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Esther Dominates Duda to win WIBA Crown

Sports Esther Dominates Duda to win WIBA Crown

Esther Phiri out-boxed title holder Duda Yankovich this evening to lift the WIBA welterweight belt at Mulungushi International conference Centre in Lusaka.

Phiri dominated Duda to win via a unanimous point’s decision over Brazilian-Serb who lost her second successive career fight.

The Zambian won 100-90, 100-95, 100-91 on the judges cards in scrappy 10-round title WIBA title fight.

Despite an untidy display from both fighters, Esther was never in any danger, out-boxing Duda in the first seven rounds before a slap-fest insured in the latter three rounds.

Furthermore, compared to her draw against Terri Blair in a WIBA welterweight title elimination bout at the same venue last November, today’s fight failed to reach the bar set by that last fight over seven months ago.

Meanwhile, Duda had points deducted in the first round for a punch to the back of Esther head.

Moreover, Duda had little to offer as Esther wore her opponent out with a barrage of body shots but the Brazilian-Serb was resilient in absorbing some punishment from a much fitter Esther who despite well ahead on the cards failed to find that decisive killer punch.

Duda also had little to offer in the counter punch with air shots, holding and slapping the hallmark of her display throughout against Esther.

The defeated champion immediately after the 10th round announced that a rematch was in order but conceded defeat blaming her 11-month hiatus from the ring due to injury for her defeat.

Esther on the other hand said the fight had vindicated her as a boxer with her handlers at the end of the fight hinting at her going to light welterweight and challenge champion Holly Holmes who defeated Duda in her last fight in June last year.

“I showed today that boxing is about using your head and not about one having muscles,” Esther said, the latter part of the statement a swipe at the well chiseled Duda.

In the supporting bouts , Kenneth Chinyanta stopped his Kenyan opponent Twalib Mubiri through a technical knock out in the third round to return his Africa Boxing Union Battamweight belt.

Ezaya Chilufya beat Pathias Kambemba on split points decision in a non title fight while Innocent Kalamashi beat Floyd Chongo by a technical knock out in the third round.

The exciting women bout between Mulubwa Lingashi and Chitalu Mulenga ended in the latter’s favour.

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  1. Congrats Easter….you make Zambia proud! In 90 days you will be heavy weight champoin!!:d:d

  2. She fought intelligently and showed much more maturity than the previous fight. Zambia should be proud of her. Wish soccer could bring such glory instead of being such a pain in the unmentionable.

  3. So Esther has retired, according to what she told us weeks before this fight! It would be very honorable if she retired with this glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That was a brilliant fight ba Esther, please it’s time you retired or else parkinson disease will catch up with you. You have made us proud.

  5. I’m a man of few words so me I just want to know how much money esther won for this fight.How much is she worthy now money-wise?????

  6. Congratulations Ester Keep adding to your fortune. It seems this one was not contentious. I kept checking LT thinking they will provide a live stream… poor LT

  7. Oh my goodness!! Esther,you have done us so proud,Go girl !! I was so scared when I googled Duda and saw her frightening kick-boxing past history.I must praise you, Esthe,r for showing Duda that history is history and taught her what we Zambians are made of.Thanx!!!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations Esther, you have done us proud , go and enjoy yourself in South Africa and come back clear headed for your next endevours in life.
    For Kennedy Kanyanta I say its time to move on to the bigger league.
    For Anthony, jogolo worked, and Bravoto you and the stable.

  9. Congrats girl. Keep in mind that your profession has a short shelf life so save up. Go to school and learn the business side of boxing or sports in general so you can fall back on that once you are too old to fight. Right now, it sounds like you are on the right track, keep it up.

  10. Zambia should be proud of this young lady she has brought honour to the sport please use kind words for her. Zambia loves you young lady!

  11. Thank you esther PHIRI, You were surely a MOUNTAIN in that fight because you brought down the Brazilian MOUNTAIN.


  13. Congratulations. but I what to know how much she made, and how much went into her bank account? Does this sound silly?

  14. Well done Esther at first we sought you will be knocked down but you gave us hope. Keeping going and invest your money wisely.

  15. Well done Esther phiri and all that are in supporting.Viva Viva Boxer, you have a short life shelf in that fighting to make money and entertaining us.I know no one will advise you since all those boys around you are very selfish your ending will be the worst, my sweet

  16. congrats to Esther and her team. I dont agree that she retires…….NOW. To me Esther now needs to be exposed to good facilities because she has now matured. Asking her to retire now is sheer fear and cowadice typical of southern african bantus that ran away from Shaka Zulu.

  17. IF it wozent under ths useless leadership of mmd she would have done more!! cngrats EP!! VIVA PACT !! no vote for mmd next year!!

  18. Show us the pictures ba LT naimwe! Congratulations Ester for convincingly punching out your opponent. But hey, rest if you must but don’t you quit. I saw your interview in The Post.

  19. Congratulations Ester for adding another tittle to your name.guys sports must be a unifying factor so pliz take yo polics issues to another forum

  20. **==
    wel! i liked the way she was throwing punches. Any way retirement depends on how she is feeling
    not on how much she has made coz money is never enough!!!she has made a n ame and thts fine!.

  21. Esther clearly outclassed Duda. At first I was scared by the punches Duda displayed in the locker room with her trainer. But when the fight started I never saw any!

  22. But how come we dont get to hear of esthers fights on BBC, Sky,CNN or SABC.Questionsble world champion?????????????

  23. congatulation Sis i laked da way you planted da punches on dat muzungu, hope she learned a lesson.

  24. The fight was Ok, she still has a long way to go. the million dollar question is the cotton Hug!! what was that? forget that it was on Super Sport his wife was watching that…. the poor girl was so uncomfortable and tense!!! I appreciate your sponsoring her and all but really I think he should have limits on certain things… Ester is a woman who might get married one day do things decently.

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