Finland commits 5m euros for Budget


FINLAND has committed five million euros to Zambia as Budget support and hailed the Government’s prudence in resource management, which could boost economic development.

Finish Ambassador to Zambia, Niiles-Jouni Aikio said the Government had shown increased commitment in promoting transparency and accountability.

She, however, said more needed to be done in the fight against corruption and push donor confidence higher.

Ms Aikio was impressed that the Government remained resolute to suppress the effects of the global economic crisis.

Speaking on the sidelines of a cultural performance by the visiting Sami Musical group at her residence, Ms Aikio said the Finish government had released the Budget support as a show of support and solidarity to the economy which had shown signs of strength.

She noted with concern that despite the economy performing well, there was little trickle-down effect on ordinary Zambians.

Ms Aikio said the Finnish government would continue supporting Zambia in areas such as agriculture, environment, culture and private sector development.

She noted with concern that despite the economy performing well, there was little trickle-down effect on ordinary Zambians.

Ms Aikio said her government would closely work with President Rupiah Banda’s Government to find a solution to such an economic question.

She announced that the Akapela Choir was currently in Finland for about three months on an exchange visit with their Sami Group counterparts.

Meanwhile, Community Development and Social Services Minister Michael Kaingu said Zambia had been receiving a lot of technical support in areas such as human resource and finances.

He said the Government was happy that the Finnish government was the first to set the culture media project in Zambia.

Mr Kaingu said the Finnish government had provided about K300 million for the development of the film industry in Zambia through the National Arts Council.

The minister said Zambia was rich in culture with 73 ethnic groups but had not been disadvantaged because the people had learnt to live together.

He urged other countries to emulate the concept of cultural and other exchanges to promote cross-border cultural values.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Make sure you monitor the funds usage. we dont want this tax payers money from Finland to end up constructing lodges for private individuals. Kapoko’s case is still fresh though as usual Zambians tulalaba. Kapoko’s case has slowly faded in the minds. We are not helped by a poor judicial system where the court does not allow us to comment on a case before them (which is used to silence us) but takes time/years to conclude a simple case.

  2. Talking about the budget cycle, it seems most of the expenditure did not start in January as we expected. May be the Ministry of Finance and National Planning was still in the hangover of the old budget cycle. On the Education front most of the dealers have not yet been funded from last year. Could this mean budget support is insufficiently trickling in? I believe for most projects to be on course the government should stick to the budget cycle and go further to change revenue inflows from April to January eg PAYE.

  3. Ambassador, thank you for your support and for the confidence shown in Zambia’s performance on those fronts. Let’s continue working together to find ways and means of ensuring that development trickles down to the people so that we reduce poverty.

    Those in MMD know that their fear is that Councils will perform better, especially the City& Municipal Councils which are under the opposition, and that would be a threat to the survival of MMD. This is the perception of those in MMD, its sad to have such shallow minded leaders that can hold back the development of the nation for their own benefit at the expense of the masses.
    Finally, are MMD controlled Councils doing better than those under opposition?
    Can MMD tell us why Councils they control e.g. Kaoma in W. Province, Milenge in Luapula &Isoka have had misappropriation cases (not misapplication) What of AG reports on Central Govt?
    Minister of MLGH, who’s MMD, approves all budgets for Councils.

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