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Major Robbie Chizyuka implores people in Namwala District to fully support RB government

Rural News Major Robbie Chizyuka implores people in Namwala District to fully support...

Namwala Member of Parliament Major Robbie Chizyuka has implored people in Namwala District to fully support government in the implementation of developmental projects in the area.

During a meeting with all heads of government departments, here, yesterday, Major Chizyuka noted that the district has benefited from Government in many areas including the construction of roads, School infrastructure, health centres and drilling of boreholes.

He further said that the district has also benefited in livestock disease control programmes and small-scale Livestock development projects.

He said that is was therefore the duty of public service workers to help government realize its goals to develop the country through hard work and dedication to duty.

Meanwhile, Major Chizyuka has recommended that the construction of the proposed District Hospital in Namwala should be in Kabulamwanda ward to cater for the large population in Chiefs, Muchila and Nalubamba.

Major Chizyuka observed that people in the two chiefdoms had problems in accessing medical attention and many were forced to travel long
distances to Namwala Hospital.

He further said that there was need to construct more permanent dip tanks as opposed to the purchase of mobile spray races.

Reacting to District Veterinary Officer Dr Enerst Ndalama’s reports about the Ministry of livestock and Fisheries intention to buy two mobile spray races for the District, Major Chizyuka said while buying the equipment might be cheap, the operation cost in terms of logistics would prove to be costly.

He said permanent dip tanks were the solution to containing and controlling animal disease in the district.



  1. major chizyuka is a great leader and not a sucker. I mean why shud he support his inept upnd at the expense of development that has been taken to namwala. only dull pipo like gary kombo can support hh blindly.

  2. # 5,this rogue was expelled from UPND a long time ago.He is clinging to it by an injuction.
    However,he is right on the issue of dip tanks

  3. i thought morons were not yet born. one has just been delivered. this fake major is an a** hole. he is busy yapping like a dorel in a kilt. what a waste of human brain.

  4. Chizyuka is one of the political fools with no direction!! This is the problem with some political dimwits who earn a living by singing songs for others. Such political zombie(s) must not be entained!!

  5. Chizyuka is not principled and he knows that Namwala cant vote for him come 2011. He is just a dull person full of tribalism.:o:o:o

  6. whoever does good for his people is wellcome as long at the end of the day the area people will benefit i give them honours he may suport whoever wants but will vote all of us and determine the outcome with time on leaking.

  7. Again Zambians engage in their debates by insulting a fellow citizen who has given reasons why people should support the RB government. Instead of arguing with facts we insult him. Major Chizyuka is in the area he knows what he is talking about. We are in diaspora what we know about what is happening in the are is hearsay. Is it because we have no facts we resort to insults and name calling? or is it just because we are subjective and we do not like anybody supporting RB and his government? How I wish we could debate and look at issues more objectively. That would give some of us hope for the future of Zambia.

  8. #4,10&11 There is alot of logic. UPND is just a shell of a political party and that’s why it is clinging to PF for the position of VP. Well spoken Major, at least the people in your constituency can listen to you they know what is good for them.

  9. Chizyuka you are a Traitor. Dont fool us around. Just few years ago you used to talk ill of MMD despite the many government projects that were on going. Now that you have been ejected from UPND, you have started seeing what the MMD has done in Namwala. My vote will be based on my own judgement and not on advice from twits like Chizyuka.

  10. This is typical – dip tanks and other disease control programmes have been brought by FAO and other donor organizations. The same ones that RB is saying “we didn’t ask you to come here”. So Robbie is mistaken, development has only come from outside, not from government

  11. Red card
    well noted. It is no the government money that is doing all those works, it is Donor money. This government has cheated us for a long time. They want to steal compliments that do not belong to them.

  12. NAPAPA SANA!!!!!!!!!!!!14, when you blog in Bemba no one asks for a translation………I am not saying anything

  13. How sad the MMD has blind-folded its members to believe they are a working government when in fact these guys spend days and months stealing from the government! My book will soon be released on how the MMD under RB has put up schemes to corruptly enrich the inner circle called the “True Blue”. This is the very inner circle of power and is supported by our own top military personnel surrounding RB. Time has come to tell the truth and free one’s soul forever! Everyone who found out the truth about the inner circle has been silenced! Katele was one of them and now some embassies.

  14. # 18 Go guy—————

    The private sector is driving this economy . the Govt is busy stealing from the poor people thru taxes and other means they are even stealing from the donor moneys. what a shame ths Nation is…..

    The Donors have done so much work in this Nation, they have build roads, hospitals ,schools and even the so called dip tanks. the Govt is infact using this development as a comp too….what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. 11 and 12.

    More alias I.D’s of Senior Citizen.
    He paid Robby Chizyuka $2000 US dollars in gratitude of his comments on his own party.

  16. mubwa usondokede ooyu..imbwa yofunta iyi..imbwa yapena iyi..what the hell..why can’t you join mad dogs gorup then..leave UPND…you will never be MP for Namwala again…

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