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‘Namwala Woman gives birth to a bird’

Rural News 'Namwala Woman gives birth to a bird'

A 25 year old Woman of Namwala District has given birth to a bird in bizarre circumstances which has shocked medical staff at Namwala District Hospital.

Both District Commissioner Wilson Siadunka and Acting District Medical Officer Dr Davy Kaile confirmed this incident to ZANIS today.

The woman identified as Phaneti Ndabengwa of Kasenga area was admitted at the Hospital on Monday this week after she told medical staff that she was four months pregnant and had abdominal pains.

Dr Kaile narrated that the same night the woman went to the toilet after which she felt something coming out of her womanhood.

He said the woman called for help and nurses rushed to help her and were shocked to find a bird which came out of her womanhood.

Dr Kaile said the incident has left medical staff perplexed adding that a thorough Medical investigation conducted revealed the woman’s uterus was normal and further showed no signs of pregnancy.

He also said the Medical staff has kept the bird in the laboratory for further investigations.

In an interview with ZANIS, Ms Ndabengwa who looked shaken failed to narrate what happened.

The woman is alleged to have had an affair with a married man and given the high belief in witchcraft among people in Namwala, there is speculation that the woman could have been bewitched for going out with someone’s husband.
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  1. You medical staff, tell us the name of the bird. Is it pwele, punga, kalelembwe, chiba or akatiti. We wanna know. This is another myth.

  2. #4 – Big boy, I think Kambasa. The one with the big mouth.

    These people should investigate this thoroughly before putting out statement.

  3. Thisis rubbish. Biologically impossible. Why do these stories come out only in rural areas? LT, please have a care when publishing such

  4. So it had to wait for her to go to the toilet to come out. Torture her she will confess it’s a lie

  5. @Blogger girl: Seems u’v no idea bout witchcraft,huh?
    Bet u don’t believe humans can be ‘zombified’ in real lyf and foetuses stolen from da womb.
    Y only in rural areas?
    Ignorance, access and affordability.
    In urban areas a simple consultation is ATLEAST K50G for amatuer Ng’angas and good ones are hard to find….

  6. #1 Chapwa

    Strange things do happen in this world but it is unless we see the evidence in photography, many of us will consider this as just another one of those gruesome tales old folks used to tell us by the fire when we were young.

  7. Bushe ichoni ico ni fwifwi nelyo ni Mukuta? Tell us please so we start running away from such birds lest our beloved ones contract the disease…:d:d:d

  8. @ white magician….what are you talking about?
    This is just rubbish. I get really annoyed whenever I hear such stories – in 2010 we should still believe in witchcraft? please!

  9. #12 limbi ni fwifwi lol. The lady said that she was 4months preggers so its possible the foetus had a strange bird like appearance./:)

  10. Sorry and learn a lesson. Don’t do it again with pipos husbands girl but take it (bird) as yo first born to pay for yo prosti… Its name could be Nkanga the common one. Pray.

  11. You gotta love these enlightened stories. You gotta love the media too…didn’t skip a bit…voilare.

  12. Eyaaaa… ukutemwa bamukabene… i hope you all, mpokeleshi get this, you could be the next one. Hahahhaaaha… wina azalila. Next time the witches should let them carry for nine months and only to give birth to a gumugumu. Ala mwe baloshi tamwakwata luse. Lesson learnt miss huchi mama

  13. Pure lie. The woman is running away from being punished for flirting with someone’s husband and stagemanaged the bird delivery to make it appear she had no relationship with the said man.

  14. :d /:) :d /:)
    This is a bit wierd. someone needs to investigate more. Just a pity the medical personnel did not provide basic info of the status of the woman on admission: Was she admitted for what? What was the Temperature? BP? etc? Did they find any effluent from the placenta in the toilet? etc

  15. This story doesn’t add up. If I was four months pregnant, having complications and in hospital the last thing I would think of doing when I feel something coming out of my birth canal is rush to the toilet. i think in a normal situation she would have called out to the nurses from her bed (or wherever she was) and had the nurses delayed they would have found the bird on bed or somewhere near there. I think we also need to know how far the toilet is from where she was

  16. The account given is incomplete since the assisting nurses were not present when the bird extruded from the private part. It is very possible that this lady played the delivery. For now let’s wait for the picture of the bird and the medical report that is due to be made public.

  17. Lusaka Times..i have one thing i have to say to you!!!you write stupid stories.only Zambian press can write such nonsense and expect people to believe.Show us in the world such stories abound in any part of the world except zambia.just shows how our level of expectations of any news …LOW!!!!!!!!!

  18. This sounds privy.was the woman attending antenatal care,who knows she caught the bird inside the latrine. :d:d:d

  19. She must have lying to her man that she was in a FAMILY WAY. THEN she planned to fake THE BIRD STORY. Take or leave it, IF there was a REAL PREGNANT LADY in the ward, she could have STOLEN a baby and given birth to the STOLEN baby. WITCHCRAFT? yes she has BEWITCHED ANY body who will believe this STORY.

  20. When people are having a good time, they have lots of time for ‘tushimi!’ Such stories were rife in the 60s Zambia. There were ghost stories like Mandalena, Rosemary and the modern pedophile equivalent ‘ba kamunyama.’

  21. Haha. Another theory might be using past misconceptions to explain something that fleets one’s understanding on the part of the nurse and patient. I find it plausible that this may have been what in medicine is called a partial or complete hydatiform mole or even just a abruptio placentae. I’d imagine campaigning in rural areas calls for taking advantage of this level of ignorance in ways that only Katele Kalumba and his magical plane can fully understand. Oh Zambia how I love you.

  22. How come we never get to see photos of these so-called strange happenings? Last time it was a human- cow or cow-human thing or whatever, now it’s birdman! Where is the evidence? This husband snatcher just wants to blame witchcraft cos probably the man has gotten back to his senses and abandoned her!
    LT be evidence based please! Witchcraft maybe real but evidence to backup such stoties is vital!

  23. The lady is the girlfriend of Robbie Chizyuka.

    After Senior Citizen paid him money to speak evil against his own party he was CURSED.
    Every woman he now touches is bewitched.


  24. Evil forces are equally capable of performing miracles.Witch craft can front many things in emages which are real.A long time a go so called educated people never used to believe in witchcraft.But now it it beyond reasonabl doubt that these things exist. Remember Katele Kalumba’s hiding? It is true that people had their pregnaances stollen.People have had their vagina’s sealed because they refused to sleep with some men.And men having their manhood swelling to very big sizes or disappear into the stomach.There are all sorts of queer things happening and this is no joke.I do not know if this can fit into the clss of paranormal cases.Paranormal cases like levitation,clairvoyance,psychokinesis can be likened to what I have said above.

  25. I’ve a simple question for all you unbealiving bloggers. What are you going to say of witchcraft when a tortoise delivers mail in court? And picture are actually there of such bizzare incidents.

    Fact is, most of you bloggers believe in witchcraft and many have even been to a witch doctor for one reason or the other. You feign ignorance of witchcraft just to appear civilised.

  26. insala pa zed,kali reporter kaunfwa inyele ne nsala he starts creating foolish stories. shame!!!!!

  27. How did she give birth to a bird if she was with another man and follow up i thought birds came from eggs not matter what

  28. Definitely believe that which you stated. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to take note of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other people think about issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as smartly as outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

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