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Sata’s campaign in Church bewilders priest


Mr Sata and PF Milanzi parliamentary candidate Albert Banda (in glasses) during a meeting with headmen iat Katiula in Milanzi

PATROTIC Front (PF) leader Michael Sata yesterday surprised Chimbundire Parish priest Lazarus Nyirenda and other parishioners when he started campaigning for the PF-UPND Pact candidate Albert Banda in church when he attended mass at St Rosaria outstation in Milanzi Constituency.

And Mr Sata has said he has not been receiving the Eucharist in the Catholic Church because of his busy schedule.

Mr Sata, who was accompanied by PF officials among them Eastern Province chairperson Solomoni Mbuzi, Milanzi Constituency campaign manager Charles Banda, Katete District chairperson Atlas Mvula and other party officials surprised people when he took advantage of the introduction session and started campaigning for Mr Banda ahead of the April 29 Milanzi parliamentary polls.

Mr Sata started addressing the congregants in church after an introduction by Chimbundire Catholic outstation parish chairperson to introduce his entourage in church during service.

Before Mr Sata could introduce Mr Banda to the congregation, the PF leader started by chanting a campaign slogan in Chewa “Galu akati kope Wataya Nyama”, (literally meaning that if a hunting dog blinks, it loses the sight of the animal).

He urged the congregation not to lose sight but to vote for Mr Banda on Thursday.
Mr Sata said even when the disciples of Jesus were called to serve the people; they left everything they had to follow Jesus.

Mr Sata said this in apparent reference to the PF-UPND candidate who works for Zamtel in Lusaka.

He said the PF-UPND candidate in the Milanzi parliamentary by-election left all he had in Lusaka to serve the people of Milanzi Constituency.

Mr Sata advised Mr Banda to work closely with the people when he wins the Milanzi Constituency seat on Thursday.

He said the Church has spread to so many parts of the country where the Government has not reached and advised Mr Banda who is also a Catholic and congregates at Regiment Parish in Lusaka to always work with the church.

The PF leader said he served as a Member of Parliament for15 years because he has been listening to the voices of the people he has been serving.

Father Nyirenda said he was surprised that Mr Sata took advantage of the introduction session to start campaigning for the PF-UPND candidate ahead of the Milanzi polls.

He said he did not know that Mr Sata would congregate with him at Chimbundire. He said there was no harm in introducing any new member in church but he was not consulted that Mr Sata would speak to the congregation in church.

“I was not consulted on whether Mr Sata would say something during introduction session. I know it’s our culture in the Catholic Church to introduce newcomers or visitors, but I didn’t expect him to speak at length,” Fr Nyirenda said.

He said he was initially informed that Mr Sata would be attending mass at St Johns Parish in Katete but was surprised to see him in Chimbundire.

Meanwhile, Fr Nyirenda has advised the people of Milanzi to turn up in large numbers on Thursday and elect the leader of their choice.

Speaking during mass, Fr Nyirenda thanked all the people of Milanzi for not engaging in violence during the campaign trail.

And Mr Sata said he had not been receiving the Eucharist in the Catholic Church because of the campaigns he had been conducting of late.

Mr Sata said he was a staunch Catholic who followed the church’s doctrine to the latter.

He said he was not receiving the Eucharist because he had not been going for confession, which is mandatory before any Catholic could receive the body of Christ.

Mr Sata said he could not find time to go for confession of late because of the series of meetings he is addressing in Milanzi.

Mr Sata said there was no pressure for him not to receive the Eucharist from anyone, but that the idea to block him was coming from second Republican president Frederick Chiluba.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Sata fails to receive Eucharist

    PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday failed to receive Eucharist during mass at St Rosaria Catholic Church in Katete with the excuse that he has not confessed his sins.

    Mr Sata, who attended the morning session, remained on his feet as other congregants stepped up to receive the Eucharist.

    There has been heated debate on whether Mr Sata should receive Eucharist after revelations that he sired children outside wedlock.

    While some argue that Mr Sata has abrogated the Catholic Church doctrine and should therefore not receive Eucharist, others say the “battle” to do so is between him and God.

    Before inviting congregants to receive Eucharist, a church official appealed to those not allowed to receive it to remain in their…

  2. But Mr Sata said his inability to receive Eucharist was not a result of pressure from people, but because he has not confessed his sins.

    “As we campaign, we say some things that may not please God, and which we should confess, but since we are so busy with the campaigns, I have not had time to confess. So, I decided against taking the Eucharist.

    “If you believe you have sinned and have not confessed, you cannot receive Eucharist…that is the Catholic order,” he said.

    Mr Sata said public pressure, which he alleged is being perpetrated by former President Chiluba, has nothing to do with his decision not to receive the Eucharist.

    Mr Sata is in the area to drum up support for PF candidate in the Milanzi parliamentary by-election Albert Banda.

  3. LT, what did Sata say? Lt must stop lying. Give the statement you heard, not hearsay from the Rupiah Banda Media.

  4. Leave Sata alone. How many times has RB campaigned in Church, worse still at furnerals. It’s part of the game. LT this is not news at all.

  5. Please Mr. Sata, there is a time and place for everything. You don’t have to take politics everywhere you go. Respect the surroundings you’re in PLEASE.

  6. LT this is not news. You LT sometimes suprises me, You have not repoted how Kabonde was chased by MMD caders in Mufumbwe but so quick to report about Sata church meeting…why? Sata is not the only one who has campained in church, RB has done it so many times. NOW IAM STARTING TO AGREE WITH PEOPLE SAYING LT HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY MMD.

  7. Ala, RBee campaigned against PF councils at a Mine opening venture! Corporate and Cheap politiking is so wrong and embarrassing. RBee’s mentor FTJ continously uses the church for hiding and campaigning for his protege. Leave sata alone.

  8. Veep fails to show up in Milanzi
    Vice president George Kunda’s absence in Milanzi has left people wondering in shock despite the programme indicating that he was suppose to be there.

    A source from Milanzi tells QFM, SATURDAY morning, that the vice president has not been seen in the constituency to drum up support for the MMD candidate in the forth coming Milanzi by election.

    The source says that Mr. Kunda was supposed to address a rally last week, but he never showed up.

  9. He says that MMD senior officials have also expressed ignorance over the non- show of the vice president.

    Yesterday, Chief government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha expressed ignorance over reports that Vice president George Kunda has been flown to South Africa for medical attention.

    Highly placed sources told QFM News that the vice president has been flown to South Africa for medical attention and will only be back in the country on 29th April 2010.

    The source further explained that the vice president was flown out of the country on Wednesday 21st April 2010.

    But when contacted on Friday to confirm the reports, Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha expressed ignorance about the matter stating that he knows nothing about the vice president.

  10. I am just disappointed with violence that happened in Mufumbwe and I hope cops would be alert in the other coming elections and put enough measures to curb culprits. Zambia is a True Christian Nation and if the freedom we are enjoying is not defended by us Zambians, foreigners would take advantage and destroy the peace that we have.

  11. Sata is done nothing wrong…..he was given the platform so that he can introduce his people so he had the opportunity to tell the church why he was there in Katete……

  12. hey guys join PF/UPND FOR 2011 on facebook. it is open to all you will have an opportunity to link to the presidents of the pact

  13. LT this is not news! Matters of GOD are personnal issues. don’t judge Sata, go out and report about what MMD is doing in this By election!

  14. As usual SATA is never a serious man, He wanted to politicise Mwanawasas funeral by flying everywhere the body was being taken. I feel very sorry for his followers who take him for a serious person. Records of his serious mischieviours behaviour in UNIP and MMD are there for poeple to see and gudge, SATA will never change and its a big risk or gumble to try him as republican president. It is not good to regret after you have committed a wrong, when you should have avoided that wrong. GOD HELP ZAMBIA.

  15. For sure Lusaka Times has been bought by MMD, muchinje! A lot of bad things are going on unreported in Mufumbwe and u just report on the opposition……..

  16. Goerge kunda has been flown to South Africa following an illness during the campaigns. Yakwela BP wait muzaluza muzaona.

  17. #12 loose canon: Just a point of correction in case we bebate from without. RB did not campagn against anybody let alone Mr. Sata at “a mine opening venture” by which am assuming you mean the recent KDMP lounge in Chililabombwe where Frank Mutubila was master of ceremony. I was there and no reference was made to Mr. Sata or Mr. Hichilema. Those other political statements and campagns were made at a political rally in Kitwe and some press conference.

  18. Let Times Of Zambia,Daily Mail,ZNBC and Lusaka Times condem my Grandfather(RB) for compaigning everywhere he goes.Yesterday,he was in Mwinilunga and visited the funeral House of the Chief there,Is it not bad?.Why are these Editors of these media being such hypocritical?.I congregate at St.Mary’s Catholic Church in Matero,and the reason why Faustin Sinyangwe is an MP is because she used to congregate with us but ever since she got into bad books with PF,she has since stopped coming to Matero Parish,instead she acompanys ka Chiluba & RB & Rev.Shikapwasha to BIGOCA,where unrepentant pagans are glorified.

  19. Anyway, Fr. Nyirenda himself confirmed that it was ok to talk politics in church and I quote

    ‘Meanwhile, Fr Nyirenda has advised the people of Milanzi to turn up in large numbers on Thursday and elect the leader of their choice.”

    As other bloggers have said, this is NOT news.:)>-

  20. thez nuthing wrong with mr SATA the incomin president of zambia to campain in church. ba times if u have no sensible news just cloze yo ka organisation

  21. #28:o
    Niva chendi, aini! Amai Sinyangwe ana chinja church cifukwa akonda kudya. Njala ima bwelesa ma nyazi maningi.
    Imagine hanging with the influential coz you are MP then all of a sudden, find yourself in bad books with party that got you elected, you do the next best thing: Side with the devil & FJT against the people **==
    Tizaona ko mu next election
    #-o#-o ngati mwai taya olo ni right decision#:-s#:-s

  22. I like the picture of the ‘Insaka’ above… At least we have not lost our culture altogether… Sata is seizing every opportunity to campaign whether wrong or right… As a result he is always making headlines. Campaign strategy…??? food for thought…..

  23. Nothing wrong about Sata talking politics in Church. Who said Church can never be used to discuss matters affecting people. That is our Father’s house, and why should we not discuss issues affecting or concerning ourselves in Our Father’s House? LT you are not worth reading nowadays, you simply reproduce texts from Times and Daily – why? I am its a waste of time to read the same news twice Isn’t it?.

  24. Nothing wrong about Sata talking politics in Church. Who said Church can never be used to discuss matters affecting people! That is our Father’s house, and why should we not discuss issues affecting or concerning ourselves in Our Father’s House? LT you are not worth reading nowadays, you simply reproduce texts from Times and Daily – why? I am its a waste of time to read the same news twice Isn’t it?.

  25. Mutule, so then the priest should have started supporting the MMD candidate after Mr SATAs stamement….r u sure its the right place?

  26. #4 gives some useful insight into Mr Sata’s character, he says “As we campaign, we say some things that may not please God, and which we should confess, but since we are so busy with the campaigns, I have not had time to confess. So, I decided against taking the Eucharist.

    “If you believe you have sinned and have not confessed, you cannot receive Eucharist…that is the Catholic order,” he said.

    Possible interpretations: 1. Sata knows that he has told lies during the campaigns, as he always does, nothing to do with time; 2. he cannot confess because he is still campaigning; 3. he cannot confess before a stranger lest the stranger spills the beans;
    In short Mr Sata is a self confessed liar (by his words not mine). That is the “future president of Zambia” for you.

  27. This and recent revelations on Mr Sata are just a tip of the iceberg. Before 2011 sets upon us we shall have seen and heard more, sufficient to make an informed decision before we enter the polling booths. Akanwa aka tata!!!

  28. lusaka times F.U.C.K you for not reporting on mumfumbwe wrangles. you are a bunch of bull. you suck. I.D.I.O.T.S. email me if you want or take me out of you system, i don’t care, you mother f.u.c.k.e.r.s, MMD. Nonsense.

  29. Katie #39 & 40:

    You logic is flawed. I was going to call you a liar too but I am not. Just work on your analytical skills. Not ready for public consumption.

    Hint: When you make an assumption, the assumption cannot be extedned into the [condition] under review. Meaning, you can’t draw a conclusion from an assumption. Get it?

  30. #41 Kafupi. Are you normal? You are the chaps giving PF a bad name. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want you anywhere near government instruments; you are a shame to the human species.

    Those in MMD know their fear is that Councils will perform better, especially the City& Municipal Councils which are under the opposition, and that would be a threat to the survival of MMD. This is the perception of those in MMD, its sad to have such shallow minded leaders that can hold back the development of the nation for their own benefit at the expense of the masses.
    Finally, are MMD controlled Councils doing better than those under opposition?
    Can MMD tell us why Councils they control e.g. Kaoma in W. Province, Milenge in Luapula &Isoka have had misappropriation cases (not misapplication) What of AG reports on Central Govt?
    Minister of MLGH, who’s MMD, approves all budgets for Councils.

  32. Impressive stuff epecially about that Eucarist after Mr FTJ Chiluba brought it out.

    Anyhow, I am interested in today’s POST news reporting ““We are all here made in the image of God and we don’t want these children to be illiterate. If Mr Rupiah Banda’s government says a councillor must be grade 12, how many here are grade 12? Even if they finish grade 12 there are no jobs” which indicates that Mr PF/Sata MC himself is aware of the fact that a Grade 12 certificate clause may bar him from standing for Zambian President as UPND-PF PACT presidential candidate in next year’s forth coming elections if he does not have one.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  33. Impressive bashi micheal thats the right perspective approach, its worthy of a right call for your candidate to scoop that seat , after all when the rain falls we earnestly need him to win with a very wide margin apart with the MMD. :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:d/:d/:d/:d/ .

  34. It is suprising that while others are going out of the church to campain outside the church (Father Bwalya), other are turning into church to campain. Zambia is unique in its own right. Micheal Chilufya Sata is a very agressive politician. However, if we are saying chiefs should not be partisan to political party politics then I think the Church is even more so supposed to be non partisan to political party politics, even though individuual members of a particular church organization are free to vote for whichever political party they want to vote for. I think this is a dangerous path, am not sure if Mr Sata understands the magnitude of this blander.

  35. He has realised that the call boys and kaponyas he was addressing will not deliver him plot one, not even the empoy of a genocidal priest will do that, now he is reduced to forcing his tribal tirade down inocent church followers. PF and your small time crooks and dope peddlers that are all viying for GRZ positions,
    PF ” you can fool some people some times but you cant fool all the people all the time”
    R.N. Marley

  36. Lets go Sata Lets go. Lets go and fish out the mad MMD from state house. Let us jail them together with the short thief of other people’s wives. MMD IS SO DESPERATE , now they dont know what to do. hehehe, hahahah. wapya munzi !!!!!:d/:d/:d/

  37. the father did the right thing.the church does not preach the future.it is about the realities of life.the father was just doing some nice PR.WHERE IS GEORGE KUNDA ,sick and dying somewhere we deserve to know as his employers.lusaka times we need to know.ba george batuntulu

  38. Mastro, are you for the PACT or MMD? am dissapointed with you. If you think UPND can do you miracles alone, then be ready for a rude shock. you have wrong calculations. STOP BEING TRIBAL AND PETTY.

  39. #42 If there is a linear relationship – which is what Katie is showing you, you can make an extrapolation to the conclusion.

  40. ‘charity begins at home’ and also ekelesia katolika ndemutanda shani ne mwaice? ‘ndeya ntapile ku citente konse tata elo ntandanye monse’

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