Chiluba dates Luapula people

FLASHBACK: Chiluba meeting Steven Manjata at Lusaka international airport.

SECOND Republican president Frederick Chiluba has said stakeholders in Luapula Province have a duty to discuss development issues affecting the province and confirmed that he will officiate at a meeting to be held on May 15 and 16.

And Luapula Royal Foundation chairperson Chief Chisunka has welcomed the convening of the meeting.

Speaking through his spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba, Dr Chiluba said provincial stakeholders had a duty to discuss development issues affecting the province.

The former president dispelled assertions that it was a political meeting.
“The stakeholders of the meeting have every right and duty to convene a meeting especially that this is a development meeting,” he said.

It was important for members of Parliament (MP) and traditional leaders in the province to discuss development issues affecting the province.

“The MPs are responsible for the management of Constituency Development Funds and the traditional rulers are the custodians of land,” he said.

In an interview from Mansa yesterday Chief Chisunka also said the meeting would discuss development issues.

“The people who are coming to the meeting are our subjects so there is no way we can chase them. In fact, they are welcome,” he said.

The traditional ruler also refuted assertions that the meeting has been convened to launch President Rupiah Banda’s campaign in the province.
“Even the opposition are welcome to discuss with the traditional rulers,” he said.

And Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima who is Chembe MP and co-coordinator of the meeting said in an interview yesterday that preparations for the meeting were well on course.

Both Mbulakulima and his co-coordinator Kawambwa MP Elizabeth Chitika refuted reports that the meeting would be used to launch President Banda’s campaign in the province.

According to information obtained by the Times, the chiefs will start arriving in Mansa on Friday May 14.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Ati develpment issues? 😮 Nakana sana. What development do you want to talk about now that you did not while in power for all those years? Nansoni muliye…atase! [-x

  2. God answered Chiluba’s prayers when he was acquitted by the courts of law. He is a man of God. God answers prayers, Chiluba is a living testimony of this. His prayer can be summarised as follows:
    Dear God please get rid of Levy so that I can be acquitted. Amen

  3. Instead of having GK @ Morningside,the midget should have been there! What nonsense can Zarare tell the people of Luapula when he failed to address there problems when he was at the helm.Nabeve ati he is welcome,i think you Bembas is just pakamwa,try Lozis or Tongas%-(%-(%-(

  4. 10 years he had to make a difference in Luapula. the dwarf is just licking the arse that saved him from Chimbokaila

  5. God gave Kafupi 10 years of being president of Zambia and totally failed to develop Luapula.I’m a witness to this fact because I came from Luapula.What development is he taking now. Mwemfumu naimwe muletusebanya nangu ma benefit mulefwaya kuli MMD its too much and now you have shon us your true colors will not trust you again.Can’t you emulate the Tonga chiefs who stand for the truth?

  6. As long as the meeting will be centred on development, I do not see any issue. Because this hype might just turn out to be the case of “showing the Lion where the neck is”. Lets leave the man alone. And besides we read in the media lmost daily that the man is not popular anymore and can not win anyone votes. If this is the case why should it bother anyone even if the meeting if for campaign purposes? That said, my hope is that the meeting will focus on development as said.

  7. Levys death was a blessing to Chiluba, Chiluba is going to Luapula to just campaign for RB. Hes damn scared of the pact because he will be caged in the government hotel once the pact wins!!!!!!!!

  8. This meeting has nothing or little to do with development, the Kafupi chap is just campigning for RB; believe me 2 months ago I attended a meeting at Hockey Club in Chingola where he invited Ex-Miners and Contractors he said “GENTLEMEN ALL YOUR PLOBLEMS SHALL BE A THING OF THE PAST ASS LONG ASS YOU VOTE RB IN 2011, ME AM NOT A MECHANICAL OR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, BUT A POLITICAL ENGINEER OR DRIBLLER!” May God deal with this Kafupi>>>>>>>>>:o

  9. WELL WELL. RB is a man you can’t mess around with. Chiluba is in deep problems.
    from a former head of state to a campaign cadre. its sad. FTJ has just demonstrated that he failed to see that luapula was not developed when he was head of state and worse still even now he cant see that’s why he has to go ask our chiefs what they need.

    with such thinking by FTJ, it just shows that our current leaders are short sighted if not blind to see what the country needs. FTJ you had government resources in your hands but failed Luapula and Zambia as whole
    Luapula has wise people than you think. MMD you need a good winning strategy as FTJ is wasting your time.
    FTJ for sure you have lost it. emulate other former leaders like Mandela
    VIVA Zambia we deserve better

  10. Former President FTJ Chiluba was the first republican president of the MMD, and he happens to come from Luapula. If he says he wants to talk about DEVELOPMENT in Luapula then there is no law against such. If he is going to campaign for an MMD presidential candidate, all political parties are doing that. Chiluba is MMD so i can not see the problem, because he is supporting his party. Kaunda openly supported UNIP after he left the office of presidency and we didnot find it wrong, the man was UNIP and still is and there is nothing wrong. If HH became a president and he leaves the presidency at the end of his term I would be extremely suprised if he starts supporting MMD. I strongly support decentralisation so that the local people decide their development priorities not decision from Lusaka

  11. Chiluba to discuss development??!!! Since when? He didn’t care for Luapula, he din’t care for Zambia when he was at Plot 1, and yet he did some real good shopping from Europe – at our expense. All these fellers should be caged – Kafupi, Sata, Shika (what happened to him; chickened out?) – all of them.

  12. How can Chiluba talk about development in Luapula, when he is holding money to develpe the country and Luapula province. I would agree if he would give out that money he is holding to,, for the development of Luapula but now as it stands he is just a lier period

  13. chiluba should be shamed at some of this things, 10 years in power he never bothered to go to Luapula and talk about developmental issues, instead he destroyed the province and subjected people of Luapula to extreme poverty. Now what kind of development is he going to talk about for the place he neglected for 10 years. People of Luapula have not forgotten and thats why they dont vote for MMD coz chiluba never cared about his homeland in 10 years.

  14. Chiluba has never cared about anyone. Just look around, of all the Presidential candidates Chiluba thinks RB is the only one who will not send him to Mukobeko. Let’s face it THIEVE’s MUST go to Jail and wonder why Chiluba should be an exception. He is a thief and to him it’s a matter of Life and Death. He just has to support RB to save his Skin, but since he is a Thief, he needs to go in! He needs to go where all THIEVES belong, in JAIL

  15. If Sata anounces that he has ditched PF.What will you do?You shu start looking for another candindate PF get me right there are political analysists in this country who will tel you that the PF Government is not even nearer.

  16. Which developmental issues? This guy when he was in power he never had time to discuss developmental issues now that he has become a puppet of RB tthats when he wants to talk about developmental issues.The time to duscuss the developmental isses was when he was in power,but he used that time to exploit the pipo of luapula pronvice.Ba chiluba you failed to develop your own place pa musangu your sister’s house had cracks like it was hit by the earth quake.Then today you want to discuss developmental issues with Mansa people,anyway you will make it since most people in mansa enjoys being ukubepwa.:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j:-j

  17. People, they don’t care how many times they can be cheated in life as that is why it will take us ages to change or develop. Even when we are lied to, we always accept. The same people leaving in proverty are the ones who are busy being brainwashed. Please, stand up and change for good.

  18. No just leave him the GOD that sustains this great Nation is not asleep. Nothing is sealed yet 2011 is still very far remember that each day we wake up in the morning is a miracle. We may not even have the candidate he is campaigning for next year for reasons that everybody is leaving on borrowed time so goodluck to him . Chiluba is fearing for himself the prospects of change and what would happen to him should Govt change hands.:-?

  19. It seems that he needs police protection while there – seems like Luapula is not an easy ride for people like him. Besides, not too long ago I passed by his village – I would like to see him go back there and talk “development”!

  20. The best PF would do for the time being is not to comment on this meeting but rather allow FTJ to enjoy his rights to freedom, choice, expression and association. Let him work his socks off as a price for the freedom his enjoying right now. The so called chiefs have got so much time on the hands with literaly nothing to do apart from drinking illicit brew, smoking kaponda and shagging other people’s wives, but they need money to finance all these vices and unfortunately conning government is the major source of finance.

  21. Too bad really for Zambia. Too bad for RB. Anyone who is sane and forward looking cannot associate him/herself with people like Chiluba. Chiluba is never a patriot. He has financial interests only. He is a liability. He is one worst disaster that has happened to the history of Zambia. Chiluba and Chungu, the whole Nation put trust in them and then they stole from the nation. Has RB or indeed anyone got morals and love for Zambia. The answer is NO!!!!!!!!

  22. Imwe Ba FTJ mwalitusebanya sana,what developement issues do you want discuss. You had 10 years to atleast do something for your province.All you did was to enjoy yourself and bena castro,you should feel ashamed,God knows what you did.

  23. Ba Chiluba you were a president for 10yrs you never even constructed a single toilet in Luapula province. Now today you are ex-presido, what development are you taking to Luapula? Mwansa Mbulakulima just enjoy Ministrial cash. Pipo of Luapula are tired of you thieves such as Ma ORANGE,


  25. #32, lilya imwe ba PF mwalipamo na ba Chiluba, shankufwila ukulandapo pali ka lazo aka. Lelo kuli imwe ba PF Chiluba asanduka inkalamu, landa bwino boyi. Mu 2006, namu 2008, mwali pamo naba lazo ba Chiluba, ingeli chiluba ali MMD Chiluba abipa?

  26. Not sure Chiluba has ever been anyones hero (only to those that have never been close to him), Instead of funding this thief (Kafupi) to continue lying to our collegues in Mansa, can Humpty Dumpty (RB) pay THE CIVIL SERVANTS THERE APRIL SALARIES throughout the Country. Does this guy have any common sense in him. Why spend money on this Thief (Kafupi) when you can not even afford to pay Civil Servants in this Country. No wonder he is refered to as a guy with a small brain.

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