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Red Card Campaign, reason for Mufumbwe violence, says Mumba

General News Red Card Campaign, reason for Mufumbwe violence, says Mumba

National Revolution Party (NRP)president has accused the Change Life Zambia executive director Father Frank Bwalya’s red card campaign as the reason of the violence recently recorded in Mufumbwe by-election.

Cosmas Mumba said yesterday that the symbol of the red card theme means blood and that it is the reason why the violence was recorded.

He said that red is so close to blood as the party, they would ensure that the campaign does not go anywhere.

Mumba noted that Zambia does not need campaigns that promote violence, but peace and reconciliation.

He said that it is the reason why the party launched the green card campaign to counter the dangerous red card campaign.

Mumba has called on the Zambians to support his green card campaign as it is the only hope for Zambian’s peace.
[ QFM ]


  1. This guy is a m.o.r.o.n., i hang my head in shame to think that he is a Zambian, his level of i.d.i.o.c.y is incomprehensible…..what a f.o.o.l, he should shut his trap!!!

  2. May the lord our God have mercy on this country, we are being led into swampy waters by a bunch of blind men masquerading as leaders. Honestly mwebantu is there anyone out there who have confidence in this bunch of muppets in government. Ba Cosmo insala yachilamo, i hope they paid him more than the usual 5 million he gets for opening his trap. What a LOSER he is, he DISGUSTS me!!!

  3. MMD are getting away with outright murder. They killed in Mufumbwe. Let me warn you, it is not only Mufumbwe residents who die. Soon they will be by elections in Serenje, Lusaka and and Cooperbelt. People will die and will see the reactions of MMD. President Banda and his MMD are not immune to bullets are they? Whta we want is a peaceful Zambia not the Chachacha old fashioned schemes of yesteryears. This William Banda who does he think he is? The blood of Mufumbwe residents is crying for retribution.

  4. Was Bwalya ever in Mufumbwe at any time. Just watch this space Mumba, the red card is spreading throughout the Country and yes will be used to flash out the MMD. Great strategy by Frank. We’re with you!

  5. QFM please you can’t quote any chap who opens his mouth. That Cosmo Mumba, Lifwekelo, Rev something, Gregory Cifire, Thabo Kawana and other discredited individuals should only be quoted when there is substance in what they are staying. They are ticks and lice on MMD corpse. Can QFM even believe what Cosmo Mumba boy is saying? He does not even understand what the red card campaign is all about.

  6. So this Cosmo chap is day dreaming again. So colour red is blood to him & means violence, What of the soccer ref’s. Who brandish a red card to instil order by ejecting a bad player. What will Cosmo interprete this. To him and his sick mind like George Kunda’s it will mean the refs is calling for violence. Cosmo is a s.t.u.p.i.d badly brought up boy.

  7. Cosmo shut up—Keep quite—-Useless and cheap talk..

    I do not mean any harm on brother Cosmo–all that I am trying to say is that Cosmo should condemn Rupiah, the Police and other forces that were used to terrorise our innocent sisters and brothers in mufumbwe…We know you Cosmo you are MMD but us we are non partisan—-Facing real issues and crying for My Zambia–Our only Zambia ZAMBIANS LET US WAKE UP AND ARISE FOR OUR PEOPLE ZAMBIA IS FOR US ALL NOT ONLY FOR COSMO AND THESE OTHER SELFISH POLITICIANS ZAMBIA FOR ZAMBIANS

  8. i knew jst 4rom da start dat dis small puppy is also mmD,, mwana go do ur green card campaign in ur pit latrine behind ur house!!!!! pact 4 life

  9. NDOLA district MMD vice publicity and information secretary Alex Mubanga has warned Fr Frank Bwalya that he will receive worse punishment than what happened in Mufumbwe if he continues “insulting” President Rupiah Banda.
    Commenting on Fr Bwalya’s statement that President Banda is worthless and should be given a red card, Mubanga said it was time to deal with Fr Bwalya. SO WHAT IS THIS ROTTEN mumba TALKING ABOUT IF A MEMBER OF MMD ADMITS AND BOASTS ABOUT MUFUMBWE.mumba ALL POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED SO YOUR ACTIONS ARE TOO LATE.

  10. #11 Mpangula Mputyu- Watch what you say or MMD may change soccer rules by banning the red card- just a joke

  11. NDOLA district MMD vice publicity and information secretary Alex Mubanga has warned Fr Frank Bwalya that he will receive worse punishment than what happened in Mufumbwe if he continues “insulting” President Rupiah Banda..

    wat a shame this man cosmo is to our society, i think even his own children dont look to him as a role model…a selfish little man who will do anything to earn a few quids. the man alex mubanga is openly telin ze nation that mufumbwe disaster was ze makin of mmD and this little chap comes up to blame it on FR. Bwalya. cosmo dnt think zambians ar fools and that we ar that dull like u..a person who has no principles. yo behavior my boy ne ule lyawamako u pathetic! last tym jst coz tabakupele impiya ishingi u condemned ze grz bt now that u bn given enough u sapot…

  12. ths useless chap called cozmo mumba is a very big fool! let him take hiz madness to hell, useless chap!

  13. Mumba’s thinking as shown in this article is *****ic and disgusting. When a referee on a football pitch produces a red card against a player, does that mean that the referee is talking about bloodshed.

    The bane of liberalism. We have to listen to the talk even of fools and *****s!

  14. In today’s Post, the MMD’s chief A.S.S. licker, mulongoti clearly and openly admits that the MMD concealed the commission of a crime and failed to report it to the police for investigation and possible prosecution. Speaking about Kavindele, Mulongoti is reported to have said: “…Kavindele should have been in jail had the party secretariat taken the bounced cheque to the police in line with the law”. Lawyers out there; Isn’t there a law against this sort of thing? Or is this just another confirmation that there is no law in Zambia that those in power cannot circumvent to suit their own ends?

  15. What a waste of good reading space – LT is quickly becoming a gossip tabloid. I am beginning to see a trend of sensational news reporting, to get people’s emotions and grab more blogs. Okay, I guess it’s LT’s right to make money, but they need to balance their stuff out so we can put our brains to good use. Cosmo’s, Kunda’s, Munkombwe’s, and other outbursts should not be headlines.

  16. What a worst of time. Some people do not even deserve a space on this site. This guy, Mumba has no idea what he stands for and where he is going. He is just a spoiler in the political ring. Get a life pliz!!!

  17. all those useless coments will not change my stance on the confused father without children father bwalya who doesnt even know the prize of a bag of mealie meal becoz he has no family.he mental check ups.

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