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Happy Mothers Day


A mother rejoices after receiving books for her children

Mothers day may not be a recognized Zambian holiday but before you castigate the West for inventing useless holidays take time to just appreciate your mother.

Your mother loved you even before you were born. She gently caressed her tummy those nine months she carried you. She would secretly or publicly talk to you even before you met. When “D” day finally arrived she labored for you for 6-18hrs. During that time she probably said some 4 letter words directed at the midwives or your father but never directed at you! When she finally pushed you out or when the doctor handed you to her and she held you, it felt like heaven. She thought you were the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

The next year you kept her up most of the nights but she was only too glad to be at your service. When you could finally walk, talk and perhaps even climb furniture, she looked at you proudly like someone had awarded her a Nobel peace prize. Those nights you were down with malaria, diarrhoea or a fractured limb she never left your side. She urged you to get an education though you would have rather dodged school. She scolded you for playing with Bana Mulengas kids but she was only trying to protect her precious child from bad company.

When you became a rebellious teenager she still loved you and spent most nights praying you would turn out right. You graduated from university or college and she was ululating the loudest in the crowd. Her little angel had done it. You got married and though she would have preferred someone taller or slimmer she was still happy for you. Now shes a grandmother and the joy you’ve brought in her life is overflowing. How she longs to baby-sit her grandkids for you. Alas you left Zambia in search of greener pastures. For this precious woman who has always been there for you, for your number 1 fan why not appreciate her on this Mothers Day.
To all you mothers out there Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Good Morning fellow Zambians and Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers!

    In addition to the inspiring lecture above, I recommend from youtube the song “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga – a true Mother’s anthem from an African perspective. Blessed Sunday to y’all!


  2. Indeed a mother is the only person who will always been there for you.Happy mothers day to my mummy in Chingola.I love you.And hats off to all you great moms out there.

  3. Mothers out there,without your love and caring,this world will be hell to live on.Happy Mothers’ day and continue loving us.

  4. #5 you seem to have misinterpreted the article. We are not talking about perversion of Human Rights here – we are simply honouring our mothers. Kindly leave your personal complex issues and vain imaginations outside the blog. Thank you.

  5. Sweet Mama,

    You must be a very miserable and wounded little one in life. Get over it and pick up the wheels of love for the good of what your loins will deliver on earth. Its too dangerous to exhibit such internal strife full in you.

  6. It is not enough to just observe ‘Mothers Day’ as a holiday but give them the support and care they so much deserve.

  7. You can always tell when the haters come out to blog. The more insults they post, the less attention they get… some people seem to find it so hard to be nice and yet it does’nt even cost a cent.

  8. the impression i’m getting here is that there’s a great deal of anger amongst brethren in diaspora. ninshi guys – recession ya vuta?

  9. People in the diaspora are misrable.Check their posts and the writing is already on the wall.Diasporans find ways of being happy and LT certainly is not a platform to vent out anger for your personal misfortunes.I know of mothers who dont deserve the praise but are in minority and most importanyly those abused can still find a place in their hearts and forgive.

  10. #5 or what ever #you are emancipate yourself please………if at all your mother said sorry for her mistakes why are you still bitter? their must have been some serious reasons she acted the way she did and probably for you to be where you are…………..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY MOTHER AND OTHER MOTHERS AROUND THE WORLD :):)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-

  11. The writer is misinformed. Mother’s Day, celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the US is not a holiday.

    Otherwise Mothers should be celebrated everyday.

  12. This is one of my best pictures- it reminds me of my later mother- who was always there for us-7 of us-made food for us, made sure we had clean uniforms,checking our home work, she just checked for red marked pen, then she knows you got it right. She never went to school, she could not read nor write, but she understood how important school is, we all finished schools and working, May her soul rest in Peace- Mothers- we love you and we respect you so much.

  13. Having been brought up in a village, every woman of mum’s age was my ‘mother’ and I accorded them (I still do) the same respect as my own mum. Therefore, I celebrate all the mothers of Africa, but in particular Zedian mothers. Like the Lifebouy soap ad which used to appear on ZNBC years ago; ‘Mothers of Africa, your love wont fade. Tender as an African smile, it will last through and through, it true, real and pure…..'(something like that)

    But the greatest mother of them all is my grandmother who brought me up and who taught me ati; ”……Sunga umukoshi, ubulungu twafya.” I salute you and forever will I!!

  14. #20 should have read
    ati; ”……Sunga umukoshi, ubulungu twabwafya.” I salute you and forever will I!!

  15. #9 whilst what you have said is true, that is rather the exception than the norm. Just look at the picture of the mother above in this story. such are the majority and we salute them!!

  16. :):) Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful Moms!! We just want to remember you for your wonderful, diligent and caring individuals you’ve been. You’re the most amazing individual this world has ever seen.

  17. To my late Mum,
    Happy mother’s day. Your spirit lives on and thanks for everything you did to me as your son and friend. You were always there for me. I can still remember you bathing me when I was in Grade 4. You used a stone to clean my feet. You applied vaseline on my body and dressed me up in a khaki uniform with grey socks and black bata shoes. ‘Don’t forget your books!’ You reminded me. Happy Mother’s day

  18. Happy mother’s day to all banaChimbusa’s!!! Of-course, they deserve center stage – my Mom was one of them, the best friend this side of heaven! @};-@};-@};-@};-@};-^:)^^:)^

    Anyone know what happened to Mama Kankansa Day, is that still being celebrated paZed?

  19. Motherhood is a tough 24-hour job,No pay, No days off, most often unappreciated, & yet resignation is impossible, hello good mum, thats the life, only now when am a mum do i realize how u felt. l:xve u to bits mum.En to all single mums, u r strong.:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x

  20. What a wonderful joy we have in our mother? At 78 we are still little children to her. There is onl one thing that has changed, a shift in focus to grannies since we are all grown ups with our own homes. Mothers, you are really great people, the people directly involved in creation. Bravo mothers.

  21. SHOCK of all SHOCKS!!

    No mother has responded to goodwill wishes on this blog. This implies LT blogs are male dominated or have chased women away. Possibly due to bad language. Shameful isnt it? It’s like talking to a tree. The women are not hear to hear you guys.

  22. :d/:d/hi,just wanted to comment on some husbands who use their wives as revenues .imagine someone laboured for 9months to raise a child and someone wants to reap where they didnot sow.common these days some men marrying for money,not love.watch out for the lamentations from their mamas ,no wonder you dont prosper.

  23. Mum am so blessed to hve you in my life and evrytime I luk at you I wonder how you do it….happy mothers day….I love you

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