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MMD Lusaka Youth Chairman threatens Ms. Nawakwi with gang rape


Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) and Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) have joined other Organisations and Individuals in condemning Lusaka Province MMD Youths for their utterances against FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

The two women groups registered their displeasure over the statement in a joint statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today and signed by WiLDAF Regional Chairperson Gladys Mutukwa and WLSA Regional Coordinator Matrine Chuulu.

The organizations observed that the utterances by MMD Lusaka Youth Chairman Chris Chalwe on Sunday to gang rape Ms. Nawakwi underscores the impunity with which women’s rights have been violated without due protection from government.

They said their organizations noted with deep regret that since Sunday no leader both in government and the MMD has condemned the insulting statement.

She said Mr. Chalwe’s intentions against Ms. Nawakwi are a grave insult to the dignity of Zambian women and should render him and his gang open to police probe.

“We wish to remind Mr. Chalwe and his gang that gang rape is not only inhuman but constitutes one of the worst forms of violence against women.” The statement said in part.

They noted that the impunity with which the statement was made should remind Zambians of the daily silent suffering of thousands if not millions of women at the hands of perpetrators of violence against women.

They have since called on the police to take appropriate action against Mr. Chalwe for threatening violence.

The women organizations further called on the MMD leadership, religious leaders, political party leaders and the Zambian society at large to take a definitive stand on violence against women in Zambia.



  1. x( if they do not arrest hm and them now, wait until I am in power. I shall fnd him and he shall be arrested. This should be a treasonable and shootable offense. These cowards how dare the insult our Nubian queens. Gifts from gbe good Lord as wonderful helpers. Even if she spoke I’ll she is awoman and threats like these can only be made by barbarians.

  2. The Rev Shikapwasha is always very quick to defend the govt on petty innuendo that is far less serious than this .
    Please Mr Govt spokesperson , show real responsibility and explain what action is going to be taken. You are a reverend and this is serious.

  3. **== that is the flag that has a constitution that protects every Zambian from animalistic people. Real men stand up and let you voices be heard, lift a clenched fist into the air for this is the last straw that shall break this camel’s( MMD) back. If not I am putting a bolder on it too. Capitalist, Veteran, MMD bootlicker are these the people you have in your camp cowards with no spines. Men and Women, glorious warriors died so as we can all have independence and sanity. Then you go and hire the offspring of people that were sellouts to the colonial rulers? x(

  4. Investigate and lock up these hoodlums. That is what thse NGOs should have demanded. PF tactics, even when they are mere threats should never be allowed in the ranks and file of all progressive parties. Save the country from impulsive demagoguery.

  5. Investigate and lock up these hoodlums. That is what these NGOs should have demanded. PF tactics, even when they are mere threats should never be allowed in the ranks and file of all progressive parties. Save the country from impulsive demagoguery.

  6. The all lot of I.G Kabonde has said threatening to Nawakwi is not an offense. In short Kabonde is saying any person can threaten to even Thandiwe RB , it will not be an offense. Thats the new law of MMD-police force under which Kabonde is the I.G. WHAT A SHAME TO MOTHER ZAMBIA !!!!!!!!

  7. To the men and women above me I applaud your comments, let’s keep them coming. Some at our Zambian intelligence reads LT comments and passes them on. Let them know we are brave and wise people that hold our women highly, even though some are genuine misfits. The I.G of police said what? My prayers for my country and the protection of it’s people. Let’s us the Lord Jesus to help us, while we fight even in the mental physical state for our freedoms.

  8. I am so angry I cannot even organize my thoughts nor type straight. During the struggle in Boznia Herzegovina the wading factions would build frontlines to protect the women. The ensured that the women escaped first into refuges if necessary. I do not support war mor wish it on my country or continent. Even on the world, lesson is the protected the vulnerable in society first; so as normacy could be carried forward. This is when the so called church in Zambia should bark the most, infact all churches should have come as one to voice their anger on this matter

  9. It is realy sad that the I.G Kabonde can permit women at will. Where is Zambia going? Police service is another wing of MMD where the I.G Kabonde is leader. Zambians brace your selves for more Ra.pes from MMD-thugs. It is really Zambia will never mature but will alway be backward in the civlised world. The president RB is even happy about such reckless threats full of shame and disgrace to the women of Zambia whom MMD says they care for. What a country full of useless oficers like Kabonde. Kabonde should resign if he has any respect remaining in his brainless head. SHAME ON KABONDE. WHAT A USELESS I.G ZAMBIA HAS.!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. May I ask Kabonde why Captain Solo and others went to prison for? Was it not a threat on the air? How does Kabonde knows if that MMD cadre had a weapon when he went on TV? I am so shocked with Kabonde`s stattement. What does prevention is better than cure mean?

  11. If I say I will rape Tandiwe Banda because her husband moves a lot, or I want to assasinate Banda at the airport because he is always there, it will not constitute any crime? Why is there war on terror? even following people in there own countries to kill them just because they have plans to bomb somewhere?
    Is kabonde telling me that sensetization on HIV and AIDS doesn`t make any sence until someone gets it?

    Is this just a new law in Zambia?
    I ask this because I have seen people going to jail just for threatning someone even if he has no weapon.

  12. Ba LT try to be serious how do you senser the word which even you your selves has mentioned ? Is R::A::P::E: an insult ? Nomba kuti nalanda shani ngamulengikata pakanwa?

  13. I am waiting for comments from our great leader in the diaspora Mr Veteran Senior Citizen Ben Kangwa. Now we know who the kaponyas are. First they killed a marketeer at Chisokone Market and we heard nothing from these MMD supporters on this blog. Now they want to gang rape an innocent lady. This is what was happening in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and now MMD is about to do it in Zambia. Come on MMD supporters in the diaspora, who are you going to gang rape?

  14. This is so stupid. If we can arrest people in bars for talking about Rupiah Banda then why can’t we arrest this foolish boy for threatening to gang r.a.p.e a political figure. What is happening in Zambia kanshi… if he had threatend to gangr.a.p.e Thandiwe Banda I bet you he would be in shackles by now. Kabonde needs to think and think hard… fyabupuba ifi where the police are aligned along with the party politics…this is so damn stupid

  15. This is a crime period. There should not be any debate. A threat to murder constitutes a crime. Re.aping is a serious offence that should not be entertained. Nawakwi should do us a favour and press charges. The women movement including, Thadiwe should organize demonstrations across the nation. We are SUPPOSE to be a nation of laws. MMD and the police should not bend the laws to suit them. If nothing happens to this *****, every man on this blog should sign a petition in support of our mothers sisters and daughters to Thandiwe.

  16. On Chansa kabwela`s case Rupia Banda said that he has a lot of respect for women, which women did he mean? Is Nawakwi a man or a woman? Four guys where killed at Acades shoping center by the Antflying squard just for planing to robe one guy busines man by following him from the airport. At that time they didn`t still but why did they loose their lives?

    I don`t thing Kabonde was sobber when talking, we can forgive him!

  17. There only time someone mentions something of this nature is when they have done before or they fantasize doing it. The police must watch the history of all such cases in Lusaka. Probably MMD has been in the forefront of all of them. This is not intimidation but a true nature of MMD and its supporters. Have you seen any comments from them be it here on LT or in Zambia? Nada, zero. They are all for it. What about from Banda, Shikapwasha, Mulongoti, Kaande, why are they mute on this issue? What about the MMD bloggers like Veteran, Capitalist, Bootlicker? Why are they quiet? One reason can be deduced from their silence. They are for this horrible, inhuman and barbaric behavior. I told you. All these guys are at the embassies.

  18. There is no justification whatsoever for this repugnant behaviour by these MMD cadres and I call upon the Republican President to publicly and unconditionally condemn this behaviour. It is time that decency was brought into Zambian politics. If anything this is more immoral and indecent than Chansa Kabwela’s case. Can anyone imagine how they would feel if someone threatened to rape their mother, sister or wife? What if it was the first lady? Ah! NO! This is like undressing a person in public and I beg the President in the name of God to chastise these MMD members immediately!

  19. Edith, Scorpion and the rest were created by Mr. Sata when you yourself were running the corridors of power. These hooligans terrorized innocent Zambians and you were quiet. They have just threatened you. Let’s wait until they carry out their threat then we will hear you talk.

  20. Chalwe and his gang should be arrested immediately and put on trial. MMD doesn’t have leadership, it seems all those leaders are very happy with their cadres more especially those that are beating pipo for no apparent reason. From Beating innocent citizens to raping alamwandi I wonder where Zed is heading to. Most of those cadres are uneducated that is why their selfish leaders are using them to threaten,Insult, Abuse, Beat, Rape and very soon killing will be on their list.Its is such a shame that MMD leadership is taking advantage of their cadres simply becoz their are ignorant of law. IT MAKES ME SICK TO IMAGINE A CHIPERSON ANNOUNCING PUBLICLY THAT THEY WILL RAPE EDITH AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!

  21. #32 Adviser- Dont tell lies Edith never participated in Sata; s panga wars. She was on the other side of 3rd term, so how can you have such a mix up. If you have no points just stay out.

  22. Chris Chalwe should be investigated he cannot mention something he has never done…. Right now women are moving with fear in Mutendere where a woman died after being gang raped. Is this what a youth leader could pride himself!!! He should resign. In Zambia women are respected, where are we going now! What kind of politics are we doing? Youths are being abused just to keep some leaders in power!! Zambia is for ALL!! Chalwe you have insulted all women without exception…..

  23. Iwe #35 Banda, u dont belong on earth! Women have as much right as men to equal(50-50) participation in every sector of society! It is men like u and chalwe, uncultured and insensitive, actually boys, like u, who think with their dicks in their trousers, that issue degradetory staments and undermine women. Shame on u, and if these setiments come from ur elders and tribe, shame on them both! U are an animal, not fit to occupy space like an upright human being! People think, unlike animals

  24. In other countries, this is serious, serious sh*t! Is this the forthcoming weapon for the elections? Is this what they sit and discuss in their youth meetings? I have a daughter and am scared for her, who is going to protect us now? I have so many questions and am totally confused. I fear for Zambia.

  25. so much for a democratic state.. we should be ready to live with this because MDM or what ever they call themselves will do everything in there tiny powers to stay in office, this is so because if they vacate then at-least 1/3 of them(mostly the so-called ‘to-dogs’) have to seek asylum in foreign countries; now that is an inconvenience on their part.

  26. this is extremely disturbing!! has there been NO comment or response from the leadership? surely it’s a crime to threaten someone this way! has she pressed charges for the threats? this man needs to lose his position, face the law and made an example of. too much violence against women in Africa, this must STOP!!

    i am profoundly disappointed in the zambian leadership. wither africa???

  27. its not a crime, Nawakwi needs double dose of good gang rape, the woman is full of herself…come guys i will help and we alot of condoms, also alot of sticks if get tired we use sticks and metal rods, double dose!:d/:)>-

  28. Where is the Commader in Chief of Our Armed Forces???? Where is Banda??? This guy reports to him.. Rupiah is Head of Police and swore to protect every citizen… Rupiah is Accountable….This is what happens when you have a weak and wrong President. A country degenerates into lawlessness, violence eventually civil war. The country has degenerated into chaos from the day he set foot in that office.. Un precedented levels of tribalism, division, lawlessness, crime, suppression, corruption has been the result… RB should never have been let in… He has no sense of responsibility..

  29. By the way why has LT not said anything about Kabonde being summoned, warned and cautioned by the ACC? Am I missing something.

  30. Well, its a disgusting act to declare that he wants to rape Nawakwi. Besides, what if her HIV status is querry? No wonder almost 90% of the chaps in MMD look seek, they are the chief rapists spreading the disease like no man’s business.

  31. Nyele nyele yachilamo ku Zed. Sure how can someone even think of gang raping someone? Anyway, if I was the police, I will open a docket on these MMD chaps because we have numerous gang rape cases that remain unresolved and here comes a rapist declaring how he does his trade but the whole entire Police Chief is supporting him. Maybe Kabonde is also an accomplice to rape.

  32. if Nawakwi is raped the police have self confessed culprits. It will maake their work easier. Even before she is raped as they have indicated the police should question them and let them stay in the cells over a weekend or so while the interrogation is going on. It is not acceptable for one to utter such serious comments irrispective of whether you are from a rulling party or not. The pary concerned should distance itself from such comments.

  33. what’s wrong with the black race?Failure to resolve our differences peacefully and intelligently seems to be the order of the day.Lord help us!!!

  34. Chalwe will not be arrested because he, like ZANAMA hooligans are ‘above the law’. ZANAMA hooligans have been committing serious crimes at Chisokone market where they even have a ‘cell for torturing people’ but nothing has happened. After being promised title deeds by the president they had more audacity, their latest victim is dead. Chalwe is still in court for assaulting The Post and Times of Zambia journalists. At the same courts members of the opposition are beaten by Chalwe’s fellow hooligans in full view of the police. The police do nothing! The president does nothing. Everyone else does nothing! Life goes on.

  35. # 42 tell when you plan to do that so we pf and upnd pact can also fac your wife, sisters,and yo children. makaka koswe mushindila kwilibwe!!!!!!!!!!!! kark f>>>>>>>>>>>>>u

  36. This chi Chalwe is simply a criminal and needs to be caged. Sure, how can you say something like that? Elo ba Kabonde nabo…..yangu, bwafya pa Zed. Are our women safe?

  37. Who is this Chalwe? How many people do you employ, how many people do you keep, if that is MMD youth I pity the adults they sit under. What values do they have. You are fake you claim to be democratic but you cant stand another point of view. Chalwe I decree and declare you are finished, no one will ever give you a second look. And since people reap what they sow, I suggest you don’t marry or get a girlfriend till you apologise, kabonde won’t be there forever mwaiche. 😮

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