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President Banda retires top defense Chiefs(corrected)

Headlines President Banda retires top defense Chiefs(corrected)

President Rupiah Banda

By Lusakatimes staffer
President Rupiah Banda has retired all the top defense force commanders and their deputies from the Zambia Army, Zambia Air force, and the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and replaced them with other officers with immediate effect.

Those retired include Zambia Army commander General Isaac Chisuzi,Zambia Air force commander Lieutenant General Samuel Mapala, and Zambia National Service commandant Major General Raphael Chisheta.

Speaking at the press briefing at State House today President Banda retired the Zambia Army Commander Isaac Chisuzi and replaced him with Brigadier General Lopa who he has promoted to the rank of Major General and was until his appointment Defence Attaché at the Zambian Mission in Ethiopia Addis Ababa.

At Zambia Air Force (ZAF), President Banda retired Lieutenant General Samuel Mapala and replaced with him with retired Brigadier General Andrew Sakala who he has recalled and promoted to the rank of Major General.

Zambia National Service (ZNS), Commandant Major General Chisheta has been retired and replaced with Brig Gen Yeta, who has since been elevated to the rank of Maj General.

President Banda retired ZNS deputy commandant Brig Gen J.M Miti and replaced him with Brig Gen Nathan Mulenga who was until his new appointment ZNS secretary at the Ministry of Defence headquarters.

The President told the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral.

He said the men chosen merit their positions because they were experienced officers and had performed well in their previous positions.

The President noted that his appointment of the defense force represent all the regions in the country to ensure that every one contribute to the national duties.

All the appointed defense force commanders and their deputies would be sworn in today.

Mr. Banda thanked the retired officers for working well with him and for the support they gave him at the crucial time he was elected as republican President.

However, President Banda has disclosed that the campaign to destablise his government by some Non-governmental organizations and some political parties has failed.

The President warned that he would not allow any person to destablise the peace that Zambians have continued to enjoy during the presidential elections next year in 2011.

He charged that some political parties have failed to win past elections because they use tribe to climb the ladder adding that his ruling Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) was a national party that articulates the issues of all Zambians.

Editors note:We sincerely appologize for the errors in the previous article


  1. Ba chitachani manje guyi naiwe??? General Mapala does not deserve this. He was a good General.

  2. But this man is a Joker! What about the floods, the Medical issues at UTH and the rest of the country?His un welcame trips? and the poor state of the roads in Zambia?Can retiring of the defence chiefs be the press conference? Someone to do:-t:-t:-t in his head so that he can stop%-(%-(%-( because he needs to listern to the people and not being stuborn%-(%-( because **==**== is not his farm.Where are the lions.Solders please>-) the mask and let him not just:[email protected]:[email protected]

  3. Why is he in a hurry to protect himself. He should first sort out the many problems the country is facing.

  4. There is no difference between RB and Senior Citizen, Chief Bootlicker etc. I cant wait for 2011 when they charps will go into political oblivion

  5. Priorities priorities your Excellency Mr. Rupiah Bwenzani Banda. The internation community is really laughing at how we have everything in reverse order.

  6. Mr #3: Ubuntungwa Mu Zambia
    You are quite interesting, you mean he should first fishing doing his work then protect himself?
    That sounds a little strange logic.
    I thought to be able to carry out one’s work there is need to be protected…
    Its like you are on a journy passing through danger, then you say we first finish the journey; when we arrive then we will protect ourselves.
    Such logic to me looks like it surpasses even the one they use in commedy!

  7. This man is such a joker. How doesd he get rid of defence chieffs all at once as if they have done something wrong. Why leave Kabonde who has cases to answer. I thought he’s be the first one to be shown the door. Awe kwena!!

  8. Insecurity!!!!!8-|8-|8-|8-|The man must have retired or Disappointed Mangani, Dora and Ronnie instead….there are mis informing him…:-\”:-\”:-\”:-\”:-\” Tizanvelaco!!! Elyo no timing:-t:-t:-t

  9. What on earth is this man trying to achieve. With people like him, I pity those in employment at the pleasure of the President. I guess some stinking rumour reached him and the big man in transit had no time to investigate. Nawawo! the nigerians would say.

  10. #7. Thats not what I meant. RB has seen that he has not done anything since he came in power. So he is trying by all means to protect himself so that he is not removed by force. If he has been working, like Mandela, he can freely walk in cairo road with his head up. Now he is even fearing his own shadow.

  11. LT – Did you send a qualified reporter to cover the press conference. Check the mistakes in titles, names, etc and who ha been retired and promoted.

  12. You mean according to RB this is the only urgent issue he could discuss at the press conference, as we said he has no ideas, no brains to move this Country forward. After the reshaffles all he could waffle about was how he is ‘not doing the opposition is doing’, he can never just talk about what he is doing and what he is capable of doing, always making refernce to others. He has a serious problem, fears his own shadow what a shame to have s presodo without a vision

  13. Holding a press conference to shuffle officers.Can We talk development please,how many jobs have been created,what govt is doing to ensure eligible people obtain NRCs,what govt is doing to empower Zambians.Your Dickson Jere can announce these changes.
    Awe mwalinaka Ba Banda

  14. We seriously need God to help! Our president doesn’t know what he is doing and what is worse is that he has no agenda for Zambia. He has no plan on where he would like Zambia to be in the next 5 or so years to come. i mourn our late president, Levy Mwanawasa. MHSRIP. He care for Zambia.

  15. This joke of a president we have. May all well meaning Zedians ensure we remove this chap come 2011. He is infact worse than a joke. Oh God hear us we pray. Take this temptation of a president from amongst us please.

  16. This joke of a president we have. May all well meaning Zedians ensure we remove this chap come 2011. He is infact worse than a joke. Oh God hear us we pray. Take this temptation of a president from amongst us please.

  17. Very disappointing leader.Has he got advisors or he does not listen to them,I hope he did not invite Heads of Diplomatic missions to come and listen to such .Compare this to the ANC Weekly address.This is ridiculous.

  18. Oh God, i leaped for joy when upon looking at heading for a second or two thot that it was Lupiya Banda whom has retired.I guess today i almost became like those bloggers whom would normally rush to comment upon reading the heading and not the rest of the story.:-?:-?

  19. He has no intention of stepping down himself despite his advanced age and failure to deliver but instead removes younger and more energetic servicemen. There is something more to this, I smell a rat.

  20. #11 Ubuntungwa Mu Zambia
    I am sure you know that enemies can target even good and hardworking people.
    It is not only wrong doing that creates enemies, even good or right can sometimes create enemies.
    So doing right, or being good is no immunity to hatrade or enemity.

  21. What exactly is wrong with the president retiring and appointing the military top brass? Is that not what he is supposed to do? As for those who say he has done nothing since he came to power, keep your head in the sand. Why do people want to criticise for the sake of criticising? I bet some of you are just pissed off because the new appointments representative of Zambia’s ethnic make-up unlike some of the parties and genocidal priests you support.

  22. # 20 this president isnt a joke cause he is not funny anymore. Actually he’s more inclined to making you cry cause he seems to have the empty-iest head around. Theres no way he can say all the 6 service chiefs had become obsolete at the same time. He is just scared of the unknown or its just a question of wanting his own pipo and not those that were appointed by LPM
    Talk about continuity! Ha, hes crazy!!

  23. The Dogz Have Really Come To zambia..I bet Ka Chiluba ūüôĀ had a hand in this..Why is mother zambia suffering like This…After We win in 2011 they will Rig & supress Us…..Rupiah is [-(

  24. LT – please improve your journalism and editing. The commander of the army was Isaac Chisuzi, the air-force had Stan Mapala, and at the national service was Raphael Chisheta. These, together, with their deputies have been retired, except, for Chisheta, who goes back to the army at the same rank, thus, making him deputy army commander. The new army commander is Lopa, while Mukanda goes to the air-force and Yeta at national service, all with new deputies.

  25. Who gives a damn! Surely, was this worthy wasting people’s time calling a news conference to tell them that he is firing all “asilikali a nkondo” and replacing them with new tribally balanced blood? What of that goofy fool who heads the police service, why was he not fired too because for all I know, he is the oldest among them all and young cops too are as earger as their counterparts in the army, airforce and ZNS to rise in rank. Banda is a sick joke.

  26. The list of retired defence chiefs and their deputies is confusing can some one clarify those who are appointed and their places of origin. This is very interesting one would have thought RB was going dwel on economic matters and how the effects of floods were to be tackled. God Bless mother Zambia.

  27. There are errors in the names and appointments this LT reporter got mixed up. Please check who has been appointed to which position and correct the eror..

  28. Yes, the president has retired the top people. What about his goverment which has recycled cival servants like VJ, Bob Samakai etc who serve under KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and now RB. What have you done about them? You should follow in other countries strategies e.g. Nigeria recently retired all PS and Directors who have served over 10 years. This was good in order to allow the fresh young generation to hold these positions. So RB look within your inner circle you will see they are bootlickers.

  29. Well, though this is not like Chiluba’s army appointments drawn by Ben Mwila that was only full of Katangese rebels. Good lord Banyamulenga did not invade otherwise the generals of excrement would have scampered for their lives like they did bolting from Kafupi when Solo struck.

  30. i wish we could remove the last three words from the heading and remain with the first three wouldn’t that be great news?

  31. #17 one zambia one nation i wish to agree with you Levy Mwanawasa had the real agenda for Zambia only God knows why he was taken so fast. I have never been impressed with RB press conferences only God knows why he gave him to us. Maybe we should wait to see what comes up by the end of this year though he seems to lack motivation and showing clear direction as a leader

  32. :-j ,well I have no arguement here,out with the old in with the new in my policy,but so this must also apply to him,lead by example and apply this to every government office and office he has influence over,i might consider taking my brain back there after this **==

  33. Hold your fire bloggers. Why is it wrong for the Republican President to retire defence chiefs & appoint new ones? Isn’t that one of his prerogatives? Furthermore, didn’t this tradition begin with Dr Kenneth Kaunda and later picked up by both Dr Chiluba & the late Dr Levy Mwanawasa? Finally can someone enlighten me as to why Mr R Banda is being refered to as empty headed when he is a qualified Economist with an internationally recognised degree in the same field? Didn’t some people want a degree holding President in Zambia of which Mr Banda is one of them? I would appreciate any sensible clarification please.

  34. I see nothing wrong in what the president ahs done. That is his duty. Infact he has not fired them, he retired them.

  35. We will never develop having such Leaders, are we all enjoying this kind of politics- Lets all wake up as Zambians.

  36. LT alot of errors in your reporting you need to be taken to task one of these days by making you pay a serious fine for misinformation of the masses be ethic check your facts ‘Mr. Banda retired the Army Deputy Commander Lieutenant General F.S. Mapala who would be redeployed to perform other National duties and replaced him with Brigadier General Mukanda.

    He disclosed that he has retired the Zambia Air force Commander Major General Chileshe’ Lieutenant General F.S. Mapala was infact the former ZAF command’ not as per your report pls

  37. Why are people up in arms over this? Is it because the guys who have been sacked where doing such a great job? Are you against the tribal balancing or do you guys just like getting your knickers in a twist for nothing? If we discuss the economy, PF kaponyas dont want to listen because they say the figures are doctored even if they are coming from credible outside sources. If we discuss the ineligibility of Sata and is 90 days miracle we are called shushushus. Banda makes changes to the military which is within his remit and people are up in arms over nothing.

  38. The reason to Retire ” I want to give Room for The Young Ones to have something to Look Up to- Promotion” Then Why Bring Back RETIRED BRIG GEN. ANDREW SAKALA …… :o:o Irony!! Kapena Nipake Niwa kokwasu!…. (just coz we come from same area) Wonder how the Young Commanders feel!! Incapable?:-?:-?

  39. Am confused by your story especially that I did not listen to the President addressing a Press Conference. The names the author of this story is mentioning are confusing. THe story says they have been retired together with their deputies but the man who is said to have been appointed to take over as Army Deputy Chief was ZNS Commandant. General F. S Mapala was never Army deputy commander but Zambia Air Force Commander………………..so can we be correctly informed.

  40. No.40 is right what about not standing in 2010 and let Hon.Machila stand on the MMD ticket.anyway the pact will retire him and send him back to his farm.

  41. Can we have peoper reporting please. Maj Gen Chisheta was ZNS commandant how can ge be made Deputy air commander and hold the same rank as the new Air Commander. LT can you correct your story.

  42. gentlemen/ladies in most mature democracies these security chiefs would have offered to resign as soon as Rb was installed as President. No Commander in Chief goes into battle with men who are not loyal to him. So he must put his people, that is why he is known as Commander in Chief of the Zambia Defence Forces. RB has evry right to do so at anytime and in whatever way he deems right. Even Obama appointed his own people as soon as he came into power, its normail anywhere in the world. Please dont show your ignorance in public you PF kaponya’s

  43. Is that all? Wasnt there anything else to talk about? RB is a joker, he has his priorities all mixed up? Why not address the challenges we are facing like bad roads, floods, the harrassment of opposition party leaders. Since you are giving chance to the young ones whynot give chance to us youths to be president in 2011 by retiring?

  44. This retired group worked under Mpombo at a time when He was Minister of Defence. RB could have sensed some dangers to make this quick decision.:d/

  45. Meanwhile, QFM radio writes that President Banda has replaced General Chisuzi with Brigadier General W.L Lopa who he has promoted to the rank of Major General and was until his appointment Defence Attaché at the Zambian Mission in Ethiopia Addis Ababa.
    Mr Banda has replaced ZAF commander Major General Mapala with retired Brigadier General Andrew Sakala who he has recalled and promoted to the rank of Major General, and has replaced ZNS commandant Major General Chisheta with Brigadier General Yeta from the Zambia Army who he has also promoted to the rank of Major General

  46. Thandiwe, what did you do to your beloved husband inthe nite. He has completely gone insane, mad. We have a Mad Presdident. You dont waste time holding a press conference only to retire service chiefs and their deputies. This could have been done by issuing a communique. Zambia sucks real & big time. You cant retire all service chiefs at once. what have they done, PF/UPND pact memebers or what?? This man is clue less and a time waster for reall. Ha talema naye uyu NyamaSoya. Instead of addressing health care, bad roads, poor drainages (cause 8 months from now it will be rainy season again),poor pay at Luanshya Copper Mines etc he chooses to embarrass service chiefs. A coup can be a nice saviour so that we quickly re-arrest FTJ and trial NyamaSoya for crimes against humanity. God save us.

  47. Was Capt Solo about to strike again? How I wish this could happen so that all thieves/fools (FTJand others) are sent to jail.You cant have a comedian for a presido.Anyway tell us your next destination because we know that these appointments are a way securing your A.S.S. back home whilst flying all over the world.

  48. RB is an economist with an internationally recognized degree but he lacks reasoning power. I wonder who his advisers are. For example, he mentions that he wants to give opportunities to young officers to progress then he goes and brings in a retired Bigadier Gen in the name of Andrew Sakala. Above all, he decides not to retire the oldest of all the commanders in the forces at the police services. Can any of his advisers tell him that ” Mr Commander in Chief” the reasoning behind all this retirement announcemnets is a bunch of BS or his he not just articulate in delivering the planned message?

  49. He still has not retired his tribesman Justice Ernest sakala, who has overstayed as chief justice despite cries from civil socities and the general public. indeed a comedy of errors!!!!

  50. this is strange, says he retired old geusers to give morale to young ones and so that they can be in decision making positions! did he look in the mirror lately! when is he retiring himself:-?

  51. Change is healthy and I salute Mr Presdent RB for this bold stand at the time Zambia is at crossroads.

    However I hope “The President told the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral” will also be implemented to the youth like me so that we assume defining positions for Zambia’s prosperity in other retirements and reshuffles to follow cocerning GRZ.

    Be blessed all and continue to condemn the tribalism like president HH did so that “The President noted that his appointment of the defense force represent all the regions in the country to ensure that every one contribute to the national duties” this time around.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and…

  52. # 52 You’re somehow right. Mpombo has ambitions for presidency. RB was obviously insecure being surrounded by those generals. It sounds logical to retire them. But again, recalling retirees, when we have young officers to do the job, beats the whole logic.

  53. #62 Josef
    I was only saying that the man holds a degree in economics but lacks reasoning power. I totally agree with you that the two goes hand in hand but the presido doesnt seem to have it. Having said that, that does not mean that we have to strip him off his degree he earned simply because his actings,conducts and deeds do not align with his said education.

  54. # 52 mangelepa and gumu gumu # 65. That is all speculation. He simply did what it is within his powers to do. All you really come up with are conspiracy theories


  56. Was there a coup in the making? I have no problem with regional represenatation, so long as it conforms with ability/capacity to get the job done.

  57. Imwe bantu this was expected. how do u work with your enemy’s friends? especially when that enemy is after your seat

  58. All past Leaders KK, FJT and LPM made changes to the Defense force. Why is it wrong for RB. Zambian we waste a lot of time witch hunting.

  59. All who are against, please try to be reasonable. RB is the Comander in Chief and he can hire or fire defence chiefs (is there a problem or is he the first president who has done this?- take your ignorance somewhere else).
    Those of you who are talking of roads, floods, etc – havent you seen that roads are being worked on , mitigation of floods is going on, funds have been released for drainage. Don’t just follow the hatred path of the post -research every statement or news you read. Go RB you are in the right direction, never mind these empty heads who support immoral people who impregnates two sisters!!!

  60. This guy is a joker, it’s all about tribal balancing and nothing to do with performance, huh?

  61. bringing in young ones!!!!!!! mr president check yourself, are you young yourself. can someone help our old man draw the agenda for the reaining months?

  62. that clearly shows that our current president has nothing to offer to the people of Zambia. he shouldn,t be getting anoyd when people say that he behalves like A HEADLESS CHICKEN.

  63. #77 – How unreasonable can you be. Surely a right minded leader wouldnt possibly fire the entire leadership of Armed forces at the same time purely to create a tribal balance. For your own information, this is the first time that it has been done to all forces at once. I wonder the billions he has spent to pay for retirement are well worth the effort. This guy is failing to lead.

  64. :”>Manyazi!!! ūüėģ Cifundo ine!!! Ningo ganiza pali vamene vicitika:-?
    Kapena tinga pumuleko manje, tisebenzeko mushe #:-s. Ti onane

  65. Of all the work we expect our President to be engaged in, when given the opportunity of a press conference to address us, our President had only ONE item on the agenda! ONLY one point that all & hundreds of people trooped back after wasting the whole morning.

  66. I have not ready any Tonga name among those promoted so he can not call this regional balance. We want to see names like Hamasaka, Muntanga, Munkombwe etc. those are real tonga names, where is the balance coming from, educate me. May be I have over stayed in the diaspora and I have started forgetting Tonga names. Yes I have read and recognised Lozi, Bemba names and in addition a Sakala name too. RB can not make a promotion without showing his ugly tribalist mark. Most of the agricultural offices in Southern province are lead by Easterners.

  67. shocking article on zimbabwemail… the boers’ friends has declared war on blacks… has the Zedians got any clue what it means? For some this could mean no more airlift’s to SA for medical treatments etc… ready or not!?:-w

  68. that is a good one to let young pipo head our defence forces, very good. how about reshuffles in the State House as well starting with the President for young ones to take over

  69. Its normal for a Commander in Chief to retire the top brass.Not long ago I heard Sata complain that there were very old men in uniform on contract thus hindering career progression of the young men and women uniform. Whats wrong with these bloggers. As for Major Gen Chisheta being redeployed back to army is a deputy commander and holding the same rank with Major Gen Lopa, How sensible is this appointment? As No 50 King Solomon Obama still maintained Robert Gates as his Defence Secretary may be coz of the situation in Iraq & Afhiganstan. Please can some one give us the names of the current Deputy Defence Chiefs. How come R Phiri has survived at the Red Brick or his turn will also come at a later stage.Blogers shade more light as the Lsk times staffer is not fit 4 reporting only distortions

  70. #89 Sometimes you should think before you post. There are 73 ethnic groups in Zambia surely not all of them can be represented? How many people from other provinces are there in the top brass of UPND? How come many of the heads and staff of a lot of NGOs in Zambia that I have worked with ar from Southern province? Please let us not go down that road as it will lead us to nowhere.

  71. he is either retiring, firing or attacking the opposition. i wish one day he can write and read his own speech so that he blufs about what he means not paying jere for thinking on his behalf. God please SAVE OUR SOULS, ala twachula!!!!!!!

  72. LT you should have used a heading like”President Banda retires” for the apriel fools day instead of the other one that you used last time.[-(

  73. Shimwalule #89 Your statement shows how thick you are in the head. You can not tell someone to think before writing. I am not your girl friend or wife neither am I your relative. i will tell you to go to the bush and commit suicide if you and may be when you wake up from death you will start respecting other people. What do you understand by regional balancing in the country? Among those names tell me the name represented by the bantu botatwe? In my statement I said may be I have not recognised a name from the southern province, please educate. Instead of educating me you are telling me to think before writing, who is thinking there? Be sober and level headed if you want peace in your life.

  74. Is it bcoz of Mbompo Ex Defence Minister recommending the appointments to Late LPM. Now wanting to challenge R.B as MMD party Presido at Z party convention.Ya ba bapilamo ama officer :-?:-?

  75. Shmwalule #95 please answer me. You wrote a silly comment about what I said on #89.i have answered you on #99. may be this time you can show us your intelligency.

  76. this change was long overdue. it helps unclog the system. all you dimwits who think it was a dumb move have not been in the service.

    thank you presido.

    next: bring in new civil servants. tired of these jokers and raise mineral tax!!!

  77. kashimani #99 dont bring your cheap tribal talk on this fora!Theres only one tribe in Zambia and that tribe is Zambian!So all you who want to promote your small tribes are all a bunch of losers!talk development and not regionalism!And dont promote suicide here.This is not a suicide web site!Grow up!

  78. Thats it!!,confirmed now that everything Levy did will be reversed by Rupiah Banda.I think its a slap in the face for Gen. Chisuzu coz the Man protected Mr.Bwezani alot during the last elections.It was the first time that an Army Commander addressed the Nation and Soldiers,it was frightening coz Chisuzi knew that Sata was going to win those elections.I dont know if I should feel pity for the Generals or not,but as we always say;shit happenns,we can take a leaf from what happenned to Ephraim Mateyo.Im sure Mr.Bwezani wants total loyalty from the New Appointments so that all ZAF Planes should be allowed to carry Cadres during elections,coz Im sure Mapala was giving resistance.But the followwers for the fired Generals will react,Im sure in the Army,Airforce and ZNS,there is acrimony there.

  79. Kashimani I have already answered your question. There are 73 ethnic groups in Zambia. I can also ask you if there is a Lungu name on that list, or if there is a Nkoya name or a Chikunda or a Wandya or a Lambya or whatever name on the list where does it all end? What is going to happen if everybody starts thinking and saying ‘but we are not represented’? if we must compare and contrast please inform me of the ethnic make up of the UPND or PF hierarchy.

  80. Chitimbwa #103 It is not about being tribal but holding a person responsible to the words he pronounces. The president talked about regional balancing when he appointed those officers, what did he mean? Was he saying another thing while doing the opposite? it is not good to tell others to keep quiet when it is very obvious that someone is blatantly telling lies. I will talk about development when I see it but not until people are still swimming in dirty water in a very over crowded city where if an out break of disease happens thousands can die. I can not see development yet worthy talking about when the president is always in air with a very big entourage spending millions of kwacha. This RB is very dangerous, that Yeta should be from Inyambo Yeta’s family while Inyambo Yeta is a PS.

  81. #104 Is this the first time that the president has re-shuffled the top brass in the military? Why do we have over-dramatise everything?

  82. Inyambo yeta’s wife is a PS at ministry of lands, not as written above, apologies, it was an error. RB is giving jobs all to those he worked with in UNIP and their families.

  83. Shimwalule, I am not a UPND member. yes I am tonga but that does not all tongas are UPND. You have daniel Munkombwe and now hamiyanze tearing UPND everyday but they are tongas. i have not condemned the MMD structure if anything I was die hard supporter of MMD in early 90s. It is not good for you to engage me on party cadre politics. What had annoyed me is your statement that i should think before I write. it is RB who think before he says something, political langauge meant to deceive others is very bad. When politiciqans speak we should be hearing beyond what they say because THEY SPEAK SO MANY WORDS WITH LITTLE SUBSTANCE IN MANY TIMES.

  84. This is a strategy , Military is more of a threat than fr Bwalya , he knows that has to put new people to protect himself.



  87. Kashimani good to see that you are taking my advice. If you make stupid comments dont be surprised if you are challenged.

  88. If people are not retired we complain when they are retired we still complain THIS IS ZAMBIA (ZAMBIANS) THE REAL AFRICA… its like Nawakwi said “headless Chicken” only on a wide scale include the general public why dont you…You lot are just good at talking and as the saying goes


    Such is the reason development can not come quick enough

  89. Am surprised how people are busy condemning the presidents move. This man has maintained these defence chiefs for over a year from the time he took office, dont you think it was a matter of time for them to be retired? The president is the Commander in-chief of all armed forces in Zambia, he needs to be surrounded by people he can trust regardless of whether bloggers on this site think some defence chief was doing a good job or not! Those were Mwanawasa appointees and this man has just removed them to put people he wants, where is the problem? This a security issue, especially when you look at his relationship with the lambas and Mpombo, those former defence chiefs where loyal to a lamba president, who knows what would happen? I dont like RB but i support him on this.

  90. “The President told the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral.” Why is this man always left to talk rubbish and telling lies to the nation. He has appointed Brigadier General Andrew Sakala to head ZAF who had retired. Does it mean someone grows younger during their retirement and that is why he saying that he has made changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decison making positions and to boost their moral? RB never tells the truth to the nation, he says something else and does the opposite. Mr President you must check the language you are using against what you are doing.

  91. The President told the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that YOUNG OFFICERS were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral.

    …..replaced with him with RETIRED Brigadier General Andrew Sakala who he has recalled and promoted to the rank of Major General.

    People pliz help me reconcile the two statements above..?????

  92. Why should the president tell the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral when he has brought in a retired general who had done his part. I have learnt that you can only do things in your time and not in someones time. The recalling of retired officers is a draw back and not mearnt to have young officers being given chance. Anyway we dont know what the word young means to him.

  93. Dont forget there is need to blend young and old officers. Military is a complex establishment. In case you never knew Gen Andrew Sakala this man was a presidential pilot. I am surprised that Sata is compalining that RB has retired professional career soldiers has he forgotten when he wrote to RB to retire officers who had reached retirement age and were on contract. Pipo should stop behaving like headless chickens. Service are retired and leaders act on daily security reports they get on daily basis. Those retired had served the nation to their full capacity and time was up for other men to take over. What pipo forget is that public offices are not personal to holder paka kumanda. Those have brought some joy to officer corps who could not move upwards. Gud day.

  94. There is something fishee about these changes. Though RB was quick to defend this foolish move. Time will tell.:-?:-?:-w:-w

  95. Chisuzi firstly overstayed 9yrs ! The thing that saw him out is that he chose to deliberately disregard a statutory instrument 38 of 2009 that required all those old generals serving on illegal contracts (brought in by Levy) to retire with effect from 17 June 2009. He was reminded last week at a meeting at ministry of defence to action the presidents directive but he ingored it because he has become too drunk with the Legacy. The generals he was trying to protect had occupied positions thus blocking the rise of young and modern officers. Chisuzi’s reign has nothing beneficial to talk about apart from his Lenje-Lamba tribalism perculiar with Levy’s rule. Well done RB you have our massive votes !

  96. You recall Sakala from retirement to be air commander and you claim you’re unclogging the system?? Kwena Bwezani!

  97. :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(, Ba KK, Ba Late P……wasa at least they had the vision 4 the country, the was suppose to be on news papers, Good Advicers Good Leadership???????

  98. “The President told the gathering that he made the changes to ensure that young officers were given chance to hold decision making position and to boost their moral”. It seems our president knows what right for Zambia, looking at the reason he replaced the defense head. This means he is aware that Zambia needs a new presida to boost the moral of Zambians.

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