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The Saga of Mobile Hospitals

Headlines The Saga of Mobile Hospitals

Example of a Mobile Hospital recently donated to Zambia

By Henry Kyambalesa
The recent castigation of critics of mobile hospitals by President Rupiah Banda that the issue is none of their business should be openly condemned by all citizens who care about the future of our beloved country.I surely thought President Banda’s decision to purchase mobile hospitals from the China National Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation was shelved after it generated so much controversy in the country! It has now become clear that President Banda is not only stubborn and arrogant; he also lacks good judgment. For how can a leader who has good judgment completely ignore the voices of so many citizens who are against the purchase of the US$53 million mobile hospitals through a loan from EX-IM Bank of China?

“In a sense, we’re talking about … sending smart white boys in to tell them how to run their countries.”

It is irresponsible, wasteful and unwise for President Banda to buy mobile hospitals which are likely to last only a few years, given the poor state of roads in rural areas. Also, there are a lot of rural communities today where there are no motorable roads. Moreover, it is hard to imagine how the mobile clinics will be used – would they be driven around in rural communities on a regular basis in the hope of finding a sick person?

Further, it will be very difficult to control the potential abuse of the mobile facilities and their contents. Besides, the recurrent costs of maintaining the mobile hospitals will be prohibitive after spending the following amounts (extracted from The Post Online article of April 27, 2009 entitled “Donors Question Government’s $53 Million Deal”) which are required to seal the two-year contract:


36,260,356 Cost of the 9 Mobile Clinics

3,300,000 Spare Parts for 2 Years

6,000,000 Medicines and Medical Appliances

5,144,650 Chinese Engineers and Medical Staff


50,705,006 (+ tax)


As any genuine development economist would advise, loans, if there is really a pressing need to obtain them, should ideally be used to support the production and/or exportation of trade-able goods. However, the US$53 million loan would still have made sense if it was secured to cater for the following:

(a) Provision of free healthcare for all Zambians;

(b) Construction of more permanent healthcare facilities nationwide;

(c) Provision of adequate medicines, medical equipment and ambulances;

(d) Financing of research designed to find cures for HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, and other deadly diseases; and

(e) Hiring, retention and training of health personnel.

The mobile hospitals are, at best, a luxury Zambia cannot afford. No doubt, the procurement of such temporary facilities is going to be the most conspicuous case of misapplication of resources by a Republican president thus far. It is a clear case of misplaced priorities! Sooner or later, the President and/or members of his inner circle will be crossing national borders for medical treatment or check-ups after wasting the US$53 million!

And they want to rule Zambia beyond 2011 up to 2030 whether we like it or not—arrogant, stubborn, belligerent, and condescending as they are! That will surely be a testimony to the statement attributed to Dr. Frederick Chiluba by the late Dean Mung’omba that Zambians are docile!

The gross mismanagement of resources, among other forms of incompetence by the MMD government, reminds me of the following words of an anonymous official in an unnamed donor country quoted by L. Timberlake in his 1986 book: “In a sense, we’re talking about … sending smart white boys in to tell them how to run their countries.”

President Banda wants to continue to mortgage our country and the future of our children and grandchildren through such loans. He does not seem to see anything wrong with our country’s over-dependence on loans and donor funding to provide for public services and facilities.

He needs to trim the highly bloated government going through public expenditures line by line, program by program, agency by agency, department by department, and ministry by ministry in order to eliminate unnecessary application of public funds. There is a need for the government to perform existing and planned government functions with a smaller number of Cabinet Ministers, and to abolish the positions of Deputy Minister and District Commissioner.

Also, there is a need for him to reduce the number of Zambia’s foreign missions by having clusters of countries to be served by single embassies, and to initiate restrictions on leaders’ trips to foreign countries and the sizes of delegations on such trips.

The US$53 million deal has all the characteristics of an attempt by President Banda to use the mobile clinics as a campaign tool for the 2011 general elections, designed to woo voters in rural areas. He could win the Republican presidency, but he won’t be there to make a contribution to the re-payment of the loan!

And how does one explain the prominence of single-source procurement by the President during the short period he has been in office, if it is not to reap personal or political benefits from the deals involved? What is the use of having a procurement authority and technocrats in government ministries whose function is merely the acquisition of machinery, equipment and services that are prescribed by ministers or State House?

There is a need for Chinese government officials to guard against encouraging President Banda to borrow lavishly from their country’s state companies to finance projects which are conceived without consultation with Parliament and the Zambia Public Procurement Authority. He clearly wants to secure the US$53 million loan to buy mobile hospitals mainly to win the rural vote in the 2011 elections, and they will do well not to participate in this furtive scheme if they are interested in cementing the existing cordial relations between their country and the people of Zambia.

No sleep for my Motherland!


  1. And they are busy tryng to remove the “abuse of office” clause from the consitution. Good lord have mercy!

  2. And all of us Zambians are just quite! People are stealing in broad day light and we are doing nothing.This 53 USD Million is meant to ensure RB wins the elections and like the author has observed,RB wnt be there to repay the loan! This nonsense must be stopped now!

  3. we need mobile hospitals bcos even rural dwellers need specialist treatment. consultants need to reach out and treat villagers who cant all come to UTH. surgeons, eye specialists, gynaecoligists, paediatricians, orthpaedecians, dermatologists, dentists, should go and attend to the needy in villages. how do you expect villagers to travel to lusaka for treament were do they get transport money from and were do they stay bcos you guys refuse them to come to your manssions ati balenunka or baleta inda.

  4. This is indeed wasteful spending. The President seems hell bent on winning next year’s presidential elections, and is focused on short term solutions to permanent problems. How will these hospitals work exactly? Are we purchasing one for each village? And how will the operators know how and where to find the sick? This is a very selfish purchase and we should boot these guys out next year. They are busy toying with our money, and are so arrogant they will fly out for treatment even for the common cold. We should stop this madness!

  5. Black African leaders are just greedy and selfish period(that’s how slavery come into place because they were busy selling their people for their own gain). And a white person only takes advantage of this weakness. We all can condemn and judge as Africans but when we get into that same office, the story changes. Please spare me the talk and show me some action(:|

  6. my heart bled after reading this article.what is this old man called bwezeni up to? Follow Zedians its time to stand up and fight for what is right for our country or else we are doomed…

  7. This makes good reading really and if and only if these political vultures can just take a minute and reflect on what is good for Zambia and not what is good for them or MMD. Many developed countries are busy cut’g their budgets to balance their deficit, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and many other EU countries are doing it. Ironically, Zambia that feeds on loans to survive is busy doing the opposite signing loans nearly everyday. Get’g these so-called mobile clinics is a laughable undertaking. As the author has said, who is going to be in charge of these “cars”? A Doctor? Paramedics? Nurse? If the hospitals like UTH don’t even have doctors who is gona be driving round these vans. We need to block one of these planes when evacuating a Minister or RB to SA. Shame.


  9. Its clear and straight forward that this is a campaigning programme after all not everyone will benefit from these rubbish of vehicles already that manda manda’s are in need of spares. They only serve am sure for less than a year and it will be of no use meanwhile Zambia would have been in debts. Why not build permanent structures like they have been doing always? Infrastructure is the key to development… not this rubbish nosense!

  10. I think we Zambians should be serious when making arguments, not because we have internet connection. How do you think the mobile hospitals will reach rural areas when there are no roads? Which medical staff will be in these “Lorries” going into rural areas when there are not enough medical personnel in urban areas? Imagine allocating this $53 million dollars to the 9 major hospitals(renovations, medical equipment, drugs, staff retention) in the 9 provinces, do you think we will still have queues at UTH? $5.1M dollars to chinese engineers? We are creating jobs for foreigners not for local people. By the way, as a person who worked with a chinese firm, most of these guys come to get experience in Zambia. Experts remain in China and pass instructions via phones and emails.

  11. ..China is the Dragon from the East , and you think they mind what you *****s in Africa borrow your money for.

  12. what do you expect from an old man who is very arrogant and stubborn? all he knows is just to fly throughout his tenure! shame on you – bwezelani! rigging made him be in statehouse otherwise he is not our president! the old man is full of selfishness and he sees it normal to do things in his own ways! MAY GOD HELP US, come 2011!

  13. MMD wants to use the mobile clinics for their campaigns in 2011 but not for the Good of this country.Of late we have seen selfishness in our Leaders,Some want to continue ruling at all cost and other want to be came presidents at all cost. These our leaders have no heart for the Zambians but themselves. Please let us identify such leaders and not vote for them in 2011.

  14. Mwebantuse, tulekeleni bakateka besu. She is father us. Her mutima is for Zambia. MMD rule us please. If you leaved in KK day, ala bonse you disappear. RB to Zambia for life, muchiloto. Amaboko pamo. Bakateka mundeke to medical cure ifwe Muli Chivani ku Manda

  15. Poor roads…No Nurses, No Doctors, No Mechanics what plan do they have for these vans? How will they be moving, house to house? Village to village? district to district? just how coz its not making sense to me…when its in one town people will be dying in the other town…its pointless and a sheer waste of time to buy these things especially on loan. 100% stealing, trying to reap where one did not sow and in the course its us ordinary zambians who will feel it! Border charges will soon increase and etc… this is just so sick!

  16. Fellow zambians please lets get rid of this man in 2011 and send him back to his farm. he had no vision for the country.

  17. Hey people check this on wikileaks!! wikileaks.org/wiki/President_Mwanawsa_and_the_looting_of_K838_billion_from_the_Zambian_National_Oil_Company,_4_Oct_2005

  18. The best was to buy more ambulances with strict controlles for all the districts then also get a loan or raise the money to build permanent structures. Zambia has a critical shortage of specialists in all hospitals. Now to send even one to accompany a mobile hospital is madness.

    This deal was pushed as close to the General Election so that elections find them running, after that these mobile fimo fimo will just crumble. I wonder if even in China they are used? Rememebr the Arrow police cars we once bought from Bulgaria, did they last? NO! They also were making too much noise when coming such that thieves used to take cover in advance when police coming.

  19. The Chinese have hooked up a long term plan for ur Zambia. They surely know that this country is there for the taking! They send their uni graduates to experiment on our people in the rural areas and also guarantee RB tenure at Plot #1! What an *****ic thing for a President to prescribe to his own people…..
    We need to raise up to these stealing bastards otherwise they will amass so much money and while create a super class which will be untouchable for years to come – FTJ’s ideas which RB is following like a fly on amafi! Milupi is totally right about this old man destroying democracy. Anyone defending this idea has got no shame at all!

  20. 1) Are going to make sure that all villages have mobile fones for them to be contacting the hospitals when they require medical services?
    2) How is the hospital for western province going to srvice the people in Shangombo when it is in Lukulu?
    3) And for Northern Porvince, how are the peoplle in Kaputa going to be attended to when the hospital is in Muyombe?
    It just does not make any sense at all. If they want to buy the mobile hospitals, let them buy for all the districts in Zambia. Is this another way of looting our hard earned money?
    Our learned Lawyers, can you advise what should be done to stp this madness?Some people will rot in prison

  21. This is RB for you. If you are not carefull the chinese will be Zambians and Zambians foreigners in their own country. RB if given office in 2011 then Zambia shall be completely finished by these MMD thiefs. Watch their quick pace to remove the abuse of office close from the ACC act. They are fully preparing for massive corruption. Zambians , UPND and PF unite, stop these no sense of useless differences. Lets kick these MMD thieves out come 2011.

  22. And we wonder why they want to get rid of the ”abuse of office” clause from our laws?”. Politics of kick backs!

  23. Even the hearses are being used for personal errands not for funerals. Its simple people have been oiled by the sources of these white elephants. Right now vehicles are failing to reach villages so how do MMD think these stupid fibalas will make it?

  24. i recently attended a funeral for my late gradma in monze/pembe near chief moonze palace ,the roads are very poor indeed near rural clinic called Kasai in pembe about 35km takes u over an hour to reach there..the clinic needs expansion especiall the mother shelter,motuary,general admission ,ward and medicines ,staff are over bundan
    Mr President this a a good example where such funds should be allocated $53m and other such facilites not vehicles which need repairs ,fuel and wasting Assets,Pls Govern us with wisdom

  25. This is indeed wasteful spending. The President seems hell bent on winning next year’s presidential elections, and is focused on short term solutions to permanent problems. How will these hospitals work exactly? Are we purchasing one for each village? And how will the operators know how and where to find the sick? This is a very selfish purchase and we should boot these guys out next year. They are busy toying with our money, and are so arrogant they will fly out for treatment even for the common cold. We should stop this nonsense!

  26. Yes the idea was a bit nonsensical.I can imagine some sick villager being taken to one around midday which was probably seen by the road side in the morning just to find that the mobile hospital just drove away some two hours ago.Develop UTH,Ndola and kitwe hospitals not that nonsense RB.

  27. #24 undit74- You have summed up our feelings back here in Zambia. But can Mulongoti & Co. understand what you are saying? Ne. Their brain have gone on holiday. They are all using Rupias brains.

  28. What is a proper degree you kaponyas here we are talking of sitting real supervised exams and marked by someone else not those you get online in homes by using internet.So as far as I’m concerned Mr SATA never sat any degree exams ,please also NOTE a degree means accumalting 360 credit points which includes a project as well.Now tell us which university Mr SATA obtained a certified degree not matero we need to google

  29. This mobile hospital business is so infuriating. they are so arrogant, this MMD government.

    Why are these rich fools so thirsty for power and money? Does their rotten, corrupt brains know any bounds?

  30. Splaka says:
    July 29, 2010 at 1:59 pmPeace maker, you have sand up your ***. We are discussing a serious issue here, not Mr Sata

    Sorry for mispost I meant to post on other topic but you do not need to insult sir Mr kaponya Splaka

  31. #11 Maybe you are right, but that can also be said about those opposing the mobile clinics. Knowing that the support of MMD is in rural Areas, they do not want MMD to deliver to the poor so that they can use that as a campaign issue that the goverment has failed the rural populace. MMD must go ahead with this deal as it will benefit the poor.

  32. Although the idea if it was accurately done it is good but here the issue is we do not need these Land rovers we need medicine and motivating the existing medical personel NO DEALS PLEASE

  33. # 34, you can’t even make correct postings and you are calling me a kaponya. Which pretty much makes you point about insults invalid. You are the guys who just go straight to commenting without bothering to read the contents of the story. It is an annoying habit and you should stop. In fact, it shows you have a very closed mind

  34. #25 insults on this blog won’t help us. medical service must be near the people.yes these mobile clinics is not the end.BUT it is a “link” to the poor of the poorest as we await for a lasting solution to our people.AT least we won’t wait for 3years to complete the permanent hospitals.TAKE THE SERVICES TO THE PEOPLE. ZAMBIA IS NOT ONLY FOR AMACHONA, ZAMBIA IS FOR ALL ZAMBIANS MORE SO THE VENERABLE ONES IN THE RURAL ZAMBIA.80% OF THE PEOPLE IN THE RURAL ARE POOR AND THE NEED THESE SERVICES BY ALL MEANS. YOU CAN INSULT US BUT WE ARE ON THE GROUND WE ARE SEEING HOW OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE SUFERING. ANY WAY SOME OF YOU WERE BORN OUT OF INSULTS,SO YOU ARE INSULTS #25. BUT I LOVE YOU COS YOU MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

  35. # 7 Iwe Mbeba Tumbu; uluchimutumbuka chankhuni chambula mahala iwe kasi.Iwe everyday you are a carder fro RB. Katumbulile kutali mbeba zako.

  36. # 7 # 37 Katumbulile kutali mbeba Zako. Wafuntha. After all you are the one in Zambia who is suffering. Mukudya za RB? Akawalala imwe bati!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. MMD Chief Bootlicker, where are you? You seem to think better than your President RB! Come on and let us know your reactions on the sentiments raised herein. Get to Capaitalist for any added value you quacks

  38. Somehow our Zambian politicians don’t believe in permanent solutions to problems. Is it because they somehow compromise their interests in these sectors so somebody/they can keep supplying/servicing these non-ending ventures or what????? I honestly don’t understand. Well with such attitude i will be embarrassed to call myself a president of a presumed “poor” country

  39. How can a country of over 11 million people be governed by a lunatic? Dont will have people with brains working to take up this rare and priviledged Job? Can we get some assurance to the next goverment that they will prosecute this man and his minion next year? Shouldnt Zambians demonstrate againts this insult in their face? Can RB who cant think on his behalf think on our behalf? Cursed be the day RB become President of Zambia and blessed be the day he leaves state house next year!



  42. All of you people who live in foreign land, you see mobile clinics everywhere and yet you are complaining when it is introduced in Zambia. Here in the USA going to the ER is more costly and time wasting than getting a doctor come to your house.You only go to the hospital if you need specialist treatment. I for one support the ideaof one doctor and nurse driving around in the rural area seing patient rather than people walking long distances for ichifine.


  44. Pardon me dear bloggers, I should not have made my comment. I did not know that the writer of the article is Henry Kyambalesa. The man has a bone to chew with government. He is of the samecolour with George Mpombo.

  45. When you get a loan to build a house, we say you’re wise. The same isn’t said for a loan to by a car. $53m can build close to 50 hospitals instead of paying for a few container clinics on a truck. The technocrats (doctors) have told govt we don’t need those things. Worse still, RB won’t be there to pay back this useless loan.

  46. The first trailer will contain members of staff. Then a trailer for male patients, then female patients, a trailer for a pharmacy, a trailer for isolation ward & a trailer for toilets and showers. There has to be a trailer for fire wood. Maybe no need for a trailer for food and Millie meal since there is a plenty of it in the countryside but a trailer for a grinding mill may be necessary. A maintenance squad will follow independently behind. 9 trailers in all. It’s doable.

  47. Splaka ,SPLAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What can you tell me Splaka a person like you cannot even calculate simple SWAPTION arrangement or even CAPM.You are just a kaponya just shut up why do you fear a degree CLAUSE ALL what you know is just insulting.PLEASE NOTE no degree no presidency

  48. Mwebantu, Thanks to RB for prioritising to buy the mobile hospitals for the rural folks and not expensive cars for the government. muletasha ba kolwe. Watch the votes RB will amass in the the rural areas.

  49. #50 Peace Maker, please don’t embarrass yourself, I am in the finance world, CAPM is the capital asset pricing model, developed by Modgilliani and Miller ( I may have mispelt the first name). I can educate you on it if you want. I have no idea what a Swaption is (probably an one of the options) , but I can see that you have now resorted to trolling. What does CAPM have to do with the debate at hand? And my record is clear on Sata, I do not need to belabour it here. You were way off mark. This was not a debate about a presidential clause, it is about the wasteful spending by the govt you seem to be supporting. We do not need you to come and derail a serious topic with politicians’ nonsense. The presidential degree clause has been debated here several times.

  50. @54, Splaka-Swaption is an option on the contract for the holder giving him rights to enter into a swap.You are still right for your quick answer to him. I guess he needs to read more because what he thot others do not know, all bloggers here do.
    The blog is no place for educating each other over what we memorised, i hope most of you bloggers are not merely students. Looks like some have kasukulu manners like PEACE MAKER.Such diversions are merely an indication of how worthy we think we are amongest our aboard but mind you the diasporric scenerio is very different,very wide, their minds put together will end up inot the tower of babbel.

  51. Yaya I have now looked properly….these cars look like ifibala…Mhhhhh sure RB is noterious as he call himself. Ala RB we will lock you up together with Chiluba. Be carefull man.

  52. RB should not be a jack of all trades. He should listen to intellectual voices on the procurement of those mobile clinics. He should not be adamant and pretend to know everything. Those vehicles will be down after 2011 and it will just be a sheer waste of resources. We know that the constitution has given you(RB) a lot of powers but for once listen to what people are saying. Samvera ananva nkhwangwa ili mumutu( A person who does not listen found the axe was in his head). Even if you are striving to get a rural vote do not mess up our economy. Mind you,the electric tarrifs you government has adjusted will have a negative effect on our economy. Think ba president before you act! we know that you have been given all the powers by a frivolous constitution.

  53. Ba RB why are you giving us mobile toilets whatever you call them bze when you and your children are sick u go to south africa.Give zambians what they want and not opposite.
    bushe waisa mukupwisha uto kamudala kashiIle ka FTJ

  54. # 28 Peace maker, with due respect. A degree is a Degree if it is obtained lawfully and the candidate has satisfied the condition. Who are you to judge if Sata’s degree is authentic or not. A u an examining body or in the committee that scrutinizes degrees. Dr FTJ’s doctorate you never questioned? Wait until Sata finally lays this issue to rest. Even Online Degrees if the greater world and technocrates can recognise them, who are you to question those that hold them? Wait, some on-line qualifications are beta than from perenial Universities that close and poorly funded and managed by de-motivated staff!!!!.

  55. Good Afternoon

    In one part of the world, a country gets a $53 million loan for mobile hospitals on top of the already existing colossal mountain of debt while in the other part, a self-made billionaire,Theo Albrecht – one of the ALDI brothers, dies, leaving behind €12,8 billion and NOT A CENT of debt!

  56. My goodness! What a shollowmind is the president. Does he really understand what agenda China has? This mobile hospital is so infuriating, it is another slap in the face of the Zambian people. RB should focus on rebuilding rural infrastructure to allow our hard working farmers to ferry their produce to market. He should equally rehabilitate and equip our existing hospital. China is expanding its influence in Africa for a purpose, it is laying gound for settlement of its its trilllions people. Wake up Zambians, do not allow mentally and morally deranged leaders to morgage and ruin our beloved country.

  57. #62 that is normal my brother, he must have got too much which belongs to others. I hope they will bury your HERO WITH HIS BILLIONS. OTHERWISE I LOVE YOU Chale.

  58. This so called loan has a lot to do with the next year’s elections. These guys are just hiding behind this so called procurement. In the real sense they just want to use the money for thier fraudulant campaigns next year. Ask the Chinese they do not know anything about these lorries. The MMD thugs think we are mafala and we cannot see it all. To tell the truth the MMD is US$53 million rich for their campaigns otherwise no sane person can buy such funny lorries for patients. And by the way how many rural dwellers can afford such lavish life. MMD nimatuvi. Kuya bakabolala next year – mwajaila vizede imwe!

  59. We Will see which doctor will be moving around the country in those things this is nonsense at its best china will laugh all the way to the bank- poor Zambians are in for a fix with that kind of leadership.

  60. Bakapala nimpupu. Where is UNZASU and Cobusu? In the time of RUPO these are the issues we were taking head on KK or no KK. Lesa twafweni.

  61. Mobile hospitals have been succesful in Pakistan to the point where the program is being expanded. Succesful open heart surgeries (about 9) were conducted in mobile hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    People in the rural areas need health-care. This is one of the initiatives in which health-care goes to them.

  62. #70 I would not ordinarily comment on someone else’s views, but you seem jaundiced in your observations. I do not know much about Pakistan, but what I know is that they have more healthcare workers per head of population than we have in Zambia. Secondly, you do not make any economic sense at all. People in rural areas need access to healthcare, but why pay $5million to technicians who do not speak a word of Chewa to work in Z when local people do not speak mandarin? Why pay millions to buy spare parts when those amounts could in themselves have built tens of rural clinics or finance lab equipment to accelerate diagnosis and treatment? This is not the cost effective ways of delivering healthcare. What is the healthcare policy in Z, and what is the vision of how it is to be delivered?

  63. My question is , is our president normal? where are the roads he is going to be driving those those mobile hospitals! and where are the nurses, the doctors ;; mwebantu RB is a crook who wants to take advantege of poor zambians to plunder all what has remained

  64. No. 71 you are right on people in Zambia support things that they do not understand but just write rubbish for the sake of it this not party policy we are talking about here but long term effect.

  65. It’s Kayambalesa again? No wonder I have failed to read your article. Simply doesn’t captivate, considering that the author is known for bias.

  66. Without reading the article, now that the deal is done, let’s see how the rural people appreciate this project.

  67. Why do we always blame the president when similar issues arise? We are supposed to blame the Chief Financier – Minister of Finance. he is in charge of national funds and he is supposed to ensure that the govt sticks to the budget. How does he allow his govt to borrow money to be spent on waste assets that are just a liability to a country? It was going to be better if the money borrowed was used to build health centres and improve working conditions of the medical staff. I strongly believe the Finance Minister should have said NO MORE BORROWING OR I RESIGN because the country already owes too much. I fear our country will be repossessed for failing to pay back because such loans always come with conditions- Mobile hospital = own chinese doctors, mechanics, spare parts etc..China to rule us

  68. Chi B.E.N. K.A.N.G.W.A (MMD Chief Ass Bootlicker) were are you,you even ashamed to support your dull president,talk about stupidness,this is it..Mobile hospitals.This is the most dull president this world will ever know.what a shame.

  69. Mobile hospital. what a bunch of bull crap. Ba Zambia mwalikobeka insoka mumukoshi, nechamikolele ati mu votele ba kantimbwi ntimbwi ba Bwezani. Now we are going to reap what we’ve sown, we planted a bad seed now we are paying the price.

  70. Ok guys. Lets do the Math.
    $36 million divide by 9 is $4.02 million.
    This means one Landrover was $4 m . This thing should come with full operating tables, MRI scans, Labs etc. It cost ten times more than Obama’s beast which is equipment with state of the art gudgets.
    People open your eyes.

  71. Ha ha I don`t think people in Zambia need Mobile Hospitals. My poor family in the village would appreciate if the clinics and hospitals are adequately stocked with medications, necessary machinery and all the requirements instead of this unnecessary spending. And who is going to pay for this debt, My children or Grand children who won`t even benefit? Was there some corruption involved? Lupiya and his MMD Governement should be held accountable. There is reckless spending. Where are the Economists and Accountants to advise this Government? Put pressure on them to do the right thing for once. It annoys me most of the times when I read newspapers about what is happening back home. It is for this reason I am scared to bring my kids back.

  72. It makes sad reading, spending about $4,000,000.00 kwacha equivalent of about zmk 2,000,000,000 on one vehicle which will last for onlt two year i.e taking into account the rural road network. How much would it cost to constract a health center which will last for may be 20yrs. I know the peaple from rural areas will appreciate coz they have never had an alternative facility available. Its like giving bread to some one for Lunch who has slept on an empty tuummy for 3 days when you your self had nshima with t/bone and derset. They will still appreceite , but the problem is that you both own the resources used. Last time we were subjected to WAGE FREEZE so that our loan issues can be addressed and now wher are we going, more loans being obtained which do not ad real value to our ctry

  73. Is this what degree holders are capable of thinking for this country SHAME. HAVE A LOOK AT KAUNDA’S TEAM AND THE INFRUSTRUCTURE YOU ARE STILL USING and compare with the land rovers.

  74. The most ANNOYING thing is that this chap will win next year’s elections! What a stupid bunch we have in the opposition…..

  75. It is Time,my fellow Zambians for us to take these Politicians to task.Indeed its the inheritance of our children and grand children at stake.Are we not still paying for costly decisions made by those who have gone ahead of Rupiah?Already,we have sold our telecommunication company to another nation?Were are the advisers to the President?Poverty is a problem because pipo only look at the now withoust carrying out the cost benefit analysis and the impact the decisions they make today for the future of the country.Please resist whatever commission they have promised you by signing such a loan,preserve whatever diginity you have remaining.


  77. It is apparent that this loan was “forced” on us by the Chinese Government, after all they have done a lot for us. Since the loan was imposed, it likely that they will write it off after a period of time and in the meantime our rural folk would have benefited from it. Hopefully, GRZ would have continued with their program of constructing permanent health infrastructure in rural districts like they are currently doing. Most districts, especially in Northern, Luapula, Eastern, Northwestern, Central, Western provinces do not have district hospitals but rural health centres. This country is so underdeveloped. Mobile hospitals? Yes, they will provide a short term solution. When I look at the so called hospitals in Nakonde, Mpika, Isoka, Serenje, and Mkushi my heart breeds.

  78. An extremely rare sports car was clamped outside Harrods, today, one of only six ever made. Worth about US1.5 million. Now these people are trying to say $4 million for a landrover?

  79. Honestly this is wasting money at it’s worste. Rupiah Banda all the time has fly when he goes to Western province for campaigns whenever there is a bye-electionwhy? because the roads are so bad then where will these mobile hospital vehicles going to be passing. Mark my words some one is having a cut in this deal. We have enough clinics and hospitals in zambia which just need equipments to operate effectively. How can you buy a mobile hospital vehicle when women are carrying placentas in Backets at UTH for burial at home. These are really misplaced priorities for a nation, what a leader without brains to think, even his minions and advisors are so dull that they can not even object to this useless deal. WAKE UP ZAMBIANS THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR.

  80. I read in an article in one health magazine quoting the findings of a research on the cost of building a standard community clinic in the developing world as averaging US$980,000. Such a clinic would have One Observation ward, a Phamarcy/Dispensary, a Maternity Ward, a Casualty Wing, OPD Section with 2Consulting Rooms and an Administration Block. The cost also includes two doctors’ flats of 2-bedrooms each. So, going by this cost breakdown, we can see that simple mathematics would tell us that from an amount of US$53million we can build One such clinic in each of the towns in Zambia – Clinics that will last over 20years, will not need tyres to be replaced, no fuel costs and no possible abuse by drivers. So what is this president thinking?Who are his advisors?What does he think of…

  81. Someone has wondered why I have not commented on this matter.
    I do not know what a mobile hospital looks like. What I see in the picture is an ambulance or a clinic at the most. If mobile hospital means a prefab structure that can be laid down in a very shoert period of time, then it may be ok. If mobile hospital means a container on wheels, then there is a problem and I am not sure whether that would be worth this money.

  82. I think the problem here is that RB enjoys travelling and it’s affecting his thinking. He hates static objects and the idea of a moving hospital is in tune with the way he thinks.Whatever you say is noise to him. It will only make sense when he will become immobile after leaving stats house.
    Have a nice weekend!!!

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