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MMD’s Luapula developmental meeting, is a sham-UPND

Headlines MMD’s Luapula developmental meeting, is a sham-UPND

Second republican president Dr Fredrick Chiluba greets MMD cadres

United Party for National Development (UPND) has described the just ended development consultative meeting of chiefs and parliamentarians from Luapula province, as a sham.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma toda that the meeting was a sheer waste of tax payers’ money.
Mr. Kakoma said the meeting was exclusive in that it was not meant for all the people of Luapula but only for a few MMD sympathizers.

He said any developmental matter which is meant for all concerned people must be inclusive.
Mr. Kakoma has also described the meeting as too political adding that it had nothing to do with development of Luapula province.

He said the meeting was staged in the name of development consultative to campaign for President Rupiah Banda.

The UPND Spokesperson accused the MMD of abusing public funds because the resources that were used to organise a meeting belong to government.

Mr. Kakoma has also described the meeting as too political adding that it had nothing to do with development of Luapula province.

He said it was wrong for the MMD as a party to use government money to campaign for President Banda.

The MMD development consultative meeting came to a close yesterday at Mansa Hotel with Second Republican President Dr. Frederick Ciluba pledging to score a second term for incumbent President Rupiah Banda.
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  1. Anything a politician does, is political by nature. Even as you speak now MR Kapita you are being political. I suggest you come again,. However, give your opponents credit for being original, now I suggest you do the same in your strong holds Southern Province, and two constituencies in North Western.

  2. This is comedy in Zambia! Chiluba is a shameless liar. MMD is going away in 2011. All what he said were just lies.

  3. The mood in the country is like what transpired in 1991. Any person or anything could have won against KK. A frog won against KK. And even FTJ won against KK. We need CHANGE in Zambia. The sad thing in our country is that some people are content with poverty and mediocrity. MMD has been in power for 20 years and has run out its original vision. It is corrupt and undemocratic.

  4. FTJ – What was the verdict of the London court judgment? George Kunda agreed with the verdict an every sane and educated Zambian knows that Chiluba stole many things. Those of us who know how he got Regina to be his wife and the things he did for her can testify.

  5. lets see how chiluba will rig the elections because people will will not allow it. there will be catastrophe if MMD try to still peoples will. one will be killed this time around. remember last elections, it took sata to calm people down from violence while the president was hiding. we are watching you very closely. win in the villages and you will move over there.

  6. GOD is watching, patriot, bootlickers etc, your lives will never be the same as you keep on supporting evil

  7. Chiluba if he is planing to rigg election will fail coz Zambians will not allow his stu.pi.dity. He should humble himself now may be we can jail him for two years only. But if he continues with his foolishness, he will be jailed for 20 years. We are warning him now.

  8. On “United Party for National Development (UPND) has described the just ended development consultative meeting of chiefs and parliamentarians from Luapula province, as a sham… He said any developmental matter which is meant for all concerned people must be inclusive” this is very true of the UPND Group that is more organised than any other political party in Zambia right now.

    What is nice about the Luapula so-called development meeting is that only chiefs may vote for Mr President RB Banda in next yr’s elections following Mr FJT Chiluba’s “… pledging to score a second term for incumbent President Rupiah Banda” since individual Luapula province Zambians vote alone in the election booth.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of…

  9. I didnt know we have shameless fools like Things fall apart. your brain is sick and u need to be cured for tribalistic disease. Its a shame to have such people worth God’s breath. By the way, does this for really live a normal life and what is he/she doing in South Africa. Do not destroy the South Africans with such dirty thinking and foolishness of the highest order. I am really disapported to learn that we have such people in Zambia. If you hate someone just go for him rather than being tribal.

  10. As UPND Group have rightly indicated “He said it was wrong for the MMD as a party to use government money to campaign for President Banda” that was also done through Minister sick-recovering Vice-President George Kunda, it is also clear that Mr President RB Banda has no plan for Zambia following MMD MP Magande’s “It’s really a pity that we are going this way but anyway like some of us know and as we have been told, the current leader said he was just asked by somebody to stand, so, obviously after agreeing to stand, I don’t think he set out a plan to work on what he wanted to do for the country,” reported in the POST over the MMD Administration’s refusal to re-introduce Windfall Tax when Mr President RB Banda said we got nothing out of it to the contrary of truth…

  11. #14 What is tribal about my statement. #14 Like I have advised Kapita, I suggest you come again.
    Then we can have a debate.

    Don`t worry about the South African’s, worry more about your country Zambia, every other day you sing about tribalism. Some tabloids are the champions of this tribal campaign, it has become so bad that people like #14 see tribalism in simple and straight forward statements.

    What am doing in SA, is none of your business, as I said worry about yourself.

    I hate no one, for me its one Zambia one nation, and I will support only those parties that embrace all, not parties built on tribal lines.

    So #14 come again, then we can talk.

  12. ‘No vote for insolent politicians’

    TRADITIONAL leaders in Luapula Province have resolved that they will not support political leaders who insult chiefs.

    And Vice-President George Kunda has assured the chiefs and members of Parliament who attended the two-day consultative forum in Mansa that Government will implement the resolutions of the forum to promote development in Luapula.

  13. Atleast they had a meeting. Sometimes Politicians should learn to give credit where it is due. Why can’t they for once support each other when an idea is progressive? Maybe the presence of some people at the meeting left a sour taste in some mouths, but the idea was still good.

  14. Senior Chief Mushota, who read out the 14 resolutions from the just ended conference at Mansa Hotel yesterday, said traditional leaders will not support leaders insulting them irrespective of their political affiliation.

    “As chiefs, we have resolved that we shall not support leaders who are fond of insulting us because when one chief is insulted, it is all chiefs that are insulted. This includes insulting chiefs from other regions,’’ Chief Mushota said.

  15. He urged political leaders who have insulted chiefs to apologise publicly.

    The conference also resolved that the people of Luapula Province will only support a presidential candidate associated with development in the province.

    Other resolutions were that members of Parliament from the province should speak with one voice irrespective of political affiliation to help steer development in the province.

  16. “We want our MPs to speak with one voice because that is the only way we shall develop the province and the purpose of unity should underpin development projects in the province,’’ he said.

    Chief Mushota said the conference also resolved that the province be sensitised so that they can only vote for a leader who will bring development to the province.

    He said the conference also agreed that MPs and traditional leaders in Luapula should work together for the benefit of the people in the province.

  17. The conference also resolved to continue working with former President Frederick Chiluba whose contribution to the conference has been described as immense and helpful.

    The forum also urged Government to speed up the construction of a bridge on Luapula river to connect Kashiba and Kasenga in Mwense and rehabilitate health, transport and education infrastructure in the province.

    Other resolutions called for foreign investors to invest in the mining and tourism sectors in the province.

  18. And Mr Kunda said Government will consider implementing the resolutions from the conference.
    He was speaking when he officially closed the conference.

    Mr Kunda commended the chiefs and MPs for their participation in the conference.

    He said such an initiative should be supported by all key stakeholders because it is aimed at bringing development to the province.

  19. “I wish to commend the conveners of the conference for their foresight in coming up an agenda focusing on the development of Luapula Province,’’ Mr Kunda said.

    He also commended the chiefs and MPs for allowing Dr Chiluba to attend the conference.

    Mr Kunda said Dr Chiluba has immense experience having served as head of State for 10 years.

  20. He appealed to other provinces countrywide to emulate MPs and chiefs from Luapula Province in order to steer development in other provinces.

    Mr Kunda said Government will consider the resolution and will include them in the Sixth National Development Plan which is currently being worked on.

    He said Government is happy that the leaders of Luapula Province have taken an initiative to determine and prioritise the development needs of the province.

  21. “This conference is historical and unprecedented. You have met with your MPs so that you can direct them on issues of major interest to the province,’’ Mr Kunda said.

    He also said Government is committed to efforts aimed at improving the welfare of the chiefs countrywide.
    Mr Kunda appealed to traditional leaders to seek dialogue when dealing with succession disputes to avoid wrangles.

  22. He said Government will soon purchase vehicles for the traditional leaders who did not benefit from the initial empowerment programme.

    Mr Kunda said the resolutions will be presented to President Banda and Cabinet so that they can be considered in the Sixth National Development Plan and next year’s national budget.

  23. You guys kindly please be sober minded as you do debates.The Luapula trip was okey.MMD is the party in Government.There can be no Government without a party.All the Senior Government political appointees they are privileged to use tax payers money because they are custodians and planners of it.

  24. Mwata grow up. Let not what is in your pants think for you. Use your brain. Stop wasting people’s times but childish copy and paste

  25. You are a disgrace MWATA. You dilute sensible debates. If you have no ideas, just go and do what you do best –

  26. Zambia is a damn rich country, damn rich NOT to be damn POOR. Just see the resources poured into this narrow minded consultative meeting that had nothing to do with consultation but rehab of a known thief FTJ. Well the truth is George Kunda helped secure the conviction of Chiluba. Today he cannot turn around and praise the same thief.

    Zambia sucks.

  27. :((:((:((:((:o:o:oAla mwebantu twapapata pilishi. Titus Mpundu mwana Kafupi ni kabolala uwakamamo na menshi. The nation made a serious mistake to let ba kabova sponsor him to become president of Zambia and unfortunately we have to live with this fact. But he should not be allowed to push to nation to accept him as a clean person.:-w:-w:-w[-([-([-([-([-(

  28. Common Zambians stop sinking so low. come out and get yourselves registered wherever you are so you can cast your votes. Some of the contributors are so loud in criticising others and yet if they were given a chance to lead just a small group, they would fail. As Zambians, we enjoy pointing fingers at others forgetting our own mistakes… By not voting, you are just allowing your friend make a difference on your behalf. If you don’t want a person or party in office, then vote them out and that can only be done by casting your vote. Remember, every vote counts.

  29. Imwe who the fack are the chiefs? Just dirt asholes who claim to represent their subjects. We live in a modern society so we shud rid ourselves of half naked uneducated migots so called imfumus to dictate the way modern governance shud be organized. I mean have they even heard of a simple word such as interest rates? How can we listen to them. Bwenzani for sure is educated but he is way past his ruling age. Sata too is very old. The Only Preson we are left with is HH. Chiefs shud keep their asholes closed or else we shall send them Catholic gay bishops to deal with them. We shouldn’t be take for rides us Zambia. I love my country, respect its judiciary, the executive under Mbezani and red lipped kunda in coordination with Mulongoti and Chiluba is very incompetent.

  30. #4, Please speak for yourself, what do you know about the mood in Zambia, or are you one of the now famous “what is on the ground”?
    If you do not want MMD, tell us a viable alternative and we shall consider it.

  31. Mr Kakoma, do not just condemn everything. That was a very good initiative by the people of Luapula which should be emulated by all. Those guys have highlighted their priorities in development. As a perpertual complainant very soon you will be complaining that Government is shunning Southern province or northwestern when you have failed to engage the people that you put in power to control and allocate the nation’s purse.

  32. Sata was just a mere colonial constable.This is a f.uckin wake up call to all the cops especially constables that the kafupi ‘Bus Conductor’Chiluba yah offer protectin looks @ yah as inferiors,uneducated & low class.As for f.ckin FJT why did yah marry Vera who is a skool drop out as.s maid?why did yah appoint Sata in so many positions includin minister w/thout Portifolio?If yah were beaten by a Colonial Police constable as yah claim,its because yah were a trouble sugar as a bus conductor who are are in the same class of kaponyas lower than that of a constable.Anyway f.ck yah ballz fu.ckin kafupi mbol…..oooo! I smell p.ussy from yo adulterly & wife grabbin..what a thief who even steals other pipo’s puss..ies! HBCU KYA RADIO Fffffffffffffff.u.uuuuuuuukkkk……Dat..

  33. #38 Katie Good
    You say ‘ Those guys have highlighted their priorities in development.’ I never wanted to comment tonight but your ‘cleaning’ is nauseating it’s now over the top. Honestly would a sane person call that a developmental meeting when all they were doing is praise singing RB and making i.di.ots of themselves. Sometimes madam if you don’t have anything contribute just read what others are posting.

  34. damn the those kings,ooh it’s chiefs,no wonder some on us have never returned to the villages we come from to help with development. Almost all Chiefs are non-progressive in this country- Bamubwesha numa!!!

  35. #39, i hope your memory serves you well. By 1992, those were the same areas of priority for development of Luapula. Now if you are a good disciple of politics, then it just serves you that people dont eat rhetoric any more. In 1990,we said we have eaten peace and stability for a long time and we needed change. thus in 1991 we the people of zambia walloped KK and his minions. Up to now KK fails to believe he is out of state house and he is not even in good books with the person who took over the realms of power-the thief. In any business, you cant just plan and plan and plan, when are we going to see programmes executed so we can move on and judge the same pipo based on what they have done and not what they will do. Leave in the past Katie-baddie

  36. I thought the colonial mentality of looking down upon policemen is long gone. The African policemen were despised because they were seen to be working with colonial masters in oppressing the Africans. Otherwise policemen are well respected in most parts of the world for their role in the maintenance of law and order. Unfortunately they are still used as tools of oppression by unscruplous leaders as was the case in Mufumbwe. Ba Nakabalika, I am sure you meant “cockeyed” and that’s why pa Zed we say “kokayi”. Cockeyed means “ positioned at an awkward or crooked angle” whereas “cocky” means over-confident, smug, boastful, etc.

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