UPND is to blame for the Mufumbwe violence, says Clergy


Hakainde Hichilema( L) and Solwezi Central UPND MP Watson Lumba
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

The Evangelical youth alliance international has heaped the blame on the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) for the Mufumbwe violence.
Evangelical youth Alliance Executive Director Moses Lungu said the violence that took place in the last elections is an indication that the opposition are hungry for power.

Rev. Lungu said at a press briefing at his office today that it is a pity that the politicians are more interested in power other than people they wish to govern.

He said if the opposition was not desperate and hungry for power; the violence that took place was not going to be recorded.

The clergy said that the behavior of the opposition in the last elections is contrary to the biblical principles that Zambia is anchored on.

He added that if not careful Zambia might lose its peace it has enjoyed over the last years.

Rev. Lungu castigated the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema as having a violent language and uncultured.

And Rev. Lungu said the calls to have the electoral code of conducts reviewed were uncalled for.

He pointed out that the current code of conduct is adequate, but only lacks implementation on the ECZ as an authority.

Rev. Lundu said that the ECZ should emulate other acts that have been created unlike what is currently observed.

He stated that the current electoral code of conduct could work only if much emphasis on implementation is enhanced.
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  1. On “Evangelical youth Alliance Executive Director Moses Lungu said the violence that took place in the last elections is an indication that the opposition are hungry for power” just look at the name fo this clergy man. What an Easterner clergy man?

    No wonder Jesus Christ warned his true Church as recorde in Matthew 24 of the HolyBible above certain characters that will try to infiltrate true church worship for they bad ways.

    I thus wish to advice all ill-motivated characters against the mighty UPND Team to wait for the MMD and the UPND to present their case in court and also the court’s outcome on the Mufumbwe by-election since the MMD has already petitoned that election in court according to Mr President RB Banda if he was not misquoted at the airport.

    B blest o…

  2. Mr lungu what kind of a reverend are you? shame upon you .We know you are tying to protect your kinsman but there better ways than what you are doing.You are a prophet of doom not worthy listening to I wish you a good place in hell

  3. No wonder i have lost faith in women and men of the cloth.They are so hypocritical these days which leaves pipo like me with doubts,it is not easy to believe in the words they teach.The best these pipo can do is to advice in a way that shows no political affiliation.But this bunch of ba lungu and his blind followers have proved that they are MMD`s stooges.:)>-

  4. The turth shall come out. reflecting on the narrowest of margins HH won inspite of unleashing violent dogs on the electorate, pact, dont get too comfortable. tutoring and practicing Violence is the the only way they can win. This time round Sata will be shoved into permenant retairement with this approaching inevitable defeat.

  5. Mr Lungu, who do you serve God or RB? As a clergy or whatever you call yourself you should know better that the God you claim to serve is a God of justice, love and patience. If however, you are sure that only UPND cadres were perpetrators of violence i praise the God you worship but if you are making these biased allegations for selfish “wako niwako” reasons then you need to bow down and ask for forgiveness from the almighty. Truth must be the character of the church and justice should always come out of the mouth of a man of God who for that matter leads his flock. Bias from the mouth of the church can cause rebellion of masses against the church and henceforth creating a cursed nation. Therefore must Mr Lungu i hope that you ‘ll “reflect”!!

  6. This so called Reverend is an ashamed fool loaded with hypocrisy, lies and dwarfed thinking. He of all people (if he is a reverend indeed) should know that the ruling party and his kinsman RB are responsible for starting the violence. how can the whole state machinery fail to manage a small constituency? They were the instigators of the violence against their own people so they can blame the opposition and label them “violent” – what shame!!!! The PACT, whatever the name, is also helping in fuming the violence by retaliating to these barbaric MMD acts -anyway they have no option since the Zambia Police is now a security wing of MMD. May GOD give us a LEADER. I am tired of the entire current crop of politicians they are all dwarfed thinkers.

  7. Am your fellow Rev in Christ and i belong to the MMD. Let me just correct for the sake our party our party MMD exported cadres from Copperbelt and Lusaka to mufumbwe some where given police uniforms claiming that there where police officer. Let me not say everything

  8. Lets look at issues affecting the poor Zambian pipo, Pact, when his excellency, the 3rd president of the republic of Zambia, Hon RB told the nation that councils in pact areas were not providing the required services becasue of missuse of funds. Sata was quiete like a mute. Then some spokesman of thiers comes and tells us that the true figures will be ready next week, that was some almost 10 days ago. Were are the facts ??. If this pact sees Fr bwalyas tirades as more important then telling Zambian pipo how they work, you will find the electorate are not that dum after all. You can not hoodwink all Zambians by teaching and preaching violence at all air time and think service provision is not important. Some pipo are dedicated followers of hate preaching, most want development, thank god.

  9. Where on earth can Rev say a lie was he in Mufumbwe? I think some of these organiastion must be checked they are just civil society formed to support MMD shame neni bane shame!

  10. This reverend Lungu is a joker! Anyway these guys are probably funded by RB and MMD so they have to earn their ‘keep’. Besides there is wako ni wako! The bootlicking and lack of capacity to critically think by some of these easterners is absolutely appalling. To make matters worse, the chap is called a reverend!

  11. what i find curious about this shameless wolf in torn sheep skin, is that his words are very similar to that of his uncle William Banda. He ignores the fact that RB is the chief insulter and wants to heap blame on the opposition..It is indeed a shame to have such demonic men masquarading as people of God when they worship the devil!!

  12. KC #11 & 12 you are such a wet sack!

    Whose cabinet controls the ministry local government and what does it constitute? Is it not the councils? Whether they are MMD, FDD, UPND, PF name it, they are still receiving instructions from the minister who reports to your “3rd” republican president. Ubututu muleke!

    If you are ignorant, ask for education! Perhaps you should ask your “3rd” republican president to imporve educational standards instead of flying around polluting the airspace. Ubututu muleke!

  13. So this Reverend just called a press briefing in order to say the opposition are blame for violence in Mufumbwe? Who made him judge over the electoral process? Indeed shame!! what biasness? Ni umozi kumawa???

  14. # 16 Bugsy
    The spoksmen from the pact said he will come up with the right figures, nothing to do with me. I am just asking for the promised figuers. If the pact is so ignorant and disorganised as to not know they dont control the cash ,as you claim, what chance do they have of developing the country ? Willi banda, in some of his air time asked Jerry Chanda, MP, were the drinage for kanyama, (another pact area), is because the cash was relised. That is an example of non service provision. Is it MMDs fault there is no drinage to show ??, you must be fat on Sata/bwalyas vomit to not notice non service provision. Not all zambians are like you. The buck stops at the areas MP. what are they doing ? insulting ? instead of pushing for and providing service provision.

  15. KC #18

    And you lay in wait when your minister of local government should have all the figures at his finger tips? What does he talk about in his regular meetings with his boss? Think, Zambian, think.

    The spokesperson for the opposition does not owe the nation anything has no responsibility to the people, your “3rd” republican president does.

    Listen you person of little knowledge. An MP is a legislator, not a governor or mayor. MPs are law makers not law enforcers.

  16. KC #18, just in case you thought I was in opposition, you are mistaken. I am not. The opposition can hang for all I care. But in the final analysis I will be knocking on the front door of the State House asking your “3rd” republican president to do his job and not pass the buck on to the non-existent opposition.

    The Zambian Constitution is clear about who is in charge. So don’t lie to yourself about the inability of the opposition. As far as our rules of government are concerned they are non-existent.So man-up and tell your “3rd” republican president to do his job.

    And don’t go into this insulting cra’p. It won’t work with me. Everyone Zambian politician, except a few I can count on one hand, is guilty of insulting.

  17. this man of gold called reverend is a problem. don’t you remember that the MMD teams camped in the voting centre and that the inspect general of police run away from mmd thugs? all these issue you just blame the opposition. i don’t blame you. woe unto them who have agreed to give you their money as tithe to you. you are a shameless liar. we know they gave you something small so you can lick their boot. chi colour cho reverend and false prophet

  18. # 20 Bugsy

    “Listen you person of little knowledge. An MP is a legislator, not a governor or mayor. MPs are law makers not law enforcers”

    so when Jerry chanda and the other oppostion MPs were campaining in the areas they won telling the electorate to vote for them because they will bring this and that development, what do you, with your sata vomit soaked brain think they meant ???. it is dung beatles like you who want to pass the buck and bring the no accountability S.Hit to Zambia. The Kanyama MP Jerry chanda’s responsiblities include making sure the payed for drainage is done, not just legislating in parliment motel as you would like..

  19. litttle case kc #25.

    Follow the constitution you little bugar. The rules of governance are clearly delineated in the constitution and the level of accountability outlined. Anything outside it is pure puke and anyone who takes that crap is equally puke-drunk. That’s what’s wrong with my country, it full of little pricks who don’t know what it takes to run the affairs of the nation. LPM (MHSRIP) kept on reminding you of the rule of law. Constitution! JC is not the Constitution. Follow it you little pin head or better still, go to school! Learn how a government should be run, not how it is run, but how it should be run. Get it!


  20. Imwe baLungu remember what happened to that false prophet Balaam whose donkey even showed better sense than him. Remember what happened to Judas Iscariot who sold the Lord for 30 pieces of silver. Are you listening? God is not mocked![-x

  21. As usual pa Zed, anything that is anti – opposition is quickly given prominece in news covarge. I’m not suprized by all this.

    This Rev what statndard or measure method did he use to arrive at his conclusion??? was he there in Mufumbwe. he needs to shed light than hide in rumours and assumptions. The ruling party was to blame not the helpless UPND. The people spoke, MMD was rejected.

  22. No violence in Milanzi and no UPND there either.

    Violence in Mufumbwe and UPND was there.

    What does this tell you when MMD was a participant at both by-elections?

    But I’m sure ignorance will prevail.

  23. UPND scored 5313 where MMD scored 5009. Therefore MMD was not rejected. There are 5009 people who support MMD and 5313 people who dont. This is not rejection. This a close call.

  24. Ignorance is very dangerous. William Banda was asking Jerry Chanda what happened to the money for the drainages in Kanyama? The works were suspended as the area was flooded and the contractor moved back onb site as soon as it was safe to do so. Please do not take everything you read in the papers as the truth. Investigate before you open your mouth. These politicians are good at maligning each other. Why do u think the people of Kanyama are not raising concern? Zambians be more curious about whats going on in your country instead of sipping drinks in Times and analysing whats been said in the papers. Politicians lie with a straight face.

  25. What a double tomgued man Moses Lungu does not understand what transpired on the ground. The MMD were the culprits they had the state machinery at their disposal and yet did nothing to stop the violence. The Top was there and MMD cadres attacked the police station and no arrest was made. When pipo are pressed hard against the wall they have no choice but to hit back. All political parties should be made accountable and stop the system of ferrying cadres from urban areas to boost their campaigns. Lungu expected UPND members to sit back with arms folded being beaten by MMD cadres. Democracy demands fair play.Take a leaf from elections held in the UK it was about issues not name calling and insults.

  26. Yes Ngoshe #34, you are right when you say ignorance is dangerous. This is especially so when you find out that the contractor is being paid by the Office of the Vice President – Disaster Management Unit (OVP-DMU) because the PF run Lusaka City Council misappropriated the funds required to clean out drainages prior to the rain season.

    Our taxes in the US & Europe are being sent to Zambia in the form of AID to clean out drains through the effort of the DMU, purely because the opposition political party you chose to run your affairs has failed you and pocketed tax payer’s money that should have been used to clean the drains.

    This is the African dilemma!

    Change for the sake of Change but not for the betterment of Zambia.

  27. #35, like Dr. James has stated…

    No violence in Milanzi and no UPND there either.

    Violence in Mufumbwe and UPND was there.

    What does this tell you when MMD was a participant at both by-elections?

    But I’m sure ignorance will prevail.

  28. # 37 and # 35.
    Sata in Milanzi=no violence
    Inspector General +RB+HH in Mufumbwe = violence
    So whose fooling who?
    this is the only country where i ve heard the entire president call for a press briefing and starts giving us figures allegedly from Opposition Run Councils as an act to shift the lack of development at council level to the opposition,I thought his Minister of Local government was the overall boss and had powers to dissolve councils that were not perfoming. Pa zed nikaya che.

  29. # 26 Bugsy
    you are just a sewer rat hiding behind “written in the constitution C.r.ap” I asked you a question, why do potential MPs promise to bring developmet when campaining. why should they if as you claim it is not their responsibility ?? I have been on campain trails, i know what is promised. Then we have a sewer rat like you wanting to relive MPs of thier responsibility to see projects in their areas completed. “”Written in the consitution.. ..fonyoooo …fonyooo”” try tell those citizens of kanyama who voted in JC on the promise that the drinage will be done. it has been paid for. Who is to blame ??. Give an african sewer rat like your self some education, suddenly they want constitution stamped on their backsides.

  30. This lungu is a national disgrace, I can’t even call him Rev. This is what RB wants, GRZ sponsored NGOs to spread nonsense like this to the public! This lungu is so shameless that he even held a press briefing instead of attending to his real duties. I will not be surprised if ZNBC were on time with their big, heavy and archaic video cameras to give this lungu man full coverage! What a waste of space!

  31. You need not to be a professor or magician to know this useless , self proclaimed rev mmd lungu, IT has blamed the opposition on mufumbwe violence, and who won the same ***** it is saying , mmd, Now useless ZNBC( the all news its rupiya, mungoti, and the sick VP rejecting his illness, you can SEE from LIPS, WE ALL KNOW HIS ILLNESS) has become mmdBC could waste our money to cover this sponsored rev. you can see the mmd syndicate. We ve stopped watching this mmdBC. Dont worry who takes which position, NOW its LIBERATING ZAMBIA heartless , sick, mmd,2010

  32. John James, PhD Politics – Boston says @ #37.

    Don’t embarrass the Title PhD please! How can you possible base your conclusion on two events?? Awe wasebana. Mufumbwe violence could (most definitely?) be MMD due to a needed gain in NW province after the Solwezi defeat. EP is a more traditional region due to RB being from there.

  33. #38, Kashman,

    Sata in Milanzi with RB & police=no violence
    Police Inspector General +RB+HH in Mufumbwe = violence
    So whose fooling who?

    As for the councils, ignorance prevails again because the council runs its own affairs, not the Ministry of Local Govt! Did’nt you guys study govt or civics, etc…?

    Why are you so ignorant? I am not even Zambian and yet I know more about your country than you do.

  34. #44, are you disputing that MMD don’t have 5009 supporters in Mufumbwe where UPND have 5313? Are you disputing that UPND beat up and kidnapped a police officer? Are you disputing that UPND occupied all lodges leaving MMD no place to operate from but a school (which was a polling station)? Are you disputing that RB was only in Mufumbwe for two days where HH was there for two months? Are you disputing that violence in Mufumbwe started when UPND’s HH arrived to campaign which was way before RB came to campaign?

    You’d have to be an imbecile not to see that violence in Mufumbwe only started when UPND went there to campaign.

    You dont need a PhD to figure this out.

  35. sometimes i think the LT are becoming increasingly MMD. Have the shares of LT changed in favour of MMD from independent media?. Mukatwipaishya ba LT.

  36. Simple question, someone please tell me why there are insults and ridicule on anyone that voices their opinion against the PACT? is it the mentality we are promoting? if you are not with us then you are a fool? Just food for thought ba pact

  37. ATI”Meanwhile, Rev. Lungu has observed that the violence that marred the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election was a desperate move by the opposition UPNDF/PF pact.”
    Some people can’t even use common sense which is never taught, Ba Rev have asked yourself why there was no violence in Milanzi? the answer is very simple MMD knew they were going to lose in mufumbwe so they tried their level best to intimidate people and cause confusion at will but hey it didn’t work, if u are a real clergy how about telling RB not to be insulting people at will, Mwebeniko kabili tunfwe!!!

  38. ka kc #40,

    Go to school we kanangwa we!

    Constitution, iwe kangwele, constitution. That is why LPM constituted the NCC because he wanted it to be followed to be ruled by laws and not men. JC and the rest of MPs on both sides of the political rift are not following the constitution.

    When funds are released they are not given to the MP but to the agencies which fall under cabinet minister. Law makers supervising the grading of roads, for instance is a conflict of interest. That’s the duty of the executive. It is in the constitution. Kasome, ngwele, wila bosa fye. Go read!

    That’s why funds go missing everyday because of tu ngwele like you – not following the constitution.


    Waumfwa kangwele. Go to night school if you can’t afford day school.

  39. And oh, ka kc #40

    I am darn educated for sure. To prove it, I can think independently like an educated person should. I recognize poop when I see it. Law makers doing the work of the executive is pure hard smoldering poop. You don’t appear to have any education yourself. You operate like a robot. Because JC is doing it, that’s the way it should be. You can’t think apparently: Monkey see, Monkey do is your modus aparandi.


  40. # 50 Bugsy
    “When funds are released they are not given to the MP but to the agencies which fall under cabinet minister. Law makers supervising the grading of roads, for instance is a conflict of interest”
    You see, African sewer rat, with a bit of education. Accoutability is what we are tying to promote in zambia. JC promised the pipo drinage, that is why they voted for him. dont think the that constiution shi.t will save him, he promised drinage, it whats paid for, were is it ?? That is all the electorate are intrested in not what sewege rat pass the buck “constituion fonyoo . fonyoo SH.it you are saying,. Pipo are being flooded out of their houses and you want to come with it is not his fault marabish. JC promised the pipo, he is resposible for the deliverence of the project.

  41. # 50 Bugsy
    Do you think my poor illitrate aunte in Kanyama who is being flooded out of her 2 bed hse because she voted fot JS on the promsie he will sort out the drinage has time for all that sewer rat “work of the executive ” shi.t, get real man, we have no time for that marabish , the man promosed the drinage, the pipo hence voted for him, he must deliver, you might be educated yet still a sewer rat who wants to be more muzugu then the consitution Fu.ck the consituion, JC promised drinage, it was paid for, were is it ???. the constitution execective fimo , fimo. Fu.ck you and that exective constitution Sh.it what is he doing when he promised it will be done. that is the problem give an African rat the word “exective consitution” no work will be done. Opposition means oppose…

  42. Ka kc,

    Slow down ka kc, at the rate you are going, you’ll have a heart attack!

    Correct spellings are “for”, “aunt”, “drainage”, “executive”
    The least you can do is write properly, ngwele.

    Last time I checked sewer rats were independent. But robots….? You sure don’t know diddly, now do you. I’m beginning to think you are too dam-n to hold an intelligent conversation. You don’t learn. Now you are insulting Africans, aren’t you one?


    There is only one president, head of state and executive at a time. The buck, as it is stops at the “3rd” republican president. If your “3rd” republican president through his minister of finance released the funds to JC, he is a fool. The law must visit him for violating the law. If JC received the money the…

  43. NDOLA district MMD vice publicity and information secretary Alex Mubanga has warned Fr Frank Bwalya that he will receive worse punishment than what happened in Mufumbwe if he continues “insulting” President Rupiah Banda.
    Commenting on Fr Bwalya’s statement that President Banda is worthless and should be given a red card, Mubanga said it was time to deal with Fr Bwalya. SO WHAT IS THIS ROTTEN PASTOR TALKING ABOUT IF A MEMBER OF MMD ADMITS AND BOASTS ABOUT MUFUMBWE.LUNDU ALL POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED SO YOUR ACTIONS ARE TOO LATE.

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