Texas woman tells court she rejected Nathaniel Tumbwe who hid HIV before he attacked her

A man who calls himself "Dr. Rev. Prince" Nathaniel Tumbwe is accused of having unprotected sex with women in Dallas County without telling them he was HIV positive.

By JENNIFER EMILY / The Dallas Morning News
[email protected]

Carolyn Hudson barely knew Nathaniel Tumbwe so she repeatedly spurned his advances and marriage proposals that seemed to her more like a plea for sex than real commitment.  But Tumbwe, 47, stopped taking no for an answer in October 2008, Hudson testified Tuesday. She said he raped her on the black futon in the TV room of her Cedar Hill home.

It wasn’t until weeks later that Hudson, who had already reported the assault to police, learned that Tumbwe had advanced AIDS and had exposed her to the virus because he did not wear a condom.

Hudson said that when police told her about Tumbwe’s AIDS status and medical condition, including that he had herpes and genital warts, she began to worry about other women he could have exposed to the deadly disease.

“I couldn’t do anything about it,” Hudson said about her own exposure, clutching a tissue as she testified during Tumbwe’s trial. “I had to put my faith in God.”

Tumbwe is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors allege the deadly weapon was his penis and bodily fluids that contained the HIV virus. He faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Prosecutors Josh Healy and Kate Pfeifle say there is no doubt about the guilt of Tumbwe, whose body visibly shook throughout Tuesday’s testimony. But his defense attorneys, Michael Levine and Omar Nawaz, contend that prosecutors “concocted” the charge against their client because Hudson now regrets having a relationship with him.

The Dallas Morning News does not typically identify possible victims of sex crimes but Hudson, a 60-year-old receptionist, wanted her name to appear.

So far, Hudson has not tested positive for HIV, but she must be tested once a year for 10 years. According to testimony, there is up to a 10 percent chance of passing HIV during unprotected vaginal sex between a man and woman.

Two women who did contract the virus after having sex with Tumbwe would likely testify against him during the punishment phase of the trial, if he is convicted.

Tumbwe was diagnosed with HIV in 1996 in Dallas. According to testimony, he did not take his medication and frequently missed doctor’s appointments.

Hudson met Tumbwe because both were elders at the Potter’s House, the megachurch in southwestern Dallas. Hudson is still an elder there, and she and Tumbwe would sometimes get together to discuss and debate religion at a bookstore.

Tumbwe, who calls himself a reverend, prince and a doctor, is from Zambia. Hudson said he told her he was going to run for “king or president” of the country and wanted her to return there with him.

She said she twice invited him to her home for discussions about religion and a ministry Tumbwe said he wanted to begin. Hudson testified that Tumbwe raped her on the second visit.

Hudson testified that on that same night Tumbwe tried to use the Bible to justify premarital sex. Hudson said she had been celibate in the 12 years since her divorce and repeatedly refused his requests to sleep with him.

Hudson said that although Tumbwe repeatedly told her: “give it to me, give it to me,” she said she told him no as many as 40 times.

Hudson said that Tumbwe told her that, “We both sinned in our hearts.” But she responded, ” ‘You sinned; I did not.’ ”

Hudson said that when he began to force her to have intercourse, she did not fight him. She was worried about her health because she has had multiple strokes and has a congenital heart defect that required open heart surgery when she was 12.

“He basically ripped me open,” Hudson said. “I just wanted it over.”

The trial is scheduled to resume this morning with Hudson on the witness stand.

[The Dallas Morning News]


  1. Church brothers are not always holy, unfortunately alot of women trust men in the church.

  2. Ba diaspora mwa tusebanya, as for Pentecostal brothers, we know you to be weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s).Edem Djokotoe has exposed you chaps in his friday column in the Post.

  3. “Tumbwe is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors allege the deadly weapon was his p.eni.s” -Ha ha ha awe kuti waseka kwati nafiwama.

  4. Tumbwe is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors allege the deadly weapon was his *****!!!!!

    How silly, I now know the willy can be a deadly weapon. Since he is African, the prosecution will send him away for too long a period in the American jail.

  5. she just wanted it over, so the chap unleashed his Deadly Weapon. Aren`t there brothels there iwe Tumbwe?
    Get yourself a life and stop lying about being King or President in Zambia (who wud vote for you anyway!)

  6. Umufyashi takwata amano. they should put him away so he harms no mo. This chitechi of hiding behind the BIBLE guys muleke mukayaba inkuni. Schopet!!!

  7. I remember Tumbwe from Zambia, he used to call himself a Prince from eastern province. He is Kunda by tribe or Senga. That is the law we also need in Zambia so that people can safely secure their deadly weapons. Our politicians are busy stealing instead of studying this law and see how it can help us in the prevention if HIV and AIDS in Zambia. I have seen countless number of people who know they are infected but still go ahead and have unproteced sex with multiple partners. We used to call my former neighbour in Zambia ‘SERIAL KILLER’ because the man had lost four wives and he keeps on marrying and his wives die the same way……….sad indeed

  8. Did Tubwe **** her or the woman agreed to tumbwe’s advances? could it be that she claimed that it was a **** after hearing stories that Tubwe had done the same to them? could it be one reason why TD Jakes refused to come to Zambia at Nervas’ invitation? Where is that other zambian who used to work for TD Jakes to shade some light on Tubwe? Is Tubwe Zambian or Nigerian Zambian? Shame on this preacher

  9. Innocent until proved guilty. lets wait before passing judgment please…………….to me it looks it was a relationship but the man never revealed status.

  10. #7 Mpangula Mputyu, being HIV positive is a big deal in the USA. Its not about Tumbwe being African its about the State and the Federal govt. putting the pandemic in check. I work in the health sector here in the USA and once we find out someone is HIV+, the infectious disease dept of the State is notified. You are required by law to tell each and every partner you have slept with that you are HIV+ and the State will follow up on all the names and ask them to have an HIV test. And even if you did not have health insuarance, the State will provide it for you so you get treatment. Every time you move you have to provide the state with your new address. If you don’t do that, trust me they will find you. If indeed Tumbwe did not disclose his status, he is in big trouble.

  11. “Tumbwe is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors allege the deadly weapon was his *****”
    i love this country, the way they take their law, so serious. the guy is just charged like Saddam. don’t play with USA if you want peace. but i smell a rat here. i guess the sex was consensual and that is why she was inviting him to his house despite all those pleading and 40 times rejects. she is lying


  13. What a nonsense of believing a white man. Some times Zambians in diaspora are brain washed. Tumbwe is not guilt until proven so. This woman is inconsistent. How did she accept if she knew that the guy had HIV.How could she let him finish if she didn’t want it to happen? She is a liar. Whether you are HIV positive or Negative, your heart is the custodian of four character. Even if Tumbwe is jailed that does not mean bieng HIV positive then you a a custodian of a deadly weapon. What of some Westerner who **** animals and their biological children? To hail with your nonsense. Some of you in diaspora we have seen how you have become a muyungu anikonde at the expense of your fellow Africans. Some of you (Men) live on yakumbuyo

  14. # 16 What you have said basically puts things straight,the US is as equal as most Islamic nations with regard to barbaric laws.You mean someone has to be under surveillance like they are a drug dealer or terrorist just because they have a virus which currently has no cure,shameful indeed!
    I also read it’s only a couple of months ago that the US govt lifted the ban on people with HIV from entering the US so really,the American laws are as barbaric as most Chinese,Iranian and other countries with strange laws or otherwise barbaric!
    As for Tumbwe,he deserves to be punished if he knew his status & indeed he raped that woman,even here in the U.K people who know they are HIV+ need to inform their sexual partners of their status by law.

  15. Mudala uyu chipumbu saana! These churches harbors a lot of these criminals without their conscious. They must send him back to Zambia so he ca save the jail sentence there. The man is really an embarrassment to the Zambian society and especially those of us in the diaspora.

  16. You are in diaspora mulepipa abakote ati ndiye nchito. Musamfya ifimbusu ati ndiye job. Muchaisa yakumbuyo ati ndiye USA.

  17. aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

    To be honest,this charge is strange.The information in this indictment is fictious.In any case may my fellow lerned collegues interprate the conduct of the accused with the alleged offence ( aggravated)

  18. 16 we need that in Zambia, draconian or not as men + women have no conscience in Zambia, they are busy planting the virus shamelessly n taking arvs… we need laws that will encourage “weapons of mass destruction” to remain the preserve of their owners, not the circus we see in \Zambia of wanton s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g.

  19. #21 JIGGA, No these people are not under survillance 24/7. The reasoning behind providing your every address like I said is to put the HIV pandemic on check. For example if you move to an XYZ city and all of a sudden new HIV cases start springing, guess who the culprit is?
    So if Texas state knew of Tumbwe’s HIV status and apparently the city or the church where he goes to starts getting new HIV cases and his name comes up as one of the partners to be informed, then the State has their man. HIV is a big financial liability to both public and private insuarance health companies. As a result they are willing to do anything, even sending you to jail or being deported.

  20. Kwena ichalo chesu nachisebana these days. We are regarded worse than the Congolese these days. Our president is also a joke. Poverty is on the increase. Ala twachula. With characters like this guy, everyone will remember Zambia for all the wrong reasons.

  21. Using christianity to do evil deeds, some zed pastors here in the US have even resorted to annointing women ku li ntweno

  22. Kabili mweba “DR. REV.tata nimwe walacita ifyo………aggrivated assault with a deadly weapon[-([-([-([-([-([-(

  23. Imwe,Tumwe doesnt luk Zambian………he shud be from West Africa.Jus luk at his head……….hahahahaha))))

  24. Our hearts go out to this brave woman! Let’s hope others whom this predator may have infected and assaulted will find the courage to come forward, get help, start recovering and protecting others by calling the police.

    – David Clohessy, Executive Director, SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, (314 566 9790), [email protected], SNAPnetwork.org

  25. U dumb ass Zingilila read the article and ull answer ur own ignorant questions. That Tumbwe is a predator attempting to spread his disgusting infections AIDS, herpes, wart havin ass diseases. He’s already infected other women with the virus. He need a good ass kickin. Pretending to be a minister in the church, that AIDS need to speed up and kill his ass. It doesn’t matter cuz he’ll rott in jail prior to burning in hell!

  26. ‘Tumbwe tried to use the Bible to justify premarital sex. Hudson said she had been celibate in the 12 years since her divorce and repeatedly refused his requests to sleep with him. Tumbwe repeatedly told her: “give it to me, give it to me,” she said she told him no as many as 40 times.’

    Ba Tumbwe, what scripture in the good book were u going to use to justify premarital sex. Shame on you! Give it to me my foot!!!

  27. Very soon the fight against terrorism will be extended to amatoloshi since ama issues are now classified deadly weapons.

  28. DEADLY Weapon?? Hooo Zambia will be invaded soon to look for those who have DEADLY tools. Ba Tumbwe uyu wena mwaleta balemilonga, mwaikata ba untoucheable.

  29. Ba Hudson from the look of things also had some interest in Tumbwe, I think she only reported the **** much later when she learnt that the guy had AIDS. Yangu Tumbwe, you will now die in prison.

  30. This Tumbwe is american but african by decent. He should have been spreading the Word of God instead of spreading the virus. He contracted the virus in the usa so let him stay caged there. Imwe manthu he aint zambian ala!!!

  31. I dont understand how despite 40 rejections (interesting that Hudson kept a log of that!), she still allowed him in her house. Hmmm, something funny here. Tuma americans with deadly weapons in their trousers have been frequenting zambia and other parts of africa and sleeping with boys and desperate women nakubapasa matenda – nothing new about Tumbwean action.

  32. Iyeeee….ala ba Tumbwe mwatusebanya…U even know how senstive the law is here…..May God deliver you for using His name in vain. Miss Hudson by the way is african american….DAMN!!!!!!! Its not only him using the word of God to get women…he makes two of the fake pastors….#28 you got that right…its a shocker…anointing women kuntwenonkani….SHAME ON Y’ALL!!!

  33. i think zambians should work and stop being a sponge: absorbing everything that is dished out to them. i am sorry to say that i am not in denial, but i once worked with a congolese colleague with the surname tumbwe and this guy held both congolese and zambian passports…. its not the guy in this picture though. the point is to question the authenticity of the guy’s claims: re citizenship!!

  34. Tumbwe & Zambia Beliefs
    We can not surrogately condemn this man because he had sex! Some of you bloggers are blogging in the middle of unprotected sex! Its easy to blame others while we hide in this stu,pidy ways of holly and sanctified! Some of us bloggers are sick not only from HIV or AIDS but cancer and TB! Shame on you that you can be easily manipulated from your true thinking. You get on my nerves! FK Zambia period!
    Go to UTH tomorrow and lets know how your tests went! you crap kaponyas with no direction!

  35. Don’t paint every Zambia here foolish, shaa, this ***** probably came from the village or a kadondo fool. they will cage this fool trust me. how many of your sick politician behave like animals there kulugungu?
    this how we should be seeing NGO advocating and enforcing the laws on such issues.

  36. …Sad development indeed…..however, the reality here is that whether this guy is innocent till proven guilty. As Zambians, most of have lost a friend of family member through Aids and passing unsubstantiated comments is not the way to go. Hiv/Aids in the US is predominant within the black and Latino Communities and if one was to apply content analysis to the article, language used reveals significant racial issues. Had this been a white man, would the article read like this one? I am not trying to justify the actions of this guy but just the way it is presented. Aids in the US is classified as a chronic disease on par with diabetes. Very expensive to sustain but not a killer described.

  37. This guy is not Zambian. He must be from west Africa. We know them very well. West Africans hide their nationality always. Just look at the head and matobo of Tumbwe, he does not look Zambian guys.
    Back to the issue, Its a leason to you Pentecostals who have zeal without wisdom. You do many funy things when you are anoited by the so called holly ghost. now you have started anoiting women in their ntwenos….be serious guys, which God do you really whorship you pentecstals liars???

  38. # 20, the deadly weapon here is his PENIS and the body fluids containing HIV,not HIV alone. read through again.

  39. Give it to me, give it to me, hey there many ways of presenting a manifesto mwe. Bashimapepo bakantu aba. Taba kwata insoni. I have come across decomposing bodies that are less offensive than you are, Tumbwe, and am sure when you were born your mom admitted that she had made a grave mistake.

  40. I like the way the indictment has been framed.There is nowhere in the article that refers to Hudson being white.
    This Tumbwe is Shikapwasha look alike,coincidence they are both “reverands” Coming to Zambia to become President or king!!!!!!! is that the vibe brothers have resorted to? What will foreigners think of us if any moron can use that line?

  41. We already know how these new age pastors behave and it is no surprise the guy did what he did. Although we know the woman is old, we don’t know if she’s white. And then this line of coming back to Zedland to stand as ‘King’ or President, my foot – is this how low some diasporians have sunk?!


  43. #62 cafu i hear its tough ku USA ati the only jobs available for aliens kupipa nabu kaboyi. elyo tukote tatwakwata breaks ku rectum atase bane bunani why not come back home. is this what we call diaspora.

  44. ## 62…
    TAWASHIBA ATI those tu mafi twabasungu utokote tulapela amano haa. Cant you see the manssions the diasporans are building in Zambia? Give them respect man though they pipa nkote basungu. Its all about money guy even you can pipa tu matufi twa basungu. I think u are so jelousy of them…hope when you come here you wont unleash you dealy weapon on the inoccent nkote basungu….walakwa iwe..just pipa and forget about ntweno . waumfwa?????


  46. #16 Wila bepa abantu iwe. If the system is as perfect as you say it is why are numbers of infections going up in the USA as evidenced by the Obama administration passing a policy document just the other day to combat the skyrocketting infection rates. This disease is just as infectious over here as it is back home because it involves sex. The only difference is that people here have access to life-prolonging drugs. People like you in the so called “health sector” are the ones that spread stigma. Those measures you are talking about were passed when little was known about the disease that’s why it Bush removed from it from the list of diseases that are cause for deportation. HIV is no longer tested when entering the USA. Read medical journals to update yourself. ZEN iwe.\:d/

  47. This woman is lying thru her teeth. All indicators are that this was not **** but abasungu will always be abasungu. Tumbwe uli chipuba mudala. I can’t feel for you. You had no business putting anybody at risk. You knew this was going to blow up in face and you should have been aware of another Zambian, Solomon something, charged under similar circumstances in Australia. He was also in some bible school. You guys had better stop messing up with the name of God. God does not like ugly! You need to repent. My question to you Tumbwe is was it worth it?

  48. We need to research why it looks like more Zambians in the diaspora are HIV positive. Where I’m, almost all of us are HIV positive. Anyway, even back home, the affluent have more HIV.

  49. If it is true this guy did what has been stated then it is not just good enough. He has caused a very big problem. Why didn’t he buy a ka doll or even masturbate kamo fye live sure. Too bad kwena mwe

  50. #70 Impali no bu chende bwali chilamo fye among fwe ma Zambians, especially after drinking, komo fye engishe nangu bamwingishe. Just look at Kapoko a wife and 9 girlfriends. Such will be the results

  51. This guy does not look like a Zedian to me. Embassy staff need to confirm his identity. There are a lot of Nigerians with Zambian passports.

  52. Nathaniel Tumbwe is a Zambian national from Malambo area. He came to the USA in 2001 after visiting in and out since 1997. He married two Zambian ladies with children whom he abandoned after meeting some black American lady who later on turned him in jail following some domestic violence. Naturally Tumbwe is a violent woman batter, sexual maniac, mentally challenged, pathological liar and conman who has crooked Zambians, USA Fed Government, Schools and Churches of money. Today he woes a lot in tuition and hostel fees at two schools he went to but kept failing for a BA Mass communication degree.The Dr.Bishop, Reverend and Prince titles he dressed up himself. In late 90s he worked very close with the Post newspapers against late Major Wezi Kaunda over the malambo seat to no success.

  53. Tumbwe is a funny character. He was once in the news papers way back here at home not for good reasons. It was about his claims that he was a prince. For sure in an amaginary land. But this name is common in the Eastern Province,particularly in Mfuwe. There is a village there called Tumbwe .Should be in Chief Kakumbi’s area. He is a filthy man indeed;he deserves to be in jail.


  55. These are the consequences of what the cunning ka chiluba did. He deceitfully declared Zambia a Christian nation to hide and perpetuate his mischief. No sooner did he do this than Zed received a massive influx of all manners of Christians especially the Pentecostals, from near, far and beyond without any background screening for their legitimacy, most of who brought a different Christian perspective; that of exalting riches and engaging in despicable devilish practices. Today this declaration is being upheld by the Zambians despite it`s faulty entry into the Zambian constitution. “ The end justifies the means.” …..and we are now reaping the consequences. Ataseeh! ati Christianity! Bible! bible ! Nonsense ! Abash!

  56. Tumbwe is not one of us am certain his under the pretext that his Zambian, secondly lets support the brother guys after all his from the diaspora weather Zambian or Nigerian.
    Then most importantly the Hudson woman is cooking something under her sleeves these are two testimonies or i quote -Hudson said that although Tumbwe repeatedly told her: “give it to me, give it to me,” she said she told him no as many as 40 times.(Cant be true if a woman says no about 40 times then see wants it or the same ,which cant be true 40 is a big #)
    Secondly -He basically ripped me open,” Hudson said. “I just wanted it over.”-WHEN IS NO EVER A YES IF SHE DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH TUMBWE.

  57. They must have been in a relationship how did the man find himself in the home,he must have been invited I mean there was so much time even when he was trying to find the verse to back what he was about to do,Hudson would have left or run out of the house.
    It’s just sad that Tumbwe didn’t disclose his status

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