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I am being treated unfairly by government over AG report-Mpombo

HeadlinesI am being treated unfairly by government over AG report-Mpombo
George Mpombo

Former Defence Minister George Mpombo has complained that he is being treated unfairly by government following his naming in the 2008 Auditor General’s report.

The 2008 Auditor General’s report on the Ministry of Defence alleges that Mr. Mpombo fraudulently retired receipts amounting to K49 million in respects to accommodation and meals when he served as defence minister.

Mr. Mpombo has described this as political witch hunt meant at politically hurting him. He has since advised the MMD government that they will not be in power forever and should not use power to silence him.

He has vowed not be silenced and intimidated by those in government. Mr Mpombo says he continue championing the cause of democracy in the MMD, and nothing will stop him from challenging the republican president Rupiah Banda at the MMD national convention.

He was speaking last evening on QFM’s Monday Night Live. During the same show, Mr. Mpombo reiterated that as a result of president Rupiah Banda’s leadership, the MMD has slumped into its biggest political recession.

Mr Mpombo said the MMD needed strong leadership to make a strong political comeback and reverse the party’s dwindling political fortunes. He said that his vision is to breathe a blast of fresh air in the leadership of the MMD.
He said the poor performance of the ruling party in the Kasama Central by-election and the loss of the Solwezi central seat is a vote of no confidence in the leadership of the party’s acting president Rupiah Banda.

Mr Mpombo said this called for the change of direction in order to reinvigorate the party’s general membership in terms of vision.

Mr Mpombo also dismissed as incorrect the suggestion that the ruling MMD is making inroads in the copperbelt province to dislodge the Patriotic Front.

He said as a person who comes from the Copperbelt, the province remains 95% a Patriotic Front stronghold.
He said there is no real party organization taking place on the ground to claim that the MMD is making inroads on the copperbelt.



  1. This man is a waste of time and is only seeking political limelight he does not deserve. let him deal with his legal issues first then try to build a political profile before he begins to waste our time. what makes him think he is a factor outside his farm. even his workers know they can’t trust his cheques!! *****

  2. Baba, BOMA NI BOMA. Stop hiding behind victimization. The Auditor reports for all ministries are public documents and if there is a minister who abused imp-rest the way you did, name that minister than playing victim. And you think you are so popular with the Zambia masses to the point of thinking they can vote you for president, well how about a small experiment or testing of the water. Quit your parliamentary seat and re-contest it as an independent and lets see whose fortunes are in depression

    But I know you have no courage, you can’t resign, you need the tax payers’s NCC grants to clear your farm debt. And what happened to your PhD studies you claimed you had resigned to go and study. Still looking for a researchable topic.?

  3. Forget about presidency, heavily embattled polygamus Sata told

    VARIOUS members of the clergy and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have called on embattled polygamous Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to reconsider his presidential aspirations in view of revelations by former president Frederick Chiluba that he is a polygamist.

    International Fellowship of Christian Churches president, Simon Chihana said morality of leadership demanded that a leader should only be married to one wife.

    Bishop Chihana said it was wrong for leaders to have multiple partners because that suggested that one was lacking in leadership abilities.
    He advised people vying for national offices to avoid getting involved in questionable relationships.

  4. Evangelical Youth Alliance president, Moses Lungu said the Bible in the New Testament was clear on the fact that leaders should only be married to one wife if they were to serve the people better.

    He sad going by the New Testament, which today’s Christians follow, it was wrong for Mr Sata to have more than one wife.

    Reverend Alfred Banda of Lusaka said a leader should have one wife and it was wrong and questionable for Mr Sata to have two wives as alleged by Dr Chiluba.

    Mission Press director, Miha Drevensek said in an interview that “the whole issue is too dirty and I do not want to issue any comment.”

    Ndola Diocese vicar-general Father Raphael Chanda, when contacted yesterday, refused to comment on the matter.

  5. Vision 2011 Coalition executive director Patrick Mukosha challenged Mr Sata to deny the revelations by Dr Chiluba.

    Dr Chiluba at a Press briefing on Sunday said Mr Sata had fathered two children outside marriage with a Bank of Zambia employee in Ndola.

    New Life Ministries overseer Nelly Chikwanda said Zambia was a Christian nation and that all those seeking high political offices should ensure that Godly standards were maintained.

    Speaking on behalf of some Ndola-based church leaders, Bishop Chikwanda said those seeking to lead God’s people as Republican president should realise that leading a Christian nation demanded accountability.

  6. Former United Church of Zambia Copperbelt Presbytery bishop Committee Njase said Zambia was declared a Christian nation and all those seeking the highest office in the land should be above moral suspicion.

    And former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi has said he will petition Mr Sata’s presidency because the character of the opposition leader was questionable.

  7. Can any one help me, How old is RB’s wife? Thadiwe? All, this guys need to go for sex Rehab- Who knows maybe RB has already got in touch with Lukundo- Face M-Net Face of Africa.
    Just asking any one knows please?

  8. What about HH? What does has have to say to about the $12million he stole from Luanshya?
    HH thief……..but ehhhhh! No wonder Luanshya mine went bust, kanshi ni HH> And where was Magande whili this was happening?

  9. “He said as a person who comes from the Copperbelt, the province remains 95% a Patriotic Front stronghold.”
    What is the source of this statistic? What was the methodology? This is dangerous when people vying for political leadership pluck figures from the ‘masuku tree’. Anyone who estimates with exaggeration should nt be leader because he will prepare a national budget from money that does not exist.

  10. The Bible say a leader must be a man of one wife and not a polygamist because no man can love two wives at a time.

    Being A Good Leader

    1 Timothy 3:2
    Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

    Matthew 7:12
    “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

  11. Didnt KK warn us before 1991 elections that Chiluba was a thief but we went ahead and voted for him? And didnt the man and his cohorts(some are still in prison) steal millions of dollars from govt coffers during his reign? I am just asking……

  12. Proverbs 31:11

    The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.

    Polygamous leaders would push their nations to the verge and gate of Sodom because of their promiscuous behavior.Sata is a polygamous man. How do you justify 2 kids with the same woman a leader is not married to in this age? People are free to marry anyone but must observe their marital vows unless they divorce.

  13. The Bible say a leader must be a man of one wife and not a polygamist because no man can love two wives at a time.

    What does the Bible say about Polygamy?

    Polygamy is marriage to two or more wives.Is polygamy the same as adultery?
    Adultery is the sinful intercourse of a person with someone who is not his one lawful and Scriptural marriage partner. It was forbidden in the Jewish law (Exedus 20:14) and was punishable by death (Leviticus 20:10). Polygamy is merely adultery on a permanent basis. Polygamy is always adultery, but adultery is not always polygamy.

  14. Is adultery the same as fornication?
    The origin of these two words was different, fornication being the sin of unlawful intercourse by an unmarried person, and adultery the sin committed by a married person. But in New Testament usage the words several times are used to mean the same thing (see Revelation 2:20-22). Therefore, adultery and fornication are essentially the same sin according to the Bible meaning. It might be said that they are different forms of the same sin.

  15. Is polygamy sinful for a man and for a woman?
    1 Corinthians 7:2 says, “Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.” Polygamy is sinful for male or female. Women married to the same husband do not each have their own husbands.

  16. Is it possible to escape from polygamy after practicing it for a long time?
    1 Corinthians 6:9,10 lists many types of sinners, including fornicators and adulterers. As noticed above, a polygamist is actually an adulterer (Romans 7:1-3). Then 1 Corinthians 6:11 says, concerning the members of the church at Corinth, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” These adulterers and fornicators had repented and been cleansed from their past life by obeying the Gospel. If all types of sinners could be cleansed in Corinth, all types, including polygamists, can be cleansed if they repent and obey as did the people of Corinth.

  17. Is it Necessary for one to repent of the sin of polygamy?
    Repentance is a change of mind which results in a change of life (Matthew 21:28,29). Before a person is baptized for the remission of sins, he must believe in Jesus Christ (Mark 16:16), confess his faith in Christ (Acts 8:37), and repent of his sins (Acts 2:38). Without real faith, without a sincere confession of his faith, and without real repentance, baptism does not bring remission of sins. To be baptized without repentance cannot bring forgiveness (Acts 2:38).

  18. How does one repent of polygamy?
    The sin of polygamy must be repented of in the same way as any other sin. The polygamist changes his mind, heart, and life. He turns away from all his sins and turns to Christ, the Savior from all sin. He reverses his entire life and determines to change every sinful practice. But his repentance is not real unless he brings forth the fruits of repentance (Luke 3:8). This means putting away all wives except the true one. Just as a thief must give up stealing, so must a polygamist give up polygamy, or else his repentance is not sincere, and his baptism is worthless.

  19. Should a polygamist be a leader ?

    1 Timothy 3:2 requires that each of the leaders (or elders) must be “the husband of one wife.” Elders are examples to all the flock or congregation (1 Peter 5:3). A corrupt member (especially a leader) may corrupt the whole church (1 Corinthians 6:1,6). A polygamist must not be asked to lead prayer, as “holy hands” must be lifted up in prayer (1 Timothy 2:8). They must not be asked to serve as treasurer or to do any other work, as this may make them think that they have approval. A polygamist can no more serve as a leader in the church than can a murderer or a thief.

  20. What can be done when a polygamist in leadership refuses to repent?

    A member in Corinth had taken his father’s wife, thus becoming guilty of fornication (1 Corinthians 5:1). This man was to be disfellowshipped by the church in hopes of bringing him to repentance (1 Corinthians 5:4,5). A polygamist in the church today is actually guilty of the same sin of fornication or adultery as the man in Corinth. He should be withdrawn from in the same manner.

  21. Mpombo, we remember those days when you showed too much of political bootlicking to late president Mwanawasa, you thought you could not be sorted out, mind you since RB became president you and Namulambe you have been issuing very ill statements about RB and his admin in the name of democracy confined in your own civil rights, now RB is fixing you back for attacking him and his Admin, you cant walk before you craw thats real, so dont just cry and complain for what you did in government just pay back your days.:-??8->8->8->8->

  22. I am worried that my boss will soon be exposed.His affair with Dora has caused much concern within the MMD hierachy.(1 Corinthians 5:4,5)

  23. ba patriot you are always out of topic why? you have even brought biblical scriptures which doesn’t talk about worldly leadership those scriptures talks about spiritual leadership and here the discution is not Mr. Sata.

  24. Patriot
    Pliz stick to the Headline you are confusing us. Which Zambian Republic has mantained his marriege without having children outside marrige or having divorced first wives?

  25. #17 Please note that no Court has ever convicted Chiluba as thief! Only the Post (and misguided individuals like you) still want to believe Chiluba is a thief.
    If at all there is a thief among us, it is SATA!

  26. 🙁 Ba Auditor General unearth most fund misapplications and misappropriations but ama ministers seem to jump the gun. Mpombo let the law take its course./:)

  27. Mr. Chiluba, is washing: dirty linene in? public and making himself; look like. a public. nuwsense. And talking about, mr mpOmb0 !can he? just, join ,our pakt. as secretary general.

  28. 😮 Zambians, my small thought about our country’s political leaders is that most of them are recycled, most of them use their positions ngakalilo and dont care about us.
    The Zambian youths also need to take interest in the politics of te country.
    We need committed, selfless and humble leaders.
    Mpombo you will reap what you planted.

  29. It is clear that the RB govt is serious with the fight against corruption.

    Whistle blower bill tabled

    GOVERNMENT yesterday moved a step in enhancing the fight against corruption with the tabling of a public interest disclosure bill to protect whistle-blowers.
    The public interest disclosure bill was tabled before Parliament among seven other bills.[tbc

  30. cont from #38

    In presenting the public interest disclosure bill, acting leader of Government business in the House Lameck Mangani said the proposed law will provide for the disclosure of conduct adverse to the public interest in the public and private sectors.

    He said the bill will safeguard the rights, including employment rights of persons, who make public interest disclosures.

    He said the bill will also provide a framework within which persons who make public interest disclosures will be protected

    Mr Mangani said the bill will provide for a framework within which public interest disclosures shall be independently and rigorously dealt with.[tbc

  31. cont from #39

    He said the bill seeks to provide for the procedures in terms of which employees in both the private and public sectors may disclose information regarding unlawful or irregular conduct by their employers or other employees.
    [Zambia Dailymail]

    Yes I copied and pasted the story but that is because this is a good development concerning the fight against corruption.

  32. Mpombo! What victimisation? That is the AG’s report man. Who do you think you can fool? LPM was shielding you and you thought you were untouchable. And you started insulting RB. Now, you need to pay back what you stole – fraudulent accounting for advances is a crime. And you think you can be MMD president! What a joke.

  33. So HH is a thief, RB is corrupt and a tribalist, Chiluba is also a thief and Sata is a poligamist. the question is, is there any leader who is clean, I mean squeaky clean. I think the anawser is no. Most of you men, especially when you begin to handle some little money, the first idea you get is to find some concubines etc. So it will be difficult to find someone without blemish in our setting. So I think we can just agree to put with some who are able to deliver like Sata, as long as they don’t continue in that like Zuma is doing- what a shame

  34. Thandiwe Banda is in her late 20s Bwezi is 74. People on this blog are either ignorant or they get paid to write nonsense.FTJ did not mention any theft of $12m.Even by mistake he did,which sane right thinking Zambian can believe the con

  35. Just pay up and be happy Mr. Mpombo. Thats why we want leaders to live above board. Are you saying the report is wrong? If the AG’s report is correct then answer for your actions other than cry foul when you know very well that you embezzled govt money. Is this the guy who thinks he can go to the top office when he can make false claims of expenditure?

  36. Wanzelu are u sure Thandiwe is in her late 20s? How true is your statement and wasn’t RB celebrating his 73rd Birthday few days ago?:-?:-w

  37. Stupid bearded fool.wait until membe dumps you after the so called pact loses the 2011 election.you will go into severe depression

  38. Ah nanaka naba capitalist. Bushe who pays capitalist to be writing such none sense?. The youth want productive leaders. Capitalist you are a fool. Sorry to insult you, but I think you are a very uneducated fool who blindly supports what ever rubbish comes in power. Mwaiche wandi leka nkwebe, inshiku tashichela mumo. Twachula sana kuli bamukukulu aba. That is why Zambia will never be craddle of the again. Coming back to Zambia ine I will never! ikaleni mwefipuba nga capitalist kabolala nabanakwe. Blind Supporter!

  39. SORRY!!!!!! Bane munjeleko, I meant patriot chipuba chakwe. Yaah! kuti wasuka walufyanya nokulufyanya mwee! yah! no mwine nao capilist nankwe lumolwine mwee!

  40. #48, Among mortals clean is relative. The points to note are that Sata is by far the dirtiest of all, he of the 90 days fame is the biggest liar, he is the most unsuitable for president, he is the loudest and emptiest drum, he is the most foul mouthed person Zambia has ever known, he is just about all the worst superlatives that you can think of, and if ever he became president (no chance of course) he would be the biggest scandal Zambia has ever seen. And some people have chosen to be cheated by Sata.

  41. Aah! elyo namona! Bonse capitalist nomunankwe patriot chimo chine, fipuba fyabo. Bakoswe mapapa yenu! Twalisuka twalibutuka muchalo chesu. Ku mulandu wantulungushi shishakwata mano, and then we have supporters of mishundlers of public funds like champion fools CAPITALIST NIGER and PATRIOT. I don’t want to be a victim of poverty in my own country. Your ilitiracy has made you search for only food for your bellies, and you never make enquisitions on what ministers do with tax payers money, as long as they drop something in pockets for your cheap propaganda, 4 u dat is fine. God will judge you bane.

  42. # 59 Kadoli

    Just wondering, and bear with me, is that a picture of your child? Cute little boy or girl. Would look even greater in clothes. I dont know which country you are in, but I think in UK, a picture like that can raise some concern.

    Wish teh kid well.

  43. Seems Kadoli is against freedom of expression!:( Chill out mate, we cant all have the same point of view. If that was the case, this blog would be very boring indeed.

  44. Hon Mpombo is a financially deceitful man who took advantage of Andy Mazoka and later the family tree. He went on take advantage of the Govt imprest system. He abused it by claiming funds and using receipts from one receipt book to settle expenses. He then used his position to enjoy credit from many suppliers of goods and services. It is a matter of who stricks first between GRZ and the many suppliers that he owes money. Fraud, obtaining goods by false pretences..etc, then we will see whether he will continue saying Govt is treating him unfairly. Mulongoti will have the last laugh!

  45. Patriot!!! Awe bane ninshi??? enough, enough, fyafula, fyafula, you know what? you lose your message if you go this way. Abena Mpombo, he thinks ba Post will help him, let them assist in retiring the imprest, Mudala if they did not help with funds when your tractors broke down and you went to Findlay for assistance, just know you are being used to sell the papers and riding alone. Anyway, at the end of the day you will be a media (tabloid) star.

  46. Where is “GEORGE KUNDA ” # 31 from? this character every time he puts his head to writing, mistakes are every where. Look at his posting on 31, or just check any of his postings. On # 31 “marriege” and then “marrige” and also “mantained.” And then he goes on to say, “Which ZANBIAN REPUBLIC has mantained.” Even after all these mistakes, he blames others of confusing him. How is he catching up with life away from home? Is he writing from his hospital bed?

  47. Can we emulate this??
    Phil Heatley’s resignation statement:
    “I have called this media conference today to announce my resignation as Housing Minister, Fisheries Minister and a member in John Key’s Cabinet. I contacted the Prime Minister this morning to let him know of my plans and he has accepted my resignation. Firstly, I want to say that it has been a privilege to serve the people of New Zealand as a Cabinet Minister in this National Government, but I believe that I have failed to live up to my own standards and for that I am embarrassed and immensely sorry.
    The decision today comes after I had a closer look at my Ministerial Credit Card expenses covering the past 18 months. I charged two bottles of wine already highlighted this week to my account as food and beverages”

  48. I dont understand why the clergy are condemning Sata now for fathering the two children a long time ago? He is a changed man. They never raised a voice on Chiluba who has several children from other ladies and married 3 times, latest a pinched wife. Levy married twice (first divorce was never on account of adultery) but see how they heaped christian praise on him (MHSRIP). Rupiah is married to a lady more than 40 yrs younger than him, to them it’s ok. Get a life you hypocrites. Sata’s life if was a mess, they could have destroyed him by now. All they are coming up with is wishful thinking. The PACT Winning come 2011. It will be seet to be in Zambia. Come on in Zambia.

  49. #58 I think you just habor hatred for the old man. I don’t agree with you that Mr Sata is the dirtiest and all. Mr Sata is just a frank person, he calls a spade a spade, he doesn’t beat about the bush. And you Africans don’t like such people who say or tell you the truth to your face. And Mr Sata is inteligent, he is sharper than some leaders we’had, I mean look at his analysis of issues. LPM borrowed some ideas from him like upgrading that Kabwe college into a university etc. And if Sata was so dirty, I think it would have come out in the open along time ago to destroy him. But the man is relatively clean- by our standards

  50. Is Thandiwe the mother of that grown up chap Rupiah was introducing in Southern Province? If not how many children has he got? How many times has he been married? I demand answers to these question?

  51. Thandiwe will be turning 29 on 13th September this year. She is not yet 30. I onced lived with her family in Chimwemwe township Kitwe in the 90s.But then Tandi was a a very young girl around 10yrs. I went to Namibia University with one of her uncles in 1996. She is quite young and i feel pity for her anf her family.

  52. LPM (mhsrip) is turning in his grave at the way you are treating one of his family tree. When he was alive Mpombo was a prince and kulibonesha was what we had to put up with during the ‘cabbage’s’ rule. Sorry the kulibonesha was short lived, thank God for saving us from the cabbage and his hatred and unforging spirit. No wonder he died from BP. Ask anyone unforginess is good remedie for high BP.

  53. ati mpombo is now a bus conductor, =)) awe nafishupa bane. deuces bane.
    mmm ka thandi she is sweet bane. kuti naka fyanta ine. but she is too small bane. kuti ka fainter, twalisungapo ifwe downstairs. deuces bane:)>-

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