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EU Head of Delegation comments on Zambian Politics and NCC


European Union (EU) head of delegation to Zambia, Derek Fee

The European Union has called for the rethink of the Zambian political process.

EU Head of Delegation in Zambiasays politicians in Zambia should concentrate their minds on the issues which affect the daily lives of Zambian citizens.

Speaking during the commemoration of the European Union day in Lusaka this afternoon, Dr Fee says it would be naive to think that elections are not about personalities but that those personalities who present themselves as leaders of the people should do so by rational argument and not through defamation.

He points out that the recent elections in Mufumbwe and Milanzi have shown a side of the Zambia political process which is not conducive to the solution of the problems which beset the Zambian people.

And Dr Fee says the EU is very concerned at the conclusions of the National Constitutional Conference on issues such as the death penalty, women’s rights and the rights of the child.

He says the NCC was an opportunity for Zambia to consolidate its well deserved reputation at global level as a human rights champion by making constitutional changes which would have responded to the latest thinking on human rights.

Dr Fee adds that the Zambian society is evolving, and that denying the rights of women and children will not be consistent with Zambia’s economic ambitions.

He states that debate by the NCC on the issue of the death penalty was particularly strident and worrying.
And officiated at the same function, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Maxwell Mwale called on the European Union to take good note of the well intended position on the death penalty or any other issue that have a bearing on cordial relations and cooperation.



  1. Zambians still need time to learn that politics should be about tangible development issues….just look at the cadre mentality of some of the ‘learned’ citizens…pathetic

  2. Has Zambia still got death penalty? If they do, then no wonder those thieving politicians want to hang on to power at any cost! Someone please tell me….

    Totally agree with “The Lagacy”. Politicians need to engage themselves on deveopment, not insults galore! People are not going to eat insults are they? RB, show us the way or let someone else do. It seems the politicians always are focusing on elections (and stealing ofcourse) instead of development and economy! In 100 years time, our grand kids will rank KK as the best ever because he did develop when he was in power.

  3. So what exactly happens when you commemorate EU day in Lusaka ? Do people take to marching and parading and so forth ? Please forgive me , but i can’t help my curiousity as i’ve come to notice of late that we zambians have great zeal for ceremonial marches and parades .

  4. There are great leaders in Zambia I have met them and worked with them but they are not in government jobs. They are working to rescue orphans and provide hope in the Misisi. Their names are not found in the national headlines but they should be. They are the men and women who should be running the country because they see even the weakest citizens and reach out to help with no thought for recognition or gain. If Zambia truly professes to be a Christian nation then let its leaders lead by a Christ like example. Pastor Mark Aarssen – Canada

  5. I agree with what he says, but I am not happy with an outsider coming to lecture to us what we should or should not be doing. On the death penalty, the European Union is still friends with China, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Iraq etc which have the death penalty. I personally do not accept the death penalty but this guy should keep away from the internal affairs of our country.

  6. How come we who live in the EU never heard anything about this EU day? There are elections in UK and nobody is commemorating an EU day. 8 May is International Thalassaemia day.
    This patronising of poor countries just because they give us aid, is worse than slavery and colonialism. When I become President I will get rid of donors. We should have some pride you people. In the west, even prostitutes will not get money for nothing! But in Africa we almost feel entitled to begging! No wonder they come to dictate to us like this. Shame! We should kick out any govt. that includes donor funding in the national budget. WE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT DONORS! Africa has long existed before the white man came and will after he leaves. We welcome investors who respect us and not donors who patronise us.

  7. when outside give us sound advice which we do not want to hear, we say they are lecturing us. even when we squander funds they donate meant for baby kits at the ministry health we don`t want them to say anything because we are a sovereign state. then they say, ok, we will withdraw the rest of the support, then our leaders complain that cooperating partners are punishing poor people. the logic escapes me. if you don`t want to be lectured then make sure you are economically sound and not the beggar we are. that is why countries like China get away with it. if the EU, US, Scandinavians and British were to leave Zambia today we would immediately become worse than Zimbabwe. We just have to eat humble pie. Till we get where they are.

  8. Do we really need someone who doesn’t even stay in zambia on a permanent basis to tell us that our political and justice systems a corrupted and from the stone age, please people think about whats happening around us. we need inteligent people to represent us in parliament and then perhaps things will change, but we pick ‘kabovas’ to represent us and low life’s!!

  9. #5 and #6 Why is it that when well intentioned people criticise our rotten system, people like you become defensive. The fact is that poor Zambians are brutalised by cadres like you and the rotten police service. Brutal leaders like Rupiah and Mugabe only ever listen when outsiders like the US and the EU apply pressure. Mugabe is only talking to the opposition because foreign pressure is unrelenting. Had it not been for foreign pressure, Chiluba would still be oppressing us. So please do not pretend that you, the NCC and the Zambian politicians have the interests of the people at heart.

  10. We should learn to accept some of the critics from the out side world.The majority in Zambia are the poorest and so, the one who is a so called leader gets the money and munches everything, when the out side world or the monetary provider requests for accountability we complain that we are being denied.Ladies and Gentlemen let us grow up or else……….

  11. RB is not comfartable with NGOs and agencies that is speaking of the evil they have observed in our country. The fact remains the same things are not ok in Zambia and the current leadership is not provinding any guidance to the nation their main preoccupation is to remain in power at all cost.

  12. Dr. Fee is correct. Violence should not become part of the political process. It is important to encourage people to vote and not to frighten them not to. This act of violence will bring oppression instead of bringing out the voice of the majority.

    Dr. Fee is correct. You need civilization in your politics.

  13. By the way, what comprise women rights? Is he saying when a lady says she is tired for her duties then we should turn to Yakumbuyo with him? Foolishman…actually eachtime this Fee man opens his mouth he sounds stupidier…

  14. John James with respect, your country was build on violence. Don’t lecture us. Zambians are not violent people

  15. sorry *built. as in killing all the indians, the wild west, now Iraq, etc. USA is a very violent nation, unlike Zambia

  16. #6 THE SAINT

    Those u refer as outsiders are the ones that are donating to Zam. You should listen otherwise no donation coming forth. Accept critism to help you reform.

    Why deploying cadret instead of law inforcement persons?? 200 PF will be ferried to Luapula where Chiluba will be campaign for MMD. Just quess what will happen when these PF cadrets will attend Chiluba’s meetings. I smelt a rat ndikangimaano :d

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