73 flood affected families resettled at Independence Stadium


MORE than 70 flood-affected families in Lusaka have been relocated to the temporary site near Independence Stadium, Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) public relations manager James Zulu has said.

Over 150 families in Lusaka’s flood-affected townships such as Kuomboka, Kuku, Chawama, Kanyama had registered for the relocation process to that location.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Zulu said as of yesterday, 73 families who represented a total population of 430 had safely relocated to that temporary site provided with tents and other facilities.

“I can confirm 73 flood-affected families who represent a total population of 430 have been relocated to the temporary site and have safely settled,” Mr Zulu said.

A TIMES check at the site yesterday found a combined team of defence personnel erecting more tents and putting water tanks.

Several families talked to thanked the Government for its swift action to relocate them saying had it delayed, many lives would have been lost because the floods became unbearable in their localities.

Amos Daka and his wife Alice said they enjoyed staying at that site, especially that the Government also provided them with foodstuff like mealie-meal, beans and Kapenta.

Others however called on the Government to find a permanent solution for the flood problem and not a temporary one because floods were not new in prone townships.

And some school-going children at that site wondered how they could get to their schools because of long distance from their new location to schools such as those in Chawama.

Kizito Mbewe, a grade three pupil at Chawama’s Twatasha Basic School, said his parents could not afford to pay for his daily bus fares hence he would briefly stop school.

Some parents appealed to the Government to provide a special truck that could ferry their children to respective schools daily since they (pupils) went to schools located in one township like Chawama.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. This problem needs a permanent solution. Relocating families now and then further affects their livelihood. :-??

  2. How much are spending. Next AG’s report, we will hear you spent K5bn when you can rehabilitate Misisi with quarter of that amount……

  3. Before 1970 all this areas were part of the marshes including intercity bus terminus. The water from these areas formed ngerere river which has now been cut off to a small sized stream only visible way outside lusaka (chamba valley). We are paying for lack of preservation of natural habitat.

  4. This is a big problem and I hope that the temporary shelters will be adequate. However, before we politicise everything and start pointing fingers on who is to blame we should acknowledge that this problem happens everywhere. At the moment, Spain and France are also suffering from very heavy floods.

  5. #3 – thats some interesting history, i wish information like that was on text. And your point is very true – furthermore the lack of planning by the city council is to blame. One looks at all the structures and houses coming up in Lusaka – its all well and good – but i hope the council has done its planning or enforced its “laws” because as we can see the chickens are coming home to roost. My heart and prayers are with the displaced people

  6. I want to say to LT that I have failed to start reading this topic beacuse i can`t undestand what you mean by saying this familes have been resettled at independence stadium. IS IT RESETTLED OR SETTLED at Indepence stadium? because for me resettled implies people being taken back to their nomal place and settled to me means that they have got the second option from what they nomally have. Is it me who don`t know the meaning of these two words or it is because english is my second laguage? plesa bloggers help me to understand what it is.

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