hollywood, mwati mwalibamona?

  63. The boys are getting there! You could feel the magic of Zambian football coming back. Give the boys a chance, they can go far if our administrators don’t mess up again.

  64. the coach made no mistakes. the coach cannot guide katongo’s foot to score a sitter. or keep mulengas eye on the ball to connect into an open goal mouth. or hold mweene’s hand and help him to hold onto it.
    zambians, and not just footballers, lack self belief. that was the second game they threw away just like our economy remains in shambles although we’ve never had war or civil strife. we haven’t even hosted the africa cup before, while angola are hosting even with dissidents on the door step in cabinda.
    the boys went into that game expecting to lose and that is precisely what happened.
    if they take on gabon with some belief they can win by 4-0, no problem. kalaba, jacob, chris, james all scoring.
    Ba LT, please be more positive in your reporting.

  65. i just want to incourage our team not to loose hope, to put in all the best when we play Gabon.
    best wishes to chipolopolo.

  66. ba zambia balipwa.
    lets face the facts people,our players have no steam to finish the game.bwafya bweka bwekafye.:-\”:-?:o/:):x:d/:((

  67. #46: chipolopolo means, ‘bullet’ This time they are only wounding. Renard, keep at it oneday we shall bump them off to the pride of Zambeziland iyi wina icungulo

    #106, big baby: not self pity yaba!:o:o:o:o:o=d>=d>=d>

  68. Can we all (Zambian foofball fans) for once get behind this team. I think they are showing us signs of maturity and great depth within the squad. We must support the coach to build on the positives that the team showed in the last two games, which was, for the most part, good to watch Zambia coming close to the Chipolopolo boys of the 70s/80s and early 90s when we ruled Africa (footballwise).

    I think the first step has been done very well-getting Zambia playing good football and it will be a bonus if we go to the next round. The next step is to get Zambia playing more friendlies with teams in europe; we need experience in this area so that our players can get used to playing against the best players in the world. If we can do this the rest will fall in to place.

  69. End results:
    Cameroon draw 1-1 with Tunisia. Zambia beats Gabon 3-0. Zambia go through on 4 points with Gabon and Cameroon but with better goal aggregate. From this point, no stopping Zambia! We are the champions. I have decreed!

  70. Harve Renard who walked in darkness has seen the great light, and the great light has just exposed him! Zambia are on their own! pls abandon the next game and come back before we embarrass ourselves further. bwezani 5:1-2

  71. By the authority entrusted to me in the name of Yeshua haMashiyah ben Elohim, I have decreed and may all the people of God say Amen! Let us agree together and it shall be done! Some trust in their professional players and some trust in their names, but we will remember the NAME of our God. He will send us deliverance from His holy mountain. Zambia shall win! Only believe!

  72. #112 , I agree with you, zambia is going to win the afcon. we need to beat gabon. even if cameroon bt tunisia, by beating gabon it means we will gt 4pts and better head to head against gabon

  73. #112 , I agree with you, zambia is going to win the afcon. we need to beat gabon. even if cameroon bt tunisia, by beating gabon it means we will have 4pts and better head to head against gabon

  74. Chipolopolo were good and I know they will beat Gabon by four goals. Kennedy should stop sleeping. This is the second time he is allowing in a similar goal. Go Chipolopolo!

  75. What if a national team in actuality represents the beliefs, the current zeitgeist of a nation, i.e the Brazilian people are a thoroughly optimistic people, filled with cheer and positivity even in the past when they were faced with severe challenges economically as well as socially and yet they still soldier on remaining forever positive, which i believe as a consequence reflects in their style of soccer, and the way they have always triumphed time and again. The Germans as well are well represented by their national team the winning mentality, determination at all costs.

    The Zambian team, is gifted with skillful players, obviously the team is not yet whole, the game is about PASSION, we the people must drive that passion, do away wit myopia, which is so prevalent in the nation. Thk u.

  76. Our God can deliver us..and He will deliver us..even if HE does not deliver us, me and the saint ( no.114) we shall still Praise His Holy name. Amen.

  77. we zambians like talkin very much without action.the team played very well.alot of us didnt expect the team to loose by that small magine.its negativity everywhere, look at your own journalists the way they right, always condemning.its only in zambia where journalists are always against their country.last time wen hr, didnt make the subs, u were all crying for subs ( the same chansa, mayuka, kasonde) u r now condemning.be realistic.stop talkin too much instead provide solutions.

  78. Kwasila manje. Just come back boys. You are losers already. You can not go anywhere even if Gabon plays with only seven-Kwati netball. You are grounded plus your coach. No headaches for me! Chapwa

  79. Any team is beatable talent or no talent. We need the the right frame of mind for the guys….and that only comes from the coach. Plus we need a bit more cohesion and confidence from them….which comes from the coach. We need propoer selection…ooh that’s the coach too….hmmmm lets get rid of the coach. before we blamed the coach unjustly ( remember poulsen) now it’s true. Maybe the task is beyond himright now.

  80. Come on guys they give the chipolopolo an honest and fair appraisal they have done much better than last AFCON. There has been great improvement which is what everyone wants. I mean before Angola we beat South Korea 4-2 yes it was a friendly but we won. So if we beat Gabon well and good lets keep improving and growing. GO CHIPOLOPOLO!

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