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Milupi cast doubt on UPND/PF pact survival

Headlines Milupi cast doubt on UPND/PF pact survival

Luena Independent Member of Parliament, Charles Milupi
Luena Independent Member of Parliament, Charles Milupi

Former Luena Member of parliament Charles Milupi has expressed doubt whether the United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front pact will survive during the 2011 elections.

Mr. Milupi said that the PACT will not survive because of the different objectives that the two parties stand on.

Mr. Milupi claims that the UPND president has never mentioned the name of the PF leader Michael Sata in his campaigns.

He adds that if it true that the PACT is meant for the Zambians, UPND president would have been co-campaigning for his counterpart.

Speaking on Monday Nite Live last evening, Mr. Milupi said that Zambians should not be so sure that the pact will survive to the run up to elections.

He stated that some of the members of the opposition UPND indicated to him that they only joined the pact to get access to other areas.

Eddy accused Mr. Milupi of working to divide the votes of the opposition in next year’s parliamentary and presidential by elections.

On the programme, One caller, Eddy advised the Mr. Milupi to think twice on his formation of the new political party.

Mr. Milupi resigned his parliamentary seat to take up the leadership of Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) party which he officially launched last week.

Eddy accused Mr. Milupi of working to divide the votes of the opposition in next year’s parliamentary and presidential by elections.

He added that Mr. Milupi should learn from the parties that have been launched and nowhere to be seen.

However Mr. Milupi defended himself saying that they are not dividing but only offering his services to the Zambians.

Mr. Milupi says that the whole political mood is shaken up, as the party was formed in addressing real issues.



  1. In fact that could be true because why are they not telling the nation who the president is going to be. I am sure there would be scramble for presidency towards 2011. Pact has never worked in the history of Africa as far as I know!

  2. only foolz like Charles Milupi can have doubt about the strength of the PACT because he dazent understand politics very well. the truth is that the PF-UPND PACT is forming government next year.

  3. Sata and HH has been infroming you, over and over again. The PACT will decide when time comes..so Milupi just go fishing in your own waters and see how many you will get instead of talking about the PACT. Have you been paid to destablise us..Forget the PACT is here to stay and both candidates my field should they want..but they will always work together..

  4. morover you foolish milupi the pact did not say that you should be their spoks peson!! take yo madness to hell, the people of zambia will vote for the PACT

  5. You are very right big man.Go Go we are behind you.The pact will not form gorvernment with head of the pact being known.What you did to reseign was the best thing so that we can go flatout on the battle field.We have already started compaigning for CM.

    PACT is a dead one whith no vision and no leader.GOD bless you

  6. CM will even lose the Luena city..The PACT machinery is already on the ground.. PACT, MMD, ADD(last)..watch the space

  7. I thought this guy was smart but hey! was mistaken.Charles Milupi pliz concetrate on campaining for your own party if it will ever have any members.The meaning of Pact is sure a big issue.The Two parties operate independently for the dunderheads pliz note this:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t[-x[-x[-x[-x

  8. The PACT is not a rulling party,he should concetrate his energy on how to dislodge the mmd from power,the PACT is an opposition just like him, how does this statement convince the masses to vote for him and why are people so obsessed with who leads the PACT and how they are so convinced it will cramble.It could be that this is the PACT’s strategy of how they plan to win elections.
    Less than 18 months before general elections,someone comes up with a political party,how in Gods name is he going to go round the whole country to campaign,gain support and sell his Manifesto

  9. charles milupi and mathias mphande are intellectuals the country needs. i will vote for ADD. if any of you actually met these two, they may be a bit direct, but they are wise past all their oppenents.
    we needed this

  10. milupi u,a just one of the useless chaps we have in ths country!! PF-UPND PACT for life.

  11. According to this article, it seems Milupi spent much of his time talking about the PACT. Why did he not outline objectives of his ‘party’?

  12. #2 Between you and Mr Milupi, who understands politics very well? The man is right as you have always heard you PACT guys. To form a successful PACT or coalition the parties need to have common and sustainable principles or vision. Removing the MMD from power is not a sustainable vision. If you succeed then what, have you told us? Guys, the UPND and PF are poles apart and have not made any attempt to reconcile their principles. For starters one is in the NCC but not the other, one leader has been elected at a convention but the other is self appointed, one party believes all parastatlas must be headed by party cadres whiel the other talks about appointments on merit, the list is endless and yet you expect us to follow you to the abyss blindly and without question.

  13. r Milupi is correct on the Pact.Its illusional to think the Pact will be there in 2011 elections as long as UPND and PF are distinct parties with irreconcilable manifestos.In a parliamentary democracy,YES,its possible in form of a coalition but ours is constitutional democracy where a party(in this case Pact)need have one candidate and that will be the END of the Pact cos the beginning of the END is already underway.Neither PF nor UPND are ready to sacrifice their individual parties.Take for instance,they were to form govt,one of them becomes VP and is sworn in by the other who is President under our current constitution.This means that the VP’s party has ceased to exist and has to do as told by the President or he will be fired.They are all aware of this unless they agree informally

  14. My advice to Milupi is simple,Go back to the pulpit my friend before its too late and before you finish your little ngwees you have accumulated.and by the way conentrate on the MMD and not the PACT.I feel bad that i may have to throw missiles at a church elder like you.Leave politics before you are bruised!

  15. #11 You are right Mr. Malupi is an intellectual, having met and spoken to the guy. But I am disappointed with the timing of his announcement of his candidature for presidency. This just strengthens the MMD position and opens up room for rigging. As it stands the PACT can win hands down but with his appearance the more valuable votes will be split in favour of MMD. All he needed to have done is to join the opposition and assist them with improvements. Re-inveting the wheel is not always the answer. He will probably be more valuable assisting the opposition by aspring for a ministerial post other than selfishly wanting to be a president. RB needs to go. He is dragging us down

  16. LT, look this is news
    A PASSENGER pontoon at Kazungula border in Southern Province has gone missing.

    And the Zambia police and officers from ESCO have embarked on a search for the missing pontoon.

    This came to light when Kazungula border workers reported for work on Wednesday morning only to find that the pontoon was missing
    Meanwhile, a cargo pontoon that was also carrying passengers at the same border developed a technical fault and failed to negotiate a corner and drifted in the wrong direction.

    This caused panic among the passengers on board who were only rescued by some speedboats.

  17. Katie good :I’m now arranging for your deportation very soon because of what you are doing here in the USA,all what I’m waiting for is just to track the serial number of the computer where you are posting these masseges.Let us wait and see if will get away on this.

  18. Mulipi is a shame and a let down. How can a normal opposition leader start opposition the opposition from the word go? If he has anything to offer he must not talk about the PACT because he is not part of it. He must instead talk about what he will offer the people of Zambia, period. I think ba LT such stories are simply a pain. Mulipi is a time waster let him line up what he has done for his consituency before forming a political party.I am glad the PACT will take over his seat.

  19. #1Assistant MMD Chief Bootleaker- That is where you are wrong. The PACT is composed of shrewed charectors, one Super cop and one Shrewed Accountant. They know that as soon as they announce their cadidate, FTJ VJ RB and GK will start scheming to disrupt the unity that is in the PACT. They will keep you guessing until the last minute. By the way why is Charley boy commenting on other people parties? What is his problem?

  20. Some years back when Charles was manager in ZCCM, hit into a moving train at KMB/Cocacla Crossing. He was not injured, but went to complain against the loco driver to his friend Hanson Sendoyi who was MD gor ZR and the poor driver had a lot of explanations to do.

  21. I even doubt if Milupi’s wife is a member of that party – ADD. Come 2011 he will see how many votes he walk out with. Chama Chkomboka was better placed than Milupi.

  22. Mr. Milupi I had so much respect for you when you were heading the Public Accounts Committee, but now you form a political party and you start attacking your fellow opposition party, it does not make sense to me.

  23. Bo Milupi you’ re welcome. From 1964 to today, people only go to western province to get votes, thereafter abandon us. We need effective representation in barotseland. We will not allow a situation were people come to our country only to get votes. Milupi is more intelligent than HH and Sata put together.

  24. Go Milupi and Mpande we are behind you! We are tired of being ruled by riff raffs! Split the opposition votes? My black a.s.s! Who said Milupi or any other opposition party owed the PACT anything? Honestly Milupi has every right to attack and attack his opponents be it the incompetent MMD or the so called directionless PACT. A PACT with two heads! Gosh it is creepy! The PACT is not going anywhere . It is a PACT of convienience! They cant seem to agree on anything! UPND MPs are participating in the NCC while one half of the PF is inside and the other is outside the NCC. And for some warped reason you expect this lot to form a govt? And for some reason in the so called ‘future’ PACT psychophants expect Sata and Hakainde to agree who to present as the PACT presidential candidate!…

  25. #22 So what does that say about Milupi? This kind of blogging is suspect. What I find funny is you calling Sata super cop, a man who was wiping the living day lights out of those opposed to colonial rule. Today you want to call that man a super cop? Pa zed you are too funny, the way you can quickly forget Chiluba’s ills, and now you forget about how violent Sata is, and in the same posting condemn Milupi for reporting a driver who caused an accident. I used to have respect for your posting, but on this one, its too low even for you.

  26. People this clown is not worth your comments. he is jst another black clown with nothing to do. Plz dude spare us your madness and go screw your wife.

  27. Milupi is wasting his time and energy talking about the PACT, he is better off talking about his baby party and explain what he intends to do for the people. The PACT is formed by strong political parties who have representation across the country unlike him who will soon be fighting to be the only MP in his party like the other chap BY. He should have waited for next year to come and stand on his party ticket and not create a by election. PF has rebel MPS but they have not expelled them because they do not want the govt and the party to waste resources on the by election when the next general elections are just around the corner. I really hope Milupi will lose that by election so he know he cannot take people for a ride for the purpose of his personal and selfish desire to become presido!

  28. I think this guy wants a pact with MMD or the true PACT so that he becomes minister. I supported him when he formed his party but since he has nothing to offer to Zambians than attacking the PACT , I have withrawn my support…. he has nothing for the country.

  29. useless traitor! milupi is just like Dipak, Kabaghe and others that sold their souls to the devil(mmd). he will be finished like an old toothbrush. who in his right mind would believe that Milupi can win next years’ elections. so what is his objective. to split the votes. GK confirmed that the mmd is sponsoring him and this other chap “Chipimo”. u can try all tricks but we have already resolved to vote for the PACT. viva pact!

  30. mILUPI nani uwakweba ati we need another party? iwe u jst there to try and disturb ze impact of ze pact in ze area, iwe ulebomfya impiya shakwa bwezani to form a new party, yo greedness is workin mr, by remeber that ze wrongs u do to zambians will find u out…….mILUpi have u taken time to look at chiluba,ze way he is sufferin?ze small man thinks he is enjoyin and that he is free no no no,from bn a forrmer president he is now a campaign manager for mmD an bwezani, he cant enjoy his retirement but has to work for bwezani now why? his wrongs have found him…. so ba milupi spare us pls we dont need u nor yo fake party sponsored by mmd, arent u ashamed of wat u doin? u not even a political heavyweight pipo in zambia dnt evn know u that much..ikalenifye bakamba

  31. A lot of you blgging here are myopic.The jackal @29 for example.The rebel PF MPs ewre in fact expelled except that they went to courts and its the courts which ruled in their favor and PF was ashamed.I am surprised that people are completely oblivious of the efforts MMD ,RB and his colleagues are making to sell their MMD.You think the unending visitations by ministers to various constituencies is going to be in vain? Instead of being mearly overly confident tell your bosses to start compaigning.With Chiluba fully involved and developments all over the country ,it is really being naive,nay, foolish to even imagine that MMD will lose in 2011.Be realistic.And the indeterminate leadership of the pact…….

  32. Here comes another micky mouse party with this f.o.o.l milupi. I had respect for him but now one can see he is working with mmd. He is a F.O.O.L.I.S.H man who will lose even the little he has.

  33. awe guys iye tata lesa, tefya kwesha dressing without boxer olo bamba, awe natu sevenya bane. i dressed up no boxer no nuthing bane, walai fye. elo chayisa chalinda ninshi nilimu city centre. iye awe i need to get my car back asap. elo apa i m meant to be organisng for my next business trip to the states. awe chali lila ku states bane, i have bin travelling there frequently this period. nali ku california bane awe kwali va nkeche bane!! nizi kuli ba madamu bane. deuces bane :)>-

  34. #21 – By the way I am not even interested in whoever becomes a president in PACT. So why should I guess whether I am find crocodile or not on a shallow well

  35. nga mwalinjebele mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teti mushe oh no oh no!!!! tata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 22 that was ZCCM it was a state on its own if you want to know what a man is and would be if put in power you need to delve into his past.Thus what they will be if taken to State house intoxicated with power i do not underate anybody.Charles has got very powerful connections to get to that job he is exposed.Financially very sound,he is not looking for a job to look after his family.Of the characters available he ranks high and his intergrity is sound.To chastise him as a nonentity is really making a big mistake or a blessing in disguise.WATCH THIS SPACE.He is not a clwn but an intellectual met him in London several times this year alone pulling strings for sure.

  37. Milupi could be right!
    But what makes him think he will ever rule Zambia with his SMALLEST PARTY on the planet?

  38. Well some PACT supporters are just out of this world! Sata has stood and lost elections 3 times. He has never being subjected to elections in his own party. #29 Jackal, Why then is Sata not the selfish one but Milupi? Man just put your head back into your backside! Do you weiredly expect this dictator (Sata) to change when he is republican President? To all the m.o.r.o.n.ic contributions saying Milupi is nothing and wont go anywhere why dont you ask yourselves why you are foaming at your months at a none entity? You are angry because you wont use Barotseland as your stepping stone to Sata’s dictatorship! Honestly, If you expect Milupi to lose in Luena you must go and have your head examined!

  39. #40 Mbulawa- Intellectual yes he is. I know him better than you. But as a human being he also will have short comings. Mugabe is a good example.

  40. You peolpe who support the Pact will have a shock of your life. What Pact can work when there is no legal framework of such in our republican constitution. The fact is both HH and SATA will stand next year. I watched the launch of ADD on TV it was powerful. I for one would rather support Milupi who has declared his intentions than to wait for the unknown candidate. After all Milupi is a peformer

  41. It is too late for the pact to showcase any good work they have done because they have not done any work, why should pipo vote for a pact that does not know how to or does not care about the development of Zambia ? Flooting voters, ask your selfs this, is service provision like picking rubish, road sign works, parks etc by councils important ? You see the pact have been accused of short changing residents of services in areas they control. They did not bother even refuting theallegations, they think those services are not important or Zambians are too dull to notice. Then in other cases like kanyma, their MP is not bothered about the drinage which he promised that has been paid for but is yet to be done. It is small things like this that show weather a party is ready, not non-stop insele

  42. #41 Deja Vu
    Why dont you bother to read my contribution in 40. I am quite sure there is nothing in there that suggests that I have promoted Milupi’s intellectualism. Please stop fishing!

  43. Ati Mbulawa # 40, my point there was that why is Mr Milupi wasting time talking about the survival of the pact when he can use the opportunity to inform the public what he really intends to, what is his manifesto. He is trying to get attention by discussing irrelevant issues, soon he will start attacking the leaders of the pact. Thats is the problem with our leaders instead of concentrating on real issues affecting the country they waste their energies on useless issues. By the way I do not support any political party, am very neutral and I can only support the party that can bring development to the suffering people back home. I just wish he would take a different approach from the likes of Sata, HH, GK and RB!

  44. :((:((:(( Mr. Milupi, I like the idea of you becoming president, but the truth about you achieving your go lies in how things or Zambian politics hapen. Splitting the vote is the easiest thing to do which Sata has lived to regret. If you, Mr Milupi, like what Rupiah Bwezani Banda is doing to Zambia and Zambians currently, then go ahead with ADD and contest the elections. If not, please continue with your new party aiming at another time to contest. Mr Milupi and Dr Mpande, please sit down and re-think about where you want Zambia to be in 2011. Zambia as a whole brought back maltipatism through MMD and defitted wamuyaya KK.

  45. So far MILUPI is right. Some of you are insulting him for referring to the PACT, yet you know that there was no way he could deal with questions asking him why he did not join the pact instead of forming a new party. Its shocking how unintelligent some of you can be. CM its within your rights to form a political party, GO GO GO!. For pact cadres, please do not ask him to explain why he has not joined your pact if you do not want him to mention pact as he gives his reasons.

  46. #48 Mbo Sam. What is wrong with people like? Where is it written that people should suspend their political programmes for the convienience of another political party? Why should Milupi give room to the PACT? Other than the removal of RB from office what the heck does Sata stand for? Can you please educate me why I should vote for Sata and not Milupi? Ma politics ya mob pyschology mu leke! Why should we create another monster just for the purposes of removing a sitting govt? Rather than complain about Milupi go out and campaign for your Pact. Tell people what your PACT stands for. A continous litany of complaints from the PACT and its supporters should not be a substitute for policy. People are not going to wait for u to fulfill your unexplained desires!

  47. #46 The Jackal
    Are you being serious? Of course this not the only thing that he discussed. This is just a snippet of the things he was being asked by both the interviewer and the listeners who were calling into the programme. LT for their own editorial reasons chose this particular section to publish. And any intelligent person would know the reason why? Traffic my dear Jackal! Publishing Milupi’s reasons for forming his own Party wouldnt rile the PACT pyschophants! Jackal do yourself a favour ask LT to publish the whole interview!

  48. RB has done a lot to this nation and he deserves another term of office as far as I
    have seen his achievements. I would not waste my vote by 2011 on selfish people
    who are hiding their true intention and I can not be taken for a surprise as if I have
    never been to highest professional school.

  49. # 50 Mbulawa
    Well said, i am at loss as to what the pact can do because as the opposition they have nothing to showcase except opposing every thing GRZ and insults and after smoking some thing, patting chiefs on their bold patches resulting in being evicted from indabas as in satas case.

  50. #54 – Maybe! who knows? Hope has always been there for the past 10 years. God knows who the next leader would be.

  51. CM may have the right to form his OWN party but how many of us are aware that to this day some of our very hard working servants are yet to see their hard earned KWACHA for the month of APRIL! need i even remind you that that was the month the bye-elections were the buzz word and activity? CM even wants to order the speaker to declare HIS seat vacant! This fella should have no right to recontest HIS seat! sic!

  52. Milupi has every right to form his own party, i have always admired his intelligence hence i will give him my vote come 2011. Milupi talked of the PACT because they are ones who started attacking him as for Sata he is a real politician and have respect for him but not the Mapatizya formula party. Sata should leave the pact as UPND just wants to ride on his popularity.

  53. #57 King Pharoah. It is people like you who for the last 46 years have bastardised the laws of Zambia. For you lot statutes are an inconvienience. That is why we are now living in lawless country in which corruption and arbitrariness is the rule. My dear if you were a functionally literate person you will understand that Milupi doesnt have the power to ‘order’ the speaker to do anything. That is a figment of your very dysfunctional imagination. All Milupi has done is follow the letter of law. Resign his seat for reasons of having assumed a different association from the one on which he was last elected. It is high time everybody started respecting the Milupi’s who follow the law even at the cost of their own interests. People like Milupi should be applauded rather than condemned!

  54. This little dog called Milupi has already started showing his cadalism for MMD. I said it that this fool is just an MMD sponsored chap to disturbilise the pact. Am now vindicated u see. MMD clearly fearz UPND / PF hence sponsoring this small unknown poor villager Milupi. This is what poverty can do.

  55. As for Milupi forming a new political party, he’s just a useless spoiler. Mushimani, a ku joine feela UPND. I agree kuli the Pact has no future – you can’t put a noha among human beings. It’ll bite you. “Saba noha ye ku ndwendukezi” – a Barotse saying.

  56. I like what ADD stands for. Am busy digesting Milupi ‘s speech and am sure even on the radio program he spoke at length about the manifesto.

  57. PACT: The fact is Mulipi is just another begger hoping to be given some money. The man does not even know there are more brainy people than him. The man must have just been dreaming in parly instead of contributing to development. Read the blog tomorrow about this man deceiving people he can be presido. I would rather vote for Kenny Ngondo than this fimo-fimo, atase.

  58. I initially used 2 respect this ka Milupi as PAC Chairman not knowing his just a cheap judas iskariot. So how do we even talk about development when a little rat can form a small party under MMD sponsorship and cause unnessesary bi elections requiring lots of govt resources? So who is going 2 deliver Zambia from all these evil minded chaps like this ka small selfish rat called Milupi?

  59. #53 Assistant MMD Chief Bootleaker- You mean Zambia has done alot for RB- Those travels, designer suits, real leather shoes etc

  60. So uyu chi colour nao alefwaya ka position mu MMD tefyo? Aba bafi colour bushe ninshi bafwaya kanshi? Why doesn`t he go and talk nonsense uko? Chi Milupi ichi lupala kolokombwa iwe. Kwati niwe chi Maestro hehehehe.

  61. //2 and 3 you seem to be cadres for the so called pact. Leave Milupi alone and learn to respect other people: avoid insults. Only frustrated individuals resort to insults. Common sense tells that any organism or institution without a head is headless and the same applies to the so called pact. Who is the head of the pact? Vucum heads the so called pact? Why should Zambian be taken for granted that a headless institution can provide leadership? In reality the headless chicken Nawakwi was talking about is the Pact. HH is wasting time in the so called pact and will regret later. Masimpe mbondaamba musa.

  62. #40, Luena is NOT Zambia. To win as president, one does need to span the nation, somehow. And all this talk about Barotseland is sickening tribalism. How much better it would be for all of us Zambians to work together and find a system that would assure us of identifying and using leaders of quality, regardless of whether they come from Western Province, Northern or anywhere in the country. But alas, so many of my people are so backward in thinking and so steeped in tribe! Disgusting!

  63. #63 2010. You definitely are not in the loop about the performers in Parliament. Milupi was the one man in Parliament who new what he was doing! If we had just 10 Milupi’s in Parliament Zambia would have been a better place. He outperformed all the PACT MPs. The PACT has certainly been bruised. They thought they were going to sleep walk Zambians into another dictatorship. You’ve been checked ba ngwele. You should learn to live with competition. If you are ordained to rule Zambia why are you so angry and hateful? You are just empty vessels. Only good at complaining but never giving an alternative view or policy. You’ve been found out ba ngwele! Tell us what you stand for ba ngwele. Give me a reason why I should vote for you.

  64. #53 assistant mmd chiefbootlicker
    Could you kindly point at any project RB started,completed and commissioned in his almost 18months in office, a rural health center,primary school or road,it wouldnt take that long to complete would it.All the projects his been comissiononing are someone else’s work,that Olympic sports center was started way back in 2006,all the mines he has been officiating at are someone else’s works,the only thing he did is to do away with the Windfall tax.Dont get me wrong,im a swing voter,i just need to be shown what RB has done.People always say he did miracles during the recession,what exactly did he do,what economics did he use to bring us back coz from the looks of things,zambia has been in recession since independence

  65. Its clear its an issue of each one 4 himself in Zambia. Each person is only interested in his own welfare. If govt can worst money like that then its justifiable fellow civil servants that whenever Govt money makes itself available just Kapokolise as much as possible. Stealing govt money is legal in Zambia. Rupiah has blessed corruption. Steal quietly like everyone else in this govt of RB.Everyone is doing it.MMD is doing it dont be blinded. Otherwise u will be wallowing in poverty when caders are smiling. Look at Milupi. Thats the only way 2 build in Chalala. Each one 4 himself policy!!

  66. Its clear its an issue of each one 4 himself in Zambia. Each person is only interested in his own welfare. If govt can worst money like that then its justifiable fellow civil servants that whenever Govt money makes itself available just Kapokolise as much as possible. Stealing govt money is now legal in Zambia. Rupiah has blessed corruption. Steal quietly like everyone else in this govt of RB.Everyone is doing it.MMD is doing it dont be blinded. Otherwise u will be wallowing in poverty when caders are smiling. Look at Milupi. Thats the only way 2 build in Chalala. Each one 4 himself policy!!

  67. Its clear its an issue of each one 4 himself in Zambia. Each person is only interested in his own welfare. If govt can worst money like that then its justifiable fellow civil servants that whenever Govt money makes itself available just Kapokolise as much as possible. Stealing govt money is now legal in Zambia. Rupiah has blessed corruption. Steal quietly like everyone else in this govt of RB.Everyone is doing it.MMD is doing it dont be blinded. Otherwise u will be wallowing in poverty when caders are smiling. Look at Milupi. Thats the only way 2 build in Chalala. Each one 4 himself policy!!

  68. #69 Mungaoma Iwe tiye uko . Ni nani uwakwebele ukiti nga walumbula Barotseland nishi uli tribalist. Walipena? cilumendo ta wa ufwa po abantu ukulanda pali Kwa Zulu Natal, Matebeleland ,Mashonaland, Ovamboland, Damaraland, Scotland na Wales? Bushe bonse aba matribalists? Walishalila sana kabonki iwe!

  69. #24 Nalabilako, Of course it won’t make sense to you, just like what we have been telling you has never made sense to you. We have been telling you all along that not everyone agrees with you and the PACT, despite your claims about “what is on the ground” and the “majority of Zambians”.

  70. The big issue why the pact supporters are so angry is that every day their support in the so called tribal strong holds dwindle by the minute. Luapula is an example of this very fact. What Milupi has done, is very simple, he has destroyed the so called Lozi-Tonga alliance, Lozi vote will automatically, like Tonga vote go to Milupi. I can assure you of this. That is why, we really need to move away from these politics of tribe, and hoping to use your tribe to get to state house. Just look at how angry the pact supporters are, if really their campaign was one based on issues and not tribal politics, they would not be worried about Milupi, but you see they pre occupy themselves with tribal politics, such that the mere presence of this gallant Lozi man shakes them to the bone.

  71. Milupi will be vindicated. Our country is engulfed in politics of insults and tribe. Milupis statements should not be understasted. I advise HH to open his eyes and see what lays ahead of his political career as many poeple will be injured incase of wrong decissions by him.

  72. I held this gentleman in very high esteem, but if he can display this WARPED thinking then I’m afraid I can’t help concluding that he is just one of those EMPTY TINS making unneccessary noise!!!!!! Surely how does a normal person act in this irrational manner? NI NDALAMA SHA KU ‘NCC’ SHAMIKOLA? Whether you like it or not The Pact is forming government next year…….Why would HH begin campaigning when they have not yet decided on the Pact candidate? Milupi please donate that money to some charity instead of wasting it on elections which you cannot win.%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(

  73. #17 Amayama, Mr Milupi does not seem to have as much regard for the PACT as you have, and that is his democratic right. He does not have to support the PACT just because you say so. By the way, why not ask the PACT leaders to join Milupi instead? At least that way we shall have one decent opposition leader Milupi to challenge the MMD. If your principal objective is to remove the MMD from power that is a very practical way, seeing that the PACT cannot decide on one leader. It is this indecision by the PACT that is creating a power vacuum in the opposition camp. Free political advice, take or leave it.

  74. According to Wikipaedia a PACT is a formal agreement between two organizations, each with its own Ideolgies Beliefs and Leader.
    They come together for a common cause,to use their resources in unison for set objectives,and so far the objectives set by the PF/UPND PACT to campaign together during parliamentary by-elections has worked,results are there for everyone to see.Meanwhile they still maintain their sovreignity as indivudual parties,if they decide to still work together during the Presidential Elections,they will decide and let their supporters know,then they will have the job of convincing their caders as to why the have settled for one of the two.Thats what i think the PACT is all about,unless someone here has another opinion:)>- deuces bane

  75. #82, continue to educate our fellow Zambians that we are in a democracy, and the character of multi party democracy is that there will be multiple parties. We will always have parties mushrooming as long as the so called big parties do not bring issue based politics. I totally agree with you when you say the indecision by the pact to identify a head is creating a power vacuum in the opposition camp. What pact should never forget is that there will be people, I repeat, there will be people who will not be comfortable to be lead by either of the two candidates, and these people are in numbers. I see this as a strategy on Milupi’s part as these disgruntled lot will look for solace somewhere, and that somewhere will be ADD, this Milupi is intelligent watch out for him.

  76. If the elections were about insults Sata would certainly win. But when you begin to introduce intelligent debate and analysis, you definately need the likes of Charles, HH and Elias Chipimo jr. General Miyanda loves his country and he deserves to contribute to our politics. Mr Sata can take his place in the political dustbin of our country.

  77. On second thoughts…….this guy could be out to make a quick buck….think of it, solicit $1m (equiv.to K4.5 Billion) from some sleepy ALA BI/KAFUPI Pact for campaigns, Use K0.5 Billion on tujilijili & Sugar for cadres and pocket K4 Billion…….. whether you win or lose, you are home and dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:d:d:d:d

  78. Ignore and ridicle Bo milupi at your own party’s peril. Currently alot of MPs are sitting on the fence. they are looking for where to go. After they get their gratuities come back and say ADD is a kantemba party. You have been warned.

  79. # 54 There is no provision in the zambian constitution for a presidential candidate to represent two separate parties and there is no registered party in zambia called PF/UPND PACT. Keep dreaming but think again?

  80. Nabakashita by the ALA BI/KAFUPI Pact using plundered money to sow seeds of confusion in the PF-UPND Pact…….But wachepa mwaice………..The Pact is UNSTOPABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  81. IYO KWENA PF-UPND PACT NAIMILWALIKA DIARRHEA!!!!!!!! Indeed there must be something SPECIAL about this arrangement for it to generate so much interest:((:((:((:((

  82. IYO KWENA PF-UPND PACT NAIMILWALIKA DIARRHEA! mwati mulela notulo!!!!!!! Indeed there must be something SPECIAL about this arrangement for it to generate so much interest:((:((:((:((

  83. mymy # 88 ITS you huz dreaming by thinking that you will continue enjoying stolen tax payers money under the MAD leadership of the mmd. you are such a useless and hopeless chap!!

  84. Come on PACT cadres you are not going to convince not to vote for Milupi because of your hatred, personal attacks and insults on him. Why dont you convince me on the programmes and policies of the PACT? What is so difficult about couching your preferences on the basis of the positive virtues of either Sata or HH? Why for God’s sake do you promote the Pact on the basis of your disdain for Milupi?. I will continue to press you to tell me the reason why I should vote for the Pact. We can agree that RB should go but please tell me why I should vote for your Pact? What do you believe in? And what do you stand for? How do you hope to reshape the constitution of Zambia? Why is the PF a divided party? Why is UPND taking part in the NCC which is opposed by Sata?

  85. The PACT simply means integration. It does not require one party to surrender its existence to the other. The esesnce is to co exist whilst conducting business continuity for individual parties with an aim to achieve the same goal. “Remove the expired product called em-em-dee from the Zambian market” LoL!!!

  86. Milupi you are just wasting time. Just look at yourself who knows you? you are a nobody to the majority. Its only Sata,Fr Bwalya and HH who have remained with us the poor majority. I suspect MMD has just sponsored You. What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. #59 Mbulawa… i respectfully wish to draw your attention to the point of my submission. first i have no quarrel with CM exercising his legal right to form a party a few months before we have another tripartite election, second i equally have no issue with him taking the routine legal route of informing the speaker that he now no longer the representative of his former constituency… all that is legally fine! The issue sir (?) is simply this. Bye-elections are a very expensive venture that should be opted for as a last resort. we can not AFFORD to be forced into bye-elections each and every time someone has some imaginary difference with someone else! Consider the attendant (circumstantial) events that accompany bye-elections (and i confess these are assumptions that remain untested)….

  88. Katie Good, your contributions are well reasoned, sober and devoid of any verbal abuse against those who hold different views. The same can not be said about PF cadres and recently, UPND cadres who seem to have been infected by the PF vulgar language syndrome,

  89. On “Speaking on Monday Nite Live last evening, Mr. Milupi said that Zambians should not be so sure that the pact will survive to the run up to elections… He stated that some of the members of the opposition UPND indicated to him that they only joined the pact to get access to other areas” it appears that Mr Milupi Charles has already gone back on his words where he indicated that his politics will not be of squables but development.

    However, I his above quoted information which indicates that the UPND Group is just in the PF-UPND PACT to acquire sympathy from PF supported areas like Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt provinces since “Mr. Milupi claims that the UPND president has never mentioned the name of the PF leader Michael Sata in his campaigns is very true…

  90. first for April some workers suddenly went without pay and someone confesses that he is not aware some people were not paid and wondered why they were opting to ask through the media. second (mostly in previous years) sudden enthusiasm to conduct ESCOM or ZESA powercut exercises so agonizingly close to a bye-election! …. these are (mere) social, emotional, non-legal yet just as significant basis for NOT wanting bye-elections being forced on the tax-payer in Zambia. remember that even govt machinery suddenly shifts camp also as they campaign for their candidate… this is an economic reason for my NO to unwanted (unsolicited) bye-election. MPs are elected to serve the people NOT their personal interests!

  91. He is dead right, i dont see the pact surviving to the end of this year. The 2 leaders will stand on their own party tickets, there will be no pact candidate and thats why they have both adopted the undemocratic ‘no convention’ stance. On the other hand Milupi’s new party is clearly a non-starter. he will loose his parliamentary seat unless he stands on the pact ticket (while it still exists) or the MMD ticket.

  92. #98 Mr Clean speak for yourself. Which majority are you speaking for? You certainly have illusions of grandeaur. The PACT of heavyweights has been shaken by a so called nonentity. Run Milupi Run. We are certainly making the PACT run Mad before we slay this double headed beast at the polls. Luena here we come!

  93. The PACT is getting Luena Seat. Then Milupi will be history. Period. Milupi is testing the waters but he shall regret.

    I wish him good luck but he will swallow his pride come by-election time.

  94. Vote for Sata why don’t you. can you actually imagine this man holding intelligent talks with other world leaders? Zambia deserves to be in it’s current state if we have people like Sata running for office.

  95. The first mistake Bo Milupi has made is to start attacking opposition.Who told him to form the ADD? why worried about the pact. He should worry about the MMD not the pact. Each pact member is separate identity and why should HH mention about PF or Sata mention UPND in their campaigns? So far it seems ideas from ADD are gone. The ghost Bo Milupi should fight with is campaigning in Luena so that he can retain his seat. But retaining a seat after you have resigned will not help my relatives in Luena to give you another chance. We shall meet in the battle field.

  96. #105 Mpangula Mputyu;
    What has HH done in Luena since 2006? Both the MMD and UPND including ULP were clobbered by Milupi in 2006. The UPND candidate got 200 votes. HH will be lucky if his candidate will even get half the 2006 ballots! Mpangula how will UPND make up for 6000 votes. You certainly dont know the esteem in which Milupi is held in his constituency! Wina azakalila.

  97. 108# Mbulawa, you living in the past, the people of luena are looking for change they are already in the pact. I come from luena my brothers and cousins are on the ground campaigns started long time ago for 2011, so the vacant seat now is another bonus for the pact. Wait and see.

  98. Yes Milupi is right the PACT will not survive for as long as members of the PACT fall prey to MMD and its plans.Also the pact will not survive for as long as the two leaders and their supporters do not realise the reason for going into a pact( Solemn Agreement).If PF pact supporters insist its Sata or nothing and UPND pact supporters insist its HH or nothing, surely the pact is dead and Milupi is right! When the PACT dies I urge all reasonable people to vote for ADD!!

  99. Zambians,please there is nothing like time will come for the PACT to decide who will stand.SATA has categorically said , “loud and clear that come what may lam standing in 2011”,no matter how many times he is going to lose.
    Sata has already put himself.HH is still pondering on the next move,because he has made a big mistake by joining SATA.Sata and HH have nothing in common.Unlike poles always repeal.Mark my words.

  100. On “However Mr. Milupi defended himself saying that they are not dividing but only offering his services to the Zambians” I doubt whether Mr Milupi checked his earlier quoted statements before he said this one.

    As for “Mr. Milupi says that the whole political mood is shaken up, as the party was formed in addressing real issues” it is interesting that no political mood is shaken on the contrary because he seems to have just managed to help the mighty UPND or PF-UPND PACT to get another MP seat in Parliament.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  101. Milupi is only known in his constituency, parliament, and along Cairo road. Never mind, Milupi`s party will die like Sakwiba Sikota, Miyanda, and Chipimo`s `s parties. These guys are not politcally savvy, they think when you make a few headlines in news papers and address a crowd at Mulungushi conference center-that is it.

  102. The MMD has been boosted by this Man. As far as I know he has no clue how to defeat the MMD that’s why its easier to assume Luena seat is on its way to MMD.

  103. Milupi we now believe that we have intelligent fools in this country,people who claim to be intellectuals but can not reason and analyse crically the matter at hand. milupi what problems have you noticed in zambia? if any,who is responsible,is it the opposition or the rulling party? if it is the opposition what makes you a better fool having formed an opposition party to attack the pact instead of the rulling party. join the pact or die trying.!!!!!!!!!

  104. The PF/UPND PACT has a big crack because,Sata has started manifecting his true colours to head the PACT.HH has realised late,but how to come out smart from the PACT,it is only time which will tell what SATA and HH is habouring from each other.

  105. However, there a high likelihood he may sway Western Province to tribalism and we shall end up with polarised regions not by design but by default.

  106. #114 Prophet of Doom. If Milupa has no clue of how to defeat the MMD how the heck did he find himself to be MP? Dawa1 Sakwiba’s ULP has MPs in parliament. How the heck is he dead? #109 Luena Will be another dyonko how the heck do your imaginary brothers and cousins calibrate their campaign for the double headed beast called the Pact? Who are your brothers presenting to the poor souls of Luena as the Pact’s Presidential candidate ? I am honestly beginining to question the sanity of PF cadres. I am sensing desperation in these Pact cadres! God help us when the balloon is poked and its restless constituents spilled! 2011 will be interesting! Sata says he will die trying! HH’s lieutnants say its time for a Tonga president. Honestly the PACT is a tragic comedy! 2011 cant come soon enough!

  107. People of Luena should wake up in some way. Those people need medicine, good roads, schools and considering that western province is the poorest province in the country. This man does not offer good solutions to their sufferings in some way, how can he bring by-elections in the constituence instead of development. The man is so selfish and greedy to say the least, he is just interested in his persuit for presidency. It is democracy yes but costs should also be a consideration if he meant well. People of Luena you trusted this man but he has decided to abandon you due to his persuit of his personal gains.

  108. #117 Prophet of Doom Its alright for HH to have his stronghold in Southern Province; Sata to have his stronghold in the two Bemba-speaking provinces of Northern and Luapula; and Rupiah Banda in Eastern province. However you find it utterly objectionable for Milupi to have a stronghold in his home province. This just goes to expose what kind of character you are!

  109. #119 Chansa Pact cadres please be serious! Milupi has not abandoned the people of Luena. That is just a figment of your imagination. Medicines , roads etc why the heck are those things not there already? Because successive govts have done sweet FA in the western province! Its not because Milupi has resigned his seat ! Come on man! Get real!

  110. Mbulawa. Milupi is nor aware he actually is campaigning for MMD by default. He should consult SAkwiba. Sikota for lessons. Luena is not Zambia. Luena will ditch him for a broader Zambian vote and that’s the MMD especially when Kalabo road is completed. All his efforts to keep Luena independent have come to nought.

  111. Mbulawa unfortunately it doesn’t work like that sometimes and RB or Sata do not regional votes that’s why Lozis voted MMD and will still do so. Lozis know that there is more sense in embracing a national leader than a regional one that’s why I say Milupi is campaigning for MMD without knowing.

  112. Charles Milupi will not even regain his position as MP. The pact will squash him and he will be embarrassed and that will be his end. I said it just after he announced his resignation that he has just given this constituency to PF-UPND pact. LT this guy was voted as the best politician of the year. Now where is he? Who voted for him? What ever goes up must come down and this is the coming down of Milupi. Sometimes when you are over praised, power can go to your brain and suddenly you start hallucinating. Here is Milupi hallucinating.

  113. Hmm interesting ADD- Attention Deficit-hyperactivity Disorder. Charles Milupi has ADD…thus the hyper mood.

  114. Do you know that all these thugs who support MMD in diaspora they work in diplomatic offices? Atase ndani saziba ati mukombeleza mu mbale ya Mwadya Mweka Daddy (MMD)

  115. # 72, I am glad you are a swing voter. Here is a simple answer. The MMD slogan for RB’s presidential campaign in 2008 was “Building on the promise”. That means all programmes that the MMD started under Mwanawasa or before would be continued and others to consolidate the gains of previous projects would started. RB as all other party presidents are (or should be) is merely a tool to implement his party’s manifesto. Development is a long term vision, not 90 days. At least to my knowledge that is what normal parties do. Continue….

  116. Did you expect that RB would come in and abandon what Levy had started just to show that he is a performer? Don’t you know that to do so would be a waste of our money as tax payers? Can you imagine clinics and schools being abandoned at window level? RB’s measure of performance should therefore be to complete what his party had started, with his own refinement where necessary. This reply to # 72 applies to all cadres who support myopic leaders of the 90 days fame.

  117. #109 abena “on the ground”. What is this ground you talk about kanshi? Is it the same word that we all see in the English dictionary?

  118. # 71, They will never be able to give you a single reason why you should vote for them. Ask them to insult you and they will perform wonders.

  119. Milupi, Chipimo Jr, Mwikisa as a strategist join hands …..please draft a common goal and create a stabble shadow cabinate and come up with own budget and future stategic programs for Zambia …then we shall hear otherwise its good youve came up. Zambia is not tied to loyalty of the PACT or MMD we dont care……for PACT supporters we choose who we want no one will force us DEMOCRACY

  120. you know, you dont have to agree with milupi. but really, there is no need to launch into insults simply because you do not agree with his ideas. even more suprsingly, people think its ok to disrespect and blatantly insult his family. what has become of us zambians? i personally listened to the show last night, and no, the PACT was not the only thing which CLM spoke about, but rather is was a response to a DIRECT question asked by him. even yesterday i was shocked that so many insults were thrown at him by self-confessed upnd supporters, where is this coming from? you say if milupi should focus on his own party instea of the PACT. I put it to you that perhaps you should focus on your own party, instead of desperately trying to discredit add. zambia, say no to violent politics

  121. Politics is dynamic. The results of 2006 & 2008 will not be repeated in 2011. There is a political shift at the momemt where UPND is penetrating former MMD stronghoods of Western, Nortwestern, Central, Copperbelt rural and Luasaka rural. This will give politic good political milage to negotiate a good power sharing deal with PF in case Sata insists on being the pact president. I am sure UPND will insist on Sata being a ceremonial president while UPND will have the real power as they will command more MPs. I do not expect PF to gain more MPs than what they have at the moment & are likely to lose some seats in Luapula. UPND will win a number of seats from MMD in areas that voted for MMD because of Mwanawasa. UPND have intellectuals in their exective board who are analysing issues.

  122. you know, i dont see the same sort of abuse thrown at elias chipimo. for someone to generate this kind of response really shows that ADD has come with force. i’ve not been convinced to be a milupi supporter, but all this anger at him makes me want to sit up and listen. noobody fears a nobody; we fear only what we regard a threat.

  123. [-([-([-([-( Mbulawa, thank you for your comment, but I care so much about Z that I decided to say something to a man, Mr Milupi, who is much brighter than me. Chipimo Jnr formed a party I did not blog, but when a man of Mr Milupi’s stature forms a party, I understand the consequences of the effect of the outcome of results in 2011. Mr Milupi has a right to form a party of course. But I thought you, Mbulawa, want RB to be removed from power?? How do you achieve that? By splitting the vote among powerful opposition political parties?? You can’t be serious. Enjoy your stay in the UK Mbulawa, but I am soon going home.

  124. Lets welcome another PACT compaigner Mr Milupi.Just less than a week old party you think you can make proper political analysis and feel you have caused political turbulance?Sorry sir i see you are also a typical political critic who needs to learn from others as well.We expect this man to start highlighting his manifesto.now you have also joined the queue of politics of criticism.Tell us why you have joined this race otherwise you may end up recording a 0 vote record of all time.

  125. There is a PACT outbreak in zed.There comes another rat race.In the abundance of water a fool died of thirst

  126. ‘Its time to say” I totally agree with your sentiments it seems Milupi has stired the political atmosphere in the country. To those of my friends who are so worried about these new parties cousing a rift in ensuring the PACT gets into power my problem with them is I don’t support yhe PACT for it seems not to have an agenda for the country. In 1991 I never voted then but people really wanted Change and we caused more harm to the country and today we are where we r due to the wrong turn. Trust me as much as I hate the MMD i dread Mr MC SATA being made president….the devil we know in this case RB is betther than that we don’t SATA. So we think yes let the new party came and let us see how it performs who cares what if their aim is to enure they take over govt in 2016????wouldnt it…

  127. Why are the Pact people crying? Why did UPND supporters openly insult Milupi on monday? simple.He is a threat to the Western province vote for very soon he will establish himself as an HH of Southern province,Sata of Northern(Luapula is tricky) and RB of Eastern,a test of their own medicine.They were hoping to recapture the province but with Milupi and ofcourse they(lozis) havent forgotten how Sakwiba was hounded out of UPND,it is becoming a dream far-fetched hence the anger.Soon a Kaonde or a Mushala type will launch his in NW province thereby sealing the tribal cycle.This is Zed where every politician thrives on tribalism and has tabloids that champion it.Sad!!!

  128. The poeple who are wasting time their time its those who ab re condeming Bo Charles Milupi.Please if you have nothing to say and contribute to our Zambia politics just keep quite and then wait and see what strong and Inteligent men like Bo Charles Milupi can do for the country.As a Zambian he has every right to form a political part and some of us will support him.Wait i can asure some of you Zambians that milupi has got support and will get the Luena constituancy.

    The ADD will crack MMD,UPND/PF

    Bo Milupi Muyoyange san’ole siye kwahule .Tukonkote wa Mwana Nongolo.

  129. W ell i profiled Charles and i was imprest so is Dr M Mpande , i tried to google MC Sata unfortunetly i havent found where he did his degree. By the way if you have a degree google ur name staright awy

  130. Us Zambian have no direction. We can not stand for one purpose because of the selfish ego sown by Chiluba and these in politics. Each one her/his pocket. We should change our individual thinking first if this country will ever be near to SA or any other good country to live in this world. Look at Thailand. When 22222——much is 22222much——-the popo joined hands to fight a corrupt Governement.

  131. #135 Mbo Sam what is so difficulty to understand about my contributions? Of course I want RB out. But unlike you I am not going to put anything in Plot on the basis that as long as its not RB its fine. That would be the highest mark of political irresponsibility. I am not satisfied with your PACT. It neither has programmes nor policies. I want to cast my vote for something. Voting against someone will never take you anywhere. Replace RB yes! But with what? Sata? Oh Lord No! By throwing his hat into the ring Milupi has widened my choices. I followed his leadership of the Public Accounts Committee and I was very impressed! Mbo why do you want to limit people’s choices to the PACT and MMD?When we voted in the last UK elections did you did u notice the No: of contestants on each ballot?

  132. I still do not understand why people can be wasting time attacking personalities and not looking at what they are capable to do. Why should the PACT and MMD cadres dictate for us on who to vote for. Wake up and smell the coffee. Zambia ios a democratic nation and we have the right to chose whoever we want.

  133. #76 MBULAWA. Nshapena mune. But I just think that it would be very helpful and progressive for all of us to stop thinking only in terms of tribe, province or region when contemplating choice of leaders. If we are to prosper as a NATION, we must start thinking nationally. The other route will likely lead only to infighting, retardation of progress and possible conflict on a large scale. And I seem to see shadows of that on the horizon in Robbie Chisyuka’s politics.

  134. Milupi has no love for Zambia, bye elections are very expensive and he should have just waited for 2011! Wka up Zambians, he has been sponsored by MMD……..

  135. #147 Yama if you are so concerned about the cost of by- elections why the heck is this just an issue over this particular seat? Where have people like you been all this time? If Milupi were to say that he has joined the PACT wouldnt you be jumping up and down with joy? You sir are just a self serving PF cadre. Learn to compete for votes. Time is not going to stand still just for the sake of fulfilling Sata’s political ambitions! Where is the evidence that he has been sponsored by the MMD? It is Sata who was sponsored by the MMD for the treatment of his ailing heart!

  136. Charles Milupi MP should join the PF-UPND, and not create another ‘party of one’, that cannot possibly win in this essentially 2-party system. In how many constituencies is the ADD fielding candidates? Do they have cadres to counter the voter suppression activities of the MMD’s cadres?

    Will the ADD at least tax the mines so the country can finally develop? Otherwise, there is no point in even running.

  137. DATA Milupi on the scene to grab Western Province a coliation between ADD and UPND will win no need for SATA and his PF cadres……what do u guys think or the three join hands….but ensure nuetral President.

  138. :-w:-w:-w:-w Mbulawa, whereas I do perfectly understand your good points centred on removal of useless RB,you do not seem to understand the simple technicality of a split vote by all opposition political parties which will allow RB to win the presidency. The reality is that RB, as an incumbent, will manage to pick up votes from every province of Z which the other canditates may not or will be beaten by RB. RB will not need rigging of an election if what you are advocating, Mbulawa, goes ahead. Mr Milupi is a very bright and so is Dr Mpande, Magande, HH, Chipimo Jnr and the many more. Only good sense of good tactics in the political game will remove RB. If Harry Mwanga Nkumbula did not have the sence to join forces with KK, UFP would have gone through on a split election result.

  139. Mungoma’s approach is the only forward to development of mother Z if we all love her. Diaspora blogars do not be blinded by the comforts of the super-markets you are enjoying. Look at the suffering of our people back home who cannot enjoy the same.

  140. #151 Mbo Sam, why can’t you guys of the PACT just answer one simple question that many bloggers are asking you everyday? i.e. if we vote RB out what alternative are you offering us? You guys are not even sure, nay you do not even know, what you want and you expect the rest of responsible us to follow you?

  141. We all know Sata want to be president. HH stood and realised he will always come after this Sata,(Kaponya or not). The strategy is to work together to get to plot one. HH is Young and Sata has had his share of politics at Zed. It makes sense for them to amicably resort to pulling strings for each other and taking Zambia to the next level by sharing the two top most positions in the state without Greed (apa ni Kaya??). At least each one of them would be given the chance to showcase what they have for us and motha Z. Regardless of their silence, lets be optimistic and assure ourselves of a better Z from what we are currently experiencing.

  142. 1.selfish interst……independent candidate
    2. resigns to cause by elections because he represents no one
    3. family gathering called ADD… selfish again
    Bye election and standing himself….. very selfish indeed:-?:(:d
    Wharl !democracy for Zambia too far from the real thing

  143. The only way now is HH and Milupi to get 2gether as long as charles gets the western vote then they may just win the elections….so pact supports ur energies must not be directed to discrediting Milupi let him be used and give him a better position.

    The PACT seems to be heading in a ditch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!esp over president issue…PF no SATA out of PACT……….UPND no HH 4 president also out so………

  144. #19 Danger Managing Director, Katie Goode aint going nowhere. She’s ten times the the intellectual that you are not. People like you think that only your views should be disseminated. Good thing you are stuck in Zedland rather than spreading your paranoia to other countries.

  145. //60 you seem to be an overdozed cadre whose brain is submerged in a natural hate hormone after years of taming; which makes you fail to distinguish between another human being and a dog. Calling Milupi a dog just shows how low you think.

  146. all this talk about money wasted on the by election coming from PACT cadres. i wonder if they would have been as vocal if milupi joined their PACT…? the UPND cadres will follow their master, HH, who has turned to insults and threatening and inciting violence. Sata, surprisingly has shown far more intellect over the issue of milupi’s formation of ADD and resignation: that his rebel MPs should follow suit and also resign in accordance with the constitution.

    besides, we dont even know who’s going to stand on the PACT ticket this by election. Sata is the one who is supposed to have a stronghold in Western Province, yet HH is the one who’s been hanging around in WP anticipating CMs resignation and foaming at the mouth. no prizes for guessing he never mentions Sata even once in any…

  147. #159, Yes it is money wasted, teachers, police and many civil servants are not paid because funds are being diverted to unplanned and uncalled for by election created by selfish individuals. The issue of who is going to stand is an issue of the pact not ADD or MMD. Time and again only small brains will ask such questions because time has not yet come for the two parties to choose the leader. And we have information that ADD is formed to receive (in their wishful thinking that in case the pact fails, ADD will take the supporters of the pact) come rain or sunshine the pact is real no going backward Zambia Forward.

  148. Only the doubting Thomas es will doubt the Pact. Until the candidate is announced that is when they will change positions. We need men and women who can believe what they have not seen. The doubt ADD is showing is the same doubt that will make them fail to capture their only seat luena. By faith we have already won the luena seat on pact (UPND).

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