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Rupiah is a weak Head of State – Eric

Headlines Rupiah is a weak Head of State - Eric

President Rupiah Banda

The Patriotic Front (PF) has described President Rupiah Banda’s alleged refusal to take action on Healthy Deputy Minister Dr Solomon Musonda as weakness.

PF National Youth Secretary General Eric Chanda said President Banda is not only a failure but also a weak Head of State.

Mr. Chanda said as Head of State, people expected him to take an appropriate action against Dr. Musonda.

He pointed out that it was unfortunate that the President has been promoting violence and anarchy in the country.

He called on Zambians to bear with government’s harsh response to issues affecting people’s security, adding that soon a caring government would be ushered into office.

President Banda was quoted in one of the daily newspapers that he felt sorry for health deputy minister Dr. Solomon Musonda, who recently shot and wounded a PF cadre Jackson Musaka.

The President declined to discipline Dr Musonda, saying there could be a reason why he shot Musaka.
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  1. This is interesting. Is Rupiah interfering with the law here? If he isn’t then maybe we should be calling the executing branch of the law weak and not him. But if he is, this might cost him an election and his freedom in the future. Let’s hope justice prevails here and hope Rupiah is not interfering.

  2. Intellectually poor and deluded Eric, understand that that constitutional democrats like President Banda presiding over a constitional Government are always constitutional and rational in their actions. They respect the law, seperation of powers and professional institutions such as the Police and the judiciary.It is not shocking to read Eric Chanda’s unparallel fragrance for anarchy, unconstititionality, hegemony and call for circumvention democratic practices that respects seperation of powers. Unfortunately Chanda is a student of anarchy and dictatorship in his one man led titular party where Sata is PF and PF is Sata with all features of extra-constitutionalism.If strick observation of seperation of powers is a weakness, then let it be because that is the democracy Zambia want.

  3. Since when did the executive become the final arbiter of all arms of Government powers in functional democracy for this lumpen to expect RB to circumvent the constitution of the land? You expect the executive to be making matching orders on the police and judiciary when those institutions are professional and autonomous? No wonder PF constitution says all civil and public servants in its administration will have to be bonafide PF cadres first as a prerequisite to the public service.

  4. Veteran is also another person who can not see the plain truth even if you are MMD cadre truth will remain truth.

  5. constitutional democrats like President Banda presiding over a constitutional Government are always constitutional and rational in their actions.If they start acting at the whims of lumpens like Sata and Chanda calling on him to circumvent the very constitution RB has pledged under oath to serve, Zambia would be sliding in its constitutional democracy.

  6. constitutional democrats like President Banda presiding over a constitutional Government are always constitutional and rational in their actions.If they start acting at the whims of lumpens like Sata and Chanda calling on him to circumvent the very constitution RB has pledged under oath to serve, Zambia would be sliding in its constitutional democracy.

  7. President Banda is not Zambian Police, Judiciary or indeed Grandmaster with presiding matching orders on all professional entities. The country knows that Sata is under extreme pressure of shame after sending those thugs to go and murder Hon Dr.Musonda as a way of instilling fear on national leaders. The scheme has backfired and Sata’s helplessness has been laid bear before the world. Now Chanda knows that even he on this kind of errand will be a valueless loser that the world will forget. When did traffic policing become a preserve of PF kaponyas as if we are in the then Mobutu Kasailand?

  8. Veteran when will you contribute sensible and reasonable. It seem your contributions sometimes are shallow and a cause of concern to those who know you at ZNBC. Politics of poverty brainwash the most gifted people like you. Argue where it is worth arguing. MMD is a dead ruling political party. MMD has too many major problems to deal with some self inflicted. MMD has started fights that are not worth fighting maybe taking other routes to harmonise its poor sponsoring and hiring crooks and finished political prostitutes to fight for it. The law will visit Ruphia Banda so what may 2011 in a harsh way. Veteran/senior citizen advice your Ruphia to becareful time is catching up.

  9. # 4 …Veteran, with due respect..hegemony in what sense? Rupiah et al., have always maintained the status quo yet you decide to present him as one that views the judiciary system as an independent entity hence, the notion of seperation of powers. Is there any logic …logism in your argument based on the current issues with the judicial system?

  10. “Mr. Chanda said as Head of State, people expected him to take an appropriate action against Dr. Musonda.”
    The President is not a policeman and is not the DPP. Maybe Mr Sata would be, but this is not weakness, it is the measured and right way to use power. Last time the President complained about a person, the police arrested her and she went to court. This time he keeps quiet, you say he is weak.

  11. How come so many are missing the fact that “taking appropriate action” doesn’t just mean arresting, RB is the one who APPOINTED him and since the Office had been compromised, he is obliged to “relieve” him of his duties, guilty or not!

  12. What if the shot cadre had actually died? It would be a very different story today..
    …..This is a situation where a deputy minister , who’s a high ranking public official(and a doctor at that), has used a gun with the intention to kill. Is this normal behaviour ? Is this a norm in our society , even if it is for self defence? I don’t think so !
    ….Because he is a high ranking public official, i think the presido has a duty to act. If it were any other person , then we would expect the police to do their work as normal. But then again , we are talking about Zed here. The real Africa!

  13. Said Prof. Hansungule, “But if, and God forbid, these two convictions are rehearsals for the banning of The Post as part of an orchestrated campaign to silence opposition in the run-up to the 2011 elections, I shudder to think the consequence!”

    He said M’membe’s incarceration was imminent especially that President Banda had vowed to get at The Post someday.

    “… Maybe I am just dreaming and I pray I am – it is just a bad, bad dream. But I was thinking can a convicted organisation operate? What I know is that if I am not just dreaming this is the direction – God forbid! Mr Rupiah Banda, here is Fred your guest at Lusaka Central Prison as you directed at your press conference at State House when you spoke frighteningly against Chansa Kabwela ‘birth’ pictures,” said…

  14. cntd from #16. Thats why they should have prosecuted the Paper, as a Business Entity, and not M’Membe who just works for the paper itself as a seperate entity. Well, if they want to think that a convicted business cannot operate, then they have another thing coming. The Business entity wasn’t prosecuted, but an employee entity who works for that paper. So, the Paper still remains free to operate as it wasn’t prosecuted and let alone found guilty. And the paper can still retain the employment of it’s convicted employee if it so wishes and continue to work for the Paper. Truly, MMD is a comedy of errors.

  15. I am not in the legal profession. Therefore, the above is just my opinion. But, the above can be verified by chaps in the know (men and women with legal backgrounds).

  16. This Doc is very stupid. People would have forgiven him if he had used a needle instead of a gun. After all he is not even a soldier or policeman to qualify as a trigger happy boy.

  17. Veteran, which constitution do you keep on referring to? I think you a so dull that you dont even know what you talk about. Do you not know that in Zambia and many other countries the president has so many powers that he can use to discipline someone. As an appointing authority RB should by now have either asked Dr. Musonda to resign if he didnt then suspend and fire him. Zambia has a lot of capable leaders and only a week and shallow minded person like you VETERAN and RB can fail to see that.

  18. Do not worry about the mistakes I want to see if we have people who are interested in objective debate and discussion.

  19. Best Times #20 you are so right. That imbecile calling itself veteran is just a blind follower, it will come to eat its spews after 2011 when it sees how people of impeccable intellect will run the country.

  20. President Banda do your job ,because you will be judged hushily after your days in state house; next time it will be your son short, what are you going to do? as president you must have wisdom to rule Zambians donot expose people to anarchy

  21. # 23 Goodman is the the best of our PF kaponyalism. Challenge us we will insult your mother and father in their graveyards. Sata has taught us the best of it.

  22. “G.K – We don’t have a jail good enough for Chiluba”.
    “R.B – I can’t spend anymore Zambian money on an appeal”

    Now Veteran which person was not in government when they made these statements where the executive was acting as a police officer/judge and jury?

  23. Best of Kap blah blah Senior Citizen.
    Your parents are scum who raised scum after getting drunk in a bar hall and then forgetting to practice safe sex a mongrel baby like you was born.
    Too bad you continued to be a maggot right up until now following blindly a maggot government.

  24. This is what happens when things starts runing you instead of the other way. Time will tell but iam sure at a very high cost. For those benefiting from a bunch of corrupt leaders, count your days too. More silence, less violence and Justice for all. The guy that stole a chicken is in jail for as long as i don´t know and the guy stole millions and shot somebody among many is walking scot free? What a head of state???

  25. #4, Veteran don’t lecture us about operations of government. Even a grade 8 pupil knows that from civic. Use your common sense and logic. Everyone knows that the president is the final appointing authority for top government jobs like D.P.P, JUDGES etc! These people in turn have to show loyalty to the president.The whole system is corrupt and manipulated. That is no secret. So just shut up!

  26. #4 Veteran – I we Vet or what ever, like has been said, Rupiah is controlling the courts and ZP. If it was a none MMD person who had commited what Dr. Musonda did, that person would by now be struggling to get either a police bond or court bail. Look what hs happened to Musenge. He is appearing in court for a crime he did not commit. Even MMD cadres are failing to connect him the crime, but because he is PF, your GRZ want him convicted.

  27. The Veteran, we know if u r not a cleaner or security guard where u are rite now then u r workg for the zambian rewarded for fixing the opposition. u r very dull. we know that this is Dickson Jere’s s***t, LT. Do not contribute u retard. U suck

  28. Veteran, i beg of you to fear God and start doing things that please our almighty.Surely how can you be so cheap and shallow.You must be very dull.If it was your wife or child who was shot, would you be smiling and praising RB.I guess yes coz you are stupid.Im very upset with you but i will leave everything in the hands of our almighty God.Our prayer will be answered come 2011.

  29. Leaders are made by the people themselves. The Police could have caged Muzo rather than wait for RB. The only action RB can take is to disciplne the IG Kabonde for not arrecting Musonda. I expected much from our Police than RB. If ZAWA can take action against poachers what about the Police service? It is unfortunate that the IG is used to working under instruction a culture that will not develop our country in any way. The appointing authority must question the IG why necessary action has not been taking against the minister and not forgetting Muzungu’s son who killed innocent people in Mufumbwe.

  30. People don’t start commenting on the presidents actions.Lets find what made the Healthy Deputy minister shot the guy.We were not there and he couldn’t just shot him for no reason.Mr Solomon Musonda must have witness to approach what happened.:)>-:d

    How about if he was sent to attach him?Those are the questions we must ask our selves.

  31. who is supposed to take legal action Dr solomon musonda,,, the police or RB?,,, I think the police must investigate this case, there are questions to to be asked which require answers.

  32. Veteran amano yanono. The president has constitutional right to appoint ministers and their deputies and in the same vain to dismiss them. why would you keep a shooter in your cabinet? The least he could have done is to suspend this unethical doctor pending investigation otherwise with his full cabinet powers he could influence the outcome of the case, its not like he shot a Kudu, this is a human being we are talking about. I wonder why we have people like Veteran breathing the same air everyone else breathes. This guy thrives on Argon, boron or something in those lines. Chi Veteran ulekwatako amano. Apo upelele uletontonkanya kwati chishimu. what if its your son who was shot???

  33. I agree with Musonda. He should releived of dutues as deputy Minister or asked him to step down. He does not show that he is in charge. Its a sign of his Character trying to be old and be fatherly> but leadership requires one i to be firm and decisive.

  34. That chap who was shot was armed and Musonda shot him in self defense . . .what the **** do you expect. its a warning to all useless PF cadres ….you will be shot if you take silly instructions from people like sata to steal or harrass innocent people

  35. That chap who was shot was armed and Musonda shot him in self defense . . .what the **** do you expect. its a warning to all useless PF cadres ….you will be shot if you take silly instructions from people like sata to steal or harrass innicent people

  36. sometimes i fail to understand when some people like Veteran try to act very intelligent but in the end end up looking foolish. you see in life it is very important to admit that one is wrong on something than keep blubbering about something you know is wrong. Veteran tlaks about democracy when he forgets that there was no democracy when RB instructed the police to sort out Chansa Kabwela, he forgets that in Democracy people like Musonda should have resigned or told to step down by his boss, Chalwe would have been disciplined by a serious democrat,a democratic president would have ensured that the mothers whose children were brutally killed by some stupid son of a diplomant saw justice prevail. but oh no Mr Veteran thinks democracy is all about keeping quiet and let people suffer

  37. I am so amazed at the amount of cadrerism that exists in Zambia. If people like Veteran claim to be intellectuals, let them come out and point out the good as well as the bad that our president and his government are doing. Ranting about everything and anything will not make you any wiser but you may look very foolish. I even wonder whether some of these guys sit down at home and tell themselves and thier families that they did a good thing. On Dr Musonda i think RB got totally wrong by saying he could do nothing. What other clever people would have done is to send him on forced leave and allow investigations to proceed but to give hopless statements like “i feel sorry for Dr. Musonda is a very sad thing for a president to do”. I rest my case. May God Bless US

  38. Why did the PF cadres block the road in the first place, Imagine you are driving in the bush with you Brand new BMW, then you see these guys blocking the road, what would you thing, ROBBERS

  39. I agree with the UPDN/PF pact on a number of issues but i beg to differ with them on how they want to treat Dr. Musonda`s issue. this issue must be put in its proper context which is that a few weeks ago, a flying doctor was killed in cold blood in the same area where this PF cadre was shot. i am convinced that the Dr. acted in self- defense. By the way, if the gun was properly registered and declared to the police, there is nothing illegal about it. read the appropariate law and your will be wiser.

  40. Hey, how old is Rupiah and his IG Kabonde? Listen to this, there’s a huge difference between a dog and a chicken. A dog has a big head while the chicken’s head is so small, but when it comes to feeding their young ones, say eating from the same dish, dogs oftenly grumble and puppies stand afar in terror, but a chicken will always provide a huge space to its young ones for the eating. I hope you understand.

  41. “The President declined to discipline Dr Musonda, saying there could be a reason why he shot Musaka.” Does anyone have a reason to shot RB? or anyone, sounds like RB is ok with people shotting at each other so long as they have a good reason 2.

    God help us.

  42. Ba Veteran Senior Citizen Ben Kangwa, bushe nangu bushilu, what does democracy got to do with criminal activities from MMD cadres. To you democracy is only upheld when your cadres are the perpetrators of some kind of violence. What does shooting an innocent young man got to do with your foolish MMD democracy? How many democracies do we have in Zambia? This nonsense you espouse on this blog will catch up with you. W

    When will you debate issues just like they are? When will you behave your age? Bushe mudala iwe, chinshi chakunyele? Are you some kind of UFO? Kwati lishilu.

  43. Kalos2020 =d>=d>=d>=d> Just how I see Mr BK-used to love him back in the days at ZNBC, little did anyone know he had oppressed mental issues as exposed on the blogs of Lusaka Times. We will pray for the MMD demons to release you my brother, possasion is a powerful thing-makes you write s**t and make a fool of your self on the world wide web just to please the MMD beast that buys your bread and butter. SHAME [-([-(

  44. I am back people ..I am back ,My Pentium 1 computer crashed a few years back, now I got a new one ..much improved Pentium 2 with a mind bending 20 gig hard drive ……its good to be back on the NET
    Tho my antivirus is still the 1998 version , shud keep a few bugs at bay

  45. I think #4(Veteran) is an embicile,a dog.If you dont know,the President swore to uphold the Constitution,the Costistution is the Zambian People,so we Zambians are the costistution because everything that is written in that book is about Zambians.Your weak President is supposed to protect the Constitution,to protect the lives of the Zambians,thats why he is the Commander-in-Chief,he can order the army to go to war with an agressor.So,in protecting Dr.Musonda who is an agressor,what constitutionalism is old Banda following?. Lets just accept that RB is very dull,a cabbage,coz I can imagine if Libya invades Zambia today,we can all perish,just because he sold Zamtel,he will protecting the interest of foreigners.

  46. If there was a reason why he shot that youth, that should be used when appealing the sentence or applying for bail from inside jail. Not before an arrest. This is attempted mudder people not loitering case.

    The man should be in chooks.

  47. 4. Don’t confuse us with your manipulation of uncoordinated words. We Zambians like straightforward things. Can you explain why the same government was quick to release chiluba when we all know that he stole including the same mmd of yours knows that chiluba is a thief. How does one feel sorry for someone who shoots at people and not those who are killed. Is it right to kill because you have personal reasons. Start thinking fool!

  48. Mufumbwe scenario Mr Mulondwe’s son was out on the streets after running and killing 3 children. His father has wisked him out of the country. Now Dr. Musonda attempted to kill someone using an unlicenced firearm. Now he is also a free man. The police have done things in reverse and replaced the killer gun with something else registered. Letrs demand justice in this case.

  49. As the leaders with authority to protect the Zambian people are failing the electorate,perhaps the only way forward in this matter is for the family of the assaulted/short/injured man to report the matter to their local police in the first instance and follow the process with a private prosecution (if the DPP will not join the family or assume responsibility to prosecute) and make sure that they are heard. The LAZ should, I am sure, be in a position to guide the family.

  50. #32 mr chicks #22 bakabolala #23 goodman I can assure you that veteran is reasonable and analytico while you play to the gallary. maybe you were in that gang of thieves who waylaid dr musonda. why did ba kaponya block the road so that they burn musondas car? he acted in self defense. RB is not kapokola and the IG cant sink so low as to give intructions on the shooting of a petty criminal. should thank God he is still alive. ask him he will never do it again. pfupndpost mwaloba lyauma

  51. It is useful to understand that the President cannot fire someone because people demand so. If you have been President you will understand that the “public” are not reliable. If you make a mistake, the public will not be there to defend you. The best way is to act cautiously. A President should never act in anger (like most of you). A President must sleep over the issue and then act. The police have been carrying out an investigation. Dr. Musonda has said absolutely nothing. Politicians have said mountains. The victim has demanded K500m. The President does not want to declare Musonda quilty by acting hastily. I would advise every one to wait.This case is still on. As for Bashi Chilufya, all Zambians know that he is really not a fountain of wisdom. He talks and acts and then thinks…

  52. If what am looking at in the picture above is true, then there is something wrong with our Vice President, Mr George Kunda. I have a problem with men who are old but have black hair instead of gray hair unless over wise(nature). Gray hair should not be colored into black. If an old man colors his hair then there is something wrong, period. Why should you not look your age and people will respect you the way you are.

  53. Am watching wat is going on here,its a pain in the a******to see the way things are going here.it seems everyone want to be president for revenges sake.

  54. Ba LT who is writing or editing your article my Y ku paka INTELLIGENCY, HEALTHY MINISTER AWE SHUWA pliz Y?

  55. Hear Hear in this world only VETERAN AND RB ARE CLEVER THE REST OF US TWALI SHISHITA AND WE want to weigh both sides of a story instead of cutting losses and just be as smart as the SHEEP in animal Farm, what intelligence they potray now we. Hear Hear Napoleon and Sqealer always right!

  56. Makozo whatever, at first when you wrote shot instead of shoot, i took it to be an accident. But u did it again!! And what is that attach u are talking about?? Check what u write mani!!

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