The British government has pledged to honour the 54 million pounds annual budgetary support to ZAMBIA.

British High Commissioner to Zambia Tom Carter says Britain stands ready to provide the annual funding towards development aid.

Mr Carter says this is despite the announced budget cuts in public expenditure and tax hikes in Britain.

The British High Commissioner was speaking on ZNBC’s Kwacha Good Morning Programme on Saturday.

He said the new British government has pledged to continue supporting developing countries such as Zambia with a focus to increase current development aid to significant levels by 2030.

Mr Carter said his government will allocate 2 percent of the 54 million pounds to budget audit sectors and the civil society to ensure that development aid is well used.

Britain announced major public expenditure cuts in a bid to raise 40 billion pounds through increments in the tax regime.

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  1. This is really music to the ears our our USELESS government officials. They will eat, dance and buy luxury cars.
    The Bursary committee secretary came into office and all she thought of was to cut our baggage allowance. Why pledge money to such heartless swines.


  2. Bakashilya pa last balelanda ,boastifully , ati we dont need donor support. Bachimbwi mulekokota nama fupa yoonse.



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