Monday, June 24, 2024

The Week in Pictures



A woman rejoices after receiving books from Luangeni Member of Parliament Angela Cifire in eastern province


A community school in eastern province


A cameraman captures President Rupiah Banda before he left for Tanzania to attend the World Economic Forum.


Bodyguards leave the Presidential Challenger plane after President Rupiah Banda boarded before he left for Tanzania to attend the World Economic Forum


Acting vice president...Defence minister Kalombo Mwansa greets service chief and senior cabinet ministers after President Banda left for Tanzania. Mwansa is acting vice president for ailing George Kunda


Chief executive officers from the Zambian private sector during the recent breakfast meeting in Lusaka


ICDL Media Breakfast Audience


Dora Siliya during the AfriConnect/VVoB ICDL Media Breakfast


Dora Siliya during the recent AfriConnect/VVoB ICDL Media Breakfast


Keep Nyimba clean


Energy minister Kenneth Konga pokes his eyes during the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast meeting in Lusaka


First Lady Thandiwe Banda with Standard Chartered bank managing director Mizinga Melu at State House


Information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha in deep thought as he follows proceedings at the United Nations in New York


Information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha makes a presentation on the state of Zambian media at the United Nations in New York


  1. iye Shikapwasha is alive i hope he wasn’t dozing there.:d. Bushe what cream does Dora put on her face? it makes her look like a plastic object:-w

  2. Pic 8 and 9-Dora nabika weight ninshi alelya ? Wow nice to see that Ronie is not dosing this time around as shown in pic 13 and 14 tho his eyes looks as if he was about to drift into some sleep.Nice pics ba Lt i should say, am not dissapointed.Deuces bane enjoy the weeend :)>-

  3. Awe kwena pictures of today are the most boring ones LT has ever done it before. Ronie was freezing from Snow in USA.

  4. Pic#3,4 – Losers’ convention
    Pic#8,9 – Lion’s mane
    Pic#12 – so well dressed
    Pic#13,14 – seriously?

  5. I love picture no 1.
    My mother never went to school but she always told me to go to school even checking my home work. All she was checking for was a red pen in my book. This pictures is so nice and reminds me of my mother. Thanks. LT

  6. chi Dora ni zee, it seems her dressing has improved. keep nyimba clean, sure is this all what the local authorities can provide.!!

  7. Lelo looks like there is no one admiring Tb ? Dora amitengela nzelu it seems like,easy boiz.:d

  8. Ok but Chi Dora chlikwata ifuta guys lets just admit it!
    The sooner we admit it the better for mankind!!

  9. Musukuma #6
    So touching
    #3 ,4 and5 i dont think there is anything more disgusting than
    than these send offs.You pipo out in the diaspora is it the same there .
    #13 Shipwetete looks like he wanys to doze off

  10. Oh, so Minister Ronnie Shika… is in USA or at some UN meeting.

    Have a bless and happy Sabbath day all.
    Matt 6:33

  11. # 4, these pictures are not boring, Look at picture 1, what does it tell you? I do not think that mum was happy because she would use those book?, she was happy because one of her son/daughter would use those book at school. She understands how important school is. Same like my late mother, she made me know how to write but she did not know how to write nor read. I just love picture 1. Thanks again, LT.

  12. # 11 Awe Dora ukubeka kumenso kwati litako lyamwana. Each time i see her picture and how much weight she has put on makes me go jogging and exercise.

  13. #20(Musukuma)
    Same applies to me.Mum was always encouraging me to school even when she just reached Sub B cos that was the last level the village school was offering.Thanx LT 4 the Pics.

  14. ba thandiwe aka tenge ako balika fwalapo kale….tababebako ati kulachinjako…..all those trips her hubby makes he cant buy her some clothes!!!

  15. Gelo Wa pa zed thadiwe is a true woman, unlike the want to be European next to her. She indeed looks very homely intelligent and fertile 🙂 just like Michelle Obama does not have to wear those bright colored army looking jacket blaizers of first ladies before. She is beautiful and a true sister. Her choice of husband leaves much to be desired though 🙂

  16. Pic # 11 Maweee!!! Konga will be blind if its true that he pocked his eye as reported by LT. I hope he was just rubbing his eyes!!!!

  17. pic 13: “Information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha in deep thought as he follows proceedings at the United Nations in New York”. To me it looks like he was about to sleep and not really in a deep thought. We all know his ability to sleep at such meetings. I doubt he was following what was going on.

  18. I think Thandiwe shud be praised. She does exercise, nice body. But Dollar does not even go to the gym sure! Women shud be encouraged to exercise and reduce the stomachs pls.

  19. lets be serious please is it so cold in zambia for dora to dress like that? that face really needs a lot of attention maybe a bit of powder will do.
    elo ba shikapwasha takwaba abasumako in govt to go and represent zambia? pantu awe, nasalwise bwafya, balatumwenamo!

  20. Pa Zed, vinthu vasuzga chomene. Shikapwasha… yayi nimuheni chomene uyu mudala. Naye Dora watutuba chomene, how can u maneuver her. Ka Thandi ni zee even with repeated chitenje dress

  21. pic 14 tu kego, at least he didnt doze off – pic 14, 8 and 9 ba dora mwala tulika mwaina sana:d:d:d:d:d:d

  22. i can see that a lot of zambians are extremely full of jealousy. what is wrong with my sweetheart’s face, Dora? give her a break: she does not use mwandaba like your wifes. she is a woman at work, sweating it out to chide and put sense in a lot of people like u.

  23. I know mu Africa being fat is a sign of a good life, but ba Dora should know better, Muli ma gym mu Lusaka you know.

  24. 😕 how do u know?! filya amenso yalemoneka kwati ni jilito type! nolo balenda balashipula…………..

  25. kadoyo

    dora ni saladi! ooo cookin oil asubile elo nomba apombamo ne chayaka so ni reflection kanshi mulemona!:((

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