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Families Gather For 17th Gabon Memorial


The families of the Gabon crash victims gather at the heroes’ acre at Independence stadium in Lusaka on Wednesday April 29 to mark 17 years since the Zambia teams’ tragic accident.

Family spokesperson Joyce Chabala said this year’s memorial will be a low key event.

She said families of the 30 who died in an air crash on Tuesday, April 28 1993 off the coast of Gabon will gather at 10:00 at the grave site next to Independence stadium.

No official program from Faz was by press time available from Faz.


  1. 17 years, and we still don’t know the truth about what really transpired. Is it too much to ask what really happened to our brothers?

  2. The official report is already out….The plane was shot down…see the reconstruction of the event on National geography channel..” Air crash Investigation”:o:o:o

  3. When people Say it is difficult to replace some departed beloveones,it fits in here ,this team will never be replaced and it was big Blow not only to their families but all of us and the impact is till being felt by all of us.
    May their Souls Rest in eternal Peace,we shall always miss them.

  4. # 3 well done in deed on your information. If it is true then makes very sad reading and very sad chapter.

    In Africa any military issues i.e. loses, bungle ups etc are treated confidential. Any talk about them is deemed TREASON. How foolish of us. Ka Chiluba is around, Ben Mwila (BY) was defence chief at that time, he is around so what happened? The service chief at that time i’m told is also around. This MMD has conspired, employed delaying tacktics till everyone who questions the report eventually dies. Why have they not released report up to now. The voices demanding for it have been shrinking each day. yaba Pls MUVI TV get the program video from National Geographic Channel and air it.

  5. Just to add on, it is very sad that the 30 men on the plane were fathers to 90 children. And all the kids had learn to live without “ba daddy” since that fateful day. [-(

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