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The UPND-PF pact launched.

Headlines The UPND-PF pact launched.

Some Lusaka residents during the launch of the UPND-PF pact

The long awaited United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front UPND/PF pact has finally been launched with the two pact leaders calling on the Zambians to take up a personal responsibility in cementing and securing the pact.

And Patriotic Front leader, Michael Sata has alleged that the ruling movement for multi party democracy MMD led government yesterday sold off the Zambia telecommunications company ZAMTEL and leaving the workers unattended to as they moneys have not yet been paid.

Mr. Sata said that the current government is still being led under the first republic regime and that is why the MMD has continued to sell off the national resource without the consent of the people of this nation.

He said that the ruling MMD is fully aware of the high level of poverty in this country but has decided to put a blind eye to the needs of the people and focus on enriching themselves at the expense of the people.

Meanwhile Mr. Sata has observed that the decision by government to jail post editor, Fred Mmembe who was yesterday sentenced to four months in prison with hard labour will cost the MMD.

Mr. Sata said that the MMD could have thought of something better than jailing and detaining a journalist because he will expose them for who they really are and how they have failed to take care of the prisoners in this country.

And speaking earlier, UPND president, Hikainde Hichilema charged that the MMD failure to put an end to corruption within the governing system has exacerbated the levels of poverty in the country.

Mr. Hichilema said that the government has been unable to provide quality social services to the people of this nation and is largely responsible for the people’s suffering.

Mr. hichilema has also challenged the government to bring back the windfall tax in the mining sector.



  1. :d great news, here comes the real, united opposition, its about time we listened to boom shaka!

  2. What exactly did they launch? Is there a manifesto now and who is going to head it? We have had a year of this. Seems there is nothing new to report on.

  3. Sata is still the un-elected president of PF and HH is still president of UPND. What exactly is this pact then? Did they unveil a new pact chitenge and logo? Am confused as I can not see what exactly was ‘launched’.

  4. This will keep MMD on its toes at least!! I they can change their approach to the cries of the Nation and people, otherwise MMD is toast come next year. We cautiously wait to see what direction the PACT takes!! Congrats for now for shaming people like VP Kunda who was predicting doom for this Marriage.

  5. Did they sign any kind of papers? If there is no form of any agreement should we still call it a ‘pact’?

  6. #9 That is what I was wondering also. The article still refers to the two leaders as presidents of their respective parties. So what exactly is this beast called the pact? What exactly has changed since yesterday?

  7. MMD government has lamentably failed us. Please can someone save us. Look at ZESCO tarriff, Water metres. Where we going? Why bring modern eletrical and water billing when 65% of Zambians live in poverty?

  8. thats what we want…working together. this is a new political concept in the world. Zambia let us work together we are a reach nation. we cant continue selling our country to other countries no. let every Zambian have a share from the national cake. go go pact we are behind you hakasata.:)>-:)>-

  9. and dont anounce the president untill voting time next year. we want rb and his minions to go hang as they will not know who the president is. this stratege is hurting them to their bones and heart. they are really desparate now as they thought the pact would not hold such long. viva pact.:)>-:)>-

  10. Go PACT !! Now these MMD MURDERERS are left confused and are asking themselves questions coz they know pipo will not vote 4 killers come 2011. ABASH MMD PARTY OF MURDERERS!!

  11. Like there’s news! HA! Sata for president! My foot…we’ll go back a couple of years with that moron in power.

  12. Hallo friends who are asking for who the president is! I think it is not time yet to choose who the president will be because they will also hold a convention at the latter stage. So mutenke utusanga mumenso bane.

  13. And don;t forget that Lusaka times always gives hulfbaked news. How do you expect that kind of a crowed to go and listen from only hulf of A4 paper news from two leaders?

  14. This is a file photo not one taken at today’s so called launch, as you can see most people are wearing summer clothing, according to my relatives in Zambia it was quite cold today.

  15. This is nothing but a Fallacy of Reification of a Demon-Haunted PACT consumed with anger, hatred, lies, insults, tribalism and hallucination capable of producing such ambiguity as seen from the so-called launch. What where they launching someone tell me? To sing for convicted Mmembe or calling the head of state Mubwezani? In all this circus, the greatest loser is Ichilema who has forfeited his economic rationality to Sata’s sublevel theatre. What have they launched or harmonized to convenience poor people from their economic lifelines?

  16. What were they or have they launched?????????????????

    Someone articulate explicate what has been launched and what has been harmonized?

  17. Thermometer dont you see the building behind as freedom house and thats where they said would be the venue.by the way the peoples attire also is a sign that not everyone now a days can afford to buy winter clothes as most people who you see a below poverty line and those are the supporters of the pact who believe PF/UPND pact will create jobs they need in order to afford what you just saw in the photo.Jabu.Chinjogo #20 where about in Egypt are you.Im in Egypt as well

  18. This kind of hypostatization of leaders is what we call a fallacy of ambiguity, when a hypothetical construct is treated as if it represented a concrete, real event or physical entity. In other words, this so-called PACT is the error of treating as a “real thing” something which is not a real thing, but merely a vague emotional idea.
    Their world is filled with phantoms and spooks of many kinds.

  19. Because they are full ambiguity, what should have offered direction turned into an opportunity to outdo each other in some ad hominem.
    Evidently this so-called PACT only appeals to ignorance as evidence for something.
    Watch them with their arguments based on an appeal to fear or a threat among their ignorant followers.
    Always they are in misleading argument used in reliance on followers’ ignorance.

  20. They vainly belabor to sway popular support by appealing to sentimental weakness rather than facts and reasons but only to ignoramuses.
    Theirs is a form of selective thinking that focuses on evidence that supports what their cadres already believe while ignoring evidence that refutes their ability to think like alternative national leaders.

  21. Seems pact is packed with hope for Zambians. However we seem to be so dangerously hopeless that we cant see the danger of having Sata as President. A man of action he is said to be, but do we see the underlying danger in his uncharacteristic behaviour once in poor? Personal behaviour and character have a bearing on how a President handles national and international issues. Analyse Sata. Dont say you were not warned.

  22. Good job PACT! Now, here is where organized politics start in Zambia. RB and ka kunda are surely now running around with a pant-loads. All you minions questioning the PACT are just confused buffoons. Look, Sata and HH are practising mature politics in the interest of the nation. First, they need to cement the PACT and organize its structures. The choosing of the Leader/presidential candidate will be the last thing to be settled; this is how it is done even in civilized western world (USA). It’s also a good strategy to keep RB guessing: not knowing whom he is running against; makes him look really stupid! LT is an MMD mouth piece, so no one should expect it to provide detailed important issues put across during the launch of the PACT.

  23. For details on the launch, please read the full verbatim in the Post and not on this useless piece of crap called LT whose Editor in Thief is Senior Citizen!

  24. Senior Citizen wanya mambala. You are ashamed today. You are shivering as you dont know how you will keep your family come 2011. I have always been advising you to start doing a dgree but since you are blinded by boot licking money from RB and his thugs, you cant heed my advise. Bwana na i zanda pa Zed. People want change, the whole world want change. Just keep on boot licking bwana while us we know that Zambia is for change just as it was in 1991. I think I wil just employ you as my secretary man. THE PACT HAS COME BABA. What is Hakainde losing? He will be in cabinet making policies….is that a loss? Awe bwana nomba mwapena bane ba senior Citizen.:)>-:)>-

  25. Senor citizen ..just imagine of all Zambians you are the only guy who blindly and useleslly and dully support MMD …I think your wife and children dont this other wise they would run away from you. You are such a useless person man. Blind loyalty , shame on you. Go go PACT.. you have my vote.

    Since we are ready to vote who ever is made presdent, dont anounce him now till the voting time next year. We want theses thugs balwale shiki polomya. It is a good strategy men !!!!!:)>-:)>-

  26. SC! Bwanji tunsoni mwana? Your song is now out of tune. Even though you don’t want to admit it, PAKITI is causing you sleepless nights.

    Hardly a day goes by without you guys insulting PAKITI.

    If you want to know where Zambia is headed, ask the women; PAKITI yaisa!

  27. #22: That is Zambia we are talking about. My lady and I always get a kick out of observing people wearing sweaters, leather jackets, winter coats, etc in summer when the sun is as hot as you can’t believe it. Look at the picture – some people have coats when others have singlets on. What Zambians wear is not dictated by weather…

    Trust me on this one.

  28. Citizeni ao anasiya nchito
    Citizeni ao anasiya nchito
    Citizeni ao anasiya nchito mwe
    Sitibwelela sitibwelela

    VIVA PAKITI!!!!!

  29. RB has always thought that the sale of either ZAMTEL or ZESCO is what is going to allow MMD siphon alarmingly huge amounts of money from the govt treasury to fund their 2011 election campaigns. Dora was positioned to facilitate all this. RB has been sneaking into Libya every now and then to plot this plunder. I can’t imagine how greediness can make RB so blind as to the seriousness of the crime he is committing. Look, it’s like a seasoned child rapist: once he abducts a little girl, he stops thinking until after he has repeatedly raped her and he is caught, that’s when he realizes how deep he has plunged in sh*t. Now, the PACT is here and 2011 is in sight! RB and his bandwagon of thieves will really cry like little babies with pant-loads!

  30. If find this to be backward thinking. Maybe it’s because of my limited political understanding. Hasn’t the PACT been contesting parliamentary seats? Why did people vote for them if they didn’t know what they stood for? Let me guess, they are still working out the kinks on who will be presidential candidate?

  31. RB we shall catch up with you very, very soon. Instead of doing the job he is paid to do, this punk called RB is busy scheming against innocent Zambians: he has bought guns for his cabinet minions so they can be shooting helpless innocent Zambians. He is rounding up and locking up innocent Zambians on insane charges. RB, is this what tax-payers are paying you to do? The only consoling thing is that the PACT is here with a bang, so at least we know you will live to answer to your misrule, plunder, persecutions and corruption. Oh! not forgetting your incompetence and sleeping on duty as well as wasting govt money traveling aimlessly.

  32. #40, if you have no capacity to think logically and wisely, just stay out of this before we off-load a barrage on you. Infact you sound very shallow and petty: are you a case of “common sense is after all not that common”?

  33. SENIOR CITIZEN, I’ve been reading your blogs on LT and its really sad that you have nothing objective to teach us younger people on here, or rather, that we can learn from you. You are very subjective in your blogging,nothing objective to say. We all understand that as bad as things have gone for MMD they too played a role in changing the tide in Zambia, but lets also understand that they as a party have lost focus and need to regroup,hopefully come back a better party.This you have to understand happens all over the world. Let’s not be too judgemental and give the PACT a chance to see what they can do,If they win the elections. Remember they haven’t won anything yet.Let’s stop the name calling,tribal, and hateful bloggs and really look at the issues in Zambia. In the end its about…

  34. One thing i understand very well is that our country has a chance to achieve greatness, but the road to greatness will only come with Zambians working together to solve the issues, and not always Government. Remember that those politicians are not our bosses,but we put them in power to serve us,work for us. So we as Zambians can fire them anytime, by not electing them back to office.Its a shame to read some people’s blogs on here and notice that they can’t even say anything ojective, right or wrong,but support every unethical aspect of government.

  35. Dear Lord let small minds be confused with the idea behind the Pact.

    The Pact in now going to have an impact on the nation’s political future.

    The era of being mediocre to national issues is over.

    Deliver or get deliverance from God.

    AMEN !

  36. What is this “Launch?” All I read in this article is 2 opposition leaders attacking the Govt- no presentation of strategies to move Zambia forward. Was the shadow cabinet announced?

  37. “Mr Mumbi said the recent announcement by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and spokesperson Charles Kakoma that the PF and the UPND were harmonising their manifestos in preparation for the pact launch were misplaced. Mr Mumbi said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday the PF had no manifesto hence the so-called manifesto harmonisation was not possible.”

    If the above is correct, then there is no justification for you guys to insult and threaten Senior Citizen. You have your reasons to believe in what you believe or even to disagree with him, but honestly not to expose high charged emotions. One wonders what actually was launched yesterday. A Pact Manifesto or what? Surely, history is there to prove that many such alliances have not worked in Zambia before. Better wait a moment.

  38. Zambia is a democratic country.No one party shall claim wamuyayaya.
    Dictatership shall not be allowed.
    Zambia is for all.Those who are apable of leading let them do.No one would suppstop ay cchosen one to lead.ONLY THE LORD ALMIGHTY

  39. Who is who in this animal so called the UPND/PF pact ?
    The list is endless…..
    I foresee lighter metals been displaced by heavy metals in terms of hierarchic.Who takes what position?
    UPND/PF pact has finally been launched,but nothing much to write home about.Soon or later will be scrabble for positions and the PACT will be no more.Some members are happy about this arrangement without been consulted in the initial stage,other are unhappy,this signifies or points to a division within the PACT.

  40. Who cares who gets what position in the PACT? Ours is to have a team workng together like what UK has done. Making good policies to benefit Zambians and not selling the country to china and Kadafi. We want taxes to be imposed on all investors. No tax rebate coz there is no tax rebate on Zambians , why should foreigners be given tax rebates? Dull MMD gonvernment really.

    Go go Pact. Dont anounce any position till the last day to elections. We want this dull people to have sleepless nights till they go hang. VIVA PACT:)>-:)>-

  41. #51
    Do not be overzealous,have a broader understanding about the different parties coming together and work as a team.You might have a small grain of a point.Do you know what is happening to Zimbabwean Govt.and Kenyan Govt.?Two parties with different ideologies.Differences will come up,let us face this fact.Do not be myopic face reality.

  42. panyo pa mmd supporters coz u cnt tell me u hvnt seen the mess,economic chaos n instability u ve brought ba imbwa imwe.

  43. Well spoken #34.We need people like you.People who put the Zambian public interests at heart.People like senior citizen a.k.a Chitapankwa and Ketie Good, all put their interests first before anybody else’s.

    PF/UPND, I salute you.Thank you for exercising politics of maturity .

  44. I can’t access The Post Online. Bushe nababatinika fyonse? Zambians you will be liberated next year mwandini.

  45. Pact is doomed to fail just wait and see ,MMD is goping to retain ,all their policies are producing good results ,see for youself whats happening in Agriculture people will have food and money from their sweat not rubbish promises of more money your pockets from nowhere.Viva RB,Viva MMD.Time will indeed tell.

  46. Who is who in this animal so called the UPND/PF pact ?Cosmatic launch of the long awaited and unresolved leadership wrangle,to who will get the first slot.
    I foresee lighter metals been displaced by heavy metals in terms of hierarchic.Who takes what position?
    UPND/PF pact has finally been launched,but nothing much to write home about.Soon or later will be scrabble for positions and the PACT will be no more.Some members are happy about this arrangement without been consulted in the initial stage,other are unhappy,this signifies or points to a division within the PACT.

  47. What ever you say you great and sweet mmd suppoters it will not help. MMD is on its way into opposition. Hope if it will survive the test of time in the midst of its selfish people like Mulongoti.

    Hee guys the Post is no where to be seen…bushe batiika ba mambala ba MMD? We want to hear what the PACT was yesterday. :)>-:)>-

  48. A PACT in simple laymans language is a mutual understanding,agreement between two entities who have decided to work together to archieve certain goals.
    In the case of UPND/PF PACT,the agreement was between the two leaders of the two parties,when they saw that the idea was bearing fruits by way of the many By-Elections they have won so far,they now had to officially inform their followers that actually their idea of a PACT was working,hence the official launch.Initially it was just an idea between the two leaders,and the launch was to officially inform the Msses.
    If PF did not have a manifesto,the better,because it will now mean that both leaders will have a chance to come up with something concrete for the better,after all two heads are better than one

  49. Ours is to have leaders who will listen to the cries of Zambians than having leaders who always please foreigners. For example foreigners are given tax rebates but no Zambian business person has ever been given tax rebate….why? The MMD thugs with their King RB are getting commissions from these foreign investors. Thus the foreign investment in Zambia benefits MMD and their thugs not Zambians. We want accountability in gonvt and this can only come about through all people of Zambia working together just as the UK has done. VIVA AKASATA….:)>-:)>-

  50. Since its inception a 12 months ago,we’ve been hearing of its impending collapse,during that time the same PACT has won all by-elections, bar Milanzi.
    These are two different parties with their own leaders respectively,has any of the leaders come out to complain that he/she is being sidelined,NO,so where is the wrangle,Actually leadership wrangles are in MMD,Magande,Mpombo, Shakafuswa,Kavindele are everyday criticizing their own president,who wants to annoint himself as the party president only to be shot down.Now thats what i call a crumbling leadership
    A party who’s chief executive is a convict,thats what you call crumbling,on what platform is the mmd leadership going to stand to sell its party if there are people like Magande on the sidelines ready to shoot down any message of hope

  51. If this is the launch they talked about, with announcements on scrap paper, then they can’t lead Zambia anywhere.

  52. These are facts on the ground,the mmd is showing more signs of crumbling than the so called PACT.The question that i always ask is,RB has been in power for close to two years now,can anyone point at any project which he started,finished and commisioned since becoming president of zambia? even just a simple school block in the remotest part of zambia,a clinic or a road,everything that he has been commissioning is someone else’s work,and yet someone will come out and say the good leadership of RB
    Some even say he did wonders during the economic crisis,,,what exactly did he do,did he bail out any mine,did he do some sort of magic for Zambia to recover,nah!
    those mines were still owned by the same people,all he did was to waive the tax,and the owners were more than happy

  53. Much praise has been showered on this cosmatic launch of the long awaited UPND/PF PACT .They is no light at the end of the tunnel.
    UPND/PF pact has finally been launched,but nothing much to write home about.this signifies or points to a mere mutual understanding,agreement between two entities who have decided to work together to archieve certain goals.

  54. People are asking as to what was launched,a good example is Change life Zambia,it was started by one person Frank,launched it in one town,then he continues to launch it in other different parts of the country to let people know what and why he decided to come up with the idea.Mind you firstly,its an idea then you sale your idea to the people and see how they respond
    In this case if UPND/PF want,they can capitalize on the already fragile political environment and go round the country,province by province and have an official launch,still more people will come out and ask what was being launched.OFICIAL LAUNCH,which means that it was not official,it could have just been an idea on paper

  55. #67
    there is definately light at the end of the tunnel,that light comes in the form of all the by-elections they have won so far,if they had been loosing,then we could conclude that the PACT is not working or archieving its intended objectives, and thats one of the most important one so far,to gain as many seats in parliament as possible

  56. #68
    These UPND/PF PACT,have nothing in common,merely trying to experiment on LEADERSHIP.They have attracted each other as opposition poles(opposition parties).to a mere mutual understanding,agreement between two entities who have decided to work together to archieve certain goals.
    Once they become one friction will start.
    Some members(same poles repeal each other within PACT) are happy about this arrangement without been consulted in the initial stage,other are unhappy,this signifies or points to a division within the PACT.

  57. I can tell you people who are not happy within mmd,Magande,Mpombo,Shakafuswa,Chibombamilimo,Jeff Kande,Simasiku,youth chairman in western province and many others who are scared to come out in the open,mind you these are mmd executive members,can you tell me members of either UPND or PF who have been whinging,by the way Chimumbwa is no longer a PF member from what i hear,and any of those rebel MPs have been given a chance to resign,but because of gratuity they cant,so dont consider them
    That theory of poles repelling is kindergarten stuff,bring out facts bra
    Its now been a year,no signs of crumble so far and yet you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that it will crumble

  58. Its really sad to see innocent person like Mmembe sent to prison not he has committed aggravated case but state machinery working. Whilst the so called Dr. Solomon Musonda, a shooter walk with head high as though what he did doesn’t qualified him to be behind bars. We are all aware that wheels of justice turn so slow but will define be there. Wont be today, tomorrow or next year but will definitely be there. God can’t sit and watch all this happening, will see who will have a last laugh.

  59. Can someone please assist? We have a dilemma in the Pact. Let’s assume the Pact is in place by election time next year in its present form. Let’s assume the 11 rebel UPND MPs who are entirely anti- Sata defect to the MMD and the 18 rebel PF MPs who are anti- Sata and HH defect to the MMD. We will have a situation where Sata has caused the defection of 29 MPs from the Pact. This makes Sata a bad candidate for the Pact.

  60. Now lest assume HH is the President of the Pact so he can retain the 11 UPND MPs. We still have the 18 rebel PF MPs out of the Pact and instead of just coming with 50% of their voters; they will now come with 100%. So we end up with 100% of the 18 rebel constituencies voting MMD. We again see HH is not a good candidate for the Pact. So who should we have as the Pact Presidential Candidate?

  61. #73
    When i say lighter metals been displaced by heavy metals in terms of hierarchic.Who takes what position?
    Sata is a lighter metal and has been displaced by a heavier metal(HH)

  62. #73
    you are asking for help on an assumption!!! why not assume for the best,then you wont need that help really would you
    no one is irreplaceable in life,even you can take over from the same rebel mp’s and make a difference for the better,more over the PACT is yet to vote for a leader,going by your assumption,then chiluba during the third term produced more rebels than savimbi

  63. Hehehehehe MMD thugs are in trouble Imagine going back homewith only a diploma like senior Citzen. How is he going to look after his wife and children? MMD boot lickers pray to your gods but they will not answers you coz they are also angry at you. You are thieves, drug traffickers, ules, AIDS infested, murderers, dull , useless etc. You think your sangomas can answer you? No.. ofcourse we kno that you invited south africa sangomas to come and cook you for ellections, but they will not help you.
    Just start packing and putting back your toungs back in your mouths…. no more RB-bootlcking but to face reality pa Zed. :)>-:)>-

  64. This is the conundrum. We have a first past the post voting system in Zambia. Suppose the Pact is popular, how will they divide their parliamentary seats? I suppose they will field one candidate depending on whether the PF or UPND is the more likely to win in that constituency. Now, that assumes that there are die hard UPND or PF supporters who are willing to cede their tribal support. Suppose there are some who would rather vote MMD than UPND or PF? Well, we will wait and see. It will be an interesting election come 2011. If the pact win an overwhelming majority of seats in parliament, we will again have The Post as our opposition party!

  65. Good Afternoon

    Well, it’s one thing to launch the pact but definately another to present a political program/manifesto. Judging by the majority of comments above, people are more interested in the latter.

    Zambians need to understand that democracy is all about pluralism. If strong opposition is not provided for by other political parties, MMD will forever remain a dominant party, controlling the presidency to the detriment of all other governmental branches and thus hindering effective accountability.

    It is for this reason that I totally agree with Mr. Sata when he claims that the current government is still being led under the first republic. I hope the old man has what it takes to orgainise his party because the pact will only survive on a solid membership base. I wish them…

  66. Full of empty promises and kaponya audiences this Pact. Zambia under the tutarage of RB is booming. Infact i am have just taken a much needed rest from developing our country hence this idle time i am wasting on LT. Washalawashala.

  67. Yaya ..have you seen the picture in the post? The whole Lusaka was there…hehe, I wish I were there. Ma ma ma I have never seen such a crowd in resent politics where the two parties put selfishness and greed aside for the welbeing of the country. This is really great. Thats why senior citizen/Mwata/ chinese eyes/Veteran is sick today coz he has been warned about the impending job loss next year 2011. hehe haha Insansa ku chinjanya.=d>=d>

  68. CHONGOLOLO dont stress about what has been launched ,what is important is that MMD is on OXYGEN…………………KUYA BEBELE…..I will in Zambia to vote that day…

  69. To launch is one thing but to deliver is another……………………………………….?

  70. Congratulations UPND/PF for offering Zambians a serious alternative to the flawed MMD led govt.Zambia cannot go any worse than were it is.Change would definately be for the better.Could there be anything worse than RB cheering on William Banda as he breaks the law with impunity,Musonda shooting innocent civilians allowed to walk the streets while Mmembe is locked up for commenting on frivolous lawsuits.Women dispossing off placentas after delivery while Kunda is flown to SA for “medical check up”.Zambians are fed and need change.

  71. Zambians are fed up and desperately need change.No wonder the MMD is scared,check out the crowd the UPND/PF launch pulled in the Post.
    Senior Citizen,my brotherly advice is that you start looking for alternative source of livelihood.

  72. For a long time the plight of the poor in Zambia has been ignored while politics continue to be a means of enriching the politicians. Hence the poor zambians are taken for a ride to the extent that even rigging of elections goes unabated. It is time for Zambians to truly unite to fight for their freedom once again.

    Sometimes people say that the government has gone to the dogs. The truth is that the dogs have come to the government

  73. Hence the doggy behaviour of those in government. The government is always pure but its direction is determined by the minds of those who come into it. In Zambia, Zambians remain poor and therefore landless while the rich foreigners keep on grabbing our land to the benefit of those in government and the blind chiefs who treat as theirs and sell it as a way of gain. Be ware chiefs, we are watching you.

  74. There will come a time when we shall demand our land from whoever has taken it from us whichever way. It will be immoral for us and our children to start buying our from foreigners at unaffordable prices when they have been given free. It is time to rise and vote for a party that will help to restore integrity and self worth in the Zambians. We have been reduced to beggars, chiefs included. When will our land ever have value. Please dont sell it in the name of development, we shall need it. It will be difficult and costly to get it back. Remember Zimbabwe

  75. Pipo, I passed near the ‘launch site’ for the pact. Pls note that I am NOT for the pact. But that picture u see up there is correct. It was hot yesterday during the time of the meeting. However, the attendance was not as much as I expected. I have seen more people at a funeral of a Jehova’s Witness. The launch was live on QFM.. I heard Sata lying to the nation that Miko Zulu (the singer) fails to cut his hair bcoz he can’t afford a comb!! Are we voting for a comedian or a president? I thinkleaders need to know when to joke and when to be serious. He spent more time passing Bemba jokes than articulating what was being launched that we don’t know. I want to follow the pact but seriousness kulibe. Just childishness and followers with false hope..

  76. NO 86: MMD has been invaded by Aliens. The originals have left, others have withered. Only the shell habited by fake MMDs has remained. Wake up Peter Mulenga if you are a Mulenga indeed.

  77. No, 93, You are talking about the only man that ever performed both in and outside government. Sata’s history of achievements speak for themselves. The cowboy has produced nothing of evidence to his credit but more to his discredit. Certainly there will be JWs at the demise of MMD since it has led by JWs, which is a fact, except the fact that the present Jehovas Witness is so corrupt that even his on church has ejected him out. The simple pick the the jokes, the wise take the meaning.

  78. What would happen if we all stopped reacting to bum-lickers comments? leave them to burn themselves out .Please fellow rational bloggers stop arguing with our perpetual f.o.o.ls on the blog because the more you scorn them the more you fuel their lunacy.
    Now if what am seeing on the picture is anything to go by, then the best MMD could do is to campaign like MMD in Eastern Province and some pockets of central province and Make sure they get 100% of votes in those areas and them count on crumbs from other parts for them to have any chance to retain power. Its should be dawning on RB that it’s time to pack him gumboots and his fetishes.

  79. viva pact .wina azalila.i think zambai does not have any choice but the pact.the state of the economy is bad.Fifa recent reverations that no zambia from zambia bough tickets for the world cup in south africa is saddening .people cant afford.the money is with politicians .,and the chinese living in zambia.other nations have to even pay for the SA visa and yet managed to get tickets ,imagine zambia that does not require a visa.poverty is so bad in zambia that the citizenry have come to accept it as normal .

  80. MMD bum -lickers are in a state of confussion. They dont know what to do coz of so many mistakes the MMD thugs are making. Problem upon problem. Sure MMD is in a crisis, in the political history of Zambia there has been no president and party with lowest rating like MMD today. Hmmmm guys the 3 MMD bum-lickers on LT are shivering. They are asking RB as to what has hit the sinking MMD.

    Hmmmm…. I cant waite for 2011 seeing the bum-lickers arriving at Lusaka internation aiport with their heads down. hehehe Zambians want change, change , change of govnment.:)>-:)>-

  81. Advise to the PACT Government,
    1. Immediately you assume office in 2011 strip “naked” the immunity of RB. I am interested in knowing just how much this man and his clan have pocketed.
    2. incarcerate the Director General of Z.N.B.C and the Heads of the so called National Newspapers for gross abuse of authority.
    3. Fire kabonde
    4. Take back Chiluba’s case to the courts, meanwhile buy all the equipment for cardiac patients at U.T.H , Chiluba will certainly need that! Anyway you have my vote///

  82. Advise to the PACT Government,
    1. Immediately you assume office in 2011 strip “naked” the immunity of RB. I am interested in knowing just how much this man and his clan have pocketed.
    2. incarcerate the Director General of Z.N.B.C and the Heads of the so called National Newspapers for gross abuse of authority.
    3. Fire kabonde
    4. Take back Chiluba’s case to the courts, meanwhile buy all the equipment for cardiac patients at U.T.H , Chiluba will certainly need that! Anyway you have my vote///

  83. This is the joke of the century.

    My goodness, what exactly was launched? The PF-UPND Pact or whatever they call themselves did not talk about policy from what I can read here nor did they talk about how they will achieve some of their policies like the PF 90 DAY ECONOMIC MIRACLE POLICY.

    I seriously believe Zambians deserve a better opposition than this. How do you go launch something and spend the whole day defaming the govt and its officials. Comedy from the opposition never ceases to amaze me.

    Oh and can someone remind the PF leadership that we are still waiting for the PF report on PF led councils.

  84. Ba capitolist…

    Ati bwanji baba? ala just start packing mwana. Hope you are not a diploma holder like senior citizen otherwise prepare your self for reality in Zambia 2011.

    You sould not pretend to have not read the writting on the wall that MMD kuya bebele just as it was in 1991 when UNIP was kicked out.

    VIVA PACT…..VIVA HAKASATA.. :)>-:)>-

  85. Great. But we need to know who will be the presidential candidate. I think its a mistake for them not to come out in the open about it. Discuss it. Decide. Its one at a time. I can give you a hint to help decide: Sata is old.

  86. In the 2008 election, these two had 58% of the votes while MMD stole 40%. If this pact is successful, it’s bye bye to MMD and Bwezani in the next election. No more fancy court maneuvers. And sweetest of all, it will be jail time for that imposter, that thief of thieves Chiluba.

  87. #97
    That is a big joke,we can be of the same tribe,but if i differ with you in principle does not change my name.I can not support someone based on tribe okay man(Zodwa )

  88. Pakiti yaisa we mwana
    kakishe mpapa ya mwana
    tushane na wishi wa mwana
    Pakiti yaisa!

    Chiluba alefilwa no kusendama
    Pantu tasalika pa kusendama
    Ino tenshita ya kusendama
    Pakiti yaisa!

  89. :d/ i honestly cannot wait to see Thandiwe Banda and her suga Daddy out of state house.. Viva PACT….

  90. SHUSHUSHU`s can only manage to rig close elections but when the political wind of change is blowing and pointing to a landslide their hands are tied.Rupiah MUBWEZANI ku muzi Banda is on his own during the 2011 elections.

  91. Bum-lickers how about asking RB to launch your Pact with UNIP at the same venue we gauge William Banda’s performance in Lusaka thus far ( please no busing of cadres from Eastern Province). There has been too much yapping about how good a grass-root politician Chief vigilante is, now is the time to do an appraisal on him and not wait for 2011 because it might be too late to change tactics.

  92. Ati MMD – UNIP PACT…… the enemies coming together? Let us waite and see how KK and Chiluba will be campaigning together. I think it will be great to see the greatest anemies KK and Chiluba carry RB’s water. Hehehehe..:((:((:((

  93. 2008: – MMD = 40%, PACT = 58% of total cast votes.
    2006: – MMD = 43 %, PACT = 55% of total cast votes.

    The writing on the wall is clear. – 2011: – MMD = 35% (VJ), PACT = Landslide!

  94. On “And speaking earlier, UPND president, Hikainde Hichilema charged that the MMD failure to put an end to corruption within the governing system has exacerbated the levels of poverty in the country… Mr. Hichilema said that the government has been unable to provide quality social services to the people of this nation and is largely responsible for the people’s suffering,” I would rather Mr UPND president and 2011 presidential candidate Sunny Chitombwa Hakainde Hichilema uses ‘MMD Administration of GRZ’ to refer to the failed MMD President RB Banda Administration included the successive MMD Admins since 1991 as opposed to saying “government” as government includes his UPND MPs who operate at Parliament.

    Congrats PACT.

    Be blest all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the…

  95. #114 Clearly, you did not do well in Mathematics at School – you are assuming those numbers are additive. Actually, they cannot be additive because there are factors to the equation that you are ignoring: Some pact members like Sata others like Hichilema and whichever way, some will not be happy. That is why when you lose you quickly jump to rigging.

  96. Its time to laugh guys….hehehe hahahaha MMD down, MMD down with its thugs and Bum-lickers.

    Let the whole Zambia rejoice and celebrate the demise of the great Muwelewele and his son of pedition the thieve Chiluba. May there souls rest in internal destruction as they waite for the take over from the PACT. AKASATA we love you .. hehehee…sing the song of victory people…..<:-p<:-p<:-p=d>=d>=d>

  97. #117Adviser: – I wish I could be petty (too) and discuss my math skills here but I won’t be detracted by a frustrated, scared, outnumbered MMD troll.

  98. When is MMD and UNIP lauching theirs? Oh, actually they did already as they are one party with two names. Is that picture showing the number of people who attended or that was just a partial of the thousands and thousands who attended the launch? I am told they were more than a million. What multitude? Hey senior citizen and capitalist, time to concede is now. MMD and the thugs in the names of Bandas are on the way out. So, who are you going to shoot next? Probably you have to shoot the all nation to stay in power.

  99. The Hour Has Gone. What a shame for the so called MMD supporters. How many MMD original members are still in MMD? Banda has failed to transform MMD/UNIP into a leading party. Too much ubungo. Oh, please on the way out, tell Thandiwe to refund the money she stole from the MoE as a FEMALE GHOST WORKER.

  100. #108. certainly we may differ on and in principles. But closing our eyes to the realities of poverty and corruption, greed and irresponsible extravagance at the expense of development is certainly not a principle I would embrace. Only those who have something to gain from such acts would see nothing wrong. In that respect, I think we differ in more than just principles. Don’t you think so Peter?

  101. #123 Adviser,

    There is no peril involved in making a prediction based on simple historical trends. In fact, if you look again you will see that the only prediction I made was for criminal MMD getting 35% by using VJ in the next elections. Its a prediction. If you think you have more political knowledge, enlighten us. Demonstrate the logical facts for all to see. I’m eager.

  102. Congratulations to the PACT for the OFFICIAL launch. they have played their cards well up to this time. What the country needs to understand is that theirs is unprecedented in Zambia where two biggest opposition parties with different “manifestoes” agree to WORK together. They are not forfeiting their origins and beliefs lest things in the PACT dont work. It’s only wise that they dont disclose their candidate at this time until they thrash the milliad differences that they may have. UPND has held intra-party elections where as PF has not….Compare the quality of their MPs, it tells you a big story. It’s time we became analytical. What we cant take away from the Zambians is the need for change but at what COST?

  103. To hell with politicians Nonsense. All of them have failed us. Sata was there, HH is just ranting all over. I do not beleve anyone of the politicians. They are there for their pockets. Do not be fooled Zambians. Remember the third term hooligan. Who was he?

  104. We do not want any MMD to write on this pages its ours PACT Kwasila 2010 its world cup in Africa there after its PACT in Zambia cant wait pls 2011

  105. This is just gimmicks to get media attention. When will democratic elections take place to decide who stands for the Pact in 2011? Sata is a typical dictator just like RB. We need real change in Zambia not this nonsense.

  106. when are we going to wake up? change is the only way things get done. Look at USA, Uk, us it should take a lot more than 20 years more? Imagine another five years with these guys? Am i the only one, the rest of you guys are content with how things are? Just too many questions but we can start moving as nation next year

  107. high taxes ie iport duty, zra paye, elextricity tarrif, fuel prices, meali meal prices, transport, high intrest rates from banks, high telephone tarrifs, low salaries, poor conditions of service for workers, poor school facilities, expensive tuition fees, bad not poor medical facilities, bad housing facilities, high prices of goods and services,very rich government officials… somethings can change in 2011

  108. lets us give chance the govt to work and then in 2011 we can decide which party to vote fo.

  109. IYIIIII.. E BOOM ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!…… What do the prophets of doom like George Kunda have to say about this?:)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):))

  110. A group of brains coordinated in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery

    it is possible with GOD….. thankyou so much the Bishop prayed that those corrupt readers are like the trees in the vineyard that did nt produce any fruit therefore they shud be cutoff ……the time in coming when we shall prune the unfruitful branches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  111. All PACT, No substance! It appears to me that the PACT is for ignorant Zambians. You can tell from even their contributions which are completely devoid of logic and objectivity. Please don’t be extremists, support your party because it has sensible policies. Ever since I started hearing about this pACT thing, I have not heard anything sensible coming out of HH and Sata…absolutely nothing, no policy. You know what you are busy making of RB, a political heavy-weight who can’t be taken down even by two opposition heavyweights coming together. Becareful, advise your Sata and HH to speak sense otherwise they will die in opposition. Voters are not just concentrated in Lusaka, mind you. How can you launch a PACT and there is no symbol, no unifying slogan, no unifying principle. No hope

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