Accept 15 p.c pay award – ZCTU

ZCTU President Leonard Hikaumba

ZAMBIA Congress of Trade Unions president Leonard Hikaumba has urged civil servants in the country to accept and appreciate the 15 per cent salary increment awarded to public service workers and described it as fair under the prevailing economic circumstances.

And the ZCTU has invited President Rupiah Banda to officiate at this years’ labour day celebrations in Livingstone.

Mr Hikaumba said there had been some level of fairness in the 15 per cent salary increment for civil servants although there were some problems that needed to be sorted out especially in terms of revenues that were not being collected.

He was speaking at a Press briefing held at New Fairmount hotel in Livingstone yesterday.

He said once collected, the revenues would go along way in contributing to the increase in salaries for civil servants.

Mr Hikaumba dismissed assertions that the labour movement had been compromised by the Government for them to accept the 15 per cent increment.

“We are going through trying moments and as unions we did the best we could. Government only wanted to give us 10 per cent.

“People should know that all together we were about eight unions negotiating for salaries together and there was no room for anyone to be bought by the Government,” he said.

He said as unionists, it was always the labour movement’s wish for workers to get more salaries and as it is 54 per cent of the domestic revenues went towards personal emoluments.

He said it was possible for unions to press for 70 per cent of the domestic revenue to go towards personal emoluments but that would lead to suffering of other sectors of the economy like roads.

Zambia was also preparing for the census this year, elections and a possible referendum next year hence the need for Zambians to consider sacrificing for the sake of the civil servants.

Meanwhile, Mr Hikaumba has said that this year the labour movement has requested the President to officiate at the Labour Day celebrations in Livingstone to give all provinces an opportunity to interact with the highest office in the country.

He urged Livingstone employees and employers to turn up in large numbers to celebrate the workers’ day.

Mr Hikaumba called for social security promotion and social dialogue to tackle labour problems and ensure economic development.

Non-Governmental Organisations and religious organizations should also participate in the celebrations.

The theme of this year’s Labour Day celebrations is “Promoting economic growth through decent work”.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. ZCTU has never been the same strong voice for civil servants ever since the Union was “divided” into small Unions. I was remember the great influence Chiluba or Shamenda had in those days! But today the so-called president Hikaumba has no teeth and powers to influence Govt, moreover he made a big mistake by accepting a cup of tea at state house. ZCTU serves almost no purpose today.

  2. This is a good salary raise and ZCTU should be commended for coming up with a deal that is 50% above inflation. As a matter of fact the rule of thumb is to negotiate on a value based on inflation. Those who think this is FAKO and would rather have 100% increase, just go to Zimbabwe to see the effects of irresponsible raising of wages without corresponding creation of true value. Inflation hurts the workers and the poor more than anybody in society and the Government has done a great job to contain it below. That is why we have the value we have in the Kwacha today. Remember how precious the ZIM dollar was compared to the Kwacha? What is the difference now? ANSWER: Inflation. Please don’t debase the little value left in the Kwacha by advocating for 500% increase.

  3. Leonard deary,we all know that all your “teeth” were removed a long tym so do us all a favour n s.h.u.t t.h.e h.e.l.l up!!!! why shud the workers accept bondwe when his Excellency and Kapasos enjoyn themselves eating nkuku n chips,awe mukwai!
    [-x ~X( x(

  4. napapa sana,Hikaumba is a lost goat.RIP HIKAUMBA you have no legacy to talk about and i know of your house in PHI which you were given in return with this silence.

  5. #6 Seems a lot of people are delusional here. Money does not grow on trees and you can’t ask for a million dollars a month when the work you produce is of 1 ngwee worth. If you want Kuku everyday produce value of your personal services that can give you Nkuku everyday.

    As I have said before, people are still obsessed with the fallacy of composition. And this is the thinking, if the Government gave you as an individual 1 trillion Kwacha you will be a rich person, no doubt, but if they gave everybody 1 trillion kwacha, the whole nation will be poor zimbabwe style. The key is not just crying for money. Create value and money will follow.

  6. Its all nonsense, pay increment cant even cover inflation rate. the fat cats in govt get too much money for doing nothing. things cant go on like this.

  7. At least salaries have been increased. I am very happy with our listening government because before any outcry, it is able to do something positive. This kind of pro-activeness is very good for civil society. Thanks RB.

  8. #10 What inflation are you talking about. Stop day dreaming with your utopian 90 day economic miracle. Have you been living under a rock not to notice that Zambia’s average inflation is almost in single digits? Or maybe you just learnt the term FAT CATS and just had to use it. We shall forgive you.

  9. # 12 – I think simple economics is too difficulty for #10 to understand. Please #10 go back to book keeping and update yourself with terms like inflation, single digit etc. You just need to part away with 20 pin for BK book.

  10. The civil service is bloated. We have too many workers in unnecessary departments while where the real work is required, e.g health, education, we have too few employees. Trim the chaff and employ professionals with better working conditions. As bootlicker has pointed out, the contribution of most of these civil servants is negligible

  11. # 12 lets not pretend to be kknow all the bottom line is that the govt.can afford to pay better than this but the problem is they ve their priorities upside down,eg billions are going down the drain eveyday at NCC,the money keeping Kunda and others who went b 4 him to Morningside could ve gone a long way to improve the UTH-Its easy 4 you be hallucinating fro the comforts of SA but ve a heart for those at home we cant all leave home!!!!!!Give my regards to G.Kunda,i wish him well tell him.

  12. #12 MMD MADNESS

  13. This hikaumba is a sold out mother father son of a bussinessman.While he is busy enjoying the reaps from the Rb government for a traitor he is to his members, he want`s to add salt to injury by urging his members to accept peanuts.Let him just keep quite with his pendulum hanging low between his legs like the way my german sherpard does.He is a bad mother father:-?

  14. MMD Chief Bootlicker ! Is there any other thing you do apart from blogging and get paid with the tax payers money at the end of the day ? Come on get a life mudala !

  15. # 15 yes the civil service maybe bloated,but lets recogonise too that our cabinet is big,half of it can equally serve our country better,but then people like the Chief Bootlicker can not see the value of a leaner cabinet 4 obivous reasons.

  16. The bootlickers @ #12 and #14, the man might be ignorant about the inflation rate, but he is right on the money about the fat cats. Emoluments for political appointees are so high, given the benefits from them. Will the nation lose much if we hot rid of district administrators and deputy ministers? Or if we got rid of one of the ministers of agric and the ministry of gender in development?

  17. guys am fed up with this good for nothing MMD chief bootlicker. I will track ur IP address chi colour ur really a pain in the anus.

  18. # 24 Chanda. Please do. He seems to be blinded by leaving in Waterkloof on government expense. Why cant he propose that the government reduce on salaries like him to supplement others? His mouth and brain is full of kak due to leaking his bosses backs hence the confusion. He is just worried about his life after elections. How is he going to manage his lifestye without being shushu. Life is tough out there. Just enjoy whilst it lasts. Come 2011 back to Zambia. You wont even manage to blog as internet wont be free. GOOD LUCK BA MUSULA LICKER!!!!

  19. #6 you really must be one helluva boot licker,RB’s boots must really be shining!!!! we all know kwacha don’t grow on trees,if it did it probably an old withered guava tree. “Create value and money will follow” the money is there, e.g is the kapoko scandal… if money wasn’t there do you think you would be where you are now,gettn fat off pipo’s hard work and then you have the nerve to say create value and money will follow.???? you silly k.o.l.w.e,konto iwe!!!!! is it to much to have a decent wage???

  20. Leave Bootlicker alone.he is right on the inflation part.Problem ba PF mwaishiba economics yaku Matero, where your satana got his 2 digileezi.

  21. 26# Akabwili good. Aba want to confuse us with there basic economics. It may be good to give public workers an increament that does not affect our inflation but why again spend on other unnecessary programmes? All you guys in Diplomatic missions will regret as you will feel it more than the person you are supporting. RB will be on good pension(if not in jail). # 27 VJ rigger, It does not mean one is PF if they are against your master. Your master is alleged to be an economist. What has he done to show off as an economist to our country? He cant create any revenue base hence his million trips to borrow. How has he planned to pay off those debts?

  22. 15% sounds good to me especially given that the Zambian inflation rate has fallen this past month. In the UK the usual increment for public sector workers is 3%. However, it looks like there will be a pay freeze in the UK public sector due to the high govt deficit. It will be interestng to see the kind of increment the civil service in Zambia receives in election year.

  23. # 5MMD Chief Bootlicker- If you have nothing to say just shut up. Your fake NCC doesnt find it difficult to pay billions to those good for nothing commissioners.We chibwa we

  24. #30
    Shimwalule- Mwana dont bring theories, wha inflation has come down? 25Kg of mealie meal is now 75,000 Kwacha from K45,000. Figures are just figures but the cost of commodities has gone up. Yes beer prices have gone down if this what you mean by progress.

  25. I have noticed most of the bloggers are associating wage rise to inflation. This to me suggests that the civil service is not productive and I do not think that is the case. Production in the civil service should be rewarded with equal size salary. It is not reasonable to just say it is a good increment and same as inflation. Money supply in Zambia is countered with heavy issuance of long dated bonds by the Government with massive coupon rates of say more than 20%. I do not think these borrowings by the govt are associated with inflationary wage rise – far from it. I will guess our productive sector dependent on copper and a few non traditional products is not much to ease inflationary pressures especially when there are non fiscal practices by the government – finding money for this…

  26. #28 i’m sooooooooo scared,i’m already shivering in my boots!!!! Lets wait and if you are REAL men,threats will take you no where we need development in our country not you sakala nyogos who don’t even know basic economics!!!

  27. Cont from#34
    money for this road and that suggest that such money is not in the budget and hence a budget overrun. Therefore, Hikaumba and his friends should not just show interest in the brown envelops.

  28. # 28 Do NOT threaten people on the blog. You are just wasting your time to plan for your repatriation. Bukamucheka bwenu bwabupuba.

  29. The Unions have failed the civil servants. Why don’t they call for the dissolution of the NCC and cut down on cabinet ministers and cut down on RB’s frequent flights and the savings go to the civil servants. 15% is deceptive. It would have been better if they said K1million across the board.
    How do you expect a civil servant rent a house in Lsk wen his housing allowance is K200,000? Guess that is why Kapoko took matters personal.

  30. This what it means to have leaders such as him who are busy licking the boots that took him to china & lose focus. Shame to the so called ZCTU President

  31. Donnot just talk about the persentage, but consider if a common civil servant will be able to send his children to college /university ,and remain with money enough to buy four bags of maizemeal, and atleast four chickens permonth,some bread,sugar,saladi,and some groceries,etc etc,to be brief if that is enough

  32. Hikaumba we understand that you also a dog serving the master. Do you know how much is that ****ing 15% for a poor police man like me? You have been the waste ZCTU president we have seen in years, how much did you receive to lower your dignity?

  33. But Ka Leonard also. Do you know that 15% on such a small base of sth ranging from ZMK250K to ZMK1.5m is nothing?:o

  34. #42, yes indeed, I agree with you. The best people on this blog are those who think about the common civil servant. You are a real human being and I salute you:)>-

  35. I always wait for the time when a teacher, a nurse, policeman/woman, any other civil servant will be able to see and experience economic growth, not just to be told or read in the papers that the economy has grown. For a very long time, the economy has been progressing on papers, But it has never progressed for people in compounds.

  36. By the way, why are still keeping this small thief on this chair. Pliz not complain to Gvt because its your fault

  37. Hikaumba has become a disappointment ever since he joined the NCC. This is one of the people who laughed at the idea of including access to food shelter and water as a human right in the constitution.

    I blame the demise of the Trade Union on Ka Chiluba, who broke them down by bringing people like Joyce Nonde FEFTUZ and the others to form smaller factions that weakened their grip on issues.

  38. # 51 that`s sounds like a point. Kaluba kapuba kafupi started this mess. Devide and conquer as is known here

  39. **==15% is alright since it is above the inflation rate which is about 10% as at today. This will surealy increase the current rate to more than 10% as a result of this award of salary increase to the civilservants. Remember that more than 50% of the employees in Zambia are civilservants and therefore are a factor in determining the inflation rate.

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