Setif Players Exchange Blows In the Midst of Victory


A post-match brawl between Entente Setif midfielders Khaled Lemmouchia and Francis Ambane overshadowed Zanaco’s exit from this year’s Caf Champions League.

Cameroonian midfielder Ambane who came on in the last 10 minutes of the match got into an altercation with his Algerian team mate in the midst of missing two chances on goal.

The two squared up after the final whistle before being briefly separated but their fight got ugly in the Nkoloma stadium car park leaving Lemmouchia with a bloodied face as the police shielded Ambane from the wrath of some of his teammates who turned against him on the team bus.

Ambane left in a separate car with Setif official and Algerian diplomatic staff under guard from the police.

Meanwhile, back on the field of play, the game was scoreless going to halftime before Zanaco took the lead in the 51st minute through Makundika Sakala who headed in an Allen Mukuka cross.

Setif leveled eight minutes later through striker Nabil Hemani who drilled in free kick.

Man of the match Lazhar Aissa made it 2-1 in the 76th before Kennedy Nkethani equalized in the 80th minute.

Zanaco bow out 3-2 on aggregate and have now been relegated to the Confederations Cup.

They will know their last 16 opponents when the draws for both the Champions League group stage and Confederations Cup pre-group matches are made on May 13 in Cairo.


  1. Awesome stuff. Adding spice to the match bakamba! The last round will be held on the plane. And the trip to algeria is long. Wina azalila lol

  2. Thank God the Zambian police looked out for a brother. I told you these Arabs don’t like us the lost children of Israel. The creators of civilisation, Nubia the real Egypt that we are. Why the Arabs turned on a sole brother is easily deciphered for you inferiority complex laden Zambians. This is entertainment at it’s best lol. He should transfer to a different club and probably Europe 🙂

  3. I have beef for these fools.They live like kings in our country but treat blacks like trash in their countries.

  4. it was a good show they put up i mean a fight after winning it is not often you come across such good guys.

  5. hmmm, strange information…8-|
    what is sure is that you lost the game, :d/
    but to the few anti-arabs black people posting here, I say: just keep being the slaves of white people till your last days….and may be like MJ you can become white one day… 😉

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  6. To anti-arabs comments: You should know that arabs has forbidden Slavory 14 centuries ago when Islam arrived. A lot of them are black, including in Algeria with natives of the South. It seems that some of people, are exploiting this information to another end. Shame on you

  7. Racists are found among all human beings. However, some adopt this into their culture and therefore institutionalise it thus making it normal to judge people by the colour of their skin, like the boers did in South Africa. Even earlier, the Egyptians had entrenched racism into their culture. Quote from Wikipedia: The Egyptians grew to despise their Black neighbours, and saw the Negroid areas south of them as a source of slaves and raw materials. Google the following article:The Arab World’s dirty secret writen by an Egyptian called Mona Eltahawy and you will see a confession of how racist Egypt is.

  8. Europeans and Americans (The West) have however politically decided to fight racism by making human rights central to their constitutions or political ideologies. Their peoples may not have followed en masse but these countries have made a first step away from racism. Religion especially that from the Middle East unfortunately entrenches racism because the deliverers of gospels or doctrines always want to portray the scenario that they are people chosen by God to disseminate his word. Black Africa would have been racist too given the ethnic wars we have experienced but for want of economic, political or technological muscle.

  9. This article is full of misinformation that tries to make it look like it was a race incident.
    Francis Ambane was the one who assaulted Khaled Lemmouchia and left him with a bloody face, his teammates intervened to separate the two on the bus, how come Francis Ambane didn’t get hurt if his teammates attacked him? Remember that was on the team bus, no cops were on the bus at the time of the incident. The Setif managers put Francis in a separate car to end to his rage.
    The cops arrived and started beating up the Setif players in revenge for the defeat of the Zambian team. Francis have been playing with his teammate for years now and never had an issue with any of them, there were reports that he have been agitated even before the game started because he have been playing as a…

  10. It seems that the Black Americans think that all societies in the world are similar to theirs where you have all these racial issues that never seem to end. To all of you people who don’t know, Algerian society is a homogeneous society that’s made of people of all shades and colors, from the whitest blondes like the swedes to the darkest black and whatever lies in between, they all live as one, they have the same faith and language and have been living that way for thousands of years and there have been no history of racial issues whatsoever so cut the crrap and keep your issues to yourselves.

  11. Arab Dude… Truth Hurts huh!!!:-?:-?:-?
    why so defensive we all know how Arabs behave especially in their own country, have u ever hear of a Zambian racists or a Zambian passing Racial Remarks but we ve heard and experienced many from Algerians and Egyptians True or False my brother?

  12. whether racist or not the fight was between two pipo why should other idoits (Arabs on the Bus) join the fight Bravo Ambane, infact this Cameroonian midfielder deserves a hand

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