ECZ condemns electoral violence


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has declared a protest against violence and criminal activities perpetrated during the nominations and by-elections in Milanzi and Mufumbwe.

In a press release made available to Q fm last evening, ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna said the Commission will be taking necessary steps to find a possible solution to the problem. He said it is saddening those 45-years after independence the country is still degenerating into political anarchy.

Mr Akufuna said the quest for democracy paved with violence cannot be accepted in the country. He said those who were involved in violence and criminal conduct seriously undermined the Electoral Commission’s voter education programmes. He, however, commended the Zambia Police Service for taking firm a stance against violence.

And United States Embassy Charge d’affairs Michael Kaplovsky has said that the violence that was recorded in Mufumbwe had the potential to influence the vote outcome.

Featuring on Monday Night Live last evening, Mr. Kalosvky said that Zambia is a peaceful country and that Zambians should maintain that. He says that Zambians should learn something from the political violence that has been recorded in other countries.

He added that Zambians should not use violence to win elections.
[Q FM]


  1. “to find a possible solution to the problem”.This man disgusts me with his words.Is this the first time violence has been recorded in an election since he took up his position let alone since the existence of the commission for ECZ to only start now, to look for a possible solution?How base can we surely get?We can’t even take pride in our own jobs?As far as the violence in Mufumbwe was concerned the buck stops at Zambia Police, ECZ and the Republican President.Not PF Not MMD and certainly not UPND.Since when did ECZ ever take decisive action on election malpractices?Countless reports have been reported in the press during all elections. Surely, not even one of them was genuine?Florence Mumba must be ashamed of herself to have allowed that statement to even go public.What an…

  2. Where is the Commander-In-Chief? RB had warned that he would blame the police if there was any violence in Mufumbwe. Shortly after he left Mufumbwe, the violenve escalated. But RB has not followed up with any good deed on the Police. He has remained mute. Where is the Command?

  3. 8-|it is very disgusting for ECZ to becommenting now when the violence was happening right under their nose. This is a democratic country noone is above the law, the President and all political parties should be reminded on the consequences of breaking the law. It is even shameful that the entire IG of police was in Mufumbwe when all this was happening. Muzungu son even had the right to kill 2 innocent children and injure people in full view of the police and what we here is the are investigatiing the matter. Let us be just and fair this are just politics and we are all not under any obligation to shed blood of innocent citizens that is satanism. Let us all embrace the one Zambia one Nation concept.

  4. Akufuna..don’t fool us..thats silly of you as ECZ tyo comment now..the perpetrators are free ..MMD thugs party…

  5. iwe Akufuna..don’t fool us ok!u were so queit when all the thugs from MMD were beating up innocent voters..u just have to be disbanded as ECZ…

  6. ECZ, don’t try to crank up protests about the violence in Mufumbwe. You will just perpetrate the confusion that’s slowly creeping in on the Zambian political scene. The best you can do is do your homework and re-evaluate things and learn how not to sleep while hell is breaking loose around you. If anything, you should study events following up to the violence so that the next election will not be as bloody – this is what you were supposed to do first. Too little too late, bane. And because you have just fallen from grace in my books, kaAward ako <):)

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