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Be truthful about chinese investiment, Milupi challenges State


Luena Member of Parliament Charles Milupi has challenged government to be truthful about Chinese investment in Zambia.

Mr. Milupi said government should not go about celebrating Chinese investment in Zambia when the real objective of such investment is not known.
He said Zambia has continued to lose huge amounts of money all in the name of the Asian investments.

He told QFM that government should be truthful especially about what the Chinese government is benefiting from investment in Zambia. He explained that Zambia has continued to lose huge resources that will never be replaced because of too much concentration on foreign investment.

He added that Zambia needs a government that will care about the Zambian people unlike what is happening at the moment.

Mr Milupi said that as things stand, Zambia seems to have surrendered everything to the Chinese government.
[Q FM]


  1. Milupi knows the objectives of Chinese Investment. He should not start to make us guess; he is the legislator. All he needs to do is legislate good laws that will see Zambia benefit from her resources. For example China could be compelled to set up processing industries right here in Zambia that could add value to our resources. This will make Zambia compete with the likes of RSA, Egypt etc. Milupi therefore, should expouse better ideas than complaints. We are looking to our leaders for good governance, not complaints.

  2. ?????????????????Mr Milupi, you should know better than your audience that investment is a two way thing, both parties are meant to benefit from the cake. However if you have the resources and the wherewithall to go about it alone as a country, then you do not have to share the cake and that is the preferable situation. In reality, idealistic and emotional solutions are not available as an option and that is where you as a member of that August house comes in to give us practical solutions. So what is your suggestion, honourable?

  3. #2 Mavimba
    For sure Milupi knows whats best for this country,but do you think he can go to RB advise him on such issues,they will say he is insulting the president,how many times have the likes of Nawakwi advised on the issue of incinerators and medicine in clinics,only to be threatend with gang rape,how many people have so far voiced their concern on the issue of windfall taxes on the mines. i dont think he listerns to any advice from anyone.he couldnt listern to his own legal council and the VP on Chansa kabwela’s case,he’s just unbelievable

  4. #4 RED CARD – Smoothcriminal
    If that is the case with Milupi then it is very unfortunate. All I am asking him to do is use Parliament to introduce private bills when he sees things are not getting anywhere. I know you will say Parliament is MMD but the electorate will know how to balance up things next time they go to vote for the sake of development.

  5. Mavimba excellent reasoning. the problem is every article or issue is politicised to the extent that even the bloggers all suffer from cadre mentality. just as long as its a statement against the ruling some people will see sense,and wont even bother analysing it. we are in opposition but we can still reason independently.

  6. I sometimes wonder if our top grz officials are on the Chinese/Asians investors payroll, because no matter how much the majority Zambians complain about these investors nothing is done.The wages these investors pay are pathetic, beatings, among other things. Even if you go the Ministry of Labour to complain, nothing will happen. The government should not brag that these investors are creating jobs cos the payment is peanuts. It is only here where thest investors have put the government in their pockets.

  7. Mr Milupi Is Independent member of parliament, Private Members’ Bill presentation Does Not Seem To Get the Fair Support As The MPs From Ruling Or Other Parties Will Not Even Debate The Issue But Just Raise “Point Of Order” To Shut The Man Up For Not Knowing Govt Operations…. INTOLERANCE !!!. Am Happy With Mr Milupi’s performance and Participation in The House, He Is A man of A sound Mind and Has the Masses consideration At Heart… BIG UP TO HIM!!!

  8. Mavimba
    Milupi has been sitting on the public accounts committees,he has read and seen all the reports about misappropriation of public funds in ministries and embassies,he has advised,has given his oppinion,has made recommendations,,how many of those have been taken on board,zilch,none,zero,how many people read about private bills to make informed decisions based on the same bills,are my relatives in Chadiza,lundazi petauke or shangombo going to base their votes on this private bill,thats a big NO

  9. #9 Towani & 10
    I have high respect for Hon Milupi and I salute the wonderful people of Luena for such a gallant MP. I wished we had a lot of MPs of his calibre. You know to grow Zambia needs the things that Japan needed after WW2; infrastructure, energy, integrated markets linked to a global economy and conditions for a vibrant public sector. These goods will enhance local manufacturing. China realized that it was time to move beyond toys and footwear by moving up the value chain by increased consumption and moving lower value chain industries elsewhere including Africa. Zambia can achieve this through good laws that will be fuelled by intellectuals like Hon Milupi. Let us face it, this is our country and these issues go beyond Party politics.

  10. #11Mavimba- Good observations. But do you know that if Mao Tse Tung had not died and Deng had not been rehabitated China would still be some what behind?

  11. There are a lot of MP in parliament who are smart and can debate and espouse issues with a sober mind,people like Felix Mutati, Brian Chituwo,Lungwangwa,Simbao,unfortunately he lost it with his recent remarks on the BUCKET gate scandle,and many more,but they cant speak their minds out against the hand that feeds them,thats african politics,,,people like Dipak Patel,went in made his money and came out of politics clean,he didnt agree with most policies,so the best for him was to just drift away without creating any enemies

  12. On 1st April 2010 BBC webite reported:

    Daimler agrees to pay $185m after admitting bribery

    German carmaker Daimler has pleaded guilty to corruption in the US and will pay $185m (£121m) to settle the case.

    The charges relate to US Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission investigations into the company’s global sales practices.

    Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, admitted to paying tens of millions of dollars of bribes to foreign government officials in at least 22 countries.

    The company said it had now reformed the way it did business. Caroline Hepker reports.

    Lesson to Zambians: We do not know sometimes the forces at play. Companies and countries out there engage in corrupting other countries.

  13. 2 Mavimba,

    The real question is: who owns these facilities. There is no reason any foreign company should own a Zambian mine or a company they set up in Zambia forever. For instance, if the Chinese would set up another refinery, they could own it for 10 years, after it would become property of the Zambian state – and you can negotiate that up front.

    The problem is – does the government care? Or do they care about the bribes they are paid more than they care about the country? That is the problem.

    Because they care more about their bribes, they have signed horrible ‘Development Agreements’ which give away things they have no right to give away and don’t own – the Zambian people’s mines and minerals. Without receiving taxes, and without even sharing profits through dividends.

  14. #16 MrK
    The facilities are owned by Foreign Investors. To have a say we need changes in government policies that can create opportunities for private sector growth, which in turn offers services to other entrepreneurs. This can only be done by adherence to good laws that spell hard sanctions for wrong doing such as bribery and corruption. I am sure ou agree with me that current laws are very lapse because there is no clear cut line between the legislative and executive wings of government. Take for USA this is very visible and Zambia should emulate such a system.

  15. Milupi must state the viable option and not just mention the problem. I agree that blinded loyalty to Chinese investments shall have its costly side for future Zambians who are not even there to debate these issues. The ones who are there are too greedy to see beyond their noses. Let us develop our country ourselves and gain control of it. I beleive the scenario is being played for another leader who will hand over the investments to Zambians.

  16. Hasn’t this guy formed a new political party? There’s a Zambian saying that one finger can’t kill lice.

    Those in MMD know that their fear is that Councils will perform better, especially the City& Municipal Councils which are under the opposition, and that would be a threat to the survival of MMD. This is the perception of those in MMD, its sad to have such shallow minded leaders that can hold back the development of the nation for their own benefit at the expense of the masses.
    Finally, are MMD controlled Councils doing better than those under opposition?
    Can MMD tell us why Councils they control e.g. Kaoma in W. Province, Milenge in Luapula &Isoka have had misappropriation cases (not misapplication) What of AG reports on Central Govt?
    Minister of MLGH, who’s MMD, approves all budgets for Councils.

  18. As for MP’s, most of them cannot debate adequately nor make press statements because they do not speak good English. These are on the whole, very intelligent and wise people who are booed and told to sit down because they fail to express their points during sessions. Therefore, parliament is mostly for those who speak good English. My observation.

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