Zambia strategises on waterways

Transport minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa about to launch the revised high way code in Lusaka
Transport minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa

THE Government is putting in place strategies to develop the waterways transportation to link many of the neighbouring countries, Communication and Transport Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa has said.

Professor Lungwangwa said in Lusaka yesterday that Government would like to open up most of the lakes and rivers that are shared by other countries as a means of transportation across borders with such countries.

He said the waterways were cardinal for the promotion of trans-boundary transport systems to enhance cross border trade and cooperation.

The Government was in the process of procuring dredging machinery to re-enforce the manual efforts of clearing canals in an effort to promote water transport.

“We are facilitating international trade in the joint development and use trans-boundary infrastructure by engaging our neighbouring states,” he said.

Prof Lungwangwa said one of he major projects being considered was the Shire-Zambezi Waterways Development Programme, which links Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

“We want to work on the Zambezi-Shire with the governments of Malawi, Mozambique to make the Zambezi River navigable.

“We are also thinking of connecting waterway with Angola, but we have all these lakes and rivers that we want to work on so that they become navigable,” he said.

The Government was also engaging with neighbouring countries connected to Zambia through the different development corridors such as Nacala Development Corridor, the Beira Corridor, Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lumbumbashi Corridor, Mtwara Corridor and North South Corridor.

The Government feels that another corridor should be developed to link Zambia and Angola to facilitate for infrastructure development to open up Zambia to the ports of that country.

Prof Lungwangwa said Zambia would benefit immensely by linking information, communication and technology (ICT) infrastructure with the regional infrastructure.

That is why Zambia was actively participating in the development of the undersea sub-continental infrastructure development on the eastern coast under the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD).

[Times of Zambia]


  1. You have faild to dig draineg systems The whole Luaska is water logged and then you think you can improve water transport Rubish

  2. So many words around a hands on job. Bombeni first Ba Minister wesu.

    Once you are done give priority of investment to Zambians so that we dont suffer high costs for the benefit of our neighbours. As experienced in other sectors, the magnitude of daftness and failure to put zambians first will be the method of measure.

  3. Finshi benga bomba abo, ijaketi bafwele lilefina 100 kilograms umulandu wa nsalu yailepo ubwingi, yaba!!!

  4. This year is full of sweet words as people shold be aware of this. All this meant for 2011 general elections.

  5. Not a good idea. Imagine the trail of filth on the waterways – tujilijili packets, imi pukutu, shake-shake cartons, phlegm, snot… No, not a good idea. Leave our rivers alone.

  6. check the new post newspaper at this is confusing now! check the true story there

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