RB appeals for calm in Mufumbwe

President Rupiah Banda

Republican president Rupiah BANDA has appealed for calm in Mufumbwe Constituency following the violence that rocked the election campaign period for the parliamentary by-election.

The President says it was regrettable that the campaigns in Mufumbwe were characterized by violence perpetuated by the opposition supporters. He appealed to the residents of Mufumbwe to go back to their normal lives and avoid getting involved in violence activities which continued even after the vote.

President Banda has reiterated his earlier instruction to the Zambia Police Service to make sure that all perpetrators of violence are brought to book and the law should take its course regardless of whoever is involved.

He says it was regrettable that political parties were now resorting to violence in an attempt to win elections at all cost.

President Banda, who was in Mufumbwe for three days, said it was clear that the parliamentary by-election in that area was not conducted in a free and fair manner going by the amount of voter intimidation, violence and blatant disregard to the electoral rules.

The President has thanked the people of Mufumbwe for the warm reception accorded to him and his delegation during his three-day campaign tour and pledged to continue with the development projects in the area.

He says he would return to visit Mufumbwe District in the near future.

President Banda has thanked all the people, especially the campaign team of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), for their tireless in campaigning for the MMD candidate.

He has since urged them to remain focus especially that the MMD performed well in the Parliamentary and Local Government by-elections held on April 29, 2010.



  1. Hypocrisy!!! you ferry thugs all the way from Lusaka to Mufumbwe to cause havoc and then you apeal for calm? Get your thugs back and calm will retain. Meanwhile, you have put Muzungu in a tight corner by causing death and bloodshed. I thought wisdom comes with age….I was mistaken.

  2. Shut your thick mouth Nyama soya,, blood has already been spelt, someone has lost his eye already…. get a life RB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You lost Mr RB, Just start packing your bags, do not forget to get KK back to the land with you-If you want you can even carry Chiluba too. Thanks to mufumbwe people we love you.

  4. RB is an animal may be an animal is better than him. Eyes have been lost, Two lives lost and a dozen in hospital from His MMD and police brutality, and now is mocking us. What a useless president we have in Zambia. Be reminded that now as opposition we are arming ourselves in readiness for 2011. We will use what ever you will use. If its machets, pangas or guns, we will also use the same. Dont think in 2011 people will sit idle like this time…no. Next year we are ready to fight back the MMD and Police attacks. Be warned and take heed RB and the Police.

  5. Ba Chief Bootlicker and Katie Good we await yr learned analysis of these results.Plse guide some of us!!!!!!!

  6. I thought really age come with wisdom. What an old man who cannot think, He used these same thugs in Solwezi to beat and intimidate the opposition, but it could not work out what a shame. Even the results he got in Mufumbwe were out of riging because as far as I know that small area cannot have such a large number of voters. Watch this man he is such a devil who hides in people to perpetrate his thuggery ambitions.

  7. “violence perpetrated by the opposition…” If I had chance I would beat up this RB of yours! He is very S.T.U.P.I.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr President,our timely warning is that you stop being economical with the truth.Do not belittle our intellectual capacity by pretending that you`re against such violence.Under whose authority has William Banda,the chief perpetrator of the Mufumbwe blood shed being operating?My prayer is that the Lord God Almighty sorts you out for trying to destabilise our peace loving nation.

  9. This man thinks he can lie to anyone even when everything is clear that his thugs caused this violence in Mufumbwe. Are they not the same thugs who are after Magande’s blood, beating up the press and intimidation. Who does Rupiah Banda think he can cheat in his small world of deceit, the donors are watching him through their representatives(Embasies) and these atrocities are reported in their countries. His small world is deceiving him thinking he is in a certain island.

  10. The MMD is just tarnishing it’s image in it’s desperate ways to stay in power at all cost. Banda thinks this Zimbabwe where you can intimidate people just to be elected. Actually this is just the beginning more loses are yet to come, he should start parking his bags now. Shame, shame shame on Rupiah, we expected an apology from this man for causing this misery to inocent people but instead he is smearing his mud on the opposition. This is a plus to the opposition because they have been pushed too far and this time around they could not contain it the way they submited in Solwezi after all the fighting and intimidation. Shame, SHAME WHAT A BIG MAN WHO IS SUPPOSE TO BE A FATHER OH gOD WHAT IS THIS?

  11. But guys you have venom in you. cool down. Both sides were committed. Pleas dont provoke civil wars marked along provincial lines. UNDP you are being dragged into civil stiff by your association with the snake. I agree, PLM would have sniped the violence at the bud. Buts let keep our fangs in, instead of this Janjaweed blogging.

  12. Mr Prez there is no time to play the blame game here, lives have been lost, people have been hurt. MMD intimidation won’t work, I just pity the people of Milanzi who voted for you because they were promised tea and buns after voting.

  13. MMD will not stay in power come 2010. I thought Mr. Banda was a well informed character by his children maybe his children all live in fantasy where they can not see the turn of events. 2011 will be like 1991, it odes not matter who the candidate for the pact will be. It is the health thing that Zambians will do to get the MMD out. KK was finished by 1991, Chiluba came into power and did good things though the ending was bad because of the third term fight. Believe me, Mr. Banda will be known as the waste president Zambia will ever have . I am sure future presidents will learn something from him. Come 2012, he should have so many cases to answer, I hope these guys can be thrown into jail if found wanting.

  14. Boma ni boma, you PACT chaps are getting too excited about a win of 330 votes margin. MMD had a landslide in Milanzi and very sober about it.

  15. And the win in Milanzi was aginst the head of the PACT. Remember when MMD lost in Kasama the margin was negligible…..

  16. There is an illegularity here, where did ECZ get the other 3000 voters when thre are only close to 7400 voters in Mufumbwe. We have to look closely into this to expose these guys. I have no trust in the ECZ. We are also told that the voter turnout was so low, how can the number of voters in Mufumbwe be more that Milanzi which is a big area and voter turnout was so high. People we need to wake up these MMD people cheated a lot dispite losing.

  17. Mr. Bwendani Rupi Benda…..lol Behaving like a shooter trying to call back a bullet after firing..lol Yaba bakoswe aba too much salt mumasako. How can you call for calm after violence is over? You were suppose to do that before violence escalated. Sha!:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d.. PACT:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-

  18. One wonders as to who feeds this man with false intelligence reports? They are really making him look very intellectually inadequate and bankrupt to be president in the eyes of the world. What a mockery of a President we have!! He completely has not even an “ounce” of “STATEMANSHIP BLOOD” coursing his veins. Amazing how people like him can even ascend to positions of power.

    How can he surely say, with a straight face, that it is the opposition Parties that caused all the violence in Mufumbwe? What news reports does he read, if he reads all?! This is what happens when you start believing too much of your own propaganda to a point of suspending your own intellect. You start sounding foolish and desperate. But Zambians aren’t stupid, Mr. President!!

  19. Does anyone has proof of David Banda being in Mufumbwe? Also, how is KK and RB related?

    Om a note, why are all the veterans (chiluba etc) siding with RB? Does this man understand how much hatred the people of Zambia have for Kafupi? Also big up the journalists in the Mufumbwe elections. We need videos and pics to show to the donor and explain how the UK tax money is being spent by RB and his silly people.

    Lets get new people in and move forward.This Zedian government is so rubbish! Are the people in eastern provice just thick for Milanzi to record that margin?

  20. Now the PF/UPND PACT should start campaigning for the Muchinga Constituency Parliamentary seat in Serenje as the incumbent might not be back to complete his term.

  21. This ***** should have talked about the loss of two lives and one eye.now what is this ? Every party accuse the other over violence so who is in breach of law here? You talk about calm when it is too late.the president should have said this long before the polling day not after.

  22. It looks to me like RB is saying that the elections in mufumbwe were rigged…in one way or another or what does he mean when he says they was “blatant disregard to the electoral rules” or does he just mean rules where not followed were the people being told who to vote for while at the ballot box… and what does he mean “voter intimidation” were people being threaten to vote for the PACT. but if this is true it mean the MMD did the same because the win wasn’t a landslide. or is he complaining that ECZ is not doing there job right or that they are corrupt. And were corrupted. may he give us some more info.

  23. The donors don’t care, as long as they get their copper. If this had happened in Zimbabwe, questions would asked in the House of Commons. 🙂

    All they care about stealing our resources in exchange for ‘donor aid’.

    12 White farmers die in Zimbabwe, and everyone must denounce President Mugabe. 3,200 White farmers die in South Africa, and not a peep is heard anywhere. The difference? Confiscating and redistributing corporate land, including the land of the world’s biggest gold and diamond miner.

    This is what they care about. Corporate property rights and the exploitation of our resources.

    So what can be done to repeal the President?

  24. When will we have true and concerned leaders who will not love theirs lives and ambition more than the lives of other people and the country. Shame on RB!!!! I didnt not make a mistake by not voting for you. I can never do that….Please people dont vote for this man come 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8-|

  25. We have a president for a joke. Please Zambians let us teach these politicians that they can be hired and fired. come 2011 vote wisely and let us communicate the results as they are counted at polling stations to different media houses, friends and relatives so that it will difficult for them to change numbers in transit. Zambia is our country not for a few crooks.

  26. Where MMD get all those votes? 5009 + UnpnD 5393 equals 10412 but there is only 7900 voters in Mufumbwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When did ECZ get all those Votes?

  27. #5 Iwe Musukuma. Take Chiluba where?:o If you think he (Chiluba) will go that freely you are deluded. The midget has questions to answer. If it is found that he was shielded, then the peole who shielded him will have to answer a few questions as well.

    It will not be as easy as Senior Citizen thinks. There will be serious auditing immediately after these guys are out of office. Just wait.

  28. #24 MMD Bootlicker is very fickle. You won`t see him here until there is an article saying Zambia`s inflation drops to a single digit.:d

    What really hurts about Africans like him is, he will be in the Pact by January 2012. Whimp!

  29. Banda Rupiya Bwezwenu kumbuyo is ashamed of himself to be president. He has not believed he is president of Zambia. thats why he behaves like this. He has no agenda for the country just like he was in the UNIP time. His job was to cause violence with his Malawan counter part William Banda. Now they have regrouped to wipe all Zambians since both are not Zambians. RB is from Zimbabwe and William Banda from Malawi. Let us not allow them to wretch our beloved counry. 2011 will be different baba, we will arm ourselves. We have learnt a very good lesson but be warned that in 2011 we wont sit idle. We will fight back the attacks of the MMD and the Police. BE WARNED RB AND KABONDE.

  30. This is the worst sin committed by every Zambia to have Nyama Soya as Leader. The man who cant read age difference.

  31. Isn`t RB and Kabonde who instigated violence hoping to win.
    Any way. The end is nearing for MMD. MMD MPs will perform badly in 2011 elections. I dont think MMD will have more 35 MPs. If i were RB i would think twice. But knowing the guy———————

  32. there is no calm for you RB ,they worst u are ever doing to yourself is shed blood.you must read the bible and see what it says about shedding blood.you are cursed banda and ur days are numbered.katele said you knew u were going to lose.how then can subject an old man to that since u knew.wereu trying to get rid of him so that you can give the libyan position to ur family.anyway that is ur short term goal as u have only months to go .vivapact.shame on rupiah banda.thank you mufumbwe

  33. RB you have to watch out with your moronic statements, most Zambians are not *****s like you

  34. RB Nausebana, Just jump out now b4 2010 coz to be wait will be so sad for u & little tinpot Kafupi. William Tekere I thought u had learnt a lesson when we beat u up as Senior Governor Lusaka in 1989, Go back to Malawi where kafupi sent u ad see if Mbingu will spare your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. What a leader who cannot even say sorry after causing so much pain to the people of Zambia. I don’t blame you because you are not Zambian so you don’t feel anything even after sheding blood. Zambians, its high time we start making our leaders accountable. RB, Kabonde,ECZ should account for what happened in Mufumbwe. RB and your dogs God will punish you. My fellow police officers,please lets be proffesional in our dealings. Once the public loses confidence in us it will be very difficult to be trusted and respected again. The law protects us against prosecution for not obeying unlawful orders like what happened in Mufumbwe. You showed that YOU are MMD Police Force and not Zambia Police.You are making this holy profession to be a sinful one. I’ve seen conflicts,DONT PIPO FOR GRANTED!

  36. Now i think i hate this guy, this level of hypocrisy must never be tolerated.What a scumbag my nation has for a leader,lesa twafweni from these bantalamisoka they are taking this country to the animal farm.:-?

  37. For Hichilema to marshal 168 votes more, it had to take human b-l-o-o-d . Will the new MP walk with peace, dignity, personal safety and a conscious in a constituency where he has won by spilling human b-l-o-o-d profusely? It would be better to petition and null this election for the sake of a human b-l-o-o-d free election outcome. Just how will this MP go around the constituency and serve the people whom he has left lame, stubbed, churches burned, police abducted and some people left with destroyed eyes? What will secure his representation in the constituency?

  38. For physical security around the clock, will Kamoto be moving in the constituency with an army of hired Copperbelt and Lusaka based thugs brought in by HH ? We all know that violence begets violence and UPND has sown seeds of retaliation they may have a nightmare to circumvent in Mufumbwe unless justice prevails. Unless the MP will be representing this constituency from heaven from where he be have to remotely delegating work orders in the constituency, I foresee the victims and families of casualties of the Hichilema’s orchestrated violent campaign creating another bye-election in Mufumbwe very soon. This seat must be petitioned to bring legitimacy and harmonious outcome lacking. Otherwise, I fear the MP may just be plugged in a hell run for his b-l-o-o-d-y seat.

  39. #42 Ba Veteran mulichipumbu. If your stp id logic is anything to go by then we should bring Welenshiki back, SA should have whites as leaders, Zimbabwe should have Ian (though honestly speaking the country was better) the list is endless.

    Who starts this violence any way? When you put a leader of a party under house arrest for no reason you are asking for trouble. It will be interesting to see what happens to Kabonde when MMD is gone next year.:d:d

  40. No way no how can one be a leader with b-l-o-o-d dripping hands of the people in a constitutional democracy. A precedence need to be set here that violence has no dividends and UPND must know that their violence cannot be free and rewarding. Zambians and victims of this nefarious election campaign must file an injunction in the courts of law and before the speaker of the house that this MP should not be made to take oath of office until a rerun is given. He cannot be MP with human b-l-o-o-d on his hands which is dripping profusely. HH, his party and the MP must legally be made to see the cost of human b-l-o-o-d they have made dripping in their hands. The b-l-o-o-d of the innocent is on HH’s head. Embracing this violence is a bad precedence for Zambia and 2011. Null this election now.

  41. UPND was tolerated in Mapatizya when they did the same to take a seat from Mwanawasa’s administration then. But this time violence must be constitutionally and legally challenged to set precedence. Citizens must challenge this seat for the sake of democracy, respect of human peace and hatred for HH’s masonic demons of violence.

  42. Veteran # 42 and 43. How do you feel that you have now lost. By whatever margin, the fact is that you MMD chaps have lost. Man! you talk to much. So what are you syain next. Now, eat your utarances. I marked them before the results, word for word.

  43. Veteran you are full of hate it is unbelievable. You typify Africans-never accomodating, the views and rights of others do not matter as long as they are in opposition.

    Explain to me why HH was put under house arrest when Wlliam Banda who openly preaches violence is a free man. Look, certain things are beyond political inclination and affliation. If violence breaks out in Zambia, it will be your brothers and sisters to suffer. Unless tawaishiba uko wafuma which I may not be surprised with. We have a few in Zed who crossed over from the northen borders.

    Shut your filthy mouth you fo ol. We don`t need people like you. I am surprised you can even type on a laptop. Your government can only ill treat people for so long-it`s natural that people will one day say enough is enough. Grow up!

  44. There is Watson Lumba the new Solwezi Central member of parliament on the run after abducting Constable Chilufya in Mufumbwe. How long will he be on the run from prosecution or indeed keep his seat from being declared vacant if he can’t show up in the parliament? If convicted for his criminal act of abduction, will he circumvent a bye-election in Solwezi considering that the costitution has a limit on absenties? If so how. Abduction is a ground for criminal conviction. How will a convicted person God forbid serve in parliament. I hope they have not killed constable Chilufya for devil’s sacrifice to the masonic demons of HH. I hope they can present to the police their abductee otherwise i fear for them.

  45. A bye-election in Solwezi central is at hand. But will HH continue with his violence against Zambians and if he will, how far can his violence avoid violating himself as a perpetrator? Would he continue walking free with his hands dripping innocent human b-l-o-o-d from the Mapatizya option used? Did Mwanawasa blunder to forego the Mapatizya violence unleashed on MMD by UPND a thing that has only emboldened HH today who has believed that going full throttle on violence pays?

    Wasn’t there need to bud out the violent demon that has only resurfaced with its evil spirit in HH’s UPND?

  46. You can not call yourself Veteran with that kind of reasoning. MMD or opposition the last thing Zambia wants is violence and people like you are not welcome.

    Why can`t we after 45 years of being independent have a non violent election?

    Why do Police after 45 years of independence have to take direct instructions from state house?

    These are questions we should be asking ourselves.

  47. Victims of this HH orchestrated masonist violence who have lost their eyes, heads, chests, breasts, churches and walking ability need the solidarity of every peace and democratic activist in legal and material support to petition this bye-election. Help them put up an injuction and sue HH, the UPND, Watson Lumba and Ackson Sejani the father of Mapatizya formula. The present and clear enemies of national peace, unity and constitutional democracy are vividly Hichilema, Watson Lumba and Ackson Sejani with their violent demons.They have hands and heads dripping with human b-l-o-o-d. Wherever part of the country they step in, Zambians will recognize them for their b-l-o-o-d-y dripping hands. Their portraits will be symbolised by just that.

  48. Hichilema, Watson Lumba and Ackson Sejani are on violence overdrive. They believe violence has some dividends. God forbid

  49. A peaceful country is under siege of the masonic spirit of violent Hichilema. Zambians and the the Church of Jesus Christ is under attack by these masonist demons. The Churches are been burned by HH and if treasonously Zambians ever errored with him, all churches will be burned and christianity banned for masonic spiritual practices. Zambia will be littered with masonic lodges and Bishops and pasters will be replaced by some Masonic Grand masters. No God fearing politician has ever ordered arsonists on the Church of Jesus Christ except HH who has just started his anti christ crusade with Mufumbwe. The church need to guard its heart and preserve against this siege.


  51. Bakalamba ba Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda, ala lekeni ukuchisha chi mukukulu ichi chi veteran, chinkuula, muleposafye inshita. You can not descus isues with a fool. This man is like he has been bewitched. Even if he was put on a death rope he will continue talking noneses.

  52. Hahaha! from the tone of writing of this fool veteran, you can tell that he is hurting inside. He never expected UPND to go through. I am sure his eyes are dripping with tears now. Elyo mwalibako naka bupuba muli ba Veteran aba. Ine nasula!

  53. How much and how far will violence keep serving UPND? How far can HH thrive on the b-l-o-o-d of Zambians he is carrying on his hands and head?

  54. As long as we hve people like so called VETERAN in our midist then the RBs of this world will live to misrule for another day.The man lucks the basic decency to ask himself why the violence happened desipte the heavy police presence.How sad!!!!

  55. Veteran U R so dull..come 2011 you will be languishing in some compound in Lusaka..Better be wise and tone down your chatter..

  56. Let’s hope RB is getting the messages otherwise he will realise it the hard way!!!!!!! By next yr, it will be to late for him to even stand in front of a cloud & make a fool of himself.

  57. veteran man get a life ! go get a B job from a hooker or the devil himself for God sake, maybe that might cool down your balls a bit.You diabolical man:-?

  58. Ba Veteran Mwatulangisha ubupuba bwenu. Stand for the truth if you want to be trusted. If a fool can tell you that the violence in Mufumbwe was perpatrated by RB and William Banda protected by MMD police force. If the current situation continues, then its better for colonial masters to come back and start killing us because they are not our brothers than this dogs called BANDAS to kill us in our own land. My fellow police officers please be professional don’t obey orders blindly even when they are unlawful. STAND UP AND BE SEEN

  59. Hahahah Chi Vetran Senior citzen chinangwa sana. Ichi.pu.ba ichinechine. He has no briains, i think he deserves death , such people should not be allowed to live. I pray that God punish him hard. may his wife and children and even his family face dfficulties in their lives for mocking Zambians. Vetran you are cursed for ever for you make fun of the shedd blood of Mufumbwe fallen heroes. May you be pledged with incurable disease so that can be humbled. USELESS VETRAN.


    Your concerns are pretentious.Why don`t you for a minute be sensible?These little pieces of silver they pay you are not worth ignoring the harm your fellow t h u g s are causing innocent civilians.You already know that William Banda with RB`s blessings is behind all this calamity.Before anything else,human life must be treasured.These are just politics young man.

  61. Most of you guys are using venacular Bemba language? Why mind you this site is international. Stop stop your pride

  62. Now that he has lost!
    President Banda should be ashamed. How does he cry foul play when it was him who put his opponents under house arrest. You have lost, man, full stop. Be happy that your village mates have supported you in Milanzi.

  63. :((:((:((:((:((:d:d It pains to have leaders like Rupiah Banda and the likes of Mangani, the so called Minister of Home Affairs and IG Kabonde. It irritates me vigorously to hear of the statement Rupiah Banda gave at Livingstone Airport about the recent violence in the Mufumbwe byelections campaigns. Whom is Rupiah trying to hoodwink, does he think Zambians are fools and that they have got no eyes to see who the perpetrators of violence were ? The MMD cadres in conjuction with the police ganged up against the opposition, beating and stabbing them, is that one could say the police carrying out their duties ? What a shame to MMD and Rupiah himself. If left to continue governing, the MMD administration shall be more disastrous than UNIP because the recent developments are just a warning.

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