Withdraw candidature, BY tells Sata

NATIONAL Democratic Focus (NDF) president Ben Mwila

NATIONAL Democratic Focus (NDF) president Ben Mwila has urged Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to withdraw his candidature from next year’s elections in view of revelations about his health status.

Mr Mwila said the heart complication that led to Mr Sata’s evacuation to South Africa last year was enough for Mr Sata to rethink his ambitions for Republican presidency.

He said the heart condition had been worsened by indications that he has other health problems.

Mr Mwila called on the Zambians not to vote for people like Mr Sata as they would fail to lead the country because of pressure.

He said the Republican presidency was demanding and that even in the absence of other diseases, the evacuation to South Africa was enough for Mr Sata to think twice.

Mr Mwila said nationwide campaigns were rough and that the addition of other health complications would worsen his situation.

“The people of Zambia know what they want for a president. I am not concerned about the four diseases as it has emerged but just the heart condition.

“You cannot have a president who is suffering from heart complications,” Mr Mwila said.

He was commenting on latest medical reports that have shown that Mr Sata was diagnosed with four named diseases at a clinic in Lusaka.

Mr Sata has maintained that the diseases he was suffering from were ‘minor’ and that they were cured when he was evacuated to South Africa.

Meanwhile, MMD Copperbelt youth chairperson Evans Chibanda has said the PF leadership lacks credibility because of its attempts to gain political mileage out of opponents’ health.

Mr Chibanda said the fact that the PF leadership was celebrating over some ruling party leaders falling sick or going for medical check-up was an indication that the entire leadership was questionable.

He was reacting to media reports that Mr Sata had rung the Zambia’s High Commission in South Africa several times to seek confirmation whether Vice-President George Kunda had died after accusing Government of not telling the truth about his health.

And a former PF member has advised Mr Sata to stop talking ill about other political leaders’ health.

Samson Zulu, who is PF chairperson of the committee of founder members, said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Sata should confine his “political comedy” about other politicians’ health to the PF.

“Mr Sata should be aware that he his vying for a highest office in the land and if the devil allows that he be elected president, he should know that he will be president of both the sick and those in good health,” Mr Zulu said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Ba Mwlia imwe kale mwafwa, with your red lips, You even scare children, by the wayI did not know your party is still in existence. Who do you think can give you votes? Remember how you were lifted shoulder high. Please also pay ba minestone

  2. Mr Mwila, with his one-man, single member party has nothing to offer to the Zambian electorate as he is in it for personal gain.
    Hence, how could he have a leg to stand on and talk about the PF leadership unless he is a government stooge as has been known all along.

  3. Ba BY please just keep quiet since you have run out of developmental idea. Just abolish your party like Nevers Mumba did so you can either join the MMD or concetrate on your ailing business and revamp them.:d

  4. Ba Mwila you should be ashamed of yourself sometimes.Look at you red lips.Who is healthier between Sata and yourself.KUYIPA PAMENSO!

  5. No one has the right to bar anyone standing for any office in this land. BY is just afraid that if Sata wins FTJs cases will start and also BY may be questioned on that $700,000 he claimed to have given Regina Chiluba. Zambians will decide who rules them not you BY red lips

  6. what craze is creeping into Zambian politics? one day people must publicly announce what they suffer from, another day everyone is forced to know how many health complications one is enduring, and on another day we are told someone must withdraw their candidature on account of suffering too many diseases! now diseases have been categorized, some accruing automatic disqualification to serve a a leader.. eish. not forgetting rants on how certain of our leaders were badly brought up! I am sad.

  7. BY! You are damn right and I support your call because want to have presidential by-elections after general elections. Ba Sata you have burnt your lungs and heart because of your stupid smoking habits. So chief step down for young ones to rule and please don’t allow Lubinda as well because he smokes dagga as well. HH and Clive Chirwa the opportunity for you guys to rules has come.

  8. The fact that Levy Patrick Mwanawasa fell ill and died in office should not make us start which-hunting prezidential aspirants with immaginary (or even real) dizeazez. Even the percieved healthiest of personz can drop dead for a hundred and one reazonz.

  9. Mr Mwila You will be respected to just keep quiet when you have nothing sensible to talk about. Why is it that waffling is so unique with Zambian politicians?

  10. what a stupid,***** mwila is!!! every human being has one or two physical problems. is up to mwila to determine the fate of others? ass speech indeed!!

  11. mwila is a moving dead body. he singles out Sata leaving RB, Kunda, VJ and himself. who is healthier between Mwila and Sata? Iyo kwena ba Mwila elyo mupwile ichine chine. Just concentrate on taking care of your red lips.

  12. One Political failure indeed.Naimwe batonga you are the one who are going to bring Msokonezo mu pack coz you are even opposing MCs coz you want a Tonga to rule the next,Stay united and lets chase these MMD Selfish and Visionless bastards

  13. of course Sata is no presidential material but BY should have clearly stated why. I thought he would say he is a riff-ruff and total embarasment to the people of Zambia.

  14. Wembushi we chi BY…….what the hell can you tell us? You have failed to organise your one man party and now trying to be a spokeperson for an organisation you do not belong to.Please concentrate your efforts on your ailing healthy and business.Walipwa iwe

  15. I doubt if people like Mr Mwila have an integrity at all–People like him always move where he thinks there is soup even when the soup finishes he does not reliase it…I dont think we should waste time to analyse these sentiments fron a political failure…..What about him how is his health?

    Please politicians spare us our ears are tired of hearing your health matters…We need to talk about the health of our Zambia our beloved Zambia—Who is the next president? is our talk–Putting in mind that Our current president Rupiah Banda should be red carded and if MMD makes him their candidate then it is over for them.

    Remember I am non partisan but a Zambian facing the real issues independently

  16. Ba Lusaka Times anything that is said against the Pact, Sata and HH is quickly posted on this site as news,ninshi e news iyabakofye yeka????:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?
    Ba BY if you ve got nothing to say about Developmental issues jus keep quite instead of telling us tissues..

  17. Is BY an MP or president of a one man party. BY IS A BROKE FELLOW. HE’S IN A ONE MAN PARTY WITH ONE CONSTITUENCY, WHICH THEY PACT WILL TAKE FROM HIM IN 2011. We need to start regulating some of these positions.

  18. Ba Mwila, you have nothing to say. You should look at your own helath problems too maybe along the way you can also go for test to reveal your hiv status. As you are a relative of RB why not join the mmd again as you want political gain for yourself and your failing businesses. If you have nothing to say just shut up.

  19. Aka mufyashi has found it difficult to run his once powerful companies in a modern liberalised business set up, his companies have crumbled and he is ready to be paraded to utter any rubbish against the PACT for a few coins. I didnt realise that ka mudala runs a one man party. shame!!

  20. Sata will be doing MMD a huge favour by contesting the presido elections. Go sata, dont be dissuaded.
    Only Kaponyas, educated tribalists, tribalists and the array of petty drug dealers wearing Pf badges will vote for him. Pleas sata go for it.

  21. BY you dont know that SATA is now an Asset for 2011? If he stands then RB will win. Its a game where SATA stands , HH stands RB wins…………….:-?

  22. **** all of you sukers i willnever west my vote on any sheet.i remain a begger whilest these M.f make themselves rich.**** everybody.

  23. Ba LT listen to this qute
    “Ba Lusaka Times anything that is said against the Pact, Sata and HH is quickly posted on this site as news,ninshi e news iyabakofye yeka????” end of quote

    kanshi tamwatwasuke? asukeni kabili if u ar servin ze pipo in a fair manner or shud we assume that u ar anti post? asukeni tulepembela…..giv all ze papers a chance on yo blog or dont tel us u just fake

  24. Any news that appears in Daily mail, Times of Zambia and Znbc is posted on LT, I think its now MMDLT! Muchinje bafi……la……..

  25. It is a pity that lusaka times of late has been quoting alot of stories from the times of zambia and QFM.These two institutions for all intents and purposes have been compromised.Not a day passes that the times has not unleashed a story about sata or some non-entity who is attacking sata.The whole idea is to counter what the post is writing about RB.Like the post or not RB is a failure and it does not take the post to exponse that,every sane zambian can see it for themselves.Whatever propanganda LT ,Times of zambia and QFM engage in cannot save his presidency.MMD will do themselves a big favour by not adopting RB in 2011,maybe their foutunes will be turned,like Mwanawasa helped turn them in 2001.Without mwanawasa in 2001,this ridiculous party would have gone into oblivion,thanks to FTJ.

  26. Natotela ba LT .Twalaya pa Mike car wash mukuchilisha in two days.Nomba pa presdo ba zambia africa national congress niba RB?


  28. 33 i hundred percent agree with you
    LUSAKA TIMES has a huge appetite to put anything that is against the pact very fast on the site.
    my only concern is Lusaka times must be very level headed in all the area of coverage.
    LT remember not all who participate on this site are MMD or PF or UPND.
    ZNBC has lost popularity in Zambia not because of anything but being biased in reporting.

    LT editors can you help all Zambians to bring out all the needed news in fairness.

    by the way MMD copper-belt youth chairman Alex Mubanga has admitted MMD caused violence in mufumbwe. he said this by saying Father Frank Bwalya will face more “violence than was in mufumbwe”

    can LT editors cover this story for the sake of peace in Zambia

  29. Ba No 38 take it easy this is contructive criticism we need these guys at LT to be fair in their covergae,its not only Times of zambia or


    i don’t think you are that foolish to attack other bloggers like that.

    not all is being covered by LT thus we would like them to do more news research than be centered on the PACT and its leaders because not all of us are PACT or MMD members.
    am sure you do realize that the Post, New Vision, Muvi TV do cover at least most events around regardless of what has been said
    ZNBC on the other hand can take cameras to cover William Banda and leave out HH or Sata.
    am sure you do know that the two opposition leaders can offer better if not sensible developmental ideas than William Banda.

    so its just fair that LT do better in all new coverage
    a very good coverage by LT will make it even more popular.

  31. On “Mr Mwila called on the Zambians not to vote for people like Mr Sata as they would fail to lead the country because of pressure….. said nationwide campaigns were rough and that the addition of other health complications would worsen his situation” this is very good advice to Mr PF/Sata MC and I hope he will let PF have a convention to chose a PF president while he (Mr Sata MC) contests the PF national chairman position so he can continue mobilising support for PF and the UPND-PF PACT.

    For the UPND Group, I trust they will go to a convention to elect leaders that will carry on to 2016 and am hopeful president HH will still be 2011 presidential candiate.

    As for the UPND-PF PACT, I am waiting for its convention where the 2011 PACT presidential candidate will be elected…

  32. Against my better judgment i force myself to comment on this matter. One would do well to re-collect their civic lessons which taught and listed what the constitutional qualifications were for being president. As i vaguely remember them;
    1. Must be of sane mind
    2.Must be of healthy body
    3.Should not have a criminal record
    4.Their age must be 35 years and above
    5.Must be a Zambian citizen
    Unfortunately in a country that is rarely guided by any constitutional precepts and where very few so called leader are healthy it becomes all the more difficult going forward. The public utterances of most of Zambia’s leaders makes alot of them slightly come short of the first requirement above. What makes news is when one insults and uses disrespectful language against the President.

  33. ba BY..look at yo red lips…wait its jst 10months to come when u guys u will be bowing to king cobra. yo allegency to rb is fake and we as zambians will make sure the pact comes into power to sort u out. we want to know why u ar scared of this man…hehehehe.

  34. ba BY just shut up!! u,a just one of the useless chaps we have in this country!!

  35. Zambia Laws CAP 34(3) A person shall be qualified to be a candidate for election as
    President if-
    (a) he is a Zambian citizen;
    (b) both his parents are Zambians by birth or descent;
    (c) he has attained the age of thirty-five years;
    (d) he is a member of, or is sponsored by, a political party;
    (e) he is qualified to be elected as a member of the National
    Assembly; and
    (f) has been domiciled in Zambia for a period of at least twenty
    Sorry, there is nothing about health status here.
    Health can be a cause for impeachment, but does not prevent candidature.

  36. cry babies i thot u and many others who post on this blog ar civilised pipo who speak out for ze good of ze country and not for self satisfaction, dont be personal no no my frend be realistic, all we askin LT to is to bring on other stories even from ze post so tht we can as well evaluate and have our say on wat ze post is sayin and not being one sided, if u are a true and patriotic zambian u wil agree wth me my frend. this is not abt mmD or Pact its abt u and me its abt our children and their children and their children’s children. lets mek zambia a better country pls,we need pipo who kn criticise themselves we need pipo who kn call wrong wrong. so wen we ask LT to be inclusive we not bn borin bt realistic, we nt bn personal bt factual…good day my frend

  37. :d:d:d:d Ba Ilunga naimwe twanaka naimwe. Why don’t you just shut up instead of provoking the cobra??

  38. Actually afetr infiltrating ZNBC, Times and Daily Mail, the state machinery seems to be spending huge amounts to contaminate Muvi, Qfm, HOTfm etc with MMD/RB news/documentaries. We are getting chocked with this MMDBC (MMD broadcasting corporation) everywhere!!

  39. I agrree with B”Y both SATA AND RB should leave space for younger people if they think they have such good plans for the country they can nurture someone who is younger and more volatile. Because seriously even in developed countries 73 is quite old and these men have had their heyday since the 60’s lets see what young people can do since if they make errors they too shall be here to suffer from the consequences because to be honest, looking at RB his weight and his age he too must be suffering from some senile conditions its just a fact. SATA and RB are a blast from the past.

  40. #17. Manyozo Phiri….when did BY become Tonga? I thought he is from Luapula? :d:d:d bupuba nangu kupena mupenene!

  41. # 48 thanks for straightening up the meesed up minds like that of # 44. Pliz people let us not missed lead others. Well, does this so called BY still alive, I guess he must be the last person to talk about health issues.

  42. Thats wisdom from Nashala neka, he wants to save his brothers life. This man is experienced, he knows how he wasted time himself campaining in futility.He learned his lesson aftre contesting twice and i am sure he is shocked that serpent wants to embarrass humself forthe 4th time.


  44. #48, this is interesting…
    THE SAINT says:
    May 12, 2010 at 3:41 pmZambia Laws CAP 34(3) A person shall be qualified to be a candidate for election as
    President if-
    (a) he is a Zambian citizen;
    (b) both his parents are Zambians by birth or descent;
    (c) he has attained the age of thirty-five years;
    (d) he is a member of, or is sponsored by, a political party;
    (e) he is qualified to be elected as a member of the National Assembly; and
    (f) has been domiciled in Zambia for a period of at least twenty years.

    You forgot…
    (g) must hold a minimum of a 3 year Bachelors degree which is recognized and accredited by UNZA & the Ministry of Education.

    + to be elected a MP, you must have a grade 12 certificate.

    So what do you do with a Std 3 drop out like Sata?

  45. By the way, the supreme court ruled out (b) both his parents are Zambians by birth or descent;

    This is because Zambia is only 46 years old and you must be at least 35 to be president. Therefore, your parents were definately born before Zambia existed. Furthermore, all the other clauses are attainable but the parental citizenship clause is subjective.

    The supreme court ruled that all Zambians who became Zambian when Zambia was formed in 1964 and thereafter, are, by default, Citizens by Birth and their parents are citizens by birth too, and can not be disqualified from standing for presidency.

    So what do you do with a std 3 drop out whose dad was Tanzanian?


  46. Jokes and insults aside. one with a heart condition should think twice before vying for the presidency. This is a no brainer. Holding a presidential bye- election can be costly and we all know that by now – I hope. Unless there is something we don’t know, considering Mr. Sata is married to a medical doctor.
    I stand to be corrected. But this is my opinion.


  47. 65 is right, lets not just insult Mwila, he is telling the truth. Health is an important component that we should not ignore, simply it involves our canditate, but unfortunatly it far reaching implications on the work of a president.

  48. At the end of the day its clear what ba Mwila is up2, the man is a finished politician who is trying to revamp his political career by apeasing nyama soya, kapena angapeze ka nchito!! Whom amongst these politician has a clean bill of health? And since when did ba Mwila become a qualified medical practitioner? Typical of Zambian politics!![-x[-x

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