Govt warns PF against ferrying cadres to Luapula

Mike Mulongoti

Government has warned Patriotic Front (PF) to rescind its decision to ferry over 200 cadres to Luapula province to attend the developmental conference slated for May 15-16 in Mansa which will be graced by former president Fredrick Chiluba.

Acting Chief Government Spokesperson Mike Mulongoti says Government will not allow Patriotic Front (PF) to ferry cadres to Luapula province because their aim is to create confusion at the conference that Dr Fredrick Chluba will hold.

Mr .Mulongoti urged PF to organize its own conference if it wanted to discuss developmental issues as opposed to creating commotion at the forthcoming conference that has been organized for a good cause.

Mr Mulongoti said the PF youths will have themselves to blame if they decide to go to Mansa.
He pointed out that it is such violent and ill motivated activities that are causing violence on the political scene in the country.

He wondered what the PF was up to by embarking on such a move stressing that Dr Chiluba is on a mission to garner support for the MMD and that if the PF wanted a forum to campaign for its leaders they should arrange for a separate one.

The conference in Mansa has been organized by the chiefs and some members of Parliament in Luapula Province to discuss development issues pertaining to the province.
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  1. Mulongoti you shouldn`t be scared,just let those guys go and see what happens.I understand Esther phiri is one of them.:d

  2. MMD is using the “kwapa tachila kubeya” I stay in Luapula in Musangu village for Kafupi. Na starring alanaka pa last mwebantu kakanaka.

  3. Desperation of Sata is a danger to these poor kids.What does he do should the ever accident causing GBM buses get sabotaged and end up into some fatal death? Chances are very high that some of these kids will not return live to their imported homes. Do they really the could disrupt an arranged meeting they have no invitation too? Or they think the preparers are such daft that they have no organized physical security for the dignitaries, Guests and former head of state? Do they think the venue has been paid up to accommodate jerks as gate crashers? Sata has run out of ideas and is now gambling to sacrifice poor souls. How i wish he dispatched his own kids and wives there.Good luck to you you.

  4. The Zambian people will not let Kafupi en his clonies continue fooling our brothers en sisters in the outskirts. We shall meet Kafupi in Mansa, he needs to wish he never went there. We shall not allow thieves to go scort free. Kafupi belongs to Jail and should rot there.

  5. Iwe Mulongoti,why should there be restrictions as to who should attend? Remember freedom of movement.Let them just go.If they break thé law arrest them……….period.

  6. mulongoti @ it again….where is shikapwasha?? nasalila not that in all conferences those to attend shud be invited?.PF why get crushing,dont let me down Isupport the pact but on this one,sorry.

  7. kafupi gracing a developmental what???issues of luapula….ha ha ha [email protected])@-)well well, he knows what PF will bring 4 him in mansa …thisb-(b-(b-( …He is supposed to be conducting meetings in prison where he belongs but once again MMD saved him from jail for such cheap campaigns… a clear indication of how desparate they have become to cling onto power .just think of it, from a respectable trade unionist to a head of state surrounded with scandals to a mere bootlicker 4 RB .Its really sad for FTJ …he cannot make up now…its too late .MMD won’t survive this time around FTJ . u know that anyway…u were always clever …probably just buying time to stay out of …”the return of kafupi ” =d>=d>=d>=d>=d>

  8. if this luapula people will really be fooled by chiluba then i will be convinced that certain people need to remain behind. this thief never did anything for them until now that he is calling for this political campaigns for mmd. nonsense

  9. Mukabe come 2011,

    Your hallucination and abuse of adjectives, verbs, nouns and pronouns such as “we” reveals the level of struggles in your life. No wonder you are at the bottom of the meaning of life despite western world opportunity domicility. If you think this PF anarchy will be treated with kids gloves kiss my foot. Sata will take in lethal damage and regret to his party structure functionalism.Just prepare for mourning in the house. If Chiluba is a spent force why the hysteria because he cannot pull crowds? And Why haven’t Sata initiated a countervailing developmental conference since 2001? Count it nefarious toll on PF some of these cadres will be dumped in jail while others will be on calvary.

  10. The use and abuse of young people for political ends continues in Zambia. From the institution of the Zambia Youth Service in 1966 to date, Zambian political parties have abused the youth for destructive purposes. It was the UNIP youths who caused the chaos that ked to the resignation of Skinner as Attorney General and 4 white High Court judges in 1969. Zambian youths are the tinder of political violence. Once again, they are being used negatively by the PF, MMD and UPND.

  11. Surely all these young people could be put to better use for progressive ends. These will be the future politicians and their bad habits of intolerance and lack of engaging in constructive dialogue and intellectual debate on issues will continue when they become ministers in future governments. Please, may all politicians of whatever persuasion engage these young people in democratic processes and not kaponyalism!

  12. Chiluba is a criminal. What development is he going to discuss in Luapula that he never did when he was President? Mulongoti himself has stated it very clearly in his rants and I quote,

    “…stressing that Dr Chiluba is on a mission to garner support for the MMD”.

    So, there is nothing developmental apart from garnering support for MMD. The organizer, that fool called Dr. Machungwa must come out in the open to state just that. These imbeciles must stop using chiefs for their foolish causes.

  13. Chiluba is a father of confusion. Let him go to Luapula and grace the said conference, you will hear what the outcome will be.

    MMD has made a mistake to allow FTJ into their bed again; and clearly, MMD doesn’t know where they are headed. In the days of LPM as President, FTJ was repulssive, now FTJ is a sweetheart, what has changed? RB must be very careful with FTJ, he will be taught the ways of corruption like he has not known them before and will go down with him.

    Where you true blues with whom we started the Original MMD? Why are you letting people like Chiluba and RB destroy the once good name of the Party we worked hard to start, at the cost of our own lives?

  14. You see you people this thing of ‘lets have a president from our pronvice’ crap does not help. FTJ was prez for 10 years and yet Luapula is one of the poorest provinces….I wonder what he is going to tell them now :d:d:d some people will continue feeding on pride while others feed on real food….kaya!

  15. Let them travel, we will block the road and we won’t let them pass through to the conference centre. Sata is now panicking

  16. Patriot

    Not sure what you do, but from my understanding, you probably have never met Kafupi in person before. I have discussed with Kafupi on many occassions, knew him long before he became President in Ndola, a close friend of my late father at that time. If you care to know I hail from Mununshi (where they used to be a thriving Banana plantation), Ask Kafupi about Mwaiseni and he will tell you who we are. Kafupi is a THIEF and he belongs to JAIL. He’s got no agenda for Luapula and as such we will face him head on.

  17. How much labour is required to discuss development in Luapula? And why should PF feel it should supply the 200 units of labour, demanded by none? How did PF arrive at 200 units as the required strength to get what output? Anyway better wait and calculate the productivity thereafter

  18. Patriot

    Will you shut your stinky mouth, coz you’re not from our province and are the last person to talk about Luapula Province. You can not intimidate me with death my friend. That Language is very uncivilsed. STOP BLOGGING IF YOU’VE NO POINTS TO PUT ACCROSS. Having interacted and known Chiluba on a personal level long before he became President, you are not the right person to tell me about this LAZO. As a youth from Luapula I will go to ask what Chiluba did in the 10 years he was President, ukwambila pa Musangu, and neither you (don’t even know where the HELL you hail from, talk about you’re Province), or any of your fellow clonies can deny me. We need to develop as a country but a THIEF can not talk about development. All Chiluba thinks about are women and his pocket.

  19. Please PF rescind your decision its not good. After all CHILUBA is not factor in Zambia, let him just spend our money he stole to Luapula pipo. But come 2011 all MPs will be Non MMD

  20. The flip flopping in the PF camp is now disgusting. The PF knows how to shout loudest especially when it suits them. Mr. Sata will say something in crowd A and something completely contrary to what he said to crowd A to crowd B and it seems his cadres are doing the same.

    Today Dr. FTJ Chiluba is a criminal and cannot discuss development when yesterday he was hero.

  21. cont. from #28

    How about Chiluba, Sampa, Zimba and Katilungu? I think they deserve this award more than KK. KK destroyed the economy of ZED. Remember those lies for Sugar, Salt, Mealie meal, Cooking oil (formerly called Saladi), Washing Powder (So called Surf). The list is endless. Come on ZCTU, don’t be political. You can do better. Chiluba and his gang did more to have ZCTU survive the KK onslaught.Kalos2020, KK honored with a solidarity award, Lusaka Times, May 2nd 2008

  22. cont. from #29

    Corruption, tribalism, and nepotism was a Lozi, Tonga thing. Chiluba is just one way to hide your foolish misdeeds. Tonga’s and Lozi’s thot State Insurance, NPF and other government sectors has theirs. A reversal of such behavior angered some hence the hounding of Chiluba with cases that they have failed to find even a ten ngwee. When will you accept that Chiluba saved Zambia from extinction? You lined up for salt, suger, ubunga, sopo, and black market was the means of trade. Chiluba turned that country around in less than one yr. Just learn to appreciate. Only some ppl could afford to go abroad until Chiluba came on the scene. Don’t you know that tribalism & Nepotism is WORST CORRUPTION?Kalos2020, Petty corruption still high in Zambia, LT, June 8th…

  23. cont. from #31

    It is this flop flopping in the PF camp that makes us even doubt if Mr. Sata’s 2 degrees are authentic. When are the PF going to be genuine with the Zambian people? When are they going to be honest? Why cant they just be truthful with everyone instead of this flip flopping that is angering people?

    I wonder…..:-?

  24. Who says there is no longer freedom of movement in Zambia. PF is not going to fight or cause any havoc, that’s MMD’s idea. We’re a a very peaceful party and want to see development throughout the entire country. Remember non of the PF rebel and MMD MP’s from Luapula reside there, nor does the LAZO himself. The only thing taking us all back is that we all come from Luapula Province, and that is the same inclination the PF youths have. We want to contribute to the development of our Province and feel we should be part of this important event. Mansa, here we come this friday, 200 is the minimum number you should expect from PF!

  25. MMD is just full of nonses, everything to them its about intimidation. n ths ka chiluba they are tryng to use as their campaig manager will just disapoint them coz the well meaning zambianz have oredy made up their mindz. and ths fool mulongoti i thot he had gaind some senses wen he became quiet for a while, bt its like he woz just doubleling his uselesness n foolishness. SHAME ON THE MMD!!

  26. PF have always proclaimed Luapula as their ‘stronghold’ and even poured contempt on the Rebel MPs as having no significance on the political landscape of Luapula.Alas,Iam baffled by the desperation being shown by the PF and its cadres on Chiluba’s scheduled visit.If Luapulans have decided and indeed Chiluba is a spent force,PF should even relax and see Chiluba waste his energy.But from the way PF has reacted,one doesnt have to be a Yale Professor to tell how the PF camp have be shaken ans all along were just pretending.It all sums up into one-lack of strategy and political acumen by opposition.

  27. I thought we were thru with this ka thing called Mulongoti, where has he sprang from again? Am afraid my vomitting will start again because each time I hear this chap speak I vomit. Ako ka Lazo ka Chiluba is just a waste of time,why even bother about him?

  28. The problem we have with such dimwits as Mulongoti & his fellow Rupiah bootlickers is that they think every Zambian is daft. Chiluba is not MP for Luapula neither is he part of the govt so what should he be holding that conference for,can’t the task be assigned to the MP for the area,why didn’t Chiluba hold the conference when he was President . How did the Chiefs in the area come up with that idea and how did they come up with the idea that Chiluba should be the main man to organise it.

    Just like The Post newspaper hinted a couple of weeks ago,Chiluba is on a mission to drum up support for MMD in Luapula just like they sent him to the Northern Province where he was shamed & called a lazo.It is not a crime for him to campaign for MMD so let him go,who cares.

  29. mulongoti why are you speaking on behalf of this which government has refused to be the organisers, now it is clear that all this is the move by rupiah banda to decampaign sata. for this we as solwezi youths are joining te camp of PF.

  30. PF is the people and Zambians citizens too.So let these youths go ahead and learn at this important developmental programme that will be graced by FTJ Chiluba in Luapula province.The youths should not be stopped from travelling and for your own information ka Mulongoti is that in Zambia we are still enjoying the movement of going anywhere at any time, so Go Go PF youths that is how we learn from others and im willing to pay for 50 more youths that are wishing to go to attend from Southern province too.

  31. Mulongoti you have told the nation that Kafupi is going to campaign for RB and MMD and not to take development to the province.Leave the youths alone to exercise their rights.

  32. Mr Capitalist, excellent blogging, a once upon a time PF hero, who was always escorted and welcomed at the airport, has now become PF enemy number one. From HERO to ZERO, Lets ask the great kalos2020, what has changed from 2008, to 2011. Very good work Mr Capitalist keep it up, continue to expose Sata’s children, the likes of genocidal Kalos2020.

  33. Diahorrea Mouth Mulongoti, Instead of funding this thief, Kafupi to continue lying to our collegues in Mansa, can Humpty Dumpty (RB) pay THE CIVIL SERVANTS THERE APRIL SALARIES throughout the Country. Does this guy have any common sense in him. Why spend money on this Thief (Kafupi) when you can not even afford to pay Civil Servants in this Country. No wonder he is refered to as a guy with a small brain.

  34. Diahorrea Mouth Mulongoti, Instead of funding this thief, (Kafupi) to continue lying to our collegues in Mansa, can Humpty Dumpty (RB) pay THE CIVIL SERVANTS THERE APRIL SALARIES throughout the Country. Does this guy have any common sense in him. Why spend money on this Thief (Kafupi) when you can not even afford to pay Civil Servants in this Country. No wonder he is refered to as a guy with a small brain.

  35. What developmental issues can Kafupi bring to Luapula, which he couldn’t do when he was president. A small thief. Ka kafupi wa bufi.

  36. I thought retired presidents are not supposed to be invloved in politics? Was it not this same Chiluba who denied KK his benefits because he was involved in active politics? I wonder then just what the hell Mulongoti is talking about here, and quote: “He wondered what the PF was up to by embarking on such a move stressing that Dr Chiluba is on a mission to garner support for the MMD and that if the PF wanted a forum to campaign for its leaders they should arrange for a separate one.” By the way, Mulongoti also looks sick, it is the same ailments sweating Kunda that Mike also has in his blood?

  37. #31, I bet you are Nevers Sekwila Mumba blogging from Canada, rooting big time for your boss Kansundila and his wayward Lazo, Chiluba. We know how much money you have looted from the commission coffers and once we boot out Bandan, you will come back to Simoson’s servants quarters where Levy plucket you out from. Also, we know you sent your driver on a 4,000 kilometres cross Canada drive from Ottawa to meet you in Vancouver three days later when you arrived there for holidays, we are going to get this money of ours back which you are chewing, wabe ilitile limo pamusana ka Sekwila iwe!

  38. i have noticed that we have a lot of jackasses here writing a lot of ass i ideas. patriot is one of them. you guys when will you ever sit down and think like normal people. you are ever siding with the wrong people with wrong ideas. i pity u guys because naturally people like you dont deserve to live. you are too merciless and too full of yourself to belong to a society about other people.

  39. # 41, you should ask yourselves in your Taliban party MMD why you advocate violence. Your Omar Muhammad William Banda is there just to hurt people. Your big brother Taliban Capitalist did not know what he was talking about and you just fell in. I have said on this blog that I will not support any one who advocate corruption and I have characterized tribalism which is now evident in Banda as another form of corruption. So, read my postings about Mwanawasa family tree and how I stood firm against Levy despite previously working together when MMD was MMD. So your Taliban style blogging of support vigilante, police state of MMD using William Banda is a waste of time and people’s energy.

  40. i can’t understand these guyz.I thought last time when some concerns where raised over FTJ attending the so called developmental meeting,you guys said anyone is free to attend this meeting.Now you want youths to stay away from such besides they are the future leaders.Even in football anyone is free to watch the game whether its your opponent to face in the next match.This will help you to strategize where there is need.Perhaps those developmental issues might not be fulfilled during this term.who knows who will take the lead after next year.youths are the future leaders let them take part as well.

  41. Goeorge Kunda was out of the country, sick. The country was quite apart from Mufumbwe. Now George is back and quickly claiming as christians we should not question sickness. UKUTUMPA. If it is the oppositon the same MMD is very quick to query the illness. George Hidding in christianity we wont buy it. Now story above, Mulongoti is contradicting self. First he says it’s developmental, they say chiefs have organised it with other stake holders. Then he says Chiluba will be campaigning for the MMD. Ala kabili former president in partisan politics??? It wont work, chiluba abandoned Luapula in his tenure of office.

  42. Some people never cease to amaze me. Can who support MMD tell me what it stands for? Sure iam confused. Today Kafupi is a darling?

  43. I will call it “the game of wits.” That is what politics is all about.It is not a game of lies. So we will see who is more intelligent than the other….Sata and Banda; degree and education by association which is Sata’s qualification. WE will see. Yuo know education by association mostly equips one with the ability to communicate in English albeit illogically. That is How Satadoes it.Some times he emplys words he does not understand…….education by association.You pick up the smoke instead of the fire…..

  44. When Barosaland and Sothern Provinces held their conference with their chiefs no complained who attended. Now Luapula whats to do the same and every body is apprehensive. This is an indictor that Luapula is very important. Why did the PF not send carders to the Mongu or Mazabuaka. This shows the level of thinking in PF – it is kaponyalistic because satan is a kapoyanya. We wiil never ever allow a kaponya to rule zambia.Since PF and kaponya are the same PF will never rule zambia.

  45. ba kaipononefye,wats the fuss.chiluba is a thief period”””””””””””””””’

  46. Ba LION naimwe! don’t you know that the so called ‘developmental meetings’ were arranged by the 7 ‘PF rebel’ MPs? Don’t you know that it’s important for youths who originate from Luapula to attend that meeting and offer construct ideas?. Don’t you know that there will be heavy police presence in Luapula to protect Chiluba and therefore PF can not careless to send youths for violence? Haven’t you seen that the police are very quick and active to arrest opposition party cadres when MMD self confessed gang rapists and cadres who run over and kill kids in Mufumbwe go scot-free? Open your eyes, its not about who rules next year, Zambia is for all Zambians, not just MMD! How come there is so much violence during RB’s one year in power?, and he even brags about it!

  47. Luapula chiefs are so wise that they cant allow that to happen. Don’t cheat the people that our chiefs organized that meeting yet I saw those Letters Inviting our chiefs to the same meeting. It was signed by Senior govt officials of Zambia. You should Know that even Us people that work for you the Govt are not with you for good reasons. your Govt system is rotting every day because u involve people of rotten brains to manipulate peoples’ minds. just accept to leave office for peace’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. come, u will find us here. u are such a disappointment. We don’t need you and your rotten idears.
    Bamulongoti efyo mundele. what happened? did you take some poison? thats why why you were so quiet? No one missed you, your voice and rubish that come out of your mouth. Luapula for PACT

  49. The PF don’t know how to participate in national issues and they don’t want to participate in national programs as long as it is the MMD in government. That is the biggest problem they have. They want to disrupt every meeting the MMD is organising which is very sad. Yes the Luapula meeting is for every Zambian but the participation must be done properly, not in cnfusion like PF is doing. If PF youths want to participate let them go through a proper chanel not ifyo ifya bu kaka as if there is a problem. Ba Sata naimwe namukula you must learn to harmonise people not to create chaos unnecessarily, what kind of a leader are you? Do it properly please and the youths from the oposition will be welcome. You don’t just wake up and shout “I am also bringing 200 youths form Lusaka” when you…

  50. even know how many people are needed. Because there is a cost and everyone must be acounted for. If 200 youths are going to be added to the expected number who going to look after them, that is the confusion we don’t want create. It is cear now that you just want to fight with no course. Please stop the nonsense if you want people to see you in 2010 as a credible leader.

  51. Jst teach the little thief a big lesson.Beat the hell out of him.EMBARASS him big time in Mansa at all costs!

  52. In today’s Post, the MMD’s chief A.S.S. licker, mulongoti clearly and openly admits that the MMD concealed the commission of a crime and failed to report it to the police for investigation and possible prosecution. Speaking about Kavindele, Mulongoti is reported to have said: “…Kavindele should have been in jail had the party secretariat taken the bounced cheque to the police in line with the law”. Lawyers out there; Isn’t there a law against this sort of thing? Or is this just another confirmation that there is no law in Zambia that those in power cannot circumvent to suit their own ends?

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