Monday, June 17, 2024

Australian plane missing over Congo and Cameroon


Fears are growing for the safety of several Australian mining executives whose plane has gone missing while flying from Cameroon to DRC.

Nine passengers were on board, including one of Australia’s richest men – mining magnate Ken Talbot.

The group set off from the Cameroonian capital Yaounde on Saturday to visit iron ore projects in Yangadou, a remote area in Congo. Cameroon’s military is leading a ground and air search over dense forest.

The missing plane was chartered by the Australian mining company Sundance Resources.
The area they were visiting includes the Mbalam project which straddles Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo – where Sundance Resources is hoping to extract 35 million tonnes of iron ore a year.

Sundance Resources said after it was reported that the plane had not landed on Saturday its efforts had been focussed on co-ordinating with the authorities in Cameroon, Congo and neighbouring Gabon.


  1. They are dead. No 2 ways about it. The Zambia National Team died around that area. Condolences to the money left behind. RIP.

  2. Yangu tata… :(( ba KK 11 fiwa nomba! Pakafwa abengi until the truth about the Gabon disaster comes out. Oweeeee:((

  3. Let us not rush to conclusions that the worst has happened. We must keep these people in our prayers – may be the plane had a forced landing in he jungle and these people are yet to trace their way out. We should pray that they survive the dangers of the wild.

  4. Sad development, planes are really becoming scary to use nowadays! They will find the plane but we can be rest assured that there are no survival especially that it has been over 24 hours since it went missing. When a plane goes missing the outcomes have always been that there are no survivors and it maybe wishful think to think that they are still alive in the equatorial jungles. The possibilities and chance are very rare! Too bad though!

  5. :((:((:(( I know the feeling of having lost the zambian team before like that…its not easy to take on..wish the them God’s guidance if they have not died…we need to pray for them.

  6. I met ken Talbot at Inters some time last year. A very charming and focused business man. So sad to hear so.

  7. Lucifer has done such a number on some of you people, how can you celebrate when there is possibility of loss of life, grow up please. I pray that they locate the missing people and that they have survived the accident.

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