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Mbulakulima is not my spokesperson-Fr. Bwalya


Father Frank Bwalya listening to proceedings during Bishop Mpundu's press briefing in Lusaka

Change Life Zambia (CLZ) Executive Director, Fr. Frank Bwalya has described as cheap and petty,insinuations by MMD deputy national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima that he intends contest the Kwacha parliamentary seat in Kitwe in next year’s tripartite elections.

In an interview with Qfm, Fr. Bwalya said he does not remember employing Mr Mbulakulima as his spokesperson for him to speak on his behalf. He said government should not make unnecessary accusations against him to run away from what the people are calling for.

Fr. Bwalya said the government will do better to focus on addressing the issues being raised by the people of Zambia over the ongoing national constitutional conference. He added that concentrating on attacking him and the red card campaign will not yield anything for the ruling party.

Fr. Bwalya said the MMD government should not use him as a ploy to shift the attention of the people of Zambia from real issues that they want government to address. He said the issues that require government’s attention are already known and that government should not pretend that it does not know them.
[Q FM]


  1. We all know that this foolish priest wants to be an Mp. He has already joined politics. He will be shocked, politics being what it is , its meant for those who can stand the pressure now that he Bwalya has joined politics we want to see the lies he has been telling people about Development. And the PF MP Ha ha ha ha The Priest is a traitor. Wellcome to the real world my Dear. For how long can you hide?

  2. Father Bwalya is a Zambian and as such he is free to contest any office of this land. I think Bwalya just go for president so that these animals chibakalipe sana!!!!

  3. Iyee please 😮 its a free world…anyone can join politics…and so what if he wants to be an Mp let him be…

  4. #1 2011 HERE WE COME AGAIN- What wron has Frank done you to call him stupid. The fact that you are fattening your body on MMD Charity does not mean that you lower yourself to the levels of a kaponya.

  5. #2, chilekalipa ba nani? The man is free to contest any position in Zambia – MP, President etc, and even for the position of Pope at the Vatican if he wants. The point that people are making is the stealthy and deceitful manner in which an ordained priest of Jesus Christ wants to attain his political ambitions, like a thief in the dark.

  6. Let the former priest contest wherever he likes he is free like others have said.
    However, he should just come out and declare his intentions in the open so that he is adopted by his party the PF. I wonder where they will take the incumbent. So he should just join the fray rather than keep coning foolish donors that he is running and NGO.

  7. Chi Mbulakulima, atase, self-appointing himself as the spokesman for aka red! Jobs in the MMD are indeed at peril for them to sink so low as to want to be the spokeman of anyone. Their opportunism stinks.

  8. #2 and #3 I think the point that some bloggers are trying to put across is that people may have been fooled to think Bwalya’s agenda is that of a saint, when in actual fact it is that of personal gain, a hope of being in the National Assmbly, getting perks from NCC and usual allowances, and brand new cars that come with that position. I guess with this in mind, we now understand that the man, is no saint but using us to achieve his personal agenda. Which would do him good to just declare than hiding under veil of the church.

  9. #9Tembo – Are we all not in it for personal gain. Why else an old man like Bashi Nenani(RB) be trading insults with baby HH?

  10. Let’s learn to use good language, do not emulate the “son of a dog/real mad” language, insele. it will take us nowhere. indeed some of you need RED CARDS even on this blog.

  11. It looks to me like the man has made his intentions clear. Why are so many people saying stuff that Fr Bwalya has not said about himself. Do I sense that there is disappointment in the air that he has not declared intentions of running for office? Or perhaps, just like Mbulakulima, several bloggers here want to be Fr Bwalya’s spokespersons?

    So #1, #5, #9; you can all apply to be his political spokespersons if you wish. Then perhaps you can speak from an informed position. Do I speak from an informed position? Well, I don’t try to give different interpretations to the words that the man says. When he says he is running for office, I will understand that. Right now he has not said he is running for office, and that’s what I know. And no, I’m not his spokesperson.

  12. Father Bwalya should not use Catholic as a platform for gaining political mileage. If he wants to join politics, he should resign from Catholic and just become a mare person rather than hiding into fatherhood whilst showing us wrong signals

  13. am very saddened by the intellectuality exihibited by some of you bloggers here, surely cant you just accept it that the man is doing evrything to help the voiceless? the man is fighting for the people who can not fight for themselves,the man has seen the ugly things that the Bwezani led govt is doing and who told who that a christian cannot talk abt politics or criticise politicians. To you chiluba can stand at ze pupit and preach then 2morow go out and tell people lies that ze govt cares for them and you wont have problems with that, shikapwasha can claim to be a pastor and yet mistreats Gods pipo still wth u its fine but let a concerned citizen speak on behalf of the sufferin and u cry foul that he is using u to get into parliament, no my brothers ze man is doin rite to expose ze evil

  14. Priest live better lives than Politicians,they are well looked after than you *****s who are insulting Fr.Bwalya.And if you dont know,for someone to be ordained a Priest,you have to be brainy,the cream of the cream and these Priest you insult spend many years in the Serminary before they can get the ordination,its not like the way you ordain pagans like Shikapwasha who hasnt ready any book.So,why would Fr.Bwalya or Bishop Mpundu opt into Politics?.You *****s who support MMD are Evil,and God will purnish you heavily,coz you just stay here in town and you have never faced poverty nor come across people who are suffering.If you think Fr.Bwalya is evil,then take a walk into one of the Compounds and see what he means when he is flashing a RED Card on these *****s who are rulling us.

  15. # 5 Katie Bad, U think the position of Pope is a politacal one that requires Voting?
    Father Bwalya is an ordained Priest and will keep that title till death dont be shallow minded like RB who called him a Father without Children if u dont know RB is UNIPST, Katie if u continue like this you will be drown back 30years ago Just like the Name Suggest ” Bwezani”.

  16. Mbulakulima has to say something so that his master RB can see him as working. Now bane the MMD are silly willys. They have pumped in millions in Mazabuka to gain ground even using John Malamba alias Chief Mwanachingwala – the comedian. MMD has failed to hold the card renewal exercise in Mazabuka three times this year. The constituency and district leaders have defected to UPND taking with them the MMD cards. Comedy at it’s best. I know Southern Province, the Pro MMD Chiefs just eating TAX payers money RB is dishing out, he is so docile he cant see the writing on the WALL. Thandiwe my former sweetheart till RB grabed using village elders, plse advise RB.

  17. #5 KATIE GOOD
    You’re an i.m.b.e.c.i.l.e, you think every clergyman is as stealthy and deceitful as that useless, loser ambassador in Canada. The fact is Movement for Mad Dogs is scared and p.i.s.s themselves at the mention of Fr Bwalya or red card.

  18. Why is it that every time a church person speaks words that are critical of the government, they are told to “just come out in the open and join politics”? Why is it so difficult for so many Zambians to be objective and see objective truth? Is it becuase of poverty or is it simply that we have no interest in and regard for the COMMON GOOD,such that even if those in power are doing completely wrong things, many will support them so long as their own stomachs are being filled through the same wrong activities?
    Is it so difficult to see that Fr. Bwalya has been voicing the concerns of many voiceless Zambians?
    Very sad, indeed!

  19. #19, very funny..#14 licker fimo fimo, just as your name suggests, you can even lick siht! Fr Bwalya does not use the pulpit to advance his message, unlike some pastors we know on MMD-payroll. He’s using community meetings which his CLZ advertises publicly. In fact there is one on 8th May in Mpatamatu, Luanshya (see advert in The POST). Your licking is affecting your brain, my advice to you is STOP licking and start thinking!

  20. Let Fr Bwalya go ahead- This way, them guys in Gov, will get to work- Sat, HH and Fr bwalya have at least kept MMD thinking-so we need these guys.
    God bless you ;

  21. The Roman Catholic church is the only ‘christian’ religious group I know that has its own state (Vatican), head of state (Pope) and embassy (Holy See – along Addis Ababa drive in Zambia). It’s the only religious group outside of religions like islam, hinduism, etc., that has politics and religion tied up in one entity. A roman catholic clergy can, therefore, morph into politics quite easily. However, people like FTJ, etc., fail in their attempts to merge religion and politics because they do not come from solid political/spiritual church organizations. I am not roman catholic, but the truth is simple for all to see.

  22. #25: Interesting way to put the whole debate into perspective. I wonder why in a Christian Nation, it is so wrong for one Christian (in this case Fr Bwalya) to speak on political matters. But it seems OK for another (Rev. Gen. Shikapwasha) to be an active politician. Is there some kind of fear of the Catholic Church that is at play here?

    Shikapwasha is not the only Rev. that we’ve had in Zambian politics by the way. There’s Rev. Gladys Nyirongo, we had Rev. Peter Chintala, we have Rev. Nevers Mumba, we had Rev. Stan Kristafor, and many others. But anytime a Catholic priest says something, politicians get all worked up, urging him to stick to the pulpit. Is it because the Catholic priests call for service to the poor while the other reverends run for political office?


  24. Almost every Zambian has a cell phone, a busines (or ntemba), relationships, foreign team football jerseys, food, water, housing, transport etc… In the meantime, Fr Bwalya (PF) is trying to convince you that you are poor..

    All who believe Fr Bwalya is not PF are not very good at reading basic politics. Fr Bwalya and the Catholic radio stations have been frustrating GRZ efforts by playing on peoples’ minds.

    I thank my God that Fr. Bwalya quit work. Sadly, he has abandonned growing Gods kingdom in preference to campaigning for PF….

  25. #26 The answer is very simple. All the reverends that you have mentioned did not hide their political intentions. Well, except for Reverend Nevers Mumba who tried to do a Father Bwalya by hiding his political intentions behind his unsuspecting colleagues in the pulpit. But those colleagues quickly opened their eyes and Rev. Mumba had no option but to come out in the open.
    So, ba #26 Fya gavar, nobody ever said that it is wrong for a reverent or priest to enter the political arena. What people abhor is a priest cheating on his true intentions when his calling is supposed to inspire people’s trust.

  26. They say that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Surprisingly there is a very large number of people who do live in such houses and throw missiles at others. Just wait and see what we will hear about Honourable Father Bwalya, M.P., as we go towards 2011.

  27. Katie I used to think you are wise………………..sometimes it better not to say word or people might know who you really are……

  28. #17 Kashman, are you serious? Of course Popes are not elected in the same political way that you understand, it is just a manner of writing English, it is called……..but anyway you will not understand.
    On the other hand, don’t you know that the Pope is actually elected from among eligible cardinals when the incumbent dies? When a winner emerges, the Vatican releases white smoke. They release black smoke after each round of voting until one person wins. The last election for the current Pope Benedict brought some anxious moments, I watched it on CNN, it took long before a clear winner emerged. Did you know that?

    Of course it is far fetched to imagine Father Bwalya, M.P., contesting the Popeship, misfits can never become cardinals after all.

  29. #20 Msana wanzili, as you can see above, I have answered those that are worth answering and who show a genuine desire to learn.

  30. #11 Deja Vu, that is what #9 Mr Tembo saying. Father Bwalya, M.P. is entitled to the posh life of MP but let him come clean and not by abusing the Bible and cheating people.

  31. #13 Load shedding, Father Bwalya M.P., has actually admitted his intentions without saying it. All he is complaining about is that he does not want Mbulakulima to announce the grand decision for him.

  32. All in all, I think the debate went well today. Sensible bloggers have ably put across their points, judging from the number of insults posted by subdued individuals. Signing off, yours Katie Good.

  33. #33 KATIE GOOD
    Very very deluded ” I have answered those that are worth answering and who show a genuine desire to learn” you say. Are you having a laugh mate, who learn anything from you apart from SENIOR CITIZEN and his same s.e.x partner Mr capitalist. You started off as a rational blogger but your true bum licking traits have finally come to the fore. Next time miss Goody dont reply to my comments you dont own this site and i’ll lose nothing. Goodbye miss Goody.

  34. What is wrong with us Zambians, any one who try to raise concern on important matters affect the citizen becomes a bad person. When will we try to be patriotic other than povety streken caders???

  35. Fr F Bwalya is a good man. What he is doing is right and he does not need to become a politician to speak for the voiceless. Most of you do just get a wrong side of the story on poor ZNBC news…

  36. viva father bwalya .mwansa mbulakulima reminds me of kangwa nsuluka .these people always tries to hold on to power that will truly never be theirs.power belong to the people and frank bwalya has recognised that.the copperbelt is basically the political capital of zambia .frank bwalya is simply a mike for the views of many zambia like me who feel its time up for mmd .viva father bwalya .Jesus said -i came to you and you denied me food .the bible also say he who gives to the poor lend s to God.So father bwalya has the support of the poor and many suffering zambia .mbulakulima is merely politicking for survival .he has no real interest in the plights of the poor.and that is the shame of many zambia politicians .pathetic thinking due to spiritual poverty . bwalya can be president if he wants

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