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Mpombo convicted 2 months simple imprisonment

Headlines Mpombo convicted 2 months simple imprisonment

The Ndola Magistrate Court has jailed former Defence Minister George Mpombo to 60 Days Simple imprisonment and fined him K4million for dishonoring a cheque amounting to K10million.

ZANIS NDOLA reports that in a case which came up for sentencing after the court convicted him on Friday August 6, 2010, Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate Kelvin Limbani sentenced Mr. Mpombo to 60 days simple imprisonment and consequently fined him K 4million for the offence.

Magistrate Limbani said the court had taken note of what was said in mitigation and added that cases of a financial nature had serious consequences that can adversely affect the economy of the country.

“The Court has taken note of what was said in mitigation, but you deserve punishment so that you can reform and so that would be offenders can be deterred from committing the same offence, cases of a financial nature have serious consequences which can have adverse impact on the economy of a nation e.g. the global economic crisis,” he said.

He further said the failure by Mr. Mpombo to honour his obligation did not just have an impact on Colwyn Limited but the economy of the country as a whole.

“Failure by you to honour your obligation did not just have impact on Colwyn but the country as a whole, therefore I am sentencing to pay a fine of K4million and 60 days simple imprisonment,” he said.

And speaking from the Court Cell soon after his sentencing Mr Mpombo told journalists that he was going to appeal to a higher court.

He explained that it was unfortunate that the Magistrate passed judgment based Mr Terence Findley’s concoction story.

He further said the whole ordeal was not going to break his spirit or discourage him in any way.

“This whole ordeal is just a passing phase, my spirit is not broken and am not discouraged at all,” he said.

And Mr. Mpombo said appealed to the Human Rights Commission to look into the status of prisons in the country.

He said prisoners were currently not having breakfast and that most prisons were heavily congested.

The Ndola Magistrate Court on Friday August 5, 2010 convicted former Defence Minister George Mpombo of one count of dishonoring a cheque amounting to K10million.



  1. I hope as a nation we learn something from this case ! My prayer , is that the honourable deputy minister of lands must own up and be charged accordingly!

  2. One Mpombo gne, let the not so hourable dputy minister also be sentenced to something at least.. good job Judge..you did your work tough it will always look polictically inclined

  3. You cannot go against an African establishment without expecting the harsh consequences in return. African leaders are averse to criticism whether constructive or otherwise. Those that choose to go against established norms within the societies that we reside in should also be ready for the harsh consequences. This should serve as a warning to all those in leadership positions today – that you best start advocating for better conditions for prisoners today because you might find yourself in there tomorrow.

  4. This is so shameful to our leader. Any way, his imprisonment has politics attached. We need overdraft protection in Zambian banks.

  5. Mpombo must shave that beard as I suspect lice got into it whilst in cells!
    For this goat to complain so bitterly about breakfast for prisoners is not only laughable but hypocritical! The prisoners were there when he was in cabinet under the same conditions. How many innocent Zambians go without breakfast?

  6. Mpombo, you’re now showing concern for prisoners after spending the wknd there? Ati, they don’t get breakfast! LOL. Why didn’t u do more for the plight of prisoners when u were Levy’s right hand man? Lesson for all our politicians; learn to be humble even when up there otherwise your ending will be brutal.

  7. # 5 Overdraft protection is there in Zambia. The first option for overdraft protection is to have funds in a savings account which can be trasfered to the checking account in the event of an overdrawn checking accout, or hold the savings account as a lien for the overdrawn checking account until enough funds are deposited in the overdrawn account.
    Secondly, it is in order to have a good reputation with the bank so that in case you overdraw the account , all you need is a phone call to the bank manager who will hold your chek until you deposit funds in the account. This comes with a fee for overdrawing your account. If you have property , it is important to deposit the title deeds with the bank. it helps in such transaction like that of George Mpombo.

  8. how do you catch the small fish and live the big ones swimming.funny game…anyway tough luck former minister.filachitika.

  9. WHAT IS THE IMPLICATION OF JAILING MPOMBO ON his position as MMD MP of Kafulafuta? Does it mean that has a convicted person he can no longer be a serving public servant? Please, comments you people in the know.

  10. #14
    MPOMBO retains his position as MMD MP for Kafulafuta as he has been jailed for less than six months.

    Mpombo will now have enough time to study Webster’s Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus in greater detail. So, when he comes out make sure you are first to interview him! We just might learn some new words for lice, boiled beans prison style, etc,.

  11. #7 vitali and # 9 big pipe mwansekesha sana. the man was number three in govt and never thought of prisoners now today bcos he is a convict he should cry blue murder. the beard should be removed like lindsey lohan had her wigs and false eyebrows removed when she went to jail. mpombothat two months will be like two years and if you appeal chances are that period will be increased just deter bums like you from wasting courts time and money. stay were you belong

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