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Duo nabbed in Chifubu MMD, UPND punch-up

General News Duo nabbed in Chifubu MMD, UPND punch-up

Police in Ndola yesterday arrested two cadres who took part in a free-for-all punch up between MMD and Patriotic Front (PF) members at Kawama Market during campaigns for the August 5 Chifubu parliamentary by-election.

Ndola District police chief, Stella Libongani confirmed the arrest of the cadres who she said were in police custody to assist with investigations.

Some onlookers said some cadres sustained minor injuries in the first case of physical violence six days before the day of voting in the polls being contested by the ruling party, United Party for National Development/PF pact, UNIP, and Alliance for Democracy and Development.

But Ms Libongani refused to give any details on the violent conduct of the cadres who exchanged punches and hurled insults at one another.

“All I can say as at now is that police have arrested and detained two party cadres who are helping with investigations after receiving a report of violence,” she said.

She also did not state the police station where the cadres were being held and to which party they belonged.

“All I can say as at now is that police have arrested and detained two party cadres who are helping with investigations after receiving a report of violence,” she said.

She said the most important thing was that police had launched investigations into threats of violence and the clash between MMD and PF cadres in Kawama Township, which falls under Chifubu Constituency.

MMD Chifubu Constituency campaign committee chairperson for youth affairs, Enock Kapalu alleged that the fight started after some suspected PF members destroyed campaign posters and banners at an MMD campaign site.

But PF Ndola District chairperson, Rebby Chanda said it was the MMD cadres who were in the habit of provoking his party members during the campaigns.

Mr Chanda said PF was a peaceful party and that he was not aware about the police investigations.

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  1. “Mr Chanda said PF was a peaceful party and that he was not aware about the police investigations.”

    Who are you kidding. We know the PF very well. We know how violent the PF is. Even on this blog, PF cadres go on a rampage verbally abusing other bloggers who do not agree with the PF policy, their statements or the 90 day economic miracle formula.

    Didn’t some PF MP’s exchange blows at parliament some time back? Your statement is a bit of an oxymoron Mr. Chanda sir.

  2. The tittle is not only confusing but misleading. After reading your story it is clear that it was the MMD vs PF not UPND.

  3. Is it true that LT/Writters hates UPND. why puting such a Title, misleading readers because some read only the Tilte due to time. Whatever we do, it should be done professionally , with sincerity and honesty .

  4. I think LT really hate UPND may they are now in the same vehicle with the POST NEWSPAPER who just want to trash anything to do with tongas.Can you imagine the UPND win in mufumbwe and solwezi does not give anything apart from being called provincial party.

  5. These ffights must be stopped at once. When I come there I will slap all these useless cadres. Why should you fight while your stu pi dy boses are enjoying their wives and girl friends? Just campaign peacefully and the party which people want will sail through. Not war you jobless cadres.

  6. #1 I see you do not have evidence to back your allegations that PF is a violent party. Dont just speak for the sake of speaking and dont drug PF into your rubbish. I f you do not like PF keep the anger to yourself. Did you see any Violence in Lundazi were PF contested the last by election? MMD was in Mufumbwe what happened there? Defend your party MMD instead of pointing a finger at another party?

  7. Seems like pipo have just realised that the adage that says “ulubuli fiko” is not true.Anyway i guess it is normal coz there is no activity to keep the youths occupied in Zambia hence the fights.

  8. Kapulu, you chap are a big problem. You were in Mufumbwe and now in Chifubu making noise. Try to shut up for now. You won’t continue to feed on the MMD forever.

  9. MMD has now started resorting to fighting, look at Austin Liato and Musondas saga, these who are supposed to be honourable Ministers. There working up to a rude shock when they find themselves outnumbered, in all parts of the country and resorting to bring kaponya’s from Lusaka. We will hammer MMD in the ballot now and coming to 2011, as PF we will continue with our peaceful campaigns, sentising people that they deserve better.

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