Police is an arm of the MMD- UPND MP.


United Party for National Development UPND has charged that Law enforcers in the country have become an arm of the Movement for Muilty Party Democracy(MMD).

Mwinilungu East UPND member of parliament Stephen Katuka said the police officers manning Mufumbwe constituency have been given direct instructions by the MMD leaders to arrest only opposition cadres perpetuating violence in the area.

He complained that the UPND-PF pact is campaigning in fear because the police officers in the area have withdrawn its services from the opposition.

Kutaka said that this situation has made the UPND-PF pact resort to protecting themselves from attacks by MMD cadres.

He explained that it is sad that law enforcers in the area have decided to operate with clear political inclinations instead of operating professionalism.

Meanwhile the MP has described the recent revelations of misappropriation of funds in the Patriotic Front dominated Councils as utter rubbish.

Meanwhile the MP has described the recent revelations of misappropriation of funds in the Patriotic Front dominated Councils as utter rubbish.

He further charged that if true, the recent revelations are a sign that the Government has failed to supervise the councils. He said he does not see the reason why MMD is blaming the misappropriation of funds on the PF because all the councils are supervised by the Local Government Minister.

He said that Government should not shift its incompetence on the PF if they have failed to control the councils.

He also claimed that the correct proper audit has not been done stressing that the audit should be subjected to the Auditor Generals office followed by National Assemblies public accounts committee for scrutiny unlike the procedure used which he described as cheap politicking by republican president Rupiah Banda.



  1. If you know that the police is a branch of the ruling MMD why do you keep running and reporting to them? Why complain if you believe the police officers in the area have withdrawn its services from the opposition? Certainly its you complaining and not the police you claim is MMD. Shove off.

  2. Mufumbwe people arm yourselves now. Time for self defence has come. There is no police service in Zambia. Police is MMD. Make sure that you have machets and Pangas even guns for those who can afford to counter the MMD attacks. This is the only way frward for the police have decided to fight the people and not to protect them. RB , KABONDE and their minions will be held accountable for what ever Zambia shall turn into in 2011. RB you should be ashamed of your self that you are perpetuating violence in Zambia.

  3. Mufumbwe teach MMD a lesson. As for the Police, in Zambia we dont have a proffessional Police Service. What we have is an MMD annoited Police. Kabonde out of all service Chiefs was not touched, why? His brain is controled like a muppet by RB.

    He consults state house on who to arrest and who not to touch. Remember, he said threatening violence is not a crime. Reason MMD

  4. Bane come 2011 we shall see what we have not seen in Zambia. MMD is not ready to give up power at all costs and Zambian have also said enough is enough. This time around people are ready to take matters in their own hands if change does not come in 2011 and MMD will be held responsible for what ever will happen.

  5. Do not worry Mufumbwe is gone to UPND whether people like or not the whole north west is gone back to UPND actually 98%

  6. hey guys join PF/UPND FOR 2011 on facebook. it is open to all you. will have an opportunity to link to the presidents of the pact…

  7. Kabonde was running and hiding from the MMD thugs with cataputs and stones. Infact he hid under the table in the officer-in-charge’s office. I wish they had hammered you one kwitako so that you could have seriously complained to your boss when he came for campaigns!! Stones & pangas KNOW NO party colours,whether MMD’s blue, UPND’s green or PF’s colourless…the only colour that they produce is red, that of blood. Kabonde, you must be vigilant is safe guarding the peace by being impartial and letting equal rights prevail. Otherwise, nii no equal rights, no peace!

  8. Mwata I don’t seem to get your point. Do you mean the opposition should stop running since they complain or do you mean they should stop competing if the environment is not conducive? It seems Zambia is heading to what Zimbabwe went through. When people are power hungry like Mugabe in Zimbabwe everyone gets screwed up, I can see old Banda behaving the same way.

  9. No. 5 INSAKA you are smart, I think I can see that coming. People are tired with MMD, the only way the MMD is going to win is by hiring police to wipe people and forcing them to vote for MMD, I don’t that happening in Zambia.

  10. Zambia has no opposition to provide alternative to the ruling MMD. What we see masquarading as alternatives are nothing but discombulated legion of factionalist sissies without a heart for the country, the people and national character. To think that these tribal militia leaders and their unholy alliances would be alternative by virtue of appendage of some religious counterfeit cult leader calling on Zambians to Die is sublevel delusional utopia. And what are these creams by this sissie called Kakoma claiming MMD wanted to kill him as if he is ever immortal that one should plan to take him off needlessly. Isn’t it easy to knock off such flies without much ado if there is need? Would serious assassins handle him careless when he is as vulnerable as a cockroach 24/7? You get what you ask.

  11. Really Vetran you are a vimpire man, a heartless creature, a bootlicker to the bones, a childish and a small brain person. You say the wounds inflicated on Kakoma by your MMD cadres is nothing to write home about? Just wait for 2011 , all Zambians will be prepared to counter the police and MMD attacks. Just wait for 2011 man, MMD will be no more. We will hunt you where ever you will hide.

  12. 2011, the MMD is not going out without bloodshed.Zambians are now so tired and sick of this draconian system called MMD that they now use any means necessary to free themselves from this dicator called Rupia and his demons.

  13. See all brainless PF kaponyas lamentably failing in intelligent counter debate . They resort to insults and useless threats not even a 6 months ld kids can both to take to heart.

  14. Since UPND officials and mere citizens of Mumfumbwe identified some MMD cadres in Police Uniform, isn’t it right to conclude that the statement from PF/UPND Pact that Lilayi is training MMD cadres to disturb the 2011 election process is right? So, the first batch of these trained criminals are already in the field. The question I have to ask fellow citizens, is are we going to allow this kind of leadership and thuggery to continue? Are we so docile that even when we are abiding to the laws of the land, Rupiah and William Banda can be allowed to agitate for a dangerous situation? Why are we Zambians so docile? Why do we allow even foreigners to harass us in our own country? Are we not a united people ready and capable enough to defend what our freedom fighters died for? Our freedoms.

  15. Why should those in the minority seem to be like they are in the majority? Why should allow Rupiah and William Banda destroy what our fathers died for? Why should the police seem to be as useless and hopeless because of William Banda? If you remember correctly, William did this before. He turned the Villantes into a powerful force than our police force. Now he has decided to even take over Lilayi Police training College to be a UNIP/MMD Vigilante training college. Are we going to allow that? Why should we have such a situation taking place even when we know that the fool is not a Zambian and is bent on destroying what you have built? I would rather in the process of saving millions if it means eliminating one or two, that is done. Banda must go at all costs.

  16. #2 we know that line, it has been used countless times in history by blood thirsty people who want to fan violence as a route to power. They will create the violence and blame it on their adversaries. Later on they will incite the masses to arm and defend themselves. Arm themselves against what? And such groups are planted on this blog. They are blogging as many bloggers in order to create the impression of a public outcry, when in fact it is just a handful of people, maybe not more than two or three. You can tell by their lack of analysis or balanced views, and by a common thread in their line of blogging. Zambians beware…..they shall come disguised in many forms. We know who wields pangas but that one is preaching peace in Milanzi, and the mapatizya formula?

  17. Mwata remember that next year, you are returning pa zed. You will not manage blogging as you are using grz fundd to do so.Mwiponta mukabwela pa zed.

    We’ve stopped playing jokes with you we’ve left it to nature to sort you out. We hope the i.d.i.o.t in South africa comes a cargo. As for you and you same s.e.x partner Mr Capitalist you’re just comedians with nothing much to do in life, no one take you serious.


  20. This is not surprising at all.

    When lawlessness becomes the basis by which the opposition stage their campaigns, it is normal for government to embrace the armed forces in order to fight the scourge. Zambia, in my opinion, has a poorly regulated elections policy which needs to be strengthened to a level where political parties breaking the rules do get disqualified from contesting. This way, the opposition will not try to intimidate voters supportive of the ruling party, thus causing chaos as they will be disqualified from the race. Furthermore, the ruling party will need not to embrace the armed forces as they do thus putting the opposition at a political disadvantage!

    Without these rules, African elections will never come close to US or UK standards.

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