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Tottenham Hotspur of England has signed Zambian-born Emmanuel Mbola in a £1 million deal

Sports Tottenham Hotspur of England has signed Zambian-born Emmanuel Mbola in a £1...

Zambia’s Emmanuel Mbola and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Mum In Guk fight for the ball during the international friendly match played at Nkoloma stadium in Lusaka, Zambia
The Tottenham Football club of England has signed Zambian-born Emmanuel Mbola in a £1 million deal, officials confirmed here Tuesday.

The 16-year-old defender, who already has clocked up a remarkable 20 caps for his native African country, was the youngest player in the recent African Cup of Nations in Angola.

The youngster plays for Armenian side Yerevan ; and will be sent abroad for ’first-team’ experience next season, though astonishingly, he already qualifies for a European ’work permit’, his managers said.

Tottenham officials have welcomed him as “a star of the future”, having beaten their competitors West Ham FC to secure the teenage Zambian’s signature.

[African Press Agency]


  1. Is it not the same manager who took a gamble on Mbesuma??? maybe trying to say Zambia has talent even if the last one (Mbesuma) was a failure.
    The boy did do well but it will take him a while to get first team years in fact unless he is one of those stars who are not afraid to play anywhere

  2. A maximum Big up to Emmanuel for this wonderful sports achievement at a tender age of 16. I wish we had more Zambian players liike him clinching such deals. All the best for him with the Hot Spurs and hope to see more of him in future.

  3. By the way Emmanuel please do not forget to go to school too. We wish you the best brother-Nephew-cousin whatever we may call you.
    Go for it and guys that side keep supporting the boy please.

  4. Great start and way to go!

    Our players should be securing places in reputable teams. I get the feeling we do not market ourselves well enough and easily settle for sub-standards.

  5. Harry Redknapp has refused signing of Mbola and has gone to say that he has never heard of him, if at all he has been signed then it must be the academy that has bought him. LT where did you get your info from? Once again your journalists have failed to do the simplest thing a journalist is supposed to do, Good nite peeps i feel sad we were duped by LT

  6. # 12, dude you have a point, i thought the transfer window was closed and how could this one be done? Sumthing just aint right.

  7. Finally! This will set a good precedent for other players to work hard and get signed by big league teams, instead of Circle Brugge like some people we know who think they are great!

  8. I also just read it on Mail Online” do not know how true it is. If it is true, then good luck boy- and stay way from Mc D’ as per # 10

  9. I hate this boy and i hope the deal does’nt go through! spurs? why… am a north londoner and in these shores.. ARSENAL RULE!! spurs are dirty!!!!!!

  10. I thought living in the diaspora opens people’s minds; # 20, 22 and 24, we’re not here to discuss about the teams you support. Read again. This is why Zed never develops coz we’re good at commenting unwisely.

  11. Emmanuel, congrats to you!! Its a great opportunity for you and your future looks bright. Discipline is the cornerstone for sportsmen’s success. If you cherish indiscipline you will join the list of failed Zambian sports names like Emmanuel Zulu, Collins Mbesuma…

    Stay focussed man, and do us proud!!

  12. People this story is even on NEWS24 or rather DSTV.Please lets just be happy for the boy.Whether you are Man U or Chelsea fan this boy is Zambian and he needs support from all of us.

  13. I thought kalaba was younger than this boy, he doesnt look like a 16 year old boy. check his face no tusafu he is nowhere around 16 years.

  14. :x:x..thats heart feeling..and it would be nice to have one of ourselves in this league..a bit of **==**==**== talent .i checked on a number of sites.. no news but nothing to worry about .it could be that is under the club’s academy which is a normal thing here if he is of a certain age :-b:-b .he just needs to prove how good he can be and am not surprised after that performance at the 2010 angola africa cup .a lot of friends here were shocked at the of appearences he had made for his country at 16yrs…. no wonder his signature is hot stuff . To him ..just stay disciplined young man and u will have it all and maybe open doors for your fellow **==**== players who need to show their talent . some foreign players in the premier are here bcoz of their country’s fifa rank but not so…

  15. Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp denies a deal for Zambian kid Emmanuel Mbola.
    The north London club were said to be closing in on a £1million deal for the left-back, who, despite being just 16, has 20 caps and was the youngest player at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations.
    Redknapp insists Mbola is not on his radar – and doesn’t even seem to know where the Pyunik Yerevan player is from!
    “I don’t know him,” said the Spurs boss. “We had two kids here from Nigeria training, but I don’t know anything about a boy from Angola (sic).
    “Maybe the academy have brought him in, but he certainly is not training with the first team.”


  16. Just had a look at the Tottenham’s website, there’s nothing to suggest Mbola has been signed. LT can you confirm your sources? BP ya qwela please:-w

  17. I have just spoken to Simon, in Spurs’ press office, he says they have never heard of Mbola and that it is mere “transfer speculation”, therefore cannot comment of the story either. Get you act together LT[-(

  18. Mwebalesabaila, go to Tottenham hotspur’s website and search for Emmanuel Mbola, you will find all the news. Just be happy for the boy. Its only Zambians who dont support fellow zambians, its a shame mwee.

  19. I spoke to the head comms, Simon, in the press office at the club yesterday and they have cetogorically denied signing Mbola, it it mere transfer speculation- possibly fuelled by a newspaper or an ambitious agent. Think about it, if it is not on THPFC’s website, then it probably isn’t true. Lusaka Times, you need to start doing your homework instead of the “cut and paste” culture you’re adopting. If a layman like myself can take the initiative to call the club’s press office and actually speak to the head of comms at THPFC, then I’m sure you in the industry can do better. Get your act together, stop reporting rumours, check out the legitimacy of your sources and start reporting facts!!! We would like to see our own (Mbola) do well, but comeon don’t bull**** us please!!!

  20. is this fools day or what? dnt fool us coz we r so updated on futbol in England…such lies will bring anarchy among Zambian football lovers…dnt confuse da boy let him concentrate on wat hes doing

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