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RB urged to show leadership to opposition leaders.

President Rupiah banda with United Liberal Party leader Sakwiba Sikota
United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota has advised president Rupiah Banda to show leadership to opposition political party leaders in the country.

Mr. Sikota said Mr Banda’s strong reactions to political party leaders criticizing him do not exhibit the respect associated with the republican presidency.

He said it is the duty of the Head of State to lead by example especially that he is referred to as the Father of the nation which he described as a challenge.

The ULP leader noted that President Banda’s position demands for tolerance on vast issues that have the potential to trigger frustrations.

Mr. Sikota said a head of State is a mirror of society and that his conduct must be of high character so as to show he is fit to lead others to perfect solutions during hard times.

He was reacting to a statement attributed to President Banda were he referred to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as a “son of a dog.”

He said such kind of language does not befit the caliber of Mr Banda’s status.

Mr. Sikota stressed that the nation is yearning for a leadership that is able to show a good example to young people, and called on all political party leaders to show respect for one another.
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  1. Well spoken brother. Now go to your original party UPND and contribute meaningfully to Zambia’s democracy. Your ULP party will take you nowhere.

  2. This charp may have spoken sense but he has no sense that why he left UPND. Moreover, he is too appologetic in telling RB to change from minorhold to manhoold. RB will not hear such diplomacy. Tell him you have a small brain only then will he hear.

  3. People have thrown this “son of a dog” statement way out of proportion. Mr. President Rupiah Banda made an “IF” statement.

    The statement went something like this, ” Mr. Hichilema likened me to a dog, IF I am a dog, I am like his Father therefore Mr. Hichilema is the son of a dog” [note: Not exact but close].

    It was an IF statement. Mr. President Rupiah Banda did not call Mr. Hichilema a dog literally. He made an IF statement. The POST simply misrepresented the statement.

  4. Sakwiba is right and we need people with such kind of reasoning to be closer to the president and advise him in such times. The problem is that we have not separated the presidency portifolio from that of a party and state. In my view, the state president is more or less the father of the whole nation, as such he should be dealing with issues concerning the nation once elected to state house. The part issues should be left to the party chairman and his colleaques in the party hierachy. He is the president of the rulling party and the opposition including the partyless citizens. The partisanship should end at some point. It is only then shall we have a president who will lead Zambia to development.

  5. The dog issue aside RB s overall conduct is appalling, and this is what you be concerned about Mr Capitalist not wheather the Post mis represrnted him or not.He is Republican President.If i were his PR man i would advice him to stick to written statements!!!!

  6. On “Mr. Sikota said Mr Banda’s strong reactions to political party leaders criticizing him do not exhibit the respect associated with the republican presidency… He was reacting to a statement attributed to President Banda were he referred to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as a “son of a dog.”… He said such kind of language does not befit the caliber of Mr Banda’s status
    ” hats off to this bitter loser of the UPND 2006 elections, ULP unelected leader MP Sakwiba Sikota. I hope MMD thugs and cadres will not attck you, Hon MP Sikota, just like they have been doing to FDD president E. Nawakwi who supported President RB Banda in the 2008 Presidential by-election like you did.

    Have a blessed day all as I wait for former President KK’s advice to the insulting President…

  7. @ #5 Red Card-abena Libala South

    I pointed out the POST misrepresentation on the “dog” issue because it was mentioned in the article. Mr. President Rupiah Banda has been very patient. He has been patient with the POST editorials, the Opposition leaders Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Sata who have insulted him left right and center. Those are the people who need to carry themselves in a civilized manner.

    Imagine IF they had to make the next government, how would they carry themselves? Wouldn’t they be insulting every single day? Wouldn’t you demand better from the opposition seeing that you support them. What am I saying, insults is the language of the PF.

  8. #5 sticking to written statements is a problem too. It exposes RB as a dull chap incapable of own thinking. The problem is that the President wont request a written statement to be changed in order for it to reflect his thoughts and therefore capture his development agenda. Once a statement is written, it will be read by RB just the way it is. We’ve such a dull and uninspiring President.

  9. In any context, We CAN’T have a President using such kind of language in public. He should leave it in his bedroom. Shame!

  10. I agree with Sakwiba for once. RB has been a source of concern of late, he has become too emotional for a president. He called Father Bwalya “kuipa” (ugly) at a public rally, he called HH a son of a dog. He is always speaking ill and crap about the opposition and defaming them beyond measure how can a head of state have so much hatred for Zambian? HH and Sata are Zambian’s. He was saying in Milanzi that he cannot talk to an opposition MP hence why the people needed to vote for MMD candidate, nonsense, why should a person voted in by the people not have support from the govt, VP has also repeated this at various meetings. How will the country develop if we have such beings occupying high offices. The PACT is here to stay let this get to your heads.

  11. What is required is to remove some powers from the president so that when he defames you he is taken to the local court.

  12. If The POST is a Bad Professional Entity, why is it Still in operation? How good Are the TIMES and DAILY MAIL? The truth hurts am Told Many times…. Sakwiba Is a Learned Man And Am sure for him To Comment in the manner he has Done is after he has looked into the Subject at hand…. This Dog!!! Issue has not been misrepresented in Any way. you people pleasers shame on you!!!! Our Society does not allow Such to be Done by Adults!!! The Adult in This Context is RB, He Must Not be Led to insult back, lest he is concluded to be Weak… Reaffirmation!!… Umukulu Mukulu, even if he has Ears and Eyes Shut or Open…:o:o:o:o:o

  13. His Party (UPND) in pact with Sata’s (PF) must choose between the two of them to lead. Therefore if ever HH intends to lead the nation, he must in the first place face his partner (Sata) in battle. This will be the preliminary round. This is one of his demons and nightmares. Fate demands that he cannot shy away from this battle.

    HH cannot afford to be viewed as negotiating for a position from Mr. Sata. That will be the end of him.
    The basic aim to form a party is to lead the nation. Any message by the Party leader that supposes that the highest office is secondary will not hold. It is inconceivable that one could form a party only to aspire for an office less that the goal. Any person who aspires to lead the nation cannot do so with a secondary objective. He would be a laughing stock

  14. When HH was given to lead the UPND, the instruction handed him was to rule the nation. This is the expectation from the grass root and the Party hierarchy. On joining the ‘pact’ the promise was with the view to win Sata’s support, who is expected to ‘return a favour’ with history in view. There is no other expectation from HH’s supporters outside this. This is precisely why the Party stalwart, Major Chizyuka, has been under attack from within the ranks, refusing to buy into Mr. Sata’s promise. This is the thin line by which the Party holds – HH’s promise that he will lead the ‘pact’. Failure to deliver the promise will mean doom to HH and his Political life.This explains so much why the Mufumbwe seat means so much to him, it will give him that extra confidence…

  15. Will the staunch grass root supporters take kindly when they hear that in fact HH has accepted to fall for a deputized position under Sata? For that matter even within Sata’s PF, the Party figures such- Guy Scott, Given Lubinda who considered themselves eligible will not take kindly to such a proposition. ‘Assumption is the mother of all failures’ so it is said. HH is making a terrible assumption if he thinks Sata will allow him to lead the ‘pact’. Sata has not even as much as once allowed anyone in his Party (PF) to challenge his leadership. So why on earth does HH think that the ‘Cobra’ will give him such a favour? Surely HH cannot be so naïve! It would seem on the bare face of it that if anyone in PF showed even a slight intention to challenge Sata’s leadership that…

  16. heheheh, awe sure lusaka times just makes my day
    ati Mr Capitole, nabena ba Mr Capitalist babwekeshamo,,,kwena mulantekunya

  17. Vioneni ivo vimasilu,nobufi ubwakunya-kasama central by-elections rally
    live on ZNBC TV
    this is where it all started from

    reminds me of UNZA LUMPENS after drinking from kalingalinga,then they come shooting all manner of insults to anyone or anything that crossed their path

  18. Mr. Sikota’s observations and comments are apt, relevant and cogent, in this particular case. The only question is whether their intended recipient can stomach and appreciate them. RB belongs to a by-gone era of politics and does not seem capable of transforming his thoughts and beliefs to fit present-day reality. It seems the dignity of the seat he occupies in the nation can’t rub off to his personality. It is so difficult to reform the simple and crude!

  19. Rupiah is unfit to rule. As for Sakwiba, yes, I agree with # 1, go back to UPND. We know you were not accepted by the new leadership, but they’re brothers, man, and we always agree to differ. Go back, wena, mushimani.

  20. 14
    Mr. Capitalist – RBs rantings or you are saying you didnt see him on Muvi. Also your MMD has denied Kabonde’s flee from MMD thugs but it was on Muvi. So ba MMD you only see what you want to see?

  21. RB is aware of whats coming he is leaving the office for HH.he doesnt have anything constructive to deliver to the nation apart from insults.Today uncalled for language tommor going out the nation.

  22. This president is father of the nation? What leadership qualities has he exhibited to be referred to as such?

  23. Very good point and advise from Sakwiba. he is always a voice of reason. It is true the post in their normal unprofessionalism intentionally took it out of context but the presidents response was not beffiting of the office, Though we should also bear in mind that the president is also firstly humAN

  24. tOWANI AT # 15, THE fact that the post still exists does not mean that it is professional. Just look at drug dealing or prostitution, there are vices but have existed from time in memorial.Such things exist because they have a customer base or audience

  25. #16, 17, 18 Captain Solo. You seem to assume the two people, i.e. the UPND and PF presidents went into that pact thing with eyes closed. I take it both are intelligent enough to have given thought to the implications of forming a pact. In any case, they did not form the pact without negotiating with their own peple, I don’t suppose.
    Captain Solo, you seem to have an ulterior motive to kill and disintegrate the PACT or else you are a stinking tribalist, trying to stir tribal sentiments among the supposed supporters of the UPND. There was absolutely nothing laudable about the rantings of Robbie Chizyuka, which rantings could very well create in Zambia conditions that led to the tragedy that was Rwanda seven years ago. We need leaders whose desire to serve transcends personal glory!

  26. I am a hard core supporter of the MMD and its leadership. However, I agree with Mr. Sikota that Our President should not answer this silly boy (HH) at all!!!! As what he says will be mostly misinterpreted by the Post. Its better for him to just talk about why the electorate should continue voting for MMD other than answer these misguided chaps. He should leave that to William Tekele Banda!!! Please Mr. President in future do not answer small boys with small brains like HH who is just full of himself for nothing! Continue ignoring both Sata and HH they are empty buckets that why they make so much noise!

  27. If voters dont want insults, they would vote for candidates with clean mouths. Unfortunately, many voters in Zambia entertain foul mouths. RB and all leaders would apologise profusely if they knew a bad mouth would cost them votes.

  28. HH is a smart guy. He played with RB’s brains. All what is happening now is making him more popular at th expense of declining popularity of RB. Watch out this calcultor boy.If he wins in Mufumbwe, then he is a strong contender for teh presidency if he is picked by the pact for the persidency.Actually the Milanzi and Mufumbwe elections are a litmus test on who is better placed to deliver for the pact. If Sata win in Milanzi and HH loses in Mufumbwe or Vice-Versa, the one who wins can dliver for the Pact

  29. Ka Saki kalibutuka from UPND. Go back boy before you drift into oblivion. Can you not see that you are going nowhere?

    Otherwise you will be confined to the archives in 2011.:x

  30. “We need leaders whose desire to serve transcends personal glory!” sO mUNGOMA TELL ME WHO THOSE LEADERS ARE AMONGST THE CURRENT LOT OF RB, SATA AND HH???

    Are you telling me sata and HH will accept a democractic internal election for pact leader and accept the outcome? Do you really in all your dreams think the southern province will vote for sata? for goodness sake they preferred to vote for miyanda than give sata a vote

  31. Last statement by Sakwiba is very important, a president should lead by GOOD example. Our president suffers from foot-in-mouth disease – he wont follow any of his presidential advisers regarding press statements. This attitude will cost him a lot, but I am worried that if he does “win”, Zambia will become an intolerable place to live in. He has started showing his intolerance by keeping HH under police “protection”??? :-w

  32. Captain Solo, you keep lamenting about HH and Sata’s leadership, let me tell you, its a fact that sata has more support than HH. Sata has support in Northern, Lwapula, Central, Copperbelt, Lusaka and can pick a few here and there. HH has support in fewer provinces- Southern and a few in Western and North Western. So who has more support. The truth is that HH’s a regional party and he can’t achieve anything on his on. Sata also can’t make it on his own. The only workable option is to join forces. Issue of who leads is not an issue, they will look at factors such as age, who should go first when you look at age, its just common sence. So please don’t crack your head for nothing

  33. #37 Awe, ala baSolo wesu bena he has a magic crystal ball in which he gazes and has come up with 100% accuracy that MMD will win 100% in Luapula province, as well as in other provinces. Solo mwaume sana and I have already given him my award for this prediction, tefyo mune Solo? Ka award ako nakabili, mune <):) Peace, mune:)>-**==

  34. Expecting PF to win in Milanzi is asking for too much, thats why there hasnt been any violence that side they know it’s a seat already in the bag for Mad Dogs. Our brothers in Eastern province are always at least five years behind the rest of the nation. Dispite their small brains, they are my tribal cousins and i love the banter between them and my tribe.

  35. Well spoken Ba Sikota. You should blame yourselves with Nawakwi, Ngondo, Nevers and yourself for supporting the big man in last by-election. It will always affect you if you are a true leader for the suffering the people of Zambia are going through, the four of you should accept and make amendments. You inspire people in society and when you spoke during campaigns people respected your integrity and voted for this cruel FARMER who has no agenda for Zambia whose preoccupation is to be re elected. He thinks we are all his workers at the farm even though am police don’t expect me be used to supreme people who have different views from his. Ba Sikota, Nawakwi, Never and Ngondo please make corrections or the blood now being shed in Mufumbwe will be on your heads.

  36. Iwe Sikota, that NOT a presidents job, they are leaders in their own right. Under what umbrella will he be ‘showing them leadership’ and firstly is that in the law or it is just something you said to fill up some silence while on radio? What r.ubbish is this? Show leadership to who ? So is the president responsible for their behaviour or leadership?

  37. Capitalist

    Are you implying that you are an Englishman, you the queens language than anybody else?

    Why are you so proud for nothing.

    Thankyou Saki for the wise words, we salute you.

    The reason why RB has taken time to change is because he is surrounded by dunders like Capitalist. RB should not listen to these hopeless chaps who have nothing to offer.

  38. @ #25 Deja Vu

    Ok, it was on MUVI TV but was it an IF statement or not? IF it was an IF statement then there is no point in us arguing.

  39. @ #44 Alistoto

    “Are you implying that you are an Englishman, you the queens language than anybody else?”

    No I am not implying this. Please stick to things that are relevant in future.

    “Why are you so proud for nothing. “

    Proud in what sense? Like I said, stick to things that are relevant. If you have nothing to say to me then don’t say anything at all.

    “The reason why RB has taken time to change is because he is surrounded by dunders like Capitalist.”

    Whatever. You have failed to address the issues I brought up and instead opted to insult me. Typical of PF cadres like you.

  40. Mr. Sikota, you cant expect Rupiah Banda to behave like a head of state when he has no qualities of a head of state. The guy does not even understand what the Presidency entails. H such a dull old man.

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